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Reddie prompt: the 5 times richie tries to kiss eddie plus the 1 time he does (friends to lovers) :)

changed it to “the five times richie wants to kiss eddie plus the 1 time he does” 

just so you know i spent two hours writing this its 4a.m and i almost sobbed at the ending so thanks! i hate you

just kidding i loved this idea thank you thank you tHANK YOU

warnings; mention of homophobia & mention of physical abuse

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Coming soon {Announcement}

Friday Night Lights - An A Court of Thorns and Roses Fanfiction.

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Well, friends. Castaway will soon be coming to a close (in the next few weeks) which means a new project is on the horizon!

I’m excited to announcement my newest fiction in the works: a story based off of (the t.v. show) Friday Night Lights. It will revolve around Mor, Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Amren, Feyre, Nesta, Elain, Lucien, and the King of Assholes himself: Tamlin.

The Introduction will be posted on Saturday, December 16.

I’m excited to share it with you all. If you like(d) Castaway, you will surely love this!

Teaser (a very long summary):

**** This fanfic will be dealing with heavy/mature content, including: sex, drug use, alcohol use, depression, abuse, anxiety, etc.****

Velaris is known for two things: their famous starlight, and football. But football is just a small part of the students’ lives who attend Velaris High. Contrary to what their parents believe, and the townspeople who cheer them on every Friday night, high school is hard. 

Try being a lesbian when you’re known for men falling at your feet. Try being popular although no one knows who you really are. Try being the middle of attention when in reality, you’re hiding in plain sight. 

Try being the quarterback. Try needing a scholarship to make it to college, even if you began hating the game a long time ago. Is slaving yourself to a game you loathe worth getting out of your parent’s house?

Try being the only person in your household capable of taking care of the kids, when you’re only a kid yourself. Try picking up the pieces of your mother, who can’t even function, all because your father left without a word. Try carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, when none of the weight is even your own.

Try dealing with hatred, guilt, and self-loathing. Try waking up every night, sweat dripping down your brow all because your nightmares couldn’t let you get a good night’s rest. Try being seen as an outcast because of the scars that lace your skin, because of the shadows that lace your soul.

Try being known as the bitch. Imagine no one giving you a chance, imagine everyone labeling you because of how you look, or how you dress, or how you talk.

Try being an artist lost in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders. Try pretending to be someone your not, only because you’re new and want to be liked.

Try being so haunted that you can’t function, that you’ve given up on yourself and your future, that you’re simply going through the motions in hopes that you can make it just another day.

Try being seen as a child, and no one taking you seriously. Try being walked all over simply because you’re nice. But no one is just nice. There’s a reason you can’t say no.

But they don’t see those things. They don’t care. No one does. How could they? They’re only kids in a school that’s known for football…..right?

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Headcannon of sweet pea dating girl who is vegan? Have a good day/night❣️

i’m vegan 🌱

• he’d definitely pull stupid vegan jokes on you 24/7
• “i’m so hungry.”
• “there’s a tree with green, tasty leaves. i’m sure your neighbours won’t mind.”
• “not again, pea.”
• him not quite understanding the concept
• like why would you much rather eat tofu than meat?
• “but it’s so good”
• “so is tofu. wanna try?”
• eating plenty of chocolate infront of you
• “you sure you don’t wanna try? it’s chocolate.”
• “there’s also vegan chocolate.”
• he loves making fun of your eating habits but he would never actually force you to eat something you don’t want
• he just loves annoyig the shit out of you
• he stores some vegan food for you at his trailer
• like vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate
• “it’s actually not that bad.”
• him secretly trying out vegan recipes so he can cook for you
• “so, apparently vegans eat zoodles?”
• “you’re the sweetest, pea.”

