i love orange fridays so much

Day 8/100 of productivity!! (2017/04/09)

Well, I’m not exactly at the point where I should be but I got held up a little today… My mother visited me and I spent my time with her (I love her so much!!!) and also she helped me -okay she did the whole thing- cleaning my kitchen and bathroom BEST MUM EVER😍!

So I’m a little behind schedule😱 and that means I don’t really have time to sleep much until Tuesday but it’s okay🙃 because our short spring break starts on Friday and I’ll have plenty of time to rest!! 😝😴


Online Dating - A Swipe Yes Or No?

Lately I have found out that online dating is becoming a huge trend, and seemingly, it’s not bizarre anymore to say you met your significant other online. Apps like Tinder are used for seeing people who are near your current location and from experience I’d say it’s primarily used for hook ups. Then, there are apps like OkCupid, eHarmony, and Match.com which require you to put in a lot more time and effort to ensure you get the full experience of finding “the one.” The concept of “don’t talk to strangers” is quickly going out of the window and our abilities to open up to strangers appears to be much easier now.

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