i love parallels

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Can I please just tell you how much I love the little parallel you have with Vader and Ren, how Vader was damned by love (well, more like Palps used it to screw him over) and when Snoke tried to do the same thing to Ren, it backfired gloriously. I just love how you wrote two people, terrible in every sense of the imagination, but also so vulnerable and broken and human. Ugh, your CWU verse is glorious, and I legit wish it's canon. Happy Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day!

Thank you! The Vader and Padme parallel was one of those things that didn’t fully work its way into my narrative until I was in the writing process and started thinking about it as I was working on the draft. Sometimes the stuff that happens organically/~live ends up being what I’m most happy with. And thanks for appreciating that they’re both terrible and selfish while also being people with vulnerabilities. So glad you’re enjoying this series– I had a mini-breakthrough on the part I’m working on today and can’t wait to share what’s to come!!