How to Train Your Dragon Rewatch!
  • Wow Hiccup is a loser
  • aSTRID
  • Okay I love Stoick’s sigh of disapproval when he sees Hiccup running from the Monstrous Nightmare like thordammit son every fucking time
  • I also love that Hiccup says, “It’s not like the last few times, Dad,” which means Hiccup has canon lied about capturing a Night Fury before
  • “but a dragon killer is not one of them” Stoick you fortune teller
  • Gobber just fucking shoves Snotlout’s face
  • Gobber you’d be a great motivational speaker
  • I wonder how many times Stoick has used his son to threaten his people
  • Of course trolls exist Trollhunters is airing
  • Stoick’s beard is gorgeous
  • fuck the scenery is so beatiful
  • i always used to laugh whenever the branch hit Hiccup back as a kid
  • so did Hiccup think Toothless was dead at this point? 
  • i’m a vIKING
  • hiccup: i’m so smart imma free this clearly awake dragon and hope he doesn’t do anything to me
  • honestly that’s me after school
  • i love his arm gestures
  • i just realized that i’m now 1 one year older than HTTYD 1 Hiccup
  • gosh ast i love you
  • it kinda does disqualify hiccup doesn’t it
  • okay besides fishlegs none of the teens have the viking build not even snotlout
  • “if you get lasted…you’re dead” pLEASE BECOME A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER
  • “hiccup get in there” hiccup: nah bro
  • okay I’m pausing it to say I never understood what it meant when astrid said, “nope, just you.” Hiccup was the one who got blasted, so it would make sense for her to say, “nope, just me,: because hiccup is out and not her. meh.
  • meatlug: lol remember that time i almost blasted hiccup’s face open
  • that is a fucking amazing sketch for five seconds hic
  • holy shit snotlout looks like spitelout!
  • gobber said you have to be tough on yourselves not on hiccup yeesh
  • “while we’re still alive?” RUFF HOW ARE YOU GONNA READ WHEN YOU’RE DEAD YOU DORK
  • i find it very interesting that astrid says “read it” because man her and fishlegs are nerdier than hiccup
  • poor boy still has a crush on her
  • a thunderdrum literally roared in hiccup’s face in rtte right? I’m pretty sure they don’t kill at close range
  • what were the people who named the scauldron thinking “hey bertha” “yes hamish” “this dragon sprays hot water what should we call it” “well is it scaulding hot” “yes” “then what about a scauldron” “bertha you fucking genius”
  • imagine if someone else was getting a midnight snack and they just hear the chief’s son dramatically saying to himself “hide and pray it does not find you”
  • i love that in rtte stoick and spitelout don’t like each other but spitelout in httyd literally looks like stoick’s right hand man (besides gobber of course)
  • “night fury pamphlet” hiccup i love you
  • i love the way stormfly’s fire is animated
  • i always laughed at hiccup for failing the tumble roll as a kid but now i look at myself and i realize i would fail it too
  • hiccup has absolutely no care for his life the other teens are screaming and running past him and he’s still probably thinking that gobber can produce a night fury pamphlet from his pocket
  • she can do better” FUCK YEAH RUFF
  • I love that hiccup is both flustered and still not as alarmed as he should be that he could die in a few seconds while astrid is freaking the fuck out
  • *throws a fish* notice me senpai
  • “i wonder where the dragon is OH FUCK”
  • okay for some reason looking directly at the fish’s face in this scene makes me ill
  • “you threw the knife away i am a pure boy now”
  • okay sorry bitches but you’re going to see a time skip because there is no way i am pausing forbidden friendship and the FUCKING SOUNDTRACK JUST TO MAKE SOME DUMB JOKES
  • okay the scene is over and HECKING HECK IT’S STILL A BEAUTIFUL SCENE
  • fishlegs you fucking conspiracy theorist
  • it should be sad that no one notices hiccup leave but then again they also don’t notice astrid dramatically looking down the stairs either
  • i love the sound the hot rod makes when it goes into the water
  • man toothless is a fast eater
  • “holy shit this kid just made me a tail does he not have any friends how does he have this much spare time”
  • pfft i love that astrid and ruff realize that tuff and snotlout are talking about their butts so they hurt them
  • okay i also laugh at hiccup’s water fail but can we just admit how realistic it is the water falls like that?
  • does gothi not see the eel :D
  • i love that they show gothi looking suspicious
  • my favorite part of this theme is the music that comes right after hiccup scratches toothless’s chin and toothless falls
  • astrid you try so fucking hard to kill stormfly no wonder she doesn’t like you in rtte

okay i’m just gonna post this and watch the rest of the movie so i don’t miss anymore

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I'd love 125 ("You made me this way." ) with the world: fulfillment, experience, completion; (“Do you remember, back when…”) if you can please? :)

Sorry for taking so long, hope you liked it! I loved writing this.

Prompt: 125. “You made me this way.”

The World

Word count: 897

The night was warm and beautiful. The stars were shining in the sky, the full moon looking down at the few people in the streets. A wolf howl could be heard in the distance, somewhere in the woods, probably.

