i love of you im sorry if i forgot you

heart attack summed up
  • magnus: oh hey there im magnus. im 420 friendly. must love dogs. if you're looking for a dual-classer for you i could be the one
  • merle: oh hey im merle im kind of a...bad boy im 6 foot 8, 170 pounds
  • magnus: wrong and wrong
  • merle: and i love the three b's -- books, bongs, and......billabongs. if ur looking for a cleric call my stone frequency at the bottom of the screen
  • magnus: SHIT i forgot my frequency here it is...............................alright
  • taako: oh hey whats up? sorry i didnt see ya. listen i could waste ur time w a lot of BULLSHIT about my different interests but thats not what u come here for *pretends to deepthroat the umbra staff* there u have it. whatever u want swallowed im ur man
  • merle: I THOUGHT OF A THIRD B. boogieboards. books, bongs, and boogieboards
  • magnus: I THOUGHT OF A NEW NAME im not magnus anymore now im...jizzblaster dan
  • merle: i wanna change mine too, mine now is baxter bulldong

okay what, i’ve  only  had  ariel  for  a  week, and  a  half  and  i  already  hit  200   where  did  you  all  come  from ??  honestly,  i  love  ariel  more  than  words,  she’s  my  favourite  disney  princess  ever  since  i  was  a  little  girl alongside  my  two  other  disney  boops  and  i’m  so  glad  i  decided  to  make  her,  to  have  a  chance  to  write her  and  meet  you  wonderful  people.   i  was  terrified that  i  wasn’t  gonna  be  treated  as  greatly  as  i  have  been  so  far ??   and  i  was  tempted  to  stop  her due  to  cruel  people  that  hid  behind  the  grey  face but you  guys  that  do  care  made  me  stay  as  well  as  my  love  for  her,   thank  you ??    i  enjoy  writing  her  so  much  and  so  happy  how  welcoming  you  guys  are  with  me.  i  really  do  wish  to  write  with  more  of  you  and  hope  you  enjoy  my  ariel  for  as  long  as  i’m here because the amount  of  love  i  have  for this  character  is  beyond  cloud 9, that’s  why  i  decided  to make  this  post too.  xoxo, K   –––now to the bias / follow forever sappy messages

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 what.  the.  heck.  the  facts  alone  are  enough  to  floor  me.  i  started  writing  on  this  blog  on  march  15.  i’ve  done  more  than  my  fair  share  of  fangirling  over  this  live  action  beauty  and  the  beast  movie.  i  actually  made  this  blog  ON  A  WHIM,  thinking  that  there  would  be  sparse  to  no  support  or  interest  in  this  hairy  beast  man,  thinking  that  i  would  be  discouraged  after  everyone  wrote  off  the  movie  as  some  sort  of  bust.  i  was  so  very  nervous  making  this  blog  because  i  know  how  live-action  remakes  often  are.  but  …  everyone  loved  it.  and  somewhere  in  that  time,  i  fell  in  love  with  him  and  everything  surrounding  him.  this  is  one  of  the  places  i  look  forward  to,  and  i  need  to  thank  all  of  you  for  being  so  welcoming  and  supportive  in  my  portrayal  !!!
  …  this  list  is  going  to  be  primarily  a  batb  rp  community  love  list,  to  expose  all  the  cute  people  in  this  fandom.  here  we  go.

 first  off  :  THE  BEASTIE  BABES.  thank  you  for  following  me  and  making  me  smile.  please,  to  everyone  following  me,  consider  following  these  beautiful  babes  in  addition.  all  very  good  portrayals,  all  fresh.  REALLY  !

🌹  @a-melancholy-heart  🌹  @bcastmade  🌹  @beastfated  🌹  @debete  🌹  @monstrcs  🌹  @petalbound  🌹  @shesstillhere  🌹  @themelancholyhearted  🌹  

 THE  WIVES  (  AND  ONE  HUSBAND  ).  all  of  you.  every  single  one.  sorry,  we’re  married  now.  all  of  you  are  so  unique,  so  precious,  and  so  wonderful  at  everything  you  do.  you’re  all  damn  good,  you’re  all  unique,  and  you’re  all  beautiful.

@finalpetal  is  the  fandom  wife.    🌹   even  if  she  makes  adam  sleep  on  the  couch.

