i love olivia and the things she chooses to tweet about


I can talk for weeks about this episode! Another thought:

The results of the Olitz break-up in S5 lead many Olitzers to rest on misconceptions about it’s demise. Olivia was blamed for everything, and if she’d only given them a chance, she would have been very happy in wedded bliss with Fitz. They greatly believed that Jake and her father’s presence in her life pulled her out of the light to help create the Olitz problems and prevented her return to Fitz. As we know, Shonda has been shedding a hard light on the core of people’s nature and the nature of their relationships. It seems to me that part of the motivation for this is to finally address misconceptions, and this 100th episode did just that. Shonda gave Olitzers all that they have been begging for and complaining about, WHILE staying true to her own intentions for the story.

Shonda presented our Scandal characters at their core being the exact same people shed of Defiance; drastic, external lifestyles didn’t alter that. However, the one important person missing in Olivia’s what if imagination was Jake. Yes, he had a moment with Fitz, BUT, for Olivia’s ride-or-die partner in real life, who has been by her side the entire time, a man she shanked for and boldly faced her father as COMMAND for, for the very first time in her entire life, it was interesting that he was seemingly a blip in his own partners thoughts, nearly nonexistent. In a promo released the day of the episode, where tons of scenes were flashed, it ended with Jake and Olivia talking about standing in the sun, together. We also saw the island scene of them with Olivia wearing her natural hair proud and free! Now, the episode opened up with Olivia caught between idealism - Fitz, and Jake - realism. Fitz says, it’s my way or the highway in choosing Cyrus, but Jake doesn’t give her a rigid ultimatum, he simply provides his OPINION to his partner, which motivates Olivia to think on her own and eventually come to her OWN decision/opinion in choosing Cyrus. Even though we are witnessing the struggle between the men on the decision of Mellie or Cyrus in the WH or how to remove the power players, the underlying decision of Olitz and Olake is THERE! Shonda put this there purposely. She is always speaking on this struggle since it’s a great metaphor in highlighting the struggle between Olivia’s own two sides of idealism and realism, power and normal. Olitz and Olake reflect Olivia’s own personal journey. And, here we are at the decision episode.

So, how does this underlying decision transfer into Olivia’s thoughts after both men leave the office, when Jake is seemingly a blip in it? So little a blip, that you might as well say he was not there at all, not even interacting for a Nano second with Olivia in some random but telling path cross or something. WELL, I believe Shonda DID have Jake all up and through there in hidden, most subtle ways, functioning under the radar of Olitzers who would find a way to blame Jake for any negativity expressed between Olitz, missing Shonda’s point in wanting us to focus on Olivia and Fitz’s OWN problems. Not problems caused by outsiders or other external factors, but their OWN internal problems. But, if we can watch closely with an open and unbiased eye, we can see Jake is subtly there. Shonda has to find a way to isolate Olitz in allowing people to see the truth of the fantasy allowed to run its course, but also stay true to her desire to speak on Olivia’s internal struggle, mirrored through Olitz and Olake. You can’t have anyone else who is questionable around the uber fantasy play out, giving viewers the opportunity to attach blame when they see things don’t work out as expected between the love birds. Scandal media history has faithfully shown, it will happen since Olitz is simply too much soul-mates in love not to be fabulous, lol!!! At least, not to experience a very happy marriage filled with being IN LOVE. 

So, how does Shonda accomplish all this?  1. Give the uber fantasy, bells, whistles and all in a wedding mirroring Fitz’s uber romantic proposal. 2. Put Olivia in a beautiful, traditional, princess wedding gown, the likes of which many have witnessed in photo shopped images of Oliva in wedding gowns on social media. 3. DON’T bring in any nay sayers to the union, and DON’T delay the dream! They rushed to the dream: Fitz is married, looses presidency, divorced, BAM, at Olivia’s door in no time ready to marry her, they have sex, wedding bells are ringing. Give it to them, and give it to them now! 4. Briefly, and realistically, show her father by being at the wedding, unhappy, to eventually slither out the door, never to be in Olivia’s presence again. Eli is not an issue. 5. Mellie has nothing to say until the wedding is already underway. She’s miserable, kicked to the side, can’t believe he did it, it’s over. 6. Jake is NOWHERE in plain sight. That’s it. It’s smooth Olitz sailing from her on. As one Olitzer tweeted, it was so wonderful, everything they always wanted, in the beginning. 

