i love ot6

absolutely random bap things I love

-youngjae’s passionate high fives and how he patiently waits for others to return it and if they don’t just hits their hand anyway
-jongup’s tendency to look at his members while talking to feel comfortable and gain courage
-junhong’s hand gestures and facial expressions when he talks, especially when he crooks his nose
-Himchan commenting regularly on everyone’s instagram posts and just being involved
-Yongguk never forgetting to mention how thankful he is for his members and how relaxed he feels around them
-the way Daehyun talks about his career and his goals, how he puts so much thought into what he says about B.A.P as musicians

What it’s like to stan b.a.p:

- 6 Dorks
- talented af
- underrated af
- they are all visuals
- Deepest music videos
- Derpest interviews
- Great fandom, and with great I mean, being there for each other, laughing and crying together, sharing memes and photos of the members best hair styles, discussing moral topics, helping through hard times, accepting everyone no matther what religion, origin, sexuality or bias
- lack of “on crack” videos
- greatest leader of all time
- Zelo will forever be a baby altough he is tall af
- 3 shy and quiet members and 3 loud, chaotic and 24/7 screaming members so there is a perfect balance
- Jongups progress
- half of the members have abs so no need to suffer
- Hiatus will forever be a topic
- Him Chan will forever be a diva  princess
- Daehyuns solos are lit af
- Youngjae has an incredibly great voice
- ‘Wake me up’ is the first time Him Chan actually got lines
- Acting on point
- You can’t chose a bias, and If you think you did, you get bias wrecked in like 0,00362 seconds
- No worries, you will get used to them getting shot regularly
- Getting eng sub on a vlive takes ages
- No one supports b.a.p as much as b.a.p does
- B.a.p and babyz are cheering for each other on a daily basis


i love how most bands are ‘they’re my brothers we’re great friends blah blah blah’ and every time a rammstein member does an interview it’s like ‘we are all married to each other. this band is actually a marriage. i love my husbands so damn much’