@bcautymade  🌹  @bcllerose  🌹  @beyondappearance  🌹  @bookbraved  🌹  @coeurseveille  🌹  @fearlessrcse  🌹  @fragilcminds  🌹  @inopinato  🌹  @jeveuxaventure  🌹  @laventuriere  🌹  @laxbeautex  🌹  @lcbeau  🌹  @meansbeauty  🌹  @nothinglasts  🌹  @oddbeautied  🌹  @peculiarbcauty  🌹  @petalwritten  🌹  @plutotbizarre  🌹  @prxvincialife  🌹  @rcveuse  🌹  @rosepicked  🌹  @sebriser  🌹  @thebeauty  🌹  @theirguest  🌹  @yearnsadventure  🌹 

 THE  SERVANTS  IN  THIS  CASTLE  !!!  your  portrayals  of  this  talking  furniture  make  my  world  go  round.  thank  you  for  staying  with  me  and  letting  adam  know  that  he’ll  never  be  alone.

@candlstk  🌹  @cgsworth  🌹  @chippcd  🌹  @chippercup  🌹  @dcntalpain  🌹  @depoussiiere  🌹  @elledeplume  🌹  @frenchcandle  🌹  @luminctte  🌹  @mrspotts  🌹  @plumettc  🌹  @ruffledfeathcrs  🌹  @soisnotreinvite  🌹  @thechippedcxp  🌹 @timefey  🌹​  @traversina  🌹  @unnervingservants  🌹

 THE  PARENTS.  must  i  say  any  more  ??  love  you.  xox

@reinemalheureuse  /  @fcarlessbeauty   🌹  @rosedesang  🌹

 THOSE  WHO  FILL  OUR  WORLD  !!!  you  batb  writers  outside  this  fandom.  wow,  all  of  you  are  actually  super  hilarious  and  you  all  light  up  provincial  life  a  little  more.

@antlerdecor  🌹  @bargesized  🌹  @burlybrute  🌹  @decoratedhunter  🌹  @gasttcn  🌹  @gcston  🌹  @jcligarcon  🌹  @lcfou  🌹  @lefoc  🌹  @mywhataguy  🌹  @lesenchantes  🌹  @tuerlabete  🌹  @vraiebete  🌹  

 and  this  ‘little’  list  of  people  who  write  with  me,  who  have  liked  my  stuff  (  i  see  you  there  ),  who  have  complimented  me  worth  a  thousand  people.  wow.  i’m  more  scared  of  you  than  you  of  me.  THANK  YOU  !

@adroitic  🌹  @aftcrshocks  🌹  @alleyspat  🌹  @alphadcll  🌹  @arcusignis  🌹  @asundrop  🌹  @beastologist  🌹  @blggr  🌹  @booiisms  🌹  @cavetigrim  🌹  @cerseilionesslannister  🌹  @cinephiliac  🌹  @cluefound  🌹  @crownedwinter  🌹  @diealive  🌹  @dxdger  🌹  @emeraldoutlaw  🌹  @expelledwitch  🌹  @flattcringchild  🌹  @forgedusk  🌹  @fractiliis  🌹  @geniusfuturist  🌹  @goodliest  🌹  @gunkanjiima  🌹  @handofhonor  🌹  @hcntsman  🌹  @hiddensteel  🌹  @honnleathrose  🌹  @honoreflected  🌹  @honourofwesterling  🌹  @horcruxmade  🌹  @icaryian  🌹  @ignatiius  /  @vicemirrored  🌹  @illegitimatesnow  🌹  @inusitus  /  @blasterforce  🌹  @invictusmanet  🌹  @ismiracle  🌹  @kingsleigh  🌹  @kingwhocared  🌹  @lagaudiiere  🌹  @lastorgana  🌹  @leomatrem  🌹  @libertinedeath  🌹  @lietold  🌹  @lionwept  🌹  @littlclctte  🌹  @mademonstrosity  🌹  @meddlingheels  🌹  @moonsworn  🌹  @motherwolf  🌹  @nchntrss  🌹  @needlcd  🌹  @oceancalled  🌹  @ofbrcvery  🌹  @ofvaliancy  🌹  @outlawerofbeets  🌹  @podstye  /  @wclfinthenorth  /  @lostahand  🌹  @predative  🌹  @prettyfoole  🌹  @princelycharmed  🌹  @qceenmother  🌹  @ragexfilled  🌹  @rainbowguard  🌹  @rosecrime  🌹  @sangrantc  🌹  @sanguris  🌹  @sansavis  🌹  @sapphircknight  /  @stcnequeen  🌹  @scarredhound  🌹  @searedrebirth  🌹  @selfsouled  🌹  @showmaxter  🌹  @sleepcursed  🌹  @snaremaker  🌹  @snowinabottle  🌹  @soulrisen  🌹  @southerncomfortoutlaw  🌹  @spacehated  🌹  @stillcominback  /  @andalasiian   🌹  @stormland  🌹  @suaverogue  🌹  @subsolanus  🌹  @sunshinemade  🌹  @tegeros  🌹  @tethereddivine  🌹  @tetramother  🌹  @thickcrskiin  🌹  @thornedbloom  🌹  @thysusan  🌹  @timefather  🌹  @truekindness  🌹  @undomae  🌹  @unfckablc  🌹  @unseenmockingjay  🌹  @vainstruck  🌹  @veniials  🌹  @vviridis  🌹  @wentquick  🌹  @whitehawlc  🌹  @wildwclf  🌹  @wintercrowned  🌹  @wolfsouled  🌹  @woodlandking  🌹  @woreglasses  🌹  @xaedificare  🌹  @xhermyx  🌹

