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Here’s to hoping Pops gets what he wants

😩Season 7, last season?

😐 my face when they say scandal couldn’t make it to another season ummmm Scandal could have gone the distance if Shonda hadn’t played herself. She came up with these big storylines(b613, election rigging, Liv getting kidnapped, new illuminate) and now she can’t keep up with what she started. Scandal was good when we had cases and Olivia was being a badass and handling shit! Don’t tell me Scandal couldn’t have done more look at Law and Order: SVU, they basically have the same format every episode and people still watch! People still watching Grey after 13 seasons 🙄 And I saw somewhere she said she could only do “Olivia and Fitz” thing before ppl get tired of it (or some to that effect) uhhhhh stop the lies! I’m only watching scandal because of Olitz and just because they get together doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the show. Nor does it mean in a whole episode you have to show us olitz from beginning to end. My thing is we have been wanting to see them together, like actually together. You don’t have to give it to us in one go 🙄let us see them date! We were robbed of that one damn date we got 😤 I need to see some flirting hell! Some! 😂😂 And honestly I don’t mind that she wanted other characters to shine but the way she went about it 😒. For example Mellie, this woman ain’t never did anything in politics except that one time she stood up for that bill but yet we suppose to rally behind her to be the next president… where are her credentials ? Where 👏🏽are 👏🏽Mellies 👏🏽receipts👏🏽 ? It’s crazy how shonda let Mellie do Olivia but she turned around and needed her for EVERYTHING! She couldn’t get Fitz to do shit… she calling Olivia! She need a favor or help she calling Olivia! Mellie real deal thought Olivia was her “clean up woman” bitch this ain’t the help! I’m sorry but I could never get behind Mellivia 🗣ISSA NO. As a woman I can’t fuck with another woman(Mellie) who tries to shit on other women(Olivia) and then have the nerve to need her 😂 if I was Olivia I would have been went in on Mellie ass! Another example Pete Harris … I mean Jake Ballard 🙃 he could never compare to Fitz but it’s amazing how he tried to slither his way in every chance he got. Shonda real deal forced me to watch Scott fooley just because she killed him off her other show 😂😂😂! Jake was and still is weak, pathetic, jealous, toxic ass individual. He was programmed to “love” Olivia because Rowan “made him” 👈🏽 Rowan said these words to Olivia himself, he knew, she knew, hell we all knew it was not real. Olivia never told him she loved him and he said it to her how many times 😎 aw ok then‼️ Jake was suppose to take Fitz place in our hearts but we weren’t having that shit! There is only one Leading man of Scandal and that’s Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony G). Anyways I’m sad because I really love this show. Scandal is the first Tv show I’ve ever got so invested in 😢 I’m gonna enjoy it til the end, hopefully Shonda do it justice. I feel like we should get an Olitz wedding and realistically they would live in Georgetown because we know our Livvie is a working woman she not bout to go and live a housewife type of life. They gone vacation at the home in Vermont 🤗 because that’s our special place. That’s how she needs to wrap up Olitz all the other stuff she can do whatever with Fitz not in the White House no more so I’m not gonna be interested in anybody else being president so she might as well get a new format for season 7 😂😂 but whatever she do I’m watching cuz I love scandal even when I don’t agree with everything it’s still my favorite show because of Kerry, Tony and Olitz 😍 with they cute asses, my precious OTP and I’m still gonna write my fanfics because I love this couple.

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People feel like they lose something when they get married. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing more exciting [than] having a witness to your life… Everybody’s not good at everything. It’s OK to depend on someone. It’s actually what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to depend on each other. And when you find the person that you trust  and you love, and you feel is going to respect you, and take all of the shit you have and turn it around and bring out the best in you… it feeds you. It is THE most powerful thing you can ever feel in your life. Happiness comes from you. No one else can make you happy. You make you happy.

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Beyonce tabernacle for Olivia Pope



I’ve never watched an episode of Scandal and I’ve stayed away from it because I already watch too much TV, but WOW. This scene reminds me of Merder when they had some dance at the hospital and Derek is like: “you think I want to be looking at you”.

Shonda is amazing at these intense declaration of love scenes.

Not dependent. Personally and emotionally bonded.

So in this moment, Olivia pretty much totally dismissed the fake boyfriend set-up having much of anything to do with Fitz, and placed it squarely on her and what she wants and needs. And apparently she wanted and needed Jake to be with her as part of this. Fitz and his feelings about it be damned. As @jamaicanheaux mentioned quite a while ago, “Olivia only pined for [Fitz] when she was within his presence” (and sometimes not even then…). Otherwise she was totally fine, because…well, we know why. But boy can she pine for some Jake. And as I’m about to ramble on about, no it’s not because of a dysfunctional or crippling dependency. She wants him in her life, and in many ways, she needs him, but not in order to basically function or live her life. 

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Scandal finale

Hey everybody, here’s my review/ thoughts on last night’s finale and what is next for the show.
Let’s start with a huge “WHAT THE FUCKKKKK HAPPENED IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES?!?” I literally closed my eyes for 2 seconds and when I opened them Luna was dead and Olivia is now command.
First of all: who is this Olivia? This is not the Olivia Pope I fell in love with!! What happened to the “we are not killing anyone, we fix, we are not murderers?” This is what she has become, she is a killer.
Anyways, favourite scene: I’d lie if I said that I didn’t love that olitz scene and after I read it from @daniellescandal’s blog I actually thought about this: she never EVER calls him Fitz, she calls him Mr. President because he is the one who is leaving, Fitz is always gonna be there for her.
I literally cried all my tears the moment that Air Force One took off, my baby is leaving and he is leaving with the light and now olivia is for the first time ever ALL alone standing into darkness.
The longer I watch the show the more I realise how irrelevant Mellie is: she is president now, I’ll give her that, but who is the most powerful person in the country? Command.
Let’s talk about command. When I first saw the episode I couldn’t understand why in hell olivia got pissed at Fitz when he said that he was gonna be command when now she is the in charge of B613?
Well after two hours of thinking and crying and thinking and crying again I finally understood (thanks also to her conversation with rowan): she wanted Fitz to be free.
Since season 1 we have been hearing Cyrus saying that Fitz is the good guy and olivia wants him to be that and she knows that he is too kindhearted to be command.
This finale wasn’t great, but it was definitely better than S3 and S5 and I still consider the whole season pretty good.
Did I like the finale? Sort of
Was it what I wanted? HELLLL NO.
So now, what is gonna happen in season 7?
I have this feeling that fitz and olivia are still gonna be talking on the phone and stuff like that but Fitz will not know that she is command until Rowan goes to him in Vermont and asks for his help: his daughter has to go back to her white hat.
As for the other characters I honestly don’t give a damn, all I care about is olitz, but if I had to guess I’d say that Huck is gonna go working for olivia and B613 cause he can’t see Quinn every single day, it would hurt him too much.
Olivia? Well girl, you are in danger and I really hope that your beautiful curly king superman comes to save you and brings you in Vermont (or as in your AU in a beautiful house in Georgetown)
What are your thoughts?