i love nicole kidman so so much

ive never made a fanmix before and this is so bad

royal planes [amos wellings bootleg] M.I.A. vs lorde // bruises chairlift // the love club lorde // gold silver diamond generationals // muny nicki minaj // kiss fuckihg glee cast i didnt want this // fix you coldplay // diamonds are a girl’s best friend nicole kidman

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Favorite things about geminis:)


Theyre so fascinating to me, especially the girls, Ive had so many girl crushes on geminis, some famous ones include angelina jolie and nicole kidman!

theyre just so bubbly and talkative and youthful and and full of life and cheeky and AHHHH i just wish i could be more like them!!! i take myself to seriously and im so quiet and theyre so silly and goofy and laugh so much (and they can laugh about themselves)… i love u geminis… :(

be my friend and make me loosen up!

stray thoughts on the oscars
  • centurions. storm troopers. sure.
  • Steve carell is so hot god bless
  • casual reminder that mark ruffalo doesn’t have an oscar
  • how did Jennifer Hudson get a seat next to Meryl
  • cool grand budapest hotel backdrop
  • holy moly this lady won for BARRY LYNDON?! what a legend
  • Wes anderson applauds exactly as you’d think he would and it’s adorable
  • it feels weird to say, but GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY should’ve won that makeup Oscar
  • Dick Smith shout-out cool
  • they should’ve played ginuwine’s “pony” as Channing Tatum walked out what a missed opportunity
  • is Nicole Kidman eight feet tall or what
  • Polanski shout-out
  • Pawel Pawłowski is so cute and IDA is so good
  • Clint Eastwood & Shirley MacLaine in the same room, so I’m counting it as a TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA reunion
  • casual reminder that BERNIE is probably linklater’s best non-SUNRISE movie
  • michaelkeatonsoscargum.tumblr.com
  • How much do I love that they got Marion fucking Cotillard to introduce “everything is awesome”
  • questlove outta nowhere!
  • casual reminder that women won for directing both the feature documentary & the short subject documentary
  • “takes a lotta balls to wear a dress like that”
  • literally, every single one of these governors award winners are SO deserving wow too bad they decided not to honor them on stage on at the actual ceremony
  • David Oyelowo is so cute
  • they basically did the same birdman/whiplash bit on the independent spirit awards the day before
  • Chris Evans LAWD
  • congrats to WHIPLASH on winning an award it deserves
  • pretty sure no one in the academy voting body knows the difference between sound mixing & sound editing
  • Bradley Cooper’s mom looks like Jacki Weaver
  • will jared leto ever stop being gross (no)
  • oh poor ellar coltrane got snubbed for a patty hug
  • Meryl Streep giving it up for Arquette is great but Ethan Hawke laughing like “girl did you really just?!” is even better
  • still not convinced ansel elgort is a real person with that name
  • I forgot INTERSTELLAR was a thing
  • BIG HERO 6 cast & crew got stuck in the back row
  • Octavia Spencer didn’t win an oscar for this shit
  • yo Andy Dwyer presenting at the oscars
  • well, production design is certainly the award GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL should have won. very deserved.
  • please give me fifty movies starring idris elba & jessica chastain, preferably doing something sexy together
  • Meryl Streep should win an oscar for this in memoriam intro
  • dammit bob hoskins still hurts
  • damien chazelle looks 12 yrs old
  • Terrence Howard going for the oscar for Most Emotional Oscar Presentation
  • treason jokes!
  • Best Original Sauce
  • I love when you get to see exactly why a song should win Best Original Song, and obviously “Glory” is it
  • I wish when I cried, oprah could be there to wipe away my tears
  • Glom Gazingo
  • I guess this is the part of the show where we learn what Common & John Legend’s real names are
  • Tilda Swinton couldn’t be here, so Scarlett Johansson stepped in to be your Hot Alien Overlord for the evening 
  • Julie Andrews is a goddamn international treasure
  • Literally as soon as Lady Gaga started singing everyone in the world was like DAYUM
  • holy shit lady Gaga crushed it
  • omg the audience’s faces when Julie Andrews came out
  • nino rota couldn’t get a name-drop come on
  • Hans Zimmer being psyched for Alexandre Desplat is cute
  • both original & adapted screenplay wins are completely embarrassing
  • Frank Capra shout-out
  • #WhoIsMortenTyldum
  • inarritu/miller/linklater group hug was pretty nice
  • wow they are giving inarritu all the time in the world
  • Eddie Redmayne is the most adorably genuine oscar winner since Jennifer Lawrence
  • I guess tonight is the night we learn what James Marsh looks like
  • also who James Marsh is
  • the stars of DALLAS BUYERS CLUB cursed to sport hideous facial hair at every oscar ceremony from now until we kill them for it
  • lmao Julianne bragging about her younger husband get it girl
  • this bit did not work at all, especially when the night’s almost over & you just want to get it over with
  • incredible to me that sean penn is still culturally relevant and he keeps getting work & everyone doesn’t fully hate him. absolutely incredible.
  • BIRDMAN, more like BLERGMAN am i right
  • nailed it
  • “look, it’s just great to be here, who am I kidding?” Michael Keaton seems cool