So, where is Jake’s hidden presence? In 3 major places: 1. Olivia’s natural hair (which many of you talked about). 2. Marcus 3. The fact that Olivia did not want to travel like a rock star and live in some “huge and expensive” (as she put it) Vermont like home somewhere on Mt. Olympus, depending on Fitz’s money. Fitz wanted to blow off work and play in the upper crust sandbox, but Olivia wanted to go to work! Money is no object, Fitz informed her, but Olivia wanted normal living, working, earning, and making things happen for herself. She did not want to be a kept wife riding her husband’s riches. Jake left Olivia’s apartment to establish his own base in S4 since he told Liv he will not be a kept man. She liked her own, modest apartment. Olivia wanted NORMAL; what is considered mediocre to Fitz’s way of life. The scene when Abby shows up to Olivia’s cheap looking office area; you can tell Abby looks down on it a bit, but Olivia didn’t mind it at all. 4. The OLAKE SEXY/TANGO scene slightly adjusted for Olitz! It was flipped for Fitz to show up in finding Olivia at her door when it was Jake at the door, Olivia displays the same brush off attitude she gave to Jake - playing hard to get. She acts as if she doesn’t care, and you think that Jake is going to leave on the elevator the way Olivia let the elevator doors close on her, but at the VERY last surprising minute, Olivia flips in rushing to both men! Fitz even lifted Olivia up with her legs wrapped around Fitz’s waste, just like with Jake, ending with the door pound of Olivia’s back against it! It was a nod to JAKE and Olake! Another nod to Jake was Olivia wearing a leather jacket, just like Jake! I remember looking like, wow… Olivia in a leather Jacket. It felt odd but I liked it! But, I now realize it was a nod to Jake.

Elaborating just a bit on #1, the natural hair. We all know Olivia only wore that with Jake. There was one time she was in the shower with Fitz when her hair naturally wet and hanging due to the water, but I noticed that, when Cyrus burst into the room to find her and Fitz the next day still in bed, it was all straightened out. She put that flatiron to it before going to bed with Fitz since I don’t believe she felt comfortable with her hair dry, a bit puffier, and not hanging with Fitz. How many women has been with their boyfriend overnight, and you make sure your face and hair are on point while in the bed with him! I can see her doing her hair in private while Fitz is in bed waiting or watching television, whatever. But, with Jake, she has no problem wearing it natural and free. The natural has always been associated with Olake.  Lastly, to elaborate a bit on #2, Marcus. Marcus represented Jake in being a partner next to her that she seems most equal to, compatible with. They even had Marcus dance with Olivia! They seemed so compatible and happy around one another that Fitz accused her with sleeping with Marcus. Fitz felt threatened by Marcus just like he felt threatened by Jake in real time. Abby even looks at them questionably when she finds them dancing together; she came to discuss Olivia being a better wife to Fitz. Abby admitted that Fitz was a disaster, but because he is her husband, she believes Liv should try. I felt the Jake qualities within him so much. Liv even did that giddy jumping up and down like when she saw that Jake was about to dance with her. I remember thinking before likening him to Jake that, if Liv weren’t married, I can see her and Marcus getting together. Jake was by her side the whole time in the AT, quietly, as usual. Had Jake played in Marcus’s position, he’d have just been allocated some of the blame for the poor marriage. With Marcus put in the equal partnership-like role, people won’t associate them as harboring romantic feelings, since Marcus and Liv have none of that vibe in real time. He loves Mellie.

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Sansa loves reality tv but I can't see Margaery feeling the same lmao Headcanons of them trying to watch shows that the other likes and just giving up completely on life?

lmfaooo oh gosh yes

  • Sansa loves just about every reality show in existence. She’ll unironically watch things like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Survivor, The Bachelor.
    • Her favorite is Say Yes to the Dress & Chopped; she cannot stop watching those two. 
  • Margaery just cannot deal with any of them but Sansa always drags her into them, so they watch while Margaery kind of snarks about it in the background. 
    • “Why did he not choose her? She’s clearly fantastic, Olivia is just manipulating him - believe me, I know.” 
    • “Ah, yes, cooking with rock candy and a rattlesnake. Because that is what every kitchen looks like.” “It’s part of the challenge, Marg.” *Margaery scoffs* 
  • Sansa kind of makes it a drinking game: 
    • 1 shot every time Margaery points out a clearly scripted moment. 
    • 1 shot if she scoffs at a scene. 
    • 1 sip if she insults the show (it happens so much that it has to be a sip.) 
    • 2 shots if Margaery actually says something positive. 
  • Honestly the only reality show Margaery ever watched willingly was The X Factor because Loras 100% was on there so she was sitting there watching every episode and furiously tweeting with Sansa for people to support Loras on the show. 
    • She also kind of willingly watches fashion episodes. I feel like Marg would somehow know some of the designers, or she’ll think some of the models are gorgeous so she and Sansa will thirst-watch some episodes. 
Kerry Washington, The EDIT Magazine Interview

Aliza Licht : Now that you have established this huge presence in social media, do you feel like you can’t make plans on Thursdays?
Kerry Washington: Oh yes, I have no social life on a Thursday! Every Thursday within three weeks of my [daughter Isabelle’s] due date, I loaded up pre-tweets based on the episodes and what I would want to say.

AL: Did you tweet while you were actually in labor?
KW: I tweeted in the very early stages of my labor. I figured that if I went completely silent on social media, then people would know I was in the hospital!

AL: In the online world, everyone can air their opinions. Do you ever feel people take Scandal too seriously?
KW: [Some people] do get caught up. Bellamy Young [who plays Olivia’s nemesis, Mellie Grant] and I are really good friends and sometimes when people see us out together they get very confused. I take it as a compliment.

AL: How do you deal with negativity?
KW: I’m really open to freedom of expression and I’m open to differences in opinion. But I draw the line at any level of sexism, racism, hatred or violence, so I block or report those people to [Twitter’s] security. 

AL: What do you think of Olivia Pope? Is there anything that you don’t like about her?
I love her. To me she’s like family, and with family, it doesn’t matter if you like them or not, you love them no matter what. I don’t always agree with her choices, but I have a lot of compassion for them.

AL: What is the biggest difference between you and Olivia?
KW: I do a lot of therapy! Not to say that I have it all together, but I think I have a little bit more awareness about my behavior patterns and I do the work it takes to get out of them.

AL: What do you think Olivia’s main message is?
KW: I don’t think [Scandal writer] Shonda Rhimes thinks in terms of messages, she thinks in terms of storytelling. She never wrote Olivia Pope to be a role model; she wrote her to be a human being, and part of what people identify with so much is that she is conflicted. In some ways, she’s so aspirational – you want to walk like her, dress like her, command attention like her and control a situation like her. In other ways, she’s a warning of what not to be.

AL: Is your husband [former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha] ‘Team Fitz’ or does he want Olivia to stand in the sun?
KW: I have never asked my husband that, actually. But I would say that we are all ‘Team Shonda’. I really love that in the episode Where The Sun Don’t Shine, Olivia said, “I choose me.” That is a really powerful message.

AL: Let’s talk about Scandal style. The clothing did something from the very beginning.
KW: The fashion on the show is almost another character – [costume designer] Lyn Paolo and I were on the same page about that from day one. When we sat down to discuss Olivia’s wardrobe, we had pulled all the same images off the internet and from magazines. I think because Lyn had worked on [political] shows like The West Wing before, she really understood the aesthetic of Washington, and I had already been working for the White House for two years when I started this job. We wanted to get out of the typical navy-blue, boxy, ‘woman in a man’s suit’ definition of power dressing.

AL: How do you get into the ‘Olivia Pope’ mindset?
KW: The biggest thing for me are the shoes. I’ll wear Uggs around set, but I can’t rehearse a scene in them because I don’t feel like Olivia until I put the shoes on. Shoes define how you walk in the world and how you stand, like: what is your posture in life?

AL: How would you define your personal style?
KW: I’m a very moody dresser. For the red carpet, I am totally a stiletto girl. But in the rest of my life, I would say I’m 50/50. I love a good heel, but I also have a really great sneaker collection – that’s the Bronx girl in me.

AL: Do you feel an obligation to be politically active?
KW: I have a sense of responsibility that was ingrained in me as a kid, but I’m not perfect; I haven’t voted in every election. But I’m trying to be better about it because so many people put their lives on the line for me to have this right.

AL: If you weren’t an actress, what would you be doing? Do you think you would be in politics?
KW: I would be involved in politics, but I would probably be teaching. It’s what my mother did, so it’s in my blood. My mother is so badass. I watched her get her doctorate when I was a little girl: she got that around the same time that I graduated from kindergarten so we both had caps and gowns. I grew up with a belief in the importance of a woman’s mind and that has been a real gift for me.