Liam was used to the full moon by now. It still affected him, but it wasn’t as much now; he had learned how to keep calm, how to control himself, his emotions and his shifts. Being in control had been hard for him, but things had gotten better. He had grown up and he had found an anchor. All that had helped him understanding his wolf better, being more at ease with it and fully become one with it.

It had taken time, but it had gotten to this point. The point of being able to sit here with the full moon shining above and feeling in control, being able to be here without feeling overwhelmed by the moon, without having the urge to shift and run.

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Still Waiting

Jon Snow x Reader

Words: 2635
Plot: The reader is the younger sibling of the Baratheons. Jon dreams of her still; as the world unravels, he needs her. And she needs him, too.
A/N: This turned out to be way longer than I expected, so let me know what you think. I decided to just smash it out as opposed to breaking it up: it all comes from a weird dream I had last night. I might do a Part 2 if this goes down pretty well. Also: I love Jon Snow. Thanks for listening.

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

Jon often heard her laughter in the snow under his boots in the years between. He imagined, often, that his father had never left for Kings Landing, and that he’d stayed in the Hall at Winterfell that night; falling asleep on the floor, awaking to Robb laughing in the courtyard as Arya jumped onto his back and called out to the sky. 
He imagined her waking from her chambers, eyes like fire, her hands in his hair.
He imagined her hands on his face, peppering kisses across his jaw.
And then he woke up; alone at the end of the world. 


They’d met when he was 15: too young, bare-faced and tangled hair. Robert had ridden North to meet with Eddard, as he did when the two kept good company. Robert had never been an amibitous King, and he hated the cold and harshness in the North; but he had loved Lyanna. Jon wondered whether Robert felt a sense of closeness to her in the frozen North, or whether he just enjoyed Ned’s company. Perhaps both.
This time, he brought his sister in tow. She rode in on horseback, proudly cloaked with the Baratheon sigil, eyes burning in the snow. Jon had been standing on the rafters; Catelyn had insisted he not join the welcoming party, much to his chagrin. But from here, he saw the blazoned silver on her neck, her finery: the way she shone, like a light in the cold. Hair swept from the wind, hands sore from riding for days. But still every bit more beautiful than anyone he’d ever seen. She was roughly his age; maybe a little younger, maybe not.

That night, Jon sipped his ale slowly as he sat in the courtyard. The sound of merriment inside was inviting, but he was feeling a little lightheaded. He needed a break from Catelyn, and he needed a break from his thoughts.
“Do you mind if I…?” a voice quietly rang out in the dark.
Jon jumped, throwing half a tankard of ale into the dirt. Looking up, her face was illuminated in the torchlight. Pale, with the Baratheon features her younger brothers held so prominently. Cool tones and sharp-jawed; bright eyes that made Jon’s hands ache.
“My lady!” he breathed sharply “Well, it’s…it’s awfully cold, and I wouldn’t mean to pull you away from the festivities”.
(y/n) pulled the hem of her skirt, sitting cross legged next to him. He wondered at the way her hands folded in her lap; so careful and deliberate.

“Jon, am I correct?” she smiled, chewing her lip in thought.
“Jon Snow, my lady. Ned is my father”.
“Well, Jon. I’m (y/n). Of House Baratheon. And I’m very pleased to meet your acquaintance”.

They had spoken several times over the passing days. She had been pulled away often by Theon, which made Jon anxious in a way he didn’t yet understand. Theon was confident, and several years older than Jon; he looked more like a man ought to look, and took a liking to girls of all sorts.
And that never bothered Jon much - until it did. And then it bothered him a lot.
She had come to speak with Jon several times, but he never did have much to say that wasn’t awkward and embarrassing. He expressed his desire to protect the realm, and talked with her about his Uncle who had taken The Black - and she was encouraging, if a little taken aback by the whole affair. She had spent time with Arya when she had taken Robb’s bow - and even when Ned had embarrassedly scolded Arya, (y/n) had insisted on helping her practice her aim.

Jon grew very, very fond of her in a very short period of time. Something of teenage infatuation, which made it all the more difficult when she left to return to the Capital with her brother.
When she said her goodbyes to the Stark children, she did not forget Jon. She insisted on him being present - and he swore that when she hugged him, she held on for a little longer than the others. She smelled like summer flowers, and he breathed in deeply.
He was almost so distracted that he didn’t see Theon shoot him a filthy look. But as she rode away, he felt eyes on his back like daggers in his spine.


