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Hi Jen. I was just wondering if you were still watching Legends of Tomorrow. If so, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Ray/Kendra/Carter triangle? Also, do you think there's a chance for Captain Canary? I thought they might be hinting at that earlier, but lately I haven't been so sure.

Oh yes! I am loving Legends. It’s a little cheesey but in a good way. I’ve been surprised by how funny it is.

I am not loving the Ray/Kendra/Carter love triangle. First, they tried to pull and Olicity with Ray and Kendra. By that I mean they sent them away (in the past) like Arrow did with Oliver and Felicity. Ray & Kendra created a life together like Oliver and Felicity did over summer hiatus. We didn’t get to really see much of the two years Ray & Kendra spent in the fifites and by the time the audience checked in we were meant to accept that Kendra & Ray had developed a deep love and strong relationship. Strong enough that a marriage proposal would make sense. Sound familiar? It hit all the same Olicity beats as 4x01.

Yeah except… Olicity didn’t happen over night, or over the course of hiatus or over a couple episodes. Olicity developed over FOUR YEARS. By the time 4x01 arrived it was extremely believable that Oliver and Felicity had built this successful life and relationship, despite the fact that we missed those six months. The reason why it was believable is because we’d seen their relationship in action in four years. Olicity was essentially a successful relationship before they were IN a relationship. They were married without being married ya know? That’s why we were screaming at them to get together! We knew they were perfect together. There was a foundation there that made the time jump believable.

Ray and Kendra don’t have that. There wasn’t enough time given to let the relationship develop. They didn’t have a strong enough foundation to make a time jump like that believable. It was like relationship whiplash. We went to them basically being strangers to PROPOSAL in the course of three freaking episodes. Way too much too fast. 

Also, does Ray Palmer need to want to settle down with every woman he dates? He was probably two seconds away from whipping out a ring for Felicity and now he’s pulling one out for Kendra. It just feels like Ray wants to be married. It doesn’t matter to who. It’s like residual Anna issues or something. It also makes Ray look super clingy. Fair or not, I’m coming to the conclusion that the problem is RAY PALMER.

Truthfully, I never bought into Carter and Kendra either. I personally find both characters to be the weakest links in LOT. They are SO connected to Vandal and the villain storyline isn’t one of LOT’s strong points. It felt more like telling and not showing that Carter and Kendra were destiny in the beginning. Plus the minute someone says “destiny” my feathers get ruffled. I’m a big fan of free will, especially with relationships, so I’d prefer CHOICE over some predetermined ending, but that’s just me. 

Confession time: I was screaming at Kendra to kill Vanda last episode. Honestly, I am so over that dude and I just want him to DIE. Too bad about Carter, but thems the breaks. She can catch him in another 15 years. That should give you an idea of my emotional investment in their relationship.

I always get a little confused on ship names. By Captain Canary do you mean Sara/Rip or Sara/Snart? I’ve been using Captain Canary for Sara/Snart, but I’ve seen it used for Sara/Rip too. So, I’ll just answer both. lol

Yes, I’ve seen teasing for BOTH couples, but I think Sara/Snart is the one the writers are going to go with. There was some slight teasing of Sara/Rip in the very early episodes (that dance scene? Yeah baby.) But there’s been a serious cooling off and they’ve refocused Rip on his wife and child. I think that’s the right call. The whole point of Rip forming the Legends crew was to save his family, so if he was making moon eyes at Sara Lance it would seem insincere and nobody likes a cheater.

Honestly, there’s been some Rip/Sara scenes that have facilitaed the Sara/Snart romance. Snart has a thing for Sara. That’s 100000% clear. Sara is a bit more unsure. I think she’s basically, “Hell no. Stay away… well… you’re not that bad. Yeah okay.” The more she gets to know Snart the more she likes him and I don’t think she can deny there is a connection between them. Snart is able to get through to Sara, and really help her see who she truly is, like nobody else. I think Sara recognizes that and Snart’s belief in her is having a strong emotional impact.

But we’ve still got the nurse and Nyssa out there, so it’s complicated. I absolutely believe Legends will be closing the door on Nyssa and Sara soon. Excuse me why I go sob in my bathtub. Katrina Law has a pilot so I think we’ll be seeing a bit less of her. My guess is their love story will be addressed in the Laurel episode and given a bit more closure. Real talk - I’m DYING for the “Sara finds out about Laurel” episode. It’s legit torture.

My personal opinion is the writers see the chemistry between Caity and Wenthworth. Snart and Sara are two of the most popular characters on Legends and if we are noticing a connection between them it’s because the writers are creating it. They are putting it there for a reason, so I absolutely think they have “romance” intended for these two characters, but it’s going to be a slow burn. So we’ll have to be patient. I wouldn’t expect any huge romantic milestones this season. It’ll be something they drop occassional nuggets in. We won’t get them all the time, but when we do they’ll be fantastic. Sounds a lot like how Olicity started right? That’s exactly the point. :)