i love optimus prime


I’m loving all these tv spots they’re doing.

Elita and Optimus composed themselves so well in the public optic. 

Oh no, they rarely touched, but every once in a while one might see them pass in the hallway or in a meeting room, or… anywhere, and they would lean in for a moment, just a breath, and whisper something so silent that their audios would shift.
What could they be saying? It had happened often enough that speculations had arisen… Something sweet, no doubt. Something to make a youngling gag. Mushy.

Elita: *walks down a hallway with Chromia* *sees Optimus talking with Magnus

Optimus: *glances at her and leans back on his ped juuust the slightest* 

Elita: *right behind her mate as she passes*

Elita: *whispers* Neeerrrd

Optimus: *whispers back* Dweeb

Elita: *gasps*


Magical Girl doodles from last night feat Drift (new design! :D), Optimus, Ratchet, Longarm, Bumblebee, and Wasp. It is REALLY hard to design 2 characters that look similar but not identical C’:

Transformers: Prime Episode 8: “Con Job”

Jack: *looks around* Where’s Optimus?

Arcee: Went for a drive… Primes don’t party. 


Over 4,000,000 Years Earlier

Hall of Records Employee: Oh, come on, Orion. You need to lighten up. Come with us to Maccadam’s tonight!

Orion: *waves hand dismissively* Thank you, but I have already made plans.  


A Few Cycles Later

Orion: *sighs as Ariel pets his helm as he rests it in her lap*

Ariel: It would be good for you to go out with them sometime. It can’t hurt at least… I can always come pick you up on the ~hover bike~. 

Orion: Love, you know where I’d always rather be.

Ariel: *smiles and hums softly*

*definition of Pulp Fiction’s “Comfortable Silence*

Orion: Want to go for a drive? 

Ariel: Of course, love. 


I wanted to show this to you two, you are such nice bloggers so I have no trouble showing this. @self-indulgent-scribbles @caribouwritings (Keeping staying awesome sweeties~). I think you could compare this to a fan showing their idol some good fan art they made or something like that except it is a story.

I am no imagine blogger nor a writer so don’t expect that I can write this well but I came up with this today, I do hope that it is understandable. I have been creating a story in my head where the s/o is from our dimension and Optimus is in his holoform… well it looks like it but in this third dimensions where they ended up, Optimus has actual human body. Team Prime is also in that dimension but the team got separated thus these are by themselves. Unfortunately the ‘Cons have entered this dimension too so they have to keep one eye open. Optimus and s/o are sitting in a cave, keeping shelter from the heavy rain. In this scene these two are alone. The s/o is shy and not a good talker but s/o knows what Optimus has gone through and Optimus know that s/o knows. Both are tired from exploring this dimension and now Optimus says he will take the first shift of being a… night guardian (I don’t know the word in English, so let’s roll with this) just in case that the ‘Cons wouldn’t attack them while they were asleep. Then the s/o looks Optimus straight into his eye and says with a firm voice “No.” He is about to say something back but s/o cuts him off, “Don’t argue with me Prime.” this was the first time they called him Prime, usually they call him Optimus, s/o’s sudden confidence was something that Optimus had yet seen but he knew they had it in them. The s/o had this strong gaze, they was determined to get their opinion through and they wouldn’t  budge from this decision. “I will take the first shift, you get some rest first.”
Optimus calmly answers “But s/o you are tired, you need to rest.”
“So do you Optimus!” The s/o lowers their gaze and looks at the ground, not meeting his gaze anymore, “I know what you have been gone through. I….I just want you to rest… even for a little while.. I am young so I have lot more energy to take the first shift.. and and…” briefly a sad expression form on their face, then they feel something on top of their head. When they look up they see Optimus smiling gently, him patting their head softly. “If it makes you feel at ease, I will do it. Only if you promise to wake me up once you have difficulties to keep your eyes open.”
They smile a little, “I promise.” Finally their word got through. “Good night” they say to him and he answers the same way. Optimus lies down and closes his eyes, not even a minute passes and he is already asleep. Little was he aware that the young human’s heart was beating fast, their cheeks flaming up. > HEADPAT, A HEADPAT, HE GAVE ME A HEADPAT, OMG OMG OMG A HEADPAT. *screams* <  They kept thinking, well now it was sure they wouldn’t be falling asleep while being a night watch.