In the years that followed; Jon thought of her in the moments between everything.
He wrote a letter to his father after the death of Robert; asking after her wellbeing. He thought of asking Maester Aemon to send it to Kings Landing, but remembered he’d taken an Oath. He would forsake such madness; knowing that she would be safe. She had two older brothers, and family was hard to break.

After The Fist of the First Men: thoughts of her subsided somewhat. Ygritte had changed the way that Jon knew love; and she had taken from him that childlike infatuation he once had. But in return, he had forsaken his vow. And suddenly, he began to wonder whether he should have sent that letter while he had the chance. He had loved Ygritte with all the fire in his heart; loved her like he’d never loved another. So when she passed, he felt his heart would wither and die with her, as though the arrow had pierced him too.

But it didn’t.

And when Stannis Baratheon arrived at Castle Black with Mance in tow; Jon had to bite his tongue and remember that there were questions best left not asking. She was likely dead; he knew Renly had been murdered, and that Stannis saw any threat to his throne to be dangerous. Stannis had never mentioned her, but he knew their relationship was strained. She had spoken all those years ago of her good relationship with Renly; he imagined that she would have taken his death with unease.

So when he was declared 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, and Stannis left to head South; he pressed Ser Davos for the answers.
“Stannis seems an honourable man” Jon had remarked, watching Davos for any hint of difference.
“He’s a just man, and a good King. I have faith in him, and I have faith in you, too” Davos had replied, his accent thick and heavy.
“Forgive me, Ser Davos…But I wanted to ask you whether you knew how the Lady of Baratheon house was fairing?”
Ser Davos had instantly known who Jon was referring to.
“Aye, I wish I could give you good news, Lord Commander. When last I heard from her, she had taken leave to Braavos, across the Narrow Sea. I can assure you that Stannis has never shown me that he intends to harm her, and that she left of her own accord. He eagerly awaits her return, but between you and I - I doubt she’d want to”.
Jon wondered if he’d been holding his breath for longer than he’d first thought.
But something seemed brighter in the sky that day.


When the gates opened, Jon was still in a haze. Sleeplessness had overcome him; dreams of Ygritte, of snow and White Walkers and strange, hollow halls had taken him somewhere he’d rather not be. Pushing open the iron handle, his boots echoed of the walls of the corridor.
Olly ran up, alert and snow-dusted.
“Olly” Jon smiled, pulling up his glove as he addressed the young boy.
“Lord Commander” Olly nodded slightly “a woman at the gate. Says she needs to speak with you”.
Jon’s brow creased as he ducked passed Olly, out into the snow.
A woman stood next to her horse; a damp, grey cloak draped over her shoulders as she rubbed her gloved hands together. Jon couldn’t see her face, but he felt a strange feeling in his chest.

“My L…” he started, but then the sentence refused to leave his lips as she turned to him.
She was older, now. Just like him. The years had turned them both into grown adults; but they’d been far kinder to her than they’d ever been to him. She was more beautiful than the day she’d left - flushed by the snow, hair longer, dusted with snow that framed her face. Her eyes still shone like fire - but he could see the heaviness in them. He felt that heaviness, too - they’d both lost too much for it not to have left a mark.
“Lord Commander” she breathed, straightening. He wondered if she knew him - whether she’d even recognised him now. But something in the way she addressed him made him realise that it was likely dangerous to acknowledge him in such a public setting.
“Olly has…he’s told me you wish to speak to me. We can discuss the matter privately” he said, eyes steady. He knew he was being observed - and she gestured to tell him to lead the way.

Once the door was closed and locked, (y/n) stood by the window; eyes dancing.
“Jon? Jon Snow? I could hardly believe it when I heard you were Night Commander” she grinned, removing her gloves with a swift motion and placing them on the desk.
“Forgive me, My Lady. I’m in something of a state of shock…Last I’d heard, you’d left for Braavos”.
She was quiet for a moment; the snow melting in her hair slightly, dripping on her cloak.
“Last I’d heard, my brothers were at war. And now, Renly is dead and Stannis is fighting the Boltons in a losing battle. And here I am” she added, a sadness in her voice “Stannis would never have let me live if he knew I was back in Westeros. And I have never supported him after what he did to Renly. But now I barely recognise myself, and my House is all but gone”.
Jon felt genuine sorrow for her.
“I’m sorry, My Lady. For what happened to Renly. And for your hardships with Stannis. Your House has fallen on hard times, and I hope a familiar face helps”.

