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Okay while I’m at it (i mean talking abt my art policy w someone laughs)
I would like to share this thing happened to me from months ago.
Something I rlly have to tell to all my followers or people who visit my page.

To begin with, I’m a really flexible kind of artist regarding my own art’s policies.

Use as icon? Use it. Use as header? Use it. Repost? Redraw? Trace? Reference? Yep, totally don’t mind, go ahead. I see those stuff as ways to appreciate my art, instead i would like laughs at it and “wow why would you like my ugly art cries, thanks tho.”
There is only one thing I ask from you all, “a credit”, yep, a link back to my tumblr. Or my twitter, or my name, just anything.

Because all I want is “respect and honesty” alright, you don’t need to ask my permission, but if you respect me & my art you surely would at least write down my name on the caption right?

Lol i became too sappy im sorry.
And well so, it’s not rare, but not often either for me to saw my art getting reposted. But this one particular haikyuu page in fb reposted my art without a credit to me. I wouldnt tell which art and which page bcs i don’t want problems. Please don’t look it up either i beg you.

Ok so, ofc my friend is like “haru isn’t this your art?” So I’m like “oh yes it is”
So i went to the page, and comment, kindly and politely, to put my link to tumblr on the caption. Thought, honestly, i wouldnt mind if they don’t do it either bcs if you see the comment section, the link is there, right there.
But this page, instead of choosing to just ignore the comment, which is already quite rude, choose to delete my comment.
My friends are like “whoa wtf, do u need a hand” but I’m too tired of shits already so I’m like “nah it’s cool.”

Ok, so, I’m no big artist, and I’m totally cool with this kind of thing. But it’s rlly unrespectful to the artist to do this kind of thing man. If you can’t support the artist by buying their stuff, commissing them, well excuse u, at least pls support them by respecting them.

To the admin of that page, i forgive you but please don’t do it anymore cries.

I’m sorry for rambling too much, i just feel like i need to make this post so some ppl would know all i want is my name written on the caption
Here have a KageHina :’) i haven’t been drawing so much lately cries //rolls away

Random re:birth headcanons

Fujimori - She has a very bare bedroom, because she has the fear of shelves or billboards falling on-top of her in her sleep/or in general

Mikoto - Like little fruity sweets like, Randoms or Jelly tots, probably hates loud noise but ironically listens to music 24/7 (???) she has earphones I think- tbh, she’d be the new Kirigiri but a cross of Akamatsu in her

Koga - Likes animal puppets but is afraid to interact with real ones honestly Bonus: Have a feeling he has an undying love for cake/cupcakes

Izumo - Doesn’t actually like haunted houses or spooky attractions like that because she feels like they disrespect “real spiritual entities” probably keeps candles or charms on her *cough c ough* AYUMI

Kagura - Is a total glutton, like Akane. Probably a little weebish and likes ramen noodle cups, sushi, pocky, rice balls and all sorts of Japanese food

Akira - Being a NEET, he loves being in his own comfort zone and staying at home, or not getting involved with people, sleepy Chiaki 2.0

Aisaka - The new Kirumi Tojo (Mom friend) will keep everyone in line and take charge if no one listens or wants to follow rules, a little bossy

Saiji - Like’s male fashion. May be gay? Or European Like the reverse Juzo to Munakata (probably just hoping too hard for a Juzo x Munakata lovechild ???)

Keego - The new innocent Kiibo child. They’re names sound similar??? His favourite music would probably be jazz or lazy pop. Fashion statement (???)

Todoroki - May be like the new Maki? Being an animal trainer, doesn’t actually like animals but finds to be quite good at interacting with them, vice versa

Himuro - New Chiaki in a nutshell, also maybe a good bit of Mikan in her? Thus those bandages on her neck, super sweet. Her role model is Shakespear, probably likes fluffy clouds/animals, quite places. (Probably gay for Mizuta)

Mizuta - New Angie child. Loves the rain crossed with sunshine, rainbow’s make her appreciate the world. Probably always carries a small umbrella on her, a total environment hippie (I want her and Himuro to become the “Sunny Soliloquy” ship) 

Samejima - New Kazuichi? Yet he’s kinda dorky and does crafty things and is a total ladies man but doesn’t know it. He’s probably a major goof sometimes

Yodogawa - New Kaito, a romantic. Probably would tango his way up to the female protagonist with a rose in his mouth, pretty sure he’d take you to a haunted house/cornstalk maze for an ideal “romantic date” Risky adventurer.

Oosone - A shining little star, too good, too pure. Will probably be the kind of kid to ask “How are babies made?” kind of questions, doesn’t get sexual innuendo’s either, has a massive hatred for the fast/junk-food industry

it’s very relaxing

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There’s exactly 2 WEEKS for Arnold and Helga becoming.. something.. and I’m like? ?? What am I gonna do then? It has been so many years.. and it always felt that Helga trying to “get” Arnold was eternal. But no, no anymore 🙉

What are you guys gonna do?


“Sometimes. Like anything that requires contact, I need appropriate warning and a level of trust before I allow it, so it doesn’t really happen often… But Holly enjoys doing so when she visits.”

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