i love ostriches

  • Spencer: We have to let him go.
  • Brendon: But I love him. I've spent every day working up the guts to tell him that for years.
  • Spencer: Its time
  • Brendon, tearing up: I love you Ryan
  • *hugs ostrich*
  • Spencer: Now the bus is here to take him to the ostrich farm in New York.
  • Brendon: You're gonna do great and you're gonna make lots of friends and you're gonna find a wife and have kids and be happy kiddo. Don't you worry about me.
  • Ryan the Ostrich: *squawks unchanged and pecks at Spencer*
  • Spencer: I love you too buddy.

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Headcanon: When Jack and Crutchie are like, "We're dating!", some guys of the lodging house react like, 'WHAT????', another group is all, "That explains a LOT." and finally, receiving the news on the dock, Spot Conlon slowly sinks his fist and says quietly, "I knew it!"


Okay, I totally headcanon Spot and Crutchie as being brothers ((which I will go over some other time, if anyone is interested)) and, while it isn’t common knowledge, the two of them will meet up to just talk. It starts one night, when Crutchie had gone over to Brooklyn after selling his papes. He and Spot were just sitting there, joking about the headline, relating stories from their respective boroughs.

Crutchie glanced up at the heavens, watching a couple stars glimmer through the post-Industrial muck of the sky. “It’s getting late,” he said, finally standing up. “And if I don’t get back, Jack’s gonna start worrying.”

“Let Kelly worry. You can take care of yourself.”

“I know I can. But, sometimes it’s nice to just know that there’s someone out there who’s gonna notice if you don’t come home,” Crutchie said. 

And there was something in his voice, something in the soft smile that lit up his face, and Spot knew. “You like him, don’t you.”

Crutchie studied Spot’s face, searching for displeasure, distaste, distrust–but Spot’s face was deceptively impassive. “Jack’s just a friend,” Crutchie reassured his brother. “He’s my best friend. I ain’t got… romantic feelings, or nothing crazy like that.”

Spot had grunted and changed the topic. 

Whenever Crutchie would come to Brooklyn, Spot never brought that conversation up. Crutchie assumed that Spot had just forgotten it–or, rather, he hoped he had forgotten it. The only other solution–that Spot hated Crutchie for those feelings–was simply unimaginable. 

Months went by, with no apparent change. Except, Spot started coming by Manhattan more often. He told Crutchie that he just wanted to check up on him more often and it was easier for him to come to Manhattan, than for Crutchie to go to Brooklyn. Crutchie hadn’t believed him, but he also hadn’t been able to figure out why Spot was taking such a sudden interest in Manhattan. “It ain’t much different than Brooklyn,” Crutchie told him once.

To which, Spot snorted. “It’s loads different than Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s actually a nice place ta live.”

Each time Spot dropped by to talk with Crutchie, he also always made an effort to see Jack. Sometimes he would go up and talk to the Manhattan leader, mostly under the pretense of discussing the politics of the newsies’ world. Sometimes, they’d just talk about the headline, or the weather, something completely inconsequential. Other times, he would just observe Jack across the room, watching as he interacted with his boys. But, each time, Spot made sure he examined Jack closely whenever Crutchie came into the room.

He watched, and he came to conclusions.

So, when the news spread to Brooklyn, Spot couldn’t say that he was surprised.

Pleased, yes.

But, surprised? Hell no.

(And, if, the next day Jack found himself pinned against a wall, being threatened within an inch of his life if he managed to hurt a certain Brooklyn boy’s brother, well, no one would be the wiser.)


My progress on Captain Cipher from @ancestors-lullaby and @aureateparalian ‘s fic Devil With A Silver Compass

I’m probably going to make my own shirt instead of using this one; and my trim i ordered forever ago for my coat hasn’t come yet so I haven’t started that fully, but it’s all getting coming together nicely!~


have some birds from my sketchbook. Three pages worth of them, cause they’re just so damn fun. :)

around this time i started focusing on practicing realistic animals. i’m fairly happy where i am now with it, as opposed to a couple years ago where all my animals looked like Pokemon. :[

On a side note, I realized I fucking love drawing ostriches.

My adorable dumb baby -3-