i love parallels

Is anyone NOT extremely upset about tonight? Does anyone still have hope for Rumbelle? Is anyone itching for more angsty fic? Does anyone NOT hate the writers?

If you’re out there, then I want to follow you because we’re kindred spirits.

(Disclaimer: This does not mean I’m laughing at Rumple’s pain, or that I prefer Rumbelle to be constantly separated. I loved the Skin Deep parallels. And angst is painful, but I just want to fic to shreds the moment he comes out of the dream, how he stays there after Belle has gone, brooding about how he’s lost Belle and his second child before he’s even born. For me, fic-ing angst is my way of sharing his pain and giving Rumple a much-needed hug.)

Even if it’s 3 out of 4 (because you prefer fluff over angst), I still want to follow you!

thehollowkidvg  asked:

To keep with the personality/zodiac question theme, What's your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator if you know it? (I'm an Sagittarius & INFP by the way) Idk if you know it but Rebecca confirmed Steven's birthday to be on August 15th, making him an Leo (Which makes sense b/c Leo's birthstone is Rose Quartz BUT ALSO LIONS!) I looked it up, Cancer & Leo's relationships seem quite connected b/c Leo is right after Cancer, many say their relationships are fairytale like. I think that's very accurate & cute.

I actually took the Myers-Briggs test yesterday because I couldn’t remember mine. Turns out I’m ENFJ! Which is pretty close to what some people assign to Steven (ENFP). I feel that ENFJ is accurate to me.

And that’s really, really cool! I was actually one day off from being born a Leo.

I love how close the parallels are between Steven and I.


Gravity Falls // Rick and Morty parallels