AL: Let’s talk about cashmere at home and red wine. I’ve seen many a Donna Karan cashmere piece in that apartment.
KW: Yes, we love our Donna! I remember early on in season one, Shonda came on set to talk to me about one of those ‘Olivia alone in her apartment’ moments. She looked at me and was like, ‘Well, of course that’s how Olivia sits at home, in her silk and cashmere.’

AL:I feel like, in the beginning, everyone was like, wait, are we supposed to look that good at home, too?
KW: I love that I get to feel elegant at home. When you’re at home, be good to yourself. It’s not about trying to impress anybody.

AL: It’s a great mantra. What’s your favorite wine?
KW: I don’t really drink.

AL: This is such a problem.
KW: I know. I drink Welch’s organic grape juice on the show.

AL: How have Scandal fans surprised you the most?
KW: By giving us life. We wouldn’t have a show if it weren’t for people like you. You know, I had a relationship with the President and the First Lady from my work for the [Obama 2012] campaign. When Scandal first came on, they all pity-watched, like, oh, Kerry’s been good to us, we should tune in because maybe nobody will watch. Now the First Lady’s Chief of Staff and the President’s Senior Advisor are like, ‘What’s happening next week?’ and I’m like, ‘What’s happening with healthcare?!’

AL: How do you hope Olivia Pope will be remembered?
KW: I hope people remember her as a complicated, fully realized human being; she’s not a stereotype and she’s not an accessory. I think that it’s important for women to know, in film and in TV and in life, that you can be the lead of your own story. I hope she’s remembered for that, as somebody who is the driving force of her own life.   

You Meet Calum's New Girlfriend (Part 2)

A bed was a nice place to cry in your opinion, and so you were. You curled up, in a small ball, letting all of your emotions roll out of you. You family were out, which was good because you could scream into your pillow without them thinking that you were crazy. You thought Calum was such a dick, everything that he just did was the opposite of what a best friend should do. But what made matters worse, was the fact that you loved him and you hated loving him.
Your phone had been buzzing for the last ten minutes, and you thought you’d better answer incase one of your friends assumed you had killed yourself. You always answered your phone, except when you were depressed or sleeping and your friends knew that.
Part of you was expecting to see a text from Calum, which was stupid. You knew he wouldn’t text you, he is too busy with Belle. And he acted like that after your fights and break up, he never texted until a few hours later - you knew him better than anyone. That was another thing that you hated.
You check your phone, it was a text from Olivia, your bestfriend. You had told her about your meeting today, as well as the rest of your small group of close friends. But Olivia was dying to know about it, because she knows what you went through with Calum. She also knew how nervous you felt to meet your ex boyfriends new girlfriend, when you’re still madly in love with him.
“Olivia: Hey Y/N, what’s up?
Olivia: Are you still with Calum?
Olivia: What’s Belle like? I heard she is nice.
Olivia: Not as nice as you obviously.
Olivia: OK I’m getting worried…
Olivia: Y/N you’re always on your phone!
Olivia: Did you leave?
Olivia: You left didn’t you. I’m calling you.
You read the messages quickly, and almost feel a bit warm inside. It’s nice to know someone actually cares about how you are.
But, that’s what friends are for.
You call her, listening to the monotone beeps that travel through your ear, banging on your eardrum. It’s quite comforting actually, and you don’t know why. But then Olivia’s voice chimes in. “Y/N! What is wrong?! You didn’t answer my texts and 10 missed calls”, she shouts.
“I um- talked to Ca-Calum”, you stutter, before breaking down at the thought.
“Y/N! What happened? What did he do? I’ll kick his ass even though he is in my favourite band”, she questions. You begin to tell her the story, stopping every few seconds to let out a small cry. Her reaction does make you chuckle, but nothing can cheer you up. Right now, you just want to cry and sleep.
“I swear I will tweet that beach”, she whispers harshly.
“Beach. We aren’t at the seaside”, you laugh slightly. Ha, you still have your humour, even now. You touch your cheeks, the tears have caused them to become slightly irritating. You need to clean your face.
“You know what I mean. I will!” She begins to shout again, even though you only just calmed her down.
“Don’t! Not now anyway. I need to get myself sorted out. I’ll talk to you later”, you sigh, taking a deep breath. You can feel the tears beginning to form on your eyes before you hang up. You go into the bathroom and run a hot bath.
Soon, the mixture of hot water and bubbles pushes you into relaxation. You are tranquil, serene, calm. Your eyelids begin to fall, and eventually you doze off into the land of dreams.
The sound of harsh vibrating wakes you up. The water is freezing cold, you must’ve been sleeping for at least an hour - maybe two! You exit the bath quickly, chattering violently. You check your phone again and find messages from Olivia, except these are different.
“HOLY MOLEY!” You yell as you read that the argument was caught on video and is now spreading like wildfire. In the last half hour, it has gone viral. You watch it closely and gasp at the footage. The cameraman has caught everything! Your first thought is that you hope Cal sees this, and that maybe if he does you will be together again. But your second thought is that you look so ugly when you cry, still, you’re so happy someone caught the argument on tape that you couldn’t care about how you looked.
You immediately go onto Twitter and see what people have commented. There’s so many tweets mentioning you, most say that you and Calum should be together instead of Belle. Some others ask about Calum’s nudes - which is very tempting to reply to. One tweet that really makes me laugh, is composed by @Calumhavemybaby. It reads ‘I tried to zoom in on Calum’s nudes but it didn’t work #FirstWorldProblems’.
You check to see if Calum has tweeted, but he hasn’t. He hasn’t texted either. You wait for half an hour, and after that you let desperation control me. You tag the link of the video and send it to him. Although, you’re so happy, you want to show him how much he hurt me. You add the comment - “Thanks for being a good friend.”
Within seconds he has replied, the sound of a text making your heart stop.
“Calum: Meet me after the gig. 11:00pm at the venue roof. You know where to go. I’ll tell Matt I’m expecting you.
Me: Fine.”
The sudden realisation that you will be meeting Calum in approximately 6 hours excites you, but you also feel anxious too. The two emotions seem to churn up the lining of your stomach, and you feel slightly ill. You know that you’re going to need to take a friend as a form of support, so you choose Olivia - since she is obsessed with the band and will take any opportunity to meet them again. You tell Olivia the news straight away, and she is more than happy to accompany you if it means that she can be reunited with her loves.
“So come to mine at 10:30, okay? I’ll be needing moral support”, you shout through the phone.
“OK!” She yells back, radiating excitement.