She smiled sadly “it does, somehow”.
Jon scratched the back of his head; black curls tangling against his fingers.
“I can fetch you some wine, if you like. And I’ll have one of the men prepare some quarters - it’s the least I can do”.
(y/n) nodded, her eyes looking dangerously close to spilling over. Jon felt his heart tremble; realising that these feelings had been no teenage infatuation. He had recognised something then that had haunted him: that something drew him to her, like a moth caught in the torchlight.
Nothing good could come of it, but perhaps he deserved a light in this world.


Jon was sore and tired, and pulled his cloak off of his shoulders, slipping his undershirt over his arms. He noticed a scar that ran across his shoulder; purple and bruised from sparring. It ached to touch, and he gritted his teeth as he thought of the sharpness the sword had inflicted.
A rap at the door brought his attention back to the present, and he called that the door could be opened. It was likely just one of the men with another raven from someplace or another; he was waiting to hear from Stannis, and as of yet no ravens had come.

(y/n) flushed, her eyes darting around. She was dressed in simple garments; a dress that accentuated her curves and showed more cleavage than Jon had seen in some time. He suddenly felt woozy.
“I’m so sorry, Lord Commander. I was having trouble sleeping and I thought I might as well come to discuss current matters…” she trailed off, tipping her head slightly “…that looks like it hurts”.
“I wouldn’t worry, My Lady” he replied, looking self-consciously for his shirt “Lord Commanders have their fair share of scars”. He could feel her eyes on him - and his biggest concern was how much he liked it. Too much.
“You can call me (y/n), you know. We were friends once” she added, entering the room and closing the door behind her. Crossing the wooden floor, she sat on the furs that covered his bed “would you like me to look at that?”

Jon laughed nervously “that’s…that’s very kind, My L…(y/n)” he stammered, feeling his face grow hot “but it’ll likely heal on its own”.
(y/n) raised her brows, patting the area beside her in a motion for him to sit. He hesitated, but only for a moment; giving up on the idea of ever finding his shirt.
He was close enough to smell her perfume: she still smelled of flowers, even now. With a tender look, she placed her fingertips on the area where the bruise met the wound; he bit his lip at the feeling, somewhere between pleasure and pain.
“Let me at least bandage it” she said, taking a layer of cloth from his dresser. He had left it there to do himself, but it seemed he wasn’t getting out of this easily.
“I worked as a healer in Braavos, you know” she chuckled “but I wasn’t always very good at it”.
“You seem to be doing a fine job now” Jon replied, watching the look of concentration on her face. In the torchlight, those Baratheon features were more pronounced than he’d ever seen them: more beautiful and sharp than the Wall itself could ever be. How could someone so sharp have eyes that held such softness?
“I have a fine patient” she laughed, tying the bandage gently “try touching this and see if it feels any better”.
Jon reached out to where she held the bandage; the area still ached, but it felt calmer, less pronounced than it had. His hands skimmed to the edge of the bandage as she tightened it: his fingers briefly making contact with the edge of her thumb for a moment.

The feeling was instant. Like needles shooting through his bones, fire in his chest as his head spun. His hand didn’t move, didn’t dare to break the tiny amount of contact their fingers had.
She looked up at him; and he saw in her the fire he felt in his chest. It was there, in her eyes. In her blood.
(y/n) snaked her fingers across his, her eyes briefly dropping to his lips.
“Jon…” she whispered, biting her lip slowly.
It was enough to make a man lose his sense of purpose.
“My Lady” he swallowed, and reached out to her like a man gasping for air.

Their lips met; shocks and currents running through the space between them like dragonfire. Jon heard himself gasp as she followed the hard lines on his chest, his stomach. Tracing the valleys in his muscle with her fingertips. He reached up to hold her jaw, stroking it with his thumb as he guided her mouth with his. It was old and new; it was nothing like he could have expected. The kiss was blissful; it was relief from years of not knowing.
He didn’t want to pull away.
But he knew that there were some things left to be savoured.
“I know you have vows” she huskily said, eyes filled with desire “and I know I have to ride South tomorrow. But for tonight, nothing would give me greater comfort than sleeping in your arms. I want nothing else; not to break your vows, nor to forsake your company. Just to sleep, and not be alone, as I know we both have been for some time”.
Jon kissed her forehead lightly, stroking her cheek as he smiled.
“I haven’t thought of much else that would make me happier in a very long time”.

