i love of you im sorry if i forgot you

new year, new follow forever. i appreciate you all more than you’ll probably ever know. (because i probably talk to like…3 of you in total .-. heh) mutuals and non mutuals; you’re all lovely. thank you always for making my time here worth it. i hope everyone’s 2017 goes smoothly and ends happy. <3(:


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ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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I finally hit 1,000 followers and as promised, here’s a follow forever. I want to thank everyone who follows me. To my mutuals, I just want to say that I love coming on Tumblr every day to reblog all of your awesome posts! Thanks to everyone who made my journey on Tumblr bearable so far! 

Favourites are bolded

Special mention to @lilpeekaboo for being the best, for putting up with me 24/7 when I complain about things. Thanks for writing amazing fics too, bb! 

#-d: @1988afterdark @1988trash @7288 @allthebros @alyssaad72 @artyanisimov @aveng @barca-penguins @blackcherrycoke @brentseabrookshair @buuckyys @captain-furious @captain–serious @celly1995 @clayisforgirls @cmonpeeksy @coachjoelquenneville @coffeekristin @cooliofoolios @dalaran-sharp @duncanjameskeith

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“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
Pablo Neruda

A swinging Valentine’s Day to my precious friend @kag-san, featuring the god tier ship, Kagome & Sango ❤ 

Commission Info! 

OOC. guess who’s doing ANOTHER follow forever finally?! 

yes!! it us :’) back with another MILESTONE, and left feeling v grateful and all happy inside~ 

I know it’s been a WHILE since I’ve done one, but I decided to do one only every 250 new followers I get – because as WEIRD as it is to say, we reach new milestones so fast that the moment I post one of these, within the next month or so we reach another. so, to make it more SPECIAL and less EXCESSIVE tbh. 

I always do this thing where I ramble before I actually get to the point of these things, which is tagging everyone! but I just want to say THANK YOU! as always, we have such a loving family here on tumblr and have always felt so welcomed, regardless of the rude people that typically come and go. you guys always give so much support, and I can’t even describe how AMAZED I am that we’ve reached such a big number like this. I never anticipated getting this far and having such a wonderful family here, but I honestly can’t say I don’t know where I’d be today without Ari. she is a huge part of my life and will always be! 

SPECIAL THANKS: @delincuenta for this BEAUTIFUL banner! love u bab :’) also the drawing done by an old friendo who is no longer on tumblr anymore – just wanted a quick disclaimer so ya’ll know I didn’t draw that lmao. 

alright, onto the tags! ( the most important part !! ) 

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hey guys! another year is coming to an end (fucking finally) and I just wanted to thank all of you for making my dash so pretty and for being amazing friends to me. i wish you nothing but  love, joy, and happiness for the upcoming year to you and your loved ones. here´s to an amazing 2017!  ♡ 

ps: i´m sure i forgot someone so i´m very sorry for that, just know that i love and appreciate all of my followers  ❤

special mentions:

@heirondale, @stewrtk, @julietteferrarrs, @buckyjaymes, @butterscotch-eyes/ @argentsxarrow, @lyannasmrmont​ & @1girlsdays (i love you all so much) 

part i

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part ii

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happy new year to everyone! 

—-*cue sappy lyre music* Fam, frands and lovely followers, I don’t know about you but I’m glad 2016 is over and done with. Despite the awfulness this year brought us I’m taking a moment to celebrate the folks that made it all a bit brighter, and a bit better. Over 3 years we’ve been around now, and I’m still amazed, daily, at how many of you follow, how much awesomeness you create, and what a joy it is to read, chat, laugh and write with you. Thank you for making my dash a wonderful place, for supporting when it’s needed, for the tons of laughs and fantastic discussions. Thank you for being so great! Whatever personal messages will follow from my side I just wanted to highlight these fine folks, and celebrate your existence! You’re amazing!

