i love older men

“Finn. Finn darlin come back here.” You exclaim; chasing your hyperactive pug. After circling around the park about 3 times, you come to a stop; struggling to catch your breath.”FINN!” You call out, loud enough to startle everyone in a 20 feet radius. Fully rested and hydrated my search continues.”Finnabun! ! Finn sweetheart c’mere.” You tsk, your lips pursing together mocking a kiss sound.”You called?” An accented voice stunned you. You turn around swiftly; your eyes gazing at the alluring view in front of your eyes.”I beg your pardon?” You stutter; finding it difficult for your your eyes to stop staring at this gentleman’s provocative abs.”You called my name darlin.” He beamed graciously; his smile could most likely light up an entire city.”Uhg, no no,” You laughed nervously.”You see I was calling my . . . FINN!” Your dog plunging onto you, licking every inch of your face.”Finn, meet Finn, my dog.” You introduce them both. Finn takes his paw; shaking it in a hand shake motion.”Nice to meet ya broder.” Finn bonds with Finn (aww how cute is that?).”So, I met the adorable dog that is named like me, nice name by the way. Now,what exactly do I have to do to get yer number darlin.”
“Finn.” You asked stressed out.”What is it babe.” He replies, his finger fumbling with his phone; his eyes fixed to the phone screen.”Does the fact that I’m still a virgin disturb you?” He immediately stops, his attention now focused on you.”God no y/n. No, no babe. I mean I admit that I desire you so badly and I find it sometimes hard to contain myself. But my love for ya is way beyond sex.” Finn caresses your face, your mind at ease at last.”I will wait on you he time you need because you are worth the wait y/n.”
“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Finn beamed when he saw you walk in the performance center.”Sorry to interrupt you guys but can I steal Finn from you guys for a sec.” You asked politely. HHH nodded his head, stating that they will take a break.”So what bring ya here babe?” He asks.”I missed you.” You whispered, making him chuckle before tangling your fingers in his sweaty hair.”Yeh.” He smirked, his hand traveling down your spine, down to your ass where he gropes it.”And by the looks of it, I can tell that so do you.” You laughed, your eyes set on his erection. You bucked your hips slightly, pressing against his bulge, making him let out a low moan.”Fuck y/n, when are you gonna learn better than to tease me when I’m at work.” Finn pulled your neck roughly, his lower lips tracing a trail of hungry kisses leading all the way to your breasts.”Yo Finn, Hunter wants you in his office in 5.” Sami’s voice echoed across the door, startling the two of you.”Looks like we are goin to have to do dis fast love.” He  slides of your top in one swift movement.”5 minutes is all I need.” He chuckles.