And that night, as her eyelids fluttered in peaceful sleep, Jon pressed the most gentle kiss to her cheek. Outside, the snow fell, the world raging. But for one brief moment; Jon Snow’s heart was full.

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Hello!! I love your good!pennywise au and I wanted to ask, if you get to see this and have time to write it, could you do 14: "They're so cute when they're asleep". I'm a big fan of fluffy fics and I'd like to see where you take this one!!

Soft pennywise is good pennywise

Pennywise tried to be a dark and malevolent force. He liked to consume, to destroy. That didn’t change the fact that he also liked to apparate into each one of his kid’s bedrooms every night to check if they were sleeping okay.

He’d start with Eddie since the kid lived the furthest away from his own home. Eddie was usually in bed, fast asleep before the clock beside him read 8.30. Penny would look down at his sleeping form, grind his teeth, and then pull the blanket under Eddie’s chin to keep him warm.  He knew Eddie hated being sick, so he made sure the cold air was far from him.

Then he’d float over to Ben’s home, where the kid was often half asleep with a book in his hand and shoes still on his feet. He would take the book and mark his page with the bookmark made by Bill. It was a drawing of Pennywise, and he liked that ben used it.  He’d tug off the kid’s shoes, long ago learning that it was easier once the laces were off, and put them neatly on the floor. Then he’d pull the blanket over him too.

Next was Richie’s house, where the loudmouth was knocked out and hanging off the side of his bed. Penny would use his large hands to slide him back on the mattress fix the duvet and inspect the bruises he had gained that day. If it was bad, he’d run a gloved finger over it to soothe them.

Then he’d crawl down the sewers to Mike’s house, where it’d be 9.30 and he would be tossing and turning in his sleep. Penny would sit with him, invading his dreams with nice things until Mike was still and snoring.

Across the street to Stan’s house, where he’d slip into the kitchen and fetch a glass of water as quietly as he could for the boy, and put it on his bedside table. Stan liked to drink water during the night, and his cup was often empty by the time penny got there at 10. He’d fill the cup and brush Stan’s hair back and neaten the sheets.

Then to Bev’s house, to stand in the darkness and watch as her Dad, still awake, goes to her room and opens the door. Penny watches him until he decides to slink away into his own bed, waiting for the day he decides to do something terrible to his sleeping daughter. In the meantime, Penny stands guard and then whispers goodnight to Bev, who often would whisper goodnight back to him, even in her sleep.

Then to the Denbrough’s, where he’d visit Bill first, and switch off the light that the boy often left on while sketching. He’d pick up the drawing book and leaf through the new entries of the day. Then he’s sneak into the room next door, Georgie’s room.

Upon entering at 12, Georgie would open his eyes and smile at the big clown standing in the doorway, and he’d grab a torch and a book stashed away under his pillow. Penny would sit next to him, take the book while Georgie held the light, and in his fun theatrical voice, he would read Georgie a midnight story. The youngest would often fall asleep within the first two pages, but Penny would keep reading until the end of the book anyway because he liked it. Georgie’s small head would lull against Penny’s side, and Penny would sit and be still with his friend. Finally, by 1 o’ clock, Penny would grab the giant stuffed bear he had given Georgie for his birthday, and expertly maneuvered it under Georgie’s head and arm, without waking him, and sneak down Neibolt street and into a drain pipe. He’d trudge back to his underground home, past the floating bodies, and slip into his own shambled nest.

They all looked so cute when they were asleep. Small and precious, like little baby ducklings. Vulnerable in a way that Pennywise had never seen before. He felt protective over these special nightly moments.

He never did find out if the kids knew he visited them. Perhaps Ben put the book away before he slept and didn’t remember? Perhaps Stan’s parents got him that glass, or he sleepwalked? Perhaps the giant hand petting Bev’s hair back gently was just a dream?

Either way, two years later, when Penny had to finally take his much-needed rest, he repeated these actions one last time. He imprinted his kid’s sleep softened smiles, and light breaths into his mind and then crawled down into the sewer, into his lonely nest and fell into a deep sleep.

It took the kids two days to find him. A huge, huge clown fast asleep in piles of blankets and rags and teddy bears. After about a week of sleeping terribly, they visited him to calm their nerves.

Monday it was Eddie. He rode his bike to the Neibolt house before sundown, climbed down the well and followed the lights they had set up in the tunnels to find Penny’s heart. He would watch the clowns peaceful slumber with a smile and made sure to clean the drool off his face when he snoozed.

Tuesday it was Ben, with his writing book, and he’d sit in the scarcely illuminated tunnel with a blanket and a hot thermos and write poems upon poems to show Pennywise once he woke up. Those poems started to shift towards building designs, and how he could refurbish the Neibolt house, and Penny’s sewer house to make it more accommodating.

Wednesday was Richie, after his late night shift at the movie theater, he’d stumble down with some leftover popcorn to munch on while he watched the clown sleep. He’d try to lift the clown’s huge limbs into more comfortable positions as he slept and never ceased to smile when the clown would smell the scent of popcorn wafting around his nose, and he’d start shuffling around and grumbling.

Thursday was Mike, who would come down early to sit with the clown through the strange hours where he seemed to toss and turn. He didn’t realize that clowns could get bad dreams, but he the second he plonked down next to him, Penny would stop whining and whimpering and just doze.

Friday was Stan, with a bottle of water. He tried it once, when Penny sleepily smacked his lips together one night and they came up dry. He himself liked a sip of water during the night, so each Friday, he’d come down and press the open water to the clown’s lips and carefully guide him into taking half asleep sips. He always seemed much more content after that, the usual burning in his throat for the time being quenched.

Saturday was Beverly. She got to him quite quickly, since she herself stayed in the Neibolt house now more often than her own home. She would climb down the well each Saturday and spend the whole night with Penny, stroking his fluffy hair until he made a purring sound and shifted his content head into her lap. She felt safer in this position than she ever had her whole life.

Finally Sunday, Bill, and Georgie would drop by without their parents knowing. Bill would draw the funny sleepy expressions on his face, and start writing what he could imagine Pennywise was dreaming about in his slowly filling notebook. He drew inspiration from the books Georgie would carry down with him, eventually, Georgie would start reading the stories to pennywise that Bill would write. Georgie would read to him consistently, enjoying the way Penny seemed to be listening and reacting, even though he was fast asleep. When he grew old enough, he brought down his ratty old teddy bear, the one Penny gave him for his birthday, and he slid it into the clown’s arms. Penny gripped it tightly and didn’t let go of it since.

Penny looked soft when he was sleeping. Cute even. Things were always changing in the lives of the formerly known losers club, but they all knew that their friend was down here, sleeping, waiting to wake up and join them again.

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For an angsty art suggestion? How about the alternative scene suggestion where William shot Damien instead?

okay i know i aSKED for angsty suggestions but man, my poor son- :’D

i’m so sorry this took a while, and even still i’m not completely happy with it! but even so i hope you like it :) 

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I don’t know if anybody has said this yet but I really liked how last night’s premiere expanded on the ending of the original movie. Just so much fun seeing them back in action and Hiro’s words at the end when he’s talking with Professor Granville (about Tadashi’s legacy — something along the lines of choosing to take risks and all). :)


and I agree! I love that this was an expansion of what happened towards the end of the movie! :D 

The Wolf and The Moon, A True Love Story

It’s dark out, A cold winter night.

Awfully lonely even for me.

A howl echoes throughout the silence, my heart drops.

A howl that entered through one ear and echoed loud for my soul to hear.

Would it be sinister to say I smiled knowing I wasn’t the only one here?

A smile becomes a sarcastic laugh of desperation, being ironic I joined with crying howls to the moon.

Before I could finish the wolf howls again.

I learned something that night, I solved the answer to love.

Find your moon, find someone who brings light to your darkness.

Find someone who, when you feel like a lone wolf with a numb soul; Will be your moon to howl to.

We’d be a beautiful love song.

I learned hope is when a lone wolf sings to a moon, as if it’d reach.

A Favorite melody howled the lone wolf so heavenly.

A rhythme being merely, an echo of his heartbeat.

Love is feeling that heartbeat and hearing a melody.

Then singing all the words otherwise too scared to speak.