 AND  BIG,  BIG  LOVE  TO  ALL  OF  MY  FOLLOWERS  ;  even  the  ones  not  on  this  list.  honestly,  you  are  all  …  a  delight  to  have  here  !!!  i  have  so  many  kisses  and  hugs  to  offer  you.  please  come  talk  to  me.  xox

ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
Pablo Neruda

A swinging Valentine’s Day to my precious friend @kag-san, featuring the god tier ship, Kagome & Sango ❤ 

Commission Info! 

Okay, so it has seriously been years since I had my last follow forever. I have been super busy with school and I really appreciate the people that have stayed by me with this blog through thick and thin, as well as the new people that I have followed and became friends with. So, in order to show my appreciation, I wanted to make a follow forever. PS: Im really sorry if the edit looks crappy! I threw something together because its finals week and I made this while taking a quick study break from physical chemistry. So, here is the blogs that I absolutely love and cherish. Thank you, everyone! 


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I finally hit 1,000 followers and as promised, here’s a follow forever. I want to thank everyone who follows me. To my mutuals, I just want to say that I love coming on Tumblr every day to reblog all of your awesome posts! Thanks to everyone who made my journey on Tumblr bearable so far! 

Favourites are bolded

Special mention to @lilpeekaboo for being the best, for putting up with me 24/7 when I complain about things. Thanks for writing amazing fics too, bb! 

#-d: @1988afterdark @1988trash @7288 @allthebros @alyssaad72 @artyanisimov @aveng @barca-penguins @blackcherrycoke @brentseabrookshair @buuckyys @captain-furious @captain–serious @celly1995 @clayisforgirls @cmonpeeksy @coachjoelquenneville @coffeekristin @cooliofoolios @dalaran-sharp @duncanjameskeith

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Before I begin, I’d like to thanks @amazingmegara for making me this lovely banner after I accidentally made a post about being too shy to ask anyone you’re a gooden (’:

Aaaand I hit 2k! I’ve only been active as a dnp blog since around December, so seeing how far this blog has come over the course of a few months is absolutely bonkers! I’d like to personally thank anyone who has ever smashed that mf button and followed me. I’d also like to thank anyone who has ever sent me a message/ask, as well as reblogged or liked any of my posts or even mentioned me in any of their posts. I am a very lonely girl, so all of the attention I’ve gotten on here from anyone has given me an overwhelming feeling of warmth and welcoming. You all make me smile.

That being said, here is a thanks to some lovely friends and mutuals <3

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brickj343  asked:

Have you ever posted your genyatta headcanons? If not, would you please?

YO sorry i didn’t answer this for so long I totally forgot i have a bunch of unanswered stuff in my inbox, my love for genyatta reminded me tho
(long post im srry)

last time i checked ive never talked headcanons w/ them so here i am now

1. Genji’s extremely touchy-feely affectionate. Not inappropriately or anything, just hanging off of zen, resting his head on zen, sneaking kisses and all that fuzzy stuff. If they’re relaxing on a couch or something Genji will try and get into zen’s lap or drag him into his own.