My rocks, my family, people who have my heart, now and forever <3

@onehalfakindredsoul / @frostkingoftheapocalypse || @kissofmistletoe || @untamedtempest || @onceshielded / @astrcphysics || @agcntwells || @alfodir || @almodir || @shieldintheice || @maegtig || @stxrmurdottir || @thejotunthunderer / @animaimperfecta || @pekkt

Treasured partners, friends, inspiring and beloved <3

@edhelaran || @kveljast || @sandsofchaos || @dearspidey || @knockknockmistercriminal || @skjebnebane || @matrixbearer || @aetlaendi || @iidunn || @viduligr || @backoffbub / @harbadmr || @warforgcd

The Norse core, his people <3

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Dash enchanters, folks I follow and read, all of you are wonderful <3

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merry christmas/happy holidays!!! it’s been a crazy year, and since everyones been making these, i wanted too also! thank you to all the amazing mutuals new and old! sorry if we havent spoken in a while, im awkward but i still love you! and im sorry if i forgot anyone, this was especially hard with the url changes, just know that if i follow you, i love your blog! <3

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ahhh so in october i hit 2k (hOW???) so i would like to update my ff and thank u guys !! in bolded means we’re either mutuals or i just really love your blog !!


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U- #

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       … WHAT THE HELL GUYS  ??!! 

i haven’t even had rick for an entire month yet and there’s already 300 of you,  omfg.  this is just  ???  so insane i ???  can’t even ??? wHAT ?? i can’t even begin to express how much it means to me that you’re all here and that you all follow me,  it’s made me feel so damn welcome in this fandom already and i’m honestly just so happy i could squish all ur cheeks and cling to u all forever uwu.  thank you for being here,  thank you for following me,  for making me feel so welcome and loved and like i can be myself,  bad jokes and annoying ass self and all,   thank you for being the greatest bunch of precious angels there ever was,  i love you all so much and just !!!!  whether we’ve spoke ooc or whether i’m a shy pup who’s silently admiring u from afar,  thank you for being on my dash and for having me on yours,  you deserve all the stuff and thangs in the world. <3

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For my lovable boyfriend @sir-scandalous 
it took me 5 days to make this and i know, i know i am very veeey late, but this is a present for his bday (7/12) I am so so sorry bby pfft 
I tried to put everything you like in one drawing <3 im so tired tho, i gave everything of me to finish it !! also , i forgot to add another pairing…. 
Babe , i love you so so so much, thanks for being as cute as you are, i hope everything work out for you, we dont talk much, but never forget that i love you and i will always be here for you , even if i delay to answer you <3 
Happy birthday hehe

YO so its been way too long since i last did this and i have made new mutuals n such so i decided to do this! also i really love you all so much and its time to give back and show yall my love!

so im going to do a lil message to some ppl im close to and have been talking to regularly and later will be all my other loves in as best alphabetical order as i can lmao!

also if i forgot you im following WAY too many people and you can gimme a message if we mutuals lmao but im so sorry if i did ill try all my best w this!

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Ok it’s still 12/31/16 here but I have to go to work and i wanted to draw something before the end of the year. And what better way to end the year than with 00Q kisses??

I want to dedicate this picture to all the people I’ve met this year through fandom, and all the others who’ve been with me here for a while. Thank you for everything. I love you!!

If i don’t tag you, i honestly forgot and Im sorry!!

@oddlyleena @megaikemen @a-forger-and-a-point-man @acroamatica @ayrtonwilbury @prez-doe @adreaminglamb @obfuscatress @tai-porto @beginte @gwylliondream @stephrc79 @bootsnblossoms @spiritofcamelot @sunaddicted @saturn-in-retrograde @00qmates @jacytheblue @zooeyscigar @dhampir72 @fy00q @plantboy-elliot @ravenboyparrish @mobilis69 @simplywhishaw

h o l y  c r a p

i can’t believe i actually hit 10,000 followers on this blog! it’s insane how in such a short period of time i’ve felt so welcomed, accepted and truly happy to be apart of the clique. this follow forever is just a small way to say thank you to everyone who has reblogged my content, sent messages, replied to posts and generally just been an amazing person! thank you for making my tumblr experience so great.