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Do you have any Stan + Hanukkah headcanons? Congrats on 500 btw!!

so i’m not that educated when it comes to hanukkah (something i need to fix) but i’m definitely gonna try for you!! thank you :)

- ok so stans family take turns when it comes to lighting the menorah and when it’s stans nights he totally loves it

- the other losers obviously love christmas but they are super respectful when it comes to stan and they don’t shove christmas in his face

- they definitely give him gifts?? like they give him new sweaters, bill gives him a mixtape ;) and eddie and bev give him a book he’s been wanting and it’s an all around great time for everyone (im literally in love with the idea of stan, eddie and bev being a power friendship and it’s iconic don’t fight me)

- i’d like to think stans parents give him a little kitty (stanley uris with a cat,,, i think yes) as his last day gift and they take him shopping for all of the stuff it needs and stan deserves it because honestly?? my boy is so good in school and is so respectful toward his parents

- stan basically loves his life and hanukkah and couldn’t ask for more

anon said: may i get headcanons for shouto todoroki with an insecure s/o who’s recently felt like they’ve done something horrible and is trying to move on but can’t? thank you, have a wonderful night

todoroki shouto

- he’d be the type to know his s/o, so when he sees them acting up, he gets worried.

- they soon tell him that they had issues regarding the past, and his heart would he devastated.

- from there, todoroki makes it his mission to see them a happier person everyday.

- he’d remind them that he loves them unconditionally, despite what they did and that they now are a new person.

- soon enough, they do recover, and it did wonders for their relationship too.

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I just want to let you know that your artwork is beautiful and I just love it! I was in awe with your wolf piece! Especially the nightfall one! It's so deep and well-crafted! And your koi-fox one! The anon who requested it was right; it would make a lovely combination, especially since it was made by you! I can't wait to see more of your work! Have a good day (or afternoon, evening, or night)!

Aw thank you so much!!!! Im really glad people liked it I was really proud of it. As it is I’m looking for more prompts! i have a fair chunk but i’d like to mix in some fresh ones and see if any really catch my attention. 

I’m a big fan of the “something + something” prompts so keep em coming if you have any good ones! Such as Ocean + Wolf or Fox + Koi Fish and so on. 

again thanks!!

if doctor who wasn’t like a million seasons long and slightly exhausting to go all the way through i’d probably rewatch it like,,,,, every day

Anyway this is your reminder that There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles same old tired lonely place walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy vanished when I saw your face. All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you. Your eyes whispered, “Have we met?” Across the room your silhouette starts to make its way to me. The playful conversation starts counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy and it was enchanting to meet you all I can say is I was enchanted to meet you. This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go. I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home. I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you. The lingering question kept me up 2 AM, who do you love? I wonder ‘til I’m wide awake
And now I’m pacing back and forth wishing you were at my door I’d open up and you would say, “Hey, It was enchanting to meet you, All I know is I was enchanted to meet you.” This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew this night is flawless, don’t you let it go. I’m wonderstruck, dancing around all alone. I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you. This is me praying that this was the very first page not where the story line ends my thoughts will echo your name until I see you again these are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon I was enchanted to meet you. Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you. Please don’t be in love with someone else please don’t have somebody waiting on you. This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew this night is flawless, don’t you let it go I’m wonderstruck, dancing around all alone I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you. Please don’t be in love with someone else, please don’t have somebody waiting on you, so please don’t forget it thank you.


After almost 8 years I quit my full time job to become a working artist. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS FROM 10pm-6:30am … or days .. tonight is my last night :D May13th 2017 .. Sunday morning I’m FREEEE!
I continuously told myself if I can wake up to go to a job that I don’t like .. I can wake up and put just as much time and effort into something I love doing . I should have listened to myself long ago but continued to listen to the people around me and stayed longer .. I have received both positive and negative comments because of my decision & unfortunately most negative comments have came from the people closest to me when I thought they would have been more supportive .. I’ve always hated that whole .. struggling artist bullshit or you’ll only be famous when your dead crap. I refuse to have that kind of mindset or let fear take over my life 😌 … only positives vibes over here. May the universe continue to be on my side…

But yooooo!
Feel free to add me up :D ✨

IG: dreadheadpicasso
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I missed out @therealjacksepticeye playthrough of this game 2 weeks ago, but I’m glad that I’ve watched all of it, and needless to say, Jack really got me into this game:) 

I srsly feel that this game can be somehow connected to Undertale…..Like the personalities and stuff.

And Jack’s vids of NITW kinda inspired me to draw them in a different style, like slightly more realism of these animals. His voice acting is awesome as well:D

And i thought the plot is kinda pointless until the end….Man, it got me thinking;/, and thanks for the awesome experience, Jack:)(i love the part where you check your black hoodie and stuff cos u were trying to break the game’s fourth wall;D)