2. Zen likes leaving Genji notes in times when they might not get to see eachother a lot. Stuff like ‘dont forgot -thing-’ or ‘hope to see you soon, love u’. Probably adds little smiley faces to the end and plenty of xoxo

3. Earlier on in their relationship, Genji probably tried to get Zen new clothes (his current wear looks p dang used and torn). Zen would refuse at first, but couldn’t decline some birthday gifts of sweaters and beanie hats.

4. Zen also accepted the sweaters so he’s less pointy to hug. 

5. They watch cat videos on the internet and aspire to get cats of their own someday

6. Zen likes giving eskimo kisses and Genji p much dies of joy every time he gets one

7. they can’t go on diner dates (zen dont eat) and neither of them really wear clothes so often they’ll go plant shopping together to buy cute little plants or things to plant in a garden, that or just window shop.

8. Genji walks all quiet like but zen, when he does walk (floating around is p tiring yknow?) he makes little metal tap sounds that genji coos over (much to zen’s confusion. ‘they’re just footsteps genji i dont understand??’ ‘master ur too cute’)

9. they probably play some mad twister in their spare time

10. jet pack

h o l y  c r a p

i can’t believe i actually hit 10,000 followers on this blog! it’s insane how in such a short period of time i’ve felt so welcomed, accepted and truly happy to be apart of the clique. this follow forever is just a small way to say thank you to everyone who has reblogged my content, sent messages, replied to posts and generally just been an amazing person! thank you for making my tumblr experience so great.


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and to all my followers, thank you for putting up with my shenanigans. love you all!



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ahhh omg woke up this morning to a little over 100 followers!! when i first joined the fandom a little over a month ago i didn’t think i would reach like 6 followers but boy did you guys prove me wrong. i am constantly amazed at the kindness and pure talent in this fandom and all the shapes and forms it comes in ((fanfics, gif making, fan art etc.)) and i feel so blessed to be apart of the fandom so thank you guys for all being so welcoming!! :o)) anyway! onto my favs  [[I PROBABLY FORGOT PEOPLE AND IM SORRY]] 


omg momchelle!! i love seeing you on my dash all the time and your icon???? literally the cutest! we’ve only spoken a few times but i hope we get a chance to talk more in the future because #followforever

@bethsmaggie / @kagkik

MAYA!! you made me want to watch the walking dead and literally i feel like my life is going down hill constantly with all of these little babies dying on me on the daily but love every second of it!! also love talking to you and getting to chit chat about it all the time!! also i’m pretty sure you were one of my first followers :~)) love u lots 


my little sunshine!!! oh my gosh love u love u love u, you were one of the first blogs i first followed when i joined and im really happy that we became friends! just our random talks inu-related or not are my favs. i really owe you a lot for teaching me the ways of the fandom!! so thankful for you  ♡ ♡

@dragontrainerdaenerys // @sess-kik

looove seeing you on my dash and in my activity!! again, i’m pretty sure you were one of my first followers and you’re such a sweetheart omg??? we must talk more okay :~) xoxox  




i love seeing you on my dash and i love how you really fight for what you believe in and like yes bitch i love it 


i always see you in my activity all the time and we should talk sometime :~)) 


seeing you on my dash makes me so happy!! i love your writing and you just seem like such a kind person in general?? wow constantly amazed love your blog


WILLIAM!! you telling me you only just followed me sometime last week was literally the funniest thing bc we both legit thought you did but i love you so so so much also where did you buy your inuyasha shirt??? frickin bad ass!! 


omg one of my favourite people!! i remember when you first followed me i was like holy shit  but your edits are always great and beautifully done!! always look forward to seeing when you post them on my dash, also you made my icon so double shout out to you my love!! 


JENNY!! ok talking to you is always so much fun and i love being able to share our headcanons together and when i think of a good one you’re usually the one i go to because i know that 90% of the time you hop on board and that’s such a fun time :o) 


heather!! oh my gosh!! the first time we talked was when you had that stream on the go and i was half absent because i was trying to make food at the same time hahaahah but that was such a fun time and #MatureInuyasha was born but ahh love you lots!! 


i’m not sure if you follow me but i know i follow you because you’re blog is 10/10 i love it so much!!