As the hours pass, it finally reaches 10:30pm. The minutes have dragged out, and you feel as though you have waited for years.
You simply wear a baggy jumper and dark jeans, accompanied with another beanie. You put a coat over the top and are ready to go when Olivia arrives. To be honest, you have been ready for hours, dodging the possibly of being late.
You open the door and as Olivia begins to speak, you leave the house. “No time. We need to get the train”, you say whilst you run to the underground station, which is only 5 minutes from where you live. You are feeling so nervous, and Olivia’s attempts to calm you down aren’t helping at all.
At 10:50pm, you’re at the O2 arena, waiting for Olivia to put her ticket through the machine. “Olivia hurry!” You yell at her.
“We have 10 minutes Y/N, calm the fuck down”, she replies, clumsily walking through the machine.
“9 minutes”, you correct, looking at your phone.
“Whatever. But we are not running again, you know I hate PE”, she states in a serious tone. You breathe out, not noticing you had been holding any air in.
“OK. Sorry. It’s just… You know how much this means to me”, you say.
“Yes. The two hour conversation we had earlier gave me a hint”. Was it that long?
“I’m gonna call Matt, their manager, and get him to let us up”, you say. The monotone beeps emitting from your phone don’t comfort you now, they just irritate you. You swear several times under you breath until Matt picks up.
“Y/N! Where are you?” He says kindly. You always liked Matt, he was so supportive to you when you and Cal were an item.
“I’m just coming out of the station”, you mutter breathlessly, checking to see if Olivia was following behind you. To be honest, if you lost Olivia, you wouldn’t care. You were too focussed on Calum.
“I’ll wait by the doors. I’m wearing a beige coat and black hat”, he says as you draw nearer to your destination.
“People are probably thinking you’re a psycho”, you laugh uneasily as nerves tackle your body. But his soothing laugh calms you down. Olivia is now next to you, half walking, half skipping to keep up with your fast pace. It’s quite amusing.
Suddenly, you see Matt. He is matching the exact description he gave you, and you and Olivia both laugh at his clothes.
“Looking fine Matt”, you say sarcastically as you hug him.
“How I have missed you! And Olivia, is it?” He asks Olivia. She blushes and nods, suddenly getting shy. Perhaps it is his beautiful appearance that shuts her up.
“Yes it is. So is Calum up there?” You ask.
“Yeah. He has been waiting nervously. Come with me”, Matt tells you.
He leads you into the O2 arena, and up the familiar black staircase. You receive strange looks from workers, who must’ve seen you in the news at some point.
Within minutes, you’re staring at the door that separates you and Calum.
“Go straight out, I’ll take Olivia to the boys”, Matt grins reassuringly, causing Olivia to squeal. Her excitement eases your nerves.
“Good luck Y/N”, she smiles before giving you a quick hug. “Just remember, call me if you need me to hurt him”, she adds, breaking the shy/nice girl front.
“OK”, you laugh, signalling to Matt that she is kidding - even though she isn’t.
They go quickly, leaving you to face the door. For a second you want to leave, but you knew that couldn’t be an option. You were not going to be a coward. A drop of confidence somewhere in your body pushes you to open the door. And there you see him, looking out over the lights of the restaurants, the top of the giant tent just metres away from your heads. You forgot how breathtaking the view was, even a camera couldn’t capture this beauty.
“Hi”, you say to Calum, no emotion in your voice.
“Hi”, he says, sounding irritated.
“What’s wrong with you?” You question. You begin to feel slightly defensive - why was he acting like this?
