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Ships: Cannon ships (sorta?) philLIP IS ALIVE AND EVERYONE IS ALIVE NO DEATH.

Alexander and Eliza host thanksgiving.
(This probably isn’t going to end well)
who’s invited!
Eliza and Alexander (obviously)
Phillip (it’s to hard to write all the kids)
Jefferson and Madison (they just showed up)
Angelica and Peggy!
Maria came because they’re all friends
Laurens, Hercules and Lafayette.
Martha and George.
Eliza cooks with Phillip and then Lafayette GOES ALL FRENCH ON THE TURKEY AND MAKES IT SUPER FRENCH
Alexander Is in his office with the Hamilsquad + Burr and Alexander is writing and showing it off
Maria is with the sisters in Elizas room talking about crushes bc they’re like that
Once food is ready they all go sit and deaR LORD
Phillip and John become friends and they start throwing things at each other and Eliza yells at both of them.
Peggy is sitting next to Hurc lowkey flirting with him.
“Boy what the fuck happened to you” - Alexander as Phillip is blushing because Maria is bEING A FUCKING TEASE
Lafayette drank to much wine and now he’s all drunk on Peggy.
Peggy has Hercules and Lafayette wrapped around her finger and she’s gonna have fun with that.
Hercules accidentally breaks some of Eliza’s wedding China and he cries because he feels bad
Lafayette gets super drunk and he passes out and they just leave him on the floor.
When Phillip swears Eliza throws rolls at him because he’s still a child
Alexander goes on this rant about his son.
Alexander: YOU SEE THIS *points to Phillip who is sitting next to him* THIS IS MY *tries to pick Phillip up but he can’t because he’s 20" FUCKING SON!!!!!
Eliza: *throws roll* ALEXANDER SIT
Alexander: THIS IS MY SONNNNNN *drops phillip* MY PRIZED POSSESSION!! MY EVERYTHING!!!! *picks him up again* DO YOU SEE THIS B U R R???? *puts Phillips arms up* HES BETTER THEN THEODOSIA WILL EVER BE!!!!
Burr: *stands up* ILL FIGHT YOU.
Eliza *stands up and pats her dress down* *screams* ENOUGGG G GG G HHHHH H
Maria is like “what the fuck just happened I love Phillip too but damn”

anonymous asked:

Scepter 4 Project Runway AU? Munakata owns a huge fashion house and Fushimi's his up and coming designer that he was able to lure away from Homra who hadn't seen his full potential anyway. He takes Fushimi under his wing as his favorite protege. (Later Fushimi and Yata have rivaling runway collections at Shizume Fashion Week). Reisaru, please?

Competing fashion houses Homra and Scepter 4, both well known for their elaborate and fashion forward designs and for their intense rivalry. Munakata is the owner of Scepter 4 Designs and he only takes on designers that he feels have true potential, who can create not just clothes but fashion. Munakata himself is considered something of a visionary though also a bit of an eccentric (his current collection is the highly-regarded Ninja Evening Wear collection) and he hand picks his people very carefully. Though he has several designers working under him he’s still always on the lookout for a true protege and that’s when he spots Fushimi’s designs – Fushimi and Yata are both recent arrivals at Homra fashion house and they’ve only just been allowed to start showing pieces from the collections that they’re working on. Oh, maybe Homra can only run one new collection for Shizume fashion week though and so the two of them have had a bit of a rift between them, particularly because the one to choose which collection will run is owner Mikoto and Fushimi knows full well that he won’t be the one picked. Homra’s style tends towards menswear-inspired and maybe some like gothic and punk mixed in, while Fushimi’s designing gorgeous gowns and sleek silhouettes. He’s frustrated because he wants to show the world what he can do and he thinks Homra is boxing him in, trying to force him to bend to their style of design, and even Yata, who used to be Fushimi’s number one collaborator, has let his own designs become painted in Homra’s colors.

That’s when Munakata approaches Fushimi after the show and attempts to woo him over to Scepter 4. Fushimi’s suspicious at first because he knows about the rivalry between Scepter 4 and Homra and assumes that Munakata’s just asking him in order to piss Mikoto off. But then Fushimi overhears Homra’s top three designers Mikoto, Totsuka and Kusanagi discussing how Yata could be their next big star and he finds himself clenching his fists, angry because to him if no one sees his designs they’re as good as worthless, like what’s the point of being able to make fashion if no one is able to see it (imagine in this AU that young Fushimi was always interested in fashion and then Niki burned all the design sketches that Fushimi made, after that Fushimi decided that there’s no point in hanging on to his samples and the only way that his designs can be permanent is if he’s allowed to show them). Fushimi ends up going over to Munakata, who greets him with open arms. At first maybe Fushimi assumes this will be easy, like Munakata seems to like him and dotes on him and allows him to do anything he wants, he’s not expecting when Munakata comes to check up on his collection and has all these criticisms and suggestions. Fushimi’s initial response is defensiveness but then Munakata starts helping him with his designs and slowly Fushimi’s vision for his clothes starts to coalesce into a cohesive collection rather than just a bunch of pieces thrown together.

Soon Shizume Fashion Week is approaching and Fushimi’s trying with all his might to make a collection that will be better than Yata’s, that will show Homra that his designs aren’t worthless and that he has the ability needed to be a designer. Maybe for his final piece he plans this ambitious dress that requires him to hand sew a bunch of sequins, he starts spending all this time sewing rather than things like sleeping or eating. He’s working on the sequins one day when Munakata walks into the workroom and offers to assist him, Fushimi gets irritated at the implication that he can’t do this himself and Munakata’s all on the contrary I simply wish to assist you in molding your vision to its most perfect form. Fushimi ends up letting Munakata help and the two spend long hours together sewing, Fushimi wondering irritably what Munakata sees in him anyway and Munakata notes that Fushimi’s design abilities are amazing but more than that Munakata has found Fushimi interesting from the start. Munakata admits that while he did recruit Fushimi for his designs Munakata also very much wanted a chance to get closer to Fushimi himself, because from the moment Munakata saw one of Fushimi’s pieces come down the runway he knew he needed to meet this designer, to help mold them into something amazing, to nurture the talent that Munakata’s been able to see clearly from the very beginning.

Just got a bunch of K books in, so some scans! LSW volume 2, Gakuen K 3 special edition and Missing Kings special edition scans under the cut.

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zephra85, I’ve got some nice pipin hot housewife Sounders fresh out of the oven for you~ 

I’m not actually too happy with this one. Picked the wrong pose to work off of. But that’s okay, because I have lots of other outfits I want to put him in. This week Sounders gets to play dress up. 



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