@alienmaskjosh @ahouseofgold  @beanboyjoseph @blurryjoshua @clearlytyler @deathshands @dunpling @dunwithdjspookyjim @emotionlessmarchers @goshua


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@whateverdun @vcsscl @vessal @vssl @21p

and to all my followers, thank you for putting up with my shenanigans. love you all!

rip in peace … i was tagged by my baby @extrajungkookie​ to do the bangtan voice meme tag thingy … i tried so hard … im sorry y’all have to listen to this piece of shit ❤️🌹

  1. Name + Username
  2. Who is your bias and why? Any bias list wreckers?
  3. When did you become a fan of Bangtan and what made you like them?
  4. Which album is your favorite?
  5. What’s your favorite song?
  6. Who is your favourite vocalist?
  7. Who is your favorite rapper?
  8. Do you have a favorite era?
  9. Which Bangtan Bomb is your favorite?
  10. Rookie King vs. AHL vs. Bon Voyage?
  11. Have you ever seen them in person before? Any special memories, if yes?
  12. Tag your friends (or don’t lol)

im gonna tag: @jtae@kittaee@traumu@teenage-sihlouettes@jihoomie@not2tae@aegyongi@02tae@shyjimins@vmiiin@sweatae@protectaetae​ (you guys dont have to do it ofc) 🌹❤️

Made with SoundCloud

^^^^ i’m sorry i know the edit is horrible but at least i tried (yikes) and also just want to say this is a really quick follow forever and i think my first one too bc i have to leave soon so i’m really sorry if i forgot anyone!!!!! also idk if this will blow up everyone’s notifs but im sorry again lol

so as you all know it’s christmas in tommorrow or in 2 days depending on where y’all live (OMG!!) and it’s also new years eve/day soon too so i just wanted to let y’all know that i love you and thank you for following me and for all these great friendships i’ve made this year on here and many more to come hopefully! and i hope y’all have a great christmas and 2017!! also this is a mutual ff!!

~ # ~

@99blossom, @1sadpeach, @1frealuv, @1taehyungs, @4taehyun, @6baekhyun, @1dean, @8000813,

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@aeko, @angelyoong1,

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jesprefahey  asked:

hey alice, do you have any jimon fic recs?? you can feel free to rec your own, sorry if someone's asked this before

omg don’t apologize, i’m always happy to talk jimon!! i’m super bad at saving fics i love tho so these are just the ones i found in my rec tag & that i remembered off the top of my head. also i tried to keep it down to 1 fic per author but honestly every single fic written by the authors listed below is 100000/10

general resources & recs:

specific fic recs:

now, truth be told, i haven’t read this one yet bc i’m waiting for a good opportunity to sit down and really enjoy it. but it’s literally a hannah montana au written by the one and only ellie so i mean? you just know it’s gonna be lit

this is the softest shit you’ll ever read. it has everything!!!!! it’s literally set at a wedding, like? it doesn’t get softer than that. on top of that there’s dancing, pining, amazing writing…. just overall a Soft fic that everyone should read

just the softest mf fic. short but sweet!!! very in character & very domestic. def worth a read or five!!!!

ok im breaking my own rule of only 1 fic by each author but…. this is like, the first high quality jimon fic i read. it changed my life???? so yeah. read it!!!!! it’s soft, fluffy, it’s literally canon jace giving simon dating advice but WAY BETTER. everything you could want!!!!

alternate version of 1x12. it’s smutty so read at ur own discretion. it’s really fucking good tho. angsty and smutty and incredible. super good characterization!!!

coffee shop au, need i say more???? flustered & awkward simon, smooth but also adorable jace. all-round really sweet fic!

really cute college au, with clothes sharing!!!! short & sweet

SUCH a fucking good fic. so so good. recommend so much. the perfect characterization of jimon banter!!! like it’s one of the best jimon fics out there, hands down. if you haven’t read it, what’re you doing with your life????? it’s adorable and funny and just plain amazing