Madison!! you were one of my first friends, if not the first, in the fandom and im so so grateful that we are :~))


AMANDA. you were one of the first people i followed and YOU’RE SO FUNNY OH MY GOD i have actually been in tears at some of your posts and i really love reading your tags?? 


i love you and you’re blog and i don’t think anyone loves kohaku more than you do bc you Can Talk About Kohaku All Day™ which i literally believe that you can


v big fan of all your work, i don’t even know how to gif and yours are always done so well i’m shook also really love your url!! 


MY FELLOW SANGO BLOG 100/10 always a good time love it, love you, love your url amazing.


ok that was long and i’m sorry!! again i think i might have forgotten a few but i love you guys lots!! also always open to making new friends so feel free to just shoot a message and follow these lovely people if you don’t already!! :~)


Okay, i was so out of it last night.

Hey friend who sent me article links on the Great Fire of Rome last night, whose name I have, much to my horror, forgotten in the light of day? Remember how I answered you, thanking you?

Yeah, I’m an idiot, and that caused me to lose the links. Is there any way you could resend them to me??

For my lovable boyfriend @sir-scandalous 
it took me 5 days to make this and i know, i know i am very veeey late, but this is a present for his bday (7/12) I am so so sorry bby pfft 
I tried to put everything you like in one drawing <3 im so tired tho, i gave everything of me to finish it !! also , i forgot to add another pairing…. 
Babe , i love you so so so much, thanks for being as cute as you are, i hope everything work out for you, we dont talk much, but never forget that i love you and i will always be here for you , even if i delay to answer you <3 
Happy birthday hehe

anonymous asked:

Hi, really nice blog, love it!!!! Maybe if you don't have many requests, can you imagine Mephy, Amai and Rin being jelous of the new baby pet of their s/o? Thanks for your time ❤️

Omg im so sorry this took so long, I was excited to do this because I remember the day it appeared in my asks, so much stuff got piled on top of it and I completely forgot about it :( 


Originally posted by orekis

  • Would pretend everything was fine
  • Wouldn’t show his jealously 
  • Would attempt to gain your attention back by stealing kisses and lingering touches 
  • Playing with your hair
  • He even transformed into his dog form to shift your thoughts from animal to animal
  • But you made him change back because he was scaring your new pet 
  • Or bringing up topics that usually got your attention or made you talkative
  • Once you realised what he were doing he’d deny it
  • You found it hilarious and teased him about it


Originally posted by i-love-anime-love

  • Watch tf out
  • This boii will kill it
  • Without hesitation
  • Pay them equal attention 
  • Explain to him that you love the pet
  • He’d understand that this pet was sort of like his Behemoth so he wouldn’t harm it
  • He’s an attention whore
  • Look after this smol child


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  • He would love your pet
  • He’d play with it
  • Feed it
  • Pet it
  • Try to distract you from it
  • By telling you some cool story about what happened the other week when he was out with Koneko, Bon and Shima
  • He’d try act all cute so you’d look at him
  • Suggest going outside 
  • Or to the movies
  • Or the mall
  • Any pet free zone
  • In the end he would probably sheepishly admit it
  • He eventually got over it because he saw how much you loved the animal 
  • He understands you still love him

You all are really enjoying DarkpathAU so here’s a compilation of reference sketches for you to look at (with bonus captions if you full view them)

Since I’m not sure if I’ve ever directly put it out there or not, Hiro has a motor control neuro headband over each of his friend’s heads. They’re not villains by choice, everything they do is under Hiro’s control. Tadashi eventually manages to get the thing off of Wasabi at least (after a scuffle), and then they become tag-team buddies. Those two are total bros in this AU (hobo bros more like because they really don’t have a good place to stay other than an old room in an abandoned hotel on the outskirts of the city).

Also, couple more things: Hiro and Yama have a huge rivalry over who ‘runs San-Fransokyo with an iron fist’. They argue and are constantly firing back and forth at one another; Yama’s Fujita’s and Bombers against Hiro’s crew. It’s how they spend their weekends. 

Lastly, if you’re wondering why Hiro has no trust over people who look like Tadashi: bottom left drawing in the final picture and the huge scar across his face now as a result. Good thing big sister Gogo was there to save him. But the event was a little… traumatizing, because it would’ve probably killed him had Gogo not stepped in last second.

WHEW, after that info dump have a bonus Aunt Cass doodle and her little shop she now runs in one of the back alley vendor streets because her actual one was ransacked when the city went downhill: