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BTW everyone, especially my followers, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I would like. School and extra curricular activities are really kicking my butt right now and I’m trying to create a better schedule for myself so my life isn’t so hectic. I’ll be including posting on here as something that should be part of my schedule at least twice a week. Don’t forget that I’m always open to suggestions for posts as well

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Me me me me


Do I Follow Them?: fucking of course
Why Did I Follow Them?: because I love them so damn much and they are way too fucking nice to
Do We Role Play?: fuck yes we do cause I love them
Do I Want To Role Play With Them: always bab
An AU Idea For Our Muses: wild west au/ wildcat
A Song For Our Muses: Eyelids-Pvris. https://youtu.be/PZ2rNvqiSWM or White Noise-Pvris https://youtu.be/nJ3jl794mGs
Do I Ship Our Muses?: fuck yes I do
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I would just like to thank all the Origos for reblogging all the IchiRuki posts, dropping your comments on IchiRuki fics, because whether or not you like them, you’re helping us spread the IchiRuki love. And I love that you love our fandom so much to contribute to the publicity of it. Thank you, so so so very much! You know what they say about stalkers - they are actually very much in love with the people they’re following… Okay, back to writing more IchiRuki stuff. You Origos are such encouragement!

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Happy 16th Birthday Daz Nitschke ( troyeboyish! )

Happy Birthday babe!! You’re honestly the sweetest most beautiful person (both inside and out) I have ever met. You never fail to make any of us smile and give the bestest advice to anyone who asks. You’re so kind to everyone, including your followers, and have such a beautiful voice like how are you not famous yet?! You inspire not only me, but all of those around you to be a better person in every single way because you’re such an amazing person and I’m so damn lucky to have you as a friend. Please never ever stop being you and I cannot wait to meet you hopefully in the near future and spend our time catching up over a nice latte in a cute lil cafe. I love you so much and I hope you have the amazing day you deserve <3
P.S I cannot give you a happy birthday without saying you’re finally legal! ;)

taylorswift hey friend so this is a group of 11 of us dedicated swifties and we call ourselves The Santa Squad, the three amazing people I told you to follow the other day (THANK YOU SO MUCH BTW) were the last 3 of the squad to get a follow and now you follow all of us (WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH) and we think you would really enjoy our squad tumblr thesantasquad because we get pretty damn crazy sometimes! We love you SO much Taylor, thank you for bringing these people into my life!!


» killian & emma | what about our future together? (5x08)

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OMFG WHAT AN INTENSE FUCKING EPISODE! I don’t even know what to say but WOW! Can we seriously applaud Colin and Jen for their acting in this episode?! Damn, it was PERFECT! And Jen deserves an Emmy after that scene with Killian dying! *ugly sobbing* EMMA SWAN LOVES KILLIAN JONES SO MUCH! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT OMG MY BABIES!
I can’t believe we have to wait TWO WEEKS to find out what happens, ughhhh, I NEED TO KNOW NOWWW! And I’m honestly not worried in the slightest about Killian not forgiving Emma for what she’s done. Yeah, I don’t blame him for being pissed. I mean, the guy has spend centuries trying to find a way to kill the Dark One, to then being in love with the Dark One, to actually BEING THE DARK ONE. He has become the very thing he hates, and he warned Emma that he is weak and he won’t be able to fight the darkness like she can. But he has already said that he forgives Emma for what she’s done and that he loves her no matter what. There is SOO many foreshadows of them overcoming this darkness. I have a theory of how the darkness will be removed from both of them, but I’m sure most people already know because it’s a quite popular theory in the CS fandom. Anyways, anyone who is worried about this, don’t be, honestly everything is going to work out fine. Have faith, our ship is strong, we are true love, confirmed by Eddy, have faith in Killian to do the right thing, he might struggle at first but he will overcome it and realize what he’s doing. And he will do the right thing. We already know Emma will be wearing his ring around her neck in the mid-season finale, so everything is going to be okay. Enjoy the angst! ;D OH and I can’t stop laughing at the fact that his “dark one” look is having his hair flipped to the other side. Hahaha omg. <3
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video! Please let me know what you think, I love feedback, it keeps me inspired! :’D Enjoy!
- Cailey

Whoa boy, didn’t think I’d ever get to this amount of followers! 1750 is a big number and I  am trying my hardest each day to not disappoint you guys! I don’t have much to say, besides this; Thank you guys so much for following me and I love each and every single one of you.

~~Now to the people I adore and will follow forever~~

1. intrudingshadow / tritus-venator / innocentxred

Mikki, words cannot descbribe how thankful I am to you. You helped shape me into a better person, with a better sense of humor, opposed to the dark one I had. I will always love our interactions, our Corvus thread and all around, I just love you Mikki. No homo. You are one of my bestest buddies on this website and just damn girl, you are amazing, be proud of yourself! Again, thank you so much.