“I broke up with my girlfriend today, because of you”, he states. At first you feel slightly happy, Calum was single because Belle was mean to you. So he must love you, surely?
But then you registered what he said. Your whole attitudes changes. Anger rises from deep within you.
“What?!” You yell.
“I. Broke. Up. With. My. Girlfriend. Today. Because. Of. You”, he says slowly, pronouncing each word excellently to patronise you.
“You’re blaming me?!”
“Yes Y/N”, he remarks bluntly.
“What did I do?” You ask angrily. If you hadn’t have cried earlier, you would’ve been in tears by now. But you were bone dry inside.
“You showed up today”.
“You fucking invited me!” You stand up, shouting down at him.
“Well you shouldn’t have come! None of this would have happened!” He shouts back, reaching your level.
“You’re as bad as that bitch”, you yell.
“Don’t call her that!” He shouts.
“It’s true! Didn’t you break up with her because of that reason!” You scream. “Do you know how fucking hard it was to see you with her?! Very hard. It killed me. You don’t even know what it’s like, it’s not worth trying to explain!” You add. You stare at Calum, who is now radiating anger.
“Oh, I do know!” He replies.
“Don’t lie!” You scream.
“Seeing you with George! That killed me! But you were too blind to see it”, he retaliates. George was your boyfriend before Calum, you didn’t realise Calum liked you then. You refrain from smiling.
“So were you today!” You say, commenting on his 'too blind to see it’ point.
“So you still love me then?”
“Yes I do. Do you love me?!” You shout. He pauses and looks at you, before brushing a hand through his hair.
“Urgh. Everything would be better if I had never met you”, he bellows. Then there’s silence, you could hear a needle fall to the ground easily. But there is another noise disrupting the silence, the sound of your sobbing. So you did have some water left to distribute….
Calum’s face changes when he sees you cry, he hated the sight of you upset. It killed him, especially if he was the one who caused you to cry. You can tell that he knows he shouldn’t have said that, his jaw is clenched tightly - which gives it away. He said it though, and he can’t take it back…
“You say that again and I’ll leave. I will walk out of this arena, delete your number and never talk to you again. I swear on my life”, you stammer. He just stares back at you, speechless. After a while, you decide to leave anyway.
“I’m gonna make it easier for you Cal”, you say. You turn on your heel and leave for the door. You just want to go home and cry again, if there were any tears to squeeze out of you. But Calum’s grip on your wrist stops you.
Win a nanosecond, his lips are on yours.
You always wanted him to kiss you passionately like that. Characters did it in movies, and whenever you would watch them with Cal you would ask him to do that to you someday. And he would say, 'One day, when you least expect it’. You guess today was the day.
He pulled away from you breathless, and you couldn’t help but grin. He returned your cheesy smile.
“I’ve missed you too much”, he grins.
“Me too”, you reply.
“I love you so much Y/N. Don’t ever walk out on me again. Please”, he says, sounding desperate. You’re heart swells.
“I won’t. I love you too Cal”, you say. Tears are still rolling down your cheeks and Calum catches them, before kissing your cheeks many times as if to replace the tears. Calum then works his way to kissing your lips, pushing away all the heartache you experienced for the last six months.
But everything wasn’t perfect. The next day, Belle unleashed your fears all over the Internet; the pictures of Calum naked.

I will probably do a Part 3 about Calum’s nudes being leaked. Thank you so so much for the notes! Love you all ✌️