i love ostriches

  • Spencer: We have to let him go.
  • Brendon: But I love him. I've spent every day working up the guts to tell him that for years.
  • Spencer: Its time
  • Brendon, tearing up: I love you Ryan
  • *hugs ostrich*
  • Spencer: Now the bus is here to take him to the ostrich farm in New York.
  • Brendon: You're gonna do great and you're gonna make lots of friends and you're gonna find a wife and have kids and be happy kiddo. Don't you worry about me.
  • Ryan the Ostrich: *squawks unchanged and pecks at Spencer*
  • Spencer: I love you too buddy.

I dedicated this third inktober day to @cursetale and little Sanzu. 
Behold, the weird looking ‘feathery’ big-ass-egg machine that I gave him.
The process takes just a little longer than expected though.  ┐(´∀`)┌


My progress on Captain Cipher from @ancestors-lullaby and @aureateparalian ‘s fic Devil With A Silver Compass

I’m probably going to make my own shirt instead of using this one; and my trim i ordered forever ago for my coat hasn’t come yet so I haven’t started that fully, but it’s all getting coming together nicely!~

anonymous asked:

Where did your username come from? I always kind of sing it in my head like "Newsies on a mission! Ostrich on a rampage! Sell the next edition!" Lol

It started as my fanfiction username, and then I just transitioned it here. Basically, I love ostriches. As in, I have multiple ostrich stuffed animals, figurines, socks, etc. And so, I just thought the name sounded cool and I’ve stuck with it. 

(But, holy crap, I never realized it would fit in there, and you can bet your life that I will now be singing “ostrich on a rampage, kill the competition” from here on out.)


have some birds from my sketchbook. Three pages worth of them, cause they’re just so damn fun. :)

around this time i started focusing on practicing realistic animals. i’m fairly happy where i am now with it, as opposed to a couple years ago where all my animals looked like Pokemon. :[

On a side note, I realized I fucking love drawing ostriches.

My adorable dumb baby -3-