2. smallsmallrose

Mage, just wow. You are amazing. I already told you I am jealous of you and I won’t list the reasons here, but I just wanna let you know I love you. I love our rps, I love our OOC interactions, I just think you are amazing. You are such an amazing Ruby rper, that sometimes it just brightens up my day when I stare at one of your replies. I might have repeated myself, but always stay yourself, love yourself and I hope we can have fun for all eternity!

3. lucefioritura

I know we haven’t interacted much yet, but I honestly adore and love your Nora, rping style and theme. They are so much amazing that I just have a big silly smile on my face everytime I see your blog cross my dash. All in all I just hope I can get to know you better, maybe even exchange Skypes/Kik’s and such. But yeah, to more rping things!

4 outofmxnd

Brother, I love Washington. I love him especially the way you rp as him. I think you added so much more character than I’ve thought someone could add to him. So much more development than I thought he could ever receive. Not to mention I love it when Wash gets peeved off becaused of his age, or when someone says he should lay in a big pile of cookies, naked. I want to get to know you better too.

5. silver-eyed-scythe-wielder

I just love your Ruby. You are so good I love rping Summer/Ruby mother¬Daughter relationship. Our threads always contain so much fluff, silliness and just plain around are awesome. I wish to get to know you better, but seeing as a certain somebody doesn’t have a skype, it’s kinda hard, but atleast we have Tumblr for that. I hope that we can rp even more in the future and just have fun!

6. gxmbol

I love your Blake. She is so amazing, fluffy and cuddly too, that Ruby just loves her. I love our rps, especially the v; Mating Season, ones. They always made me smile when I had a day down. Not to mention I always love the M!A’s you receive, like Blake having a tail, or her being 5 years old again. Just add more overall development and sillyness to you. Yeah, I hope we can get to know each other over skype or something better.

7. pxnsandpxnches

Hehe I won’t mention what forbidden ship we did, but Imma go ahead and say it was hot, steamy, passionate and all around a perfect thread we had. Not to mention I spoke with you a few times on steam and you seem like a chilyl fella, I should probably talk to you more, but then I’d have to remember my steam password again, something that is hard with my memory. Very much peke.

8. uzuroo / wvkong

Brother, I always love it when you cross my dash. Your Naruto and Sun are so perfect, they make me cry, laugh, smile and all around just feel more emotional. I’d love to get to know you better, but I am far too damn shy to ask you for your skype or whatever other means of communication you have. Uhh that aside, you are very much peke and perfect.

9. perfecxionist

I love your Weiss. She is as much of a perfectionist, as you are. So much peke. [haha you get the joke XD], but yeah you are damn awesome, I love your threads, your customised theme and icon, I loe just about your everything and hope we can get to know each other over skype better. I am rambling on. Stay cool, enjoy your ravioli and play some games!

10. cenizaella

Who would have known the personification of the queen herself would follow me? She is basically Cinder, got the characterization, the style, and Cinder’s, no pun intended, hotness down. She knows how to play her seductiveness perfectly. I love seeing her on my dash and just love her Cinder fucking, not in the literal sense, with people. It always makes my spine shiver, just knowing that some of the things she’d done are gonna happen on the show too, probably.

~~Now to those I will follow forever too.~~~

sweetheartsundragon go-fuck-your-merc beautyburntgold n-icequeen conquxr hot-crime-mom alluring-emerald-fangs death-and-dust heavyweightxlockhart megiisms oshokunokamon dxgital akoxo-milx jundonomonsho shadowysemblance senwukon emeraldsorcerer raine-verhart sugaryagility suisuisaya aureatefire scythiisms platinumheartbreaker asexual-accident potestatem-obscuri pinnami thievingsaleswoman miltiades-redearth blackenedfacade lxst-but-found frabjousbladedancer cindersmadefromflame equitasx basedmercury heiress-of-ice littleredscythe madocifxr ruby-thered-rose basedemberald firedust-and-moonbunnies yangderexiaolong timetells-and-turntables crxcea venix-savreux returnofthephoenix hgblack vasilias-of-the-sea the-minecraft-mob-girls patroxus sugarsweetmuses silver-tongued-mercury icebornheiress ofboopsandpancakes club-black-bear team-ravn fox-the-blindfighter fated-for-victory xcaetus polterweisst numbuh-pi dusty-snow thelonelyschnee planeptuneguildmember blancgettingserious indicivenustas tantibusofparadiso heroineskingdom  uchihamother illustriousarma jo3mm goddesspurpleheart pucelle-d-grimm ivorysmusemuseum montyoum markfxschbach mystmuses irisxheart shikniful tastefullyoffensive pumpupblonde