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An excerpt from July, July in honor of @dadharbour. Congrats Leah!!

I. June 1994

After graduation, Mike moves to Chicago, living with Lucas and doing grad work at the University of Chicago. Will moves out to New York and Dustin stays in California. Eleven remains in Hawkins, working at the library, reading everything in sight, starting to feel a bit constrained in the small town. She goes up to Chicago sometimes; she likes it there - the bustle of the city but less claustrophobic than New York, the lake providing space and air and light.

On this June day, Mike is visiting home, and El spends every spare minute with him. Ted and Karen have left to take Holly to summer camp, and the two take refuge from the oppressive heat in his basement. They’re feeling lazy and silly and after El makes a comment about the old blanket fort, they decide to make a new one. It’s a little bigger than the original, but not by much. They lie there side by side, Popsicles in their mouths, relaying stories of the library and the university and things they’ve heard from their friends. After a while they quiet down, almost dozing, content to hear each other’s breathing.

El stares at the blanket above her, thinking of the first time she slept under it. Scared and cold and confused, but this boy gave her clothes and a name and spoke so kindly that she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. She’s never forgotten that night, that week, every feeling she had as her world took on color and music and life. Sometimes she’s amazed that it wasn’t a dream, that it still isn’t, that she won’t wake up in that little bed with the lion in her arms and Papa just outside the door.

She’s thought about it a lot lately, over the past few months, and there’s a question dancing on her tongue but she hasn’t been able to ask it yet. Until now. Now seems perfect.

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Heart Like Yours – Chapter XIII: Loving Hope.

Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

Chapter XIII: That night out in New York continues in the past, while Hyde deals with new visits in the hospital and the rest of his mission. Donna and Eric arrive with better news.

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My Year in Review
  • January: Lesbian Roadtrip AU 2k16 starring Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara
  • February: Lesbian Roadtrip AU 2k16 did not win an Oscar FUK U AMERICA
  • March: OUAT got renewed for season 6 and I deleted my tv
  • April: SUPERCAT HUG™
  • May: BEAUTY & THE BEAST 2K17
  • June: i reblogged a lot of fuckin Disney for some weird reason
  • September: personally victimized by Natasha Negovanlis
  • November: Pokemon Gay and Gayer a.k.a. THE MOON REALLY IS A LESBIAN
  • December: just waiting for Pitch Perfect 3 tbh

People I admire #1 Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Grant. Born June 21, 1985, 2:46AM. New York, United States.
Sun Sign: Gemini | Moon Sign: Leo | Ascendant: Taurus | MC: Capricorn

Dominant Signs: Cancer & Scorpio
Dominant Element: Water- emotions.
Dominant House: Third- communication.

I have a personal ambition to live my life honestly and honor the true love that I’ve had and also the people I’ve had around me. I want to stay hopeful, even though I get scared about why we’re even alive at all.


(Drive Drabble #2)

Author: Mikala
Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 700
Warnings: Some swearing. Mentions of wanting to shoot someone?? Lol
Author’s Note: Here’s the second fic for my “Drive” Drabble week! The prompt @bovaria provided for me was “Sit still, for the love of all the is Holy.” I rearranged it, though. Also, during June in New York, the sun rises around 5:30am EST, so that’s the time I used for this! Come back every day this week around 4pm (EST) for a new car-related drabble!
Previous Drabbles:

“Please, Y/N; for the love of all that is Holy, sit still.” Upon Steve’s request, you immediately froze, stopping your leg form bouncing up and down and halting your fingers’ incessant drumming on the armrest of the passenger door.

“You’re the one who dragged me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning. It’s your own fault for deciding to be a nice kidnapper and giving me two cups of coffee on the way out the door,” you retorted, silently begging your jittery body to stay motionless. Steve didn’t say anything else. It was after five now, and you were in his car as he cruised down a dark road that was unfamiliar to you. There wasn’t much traffic this early in the morning, and you could feel dawn coming.

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Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926).

“This is no dumb blonde. She’s got guts. She saw herself drowning in Hollywood in 1955 and told her studio, ‘I’m not going on just wiggling my behind.’ She moved to New York to study at the Actors Studio. I met her there. We developed a brother-sister relationship. She often baby-sat with my kids. Marilyn is not any one thing; she’s multidimenstional - she’s cute, sexy, naive, difficult and insecure. On the set she’s a fun-loving girl, cutting up and joking with the crew… As an actress she has lots of imitators - but only Marilyn survives. Why? Because people sense something real and helpless from her on that screen; they want to protect this girl and she makes them ashamed for having thought any dirty thoughts about her.” - Eli Wallach


How did you decide on Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder?

James Ivory: I always thought he’d be good. He’s such a free soul, a free spirit, if you know him personally. His Freddy Honeychurch in A Room With A View is a more restrained version of himself. He’s very fun-loving and down to earth. He was surprised that we’d chosen him, because he doesn’t usually play types like that. … He liked playing Alec.

He was wonderful in [A] Room With A View, but when I heard he was playing Alec I couldn’t quite picture it. But he’s terrific. And the material with Alec really catches fire in the movie.

Ivory: I feel it has a lot to do with Rupert.

– James Ivory & Ismail Merchant interviewed by Chris Bram, New York Native, 21 Sep 1987


My gifs, from The Story of Maurice documentary (2004)


And just like that…

The time has come. It never gets easier but it’s always so sweet. Echo has been recalled back for formal training in New York. It’s crazy that 13 months have already gone by. So much has changed. In August, we moved to the big city. She was by my side for my first year of law school. We’ve had so many big adventures and deciding to raise again was the best choice. 

A flight request has been submitted and the little floof will fly back between June 9-19. What a beautiful ride it’s been. 

I hope to see her at graduation in the fall. I love you and I’ll miss you Echo. 


ok ok so i’m graduating in june and frankly, i have no idea what i wanna do with my life. so i told my dad that i want to take a gap year to just travel and see the world
not so shockingly, he said no
shockingly, he said if i could make a solid plan for the year like where i wanna go what i’m gonna do where i’m gonna work all that stuff that he could maybe possibly let me do it
i was hoping that i could get some ideas off of you (tumblr users from around the globe) of things i should definitely do and see and i can put them in a plan aND MAYBE HE’LL LET ME DO IT AND I’LL FINALLY ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE I GET TO BE HAPPY AND THAT I CAN DO SOMETHING JUST FOR ME
i’m getting a bit too excited
but please, any help would be great


                          A SUMMER WEDDING

                                      Charles Francis Xavier


                                      James Logan Howlett

                         request the pleasure of your company at the

                                       celebration of their union

                                         Saturday, June 5

                                              at 3:00pm 

                                    1407 Graymalkin Lane
                                    North Salem, New York

                                       Reception to follow


Christopher Robert Evans was born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 13th, 1981. Bitten by the acting bug in the first grade he began appearing in school plays. After more plays and regional theater, he moved to New York and attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. On the advice of friends, he landed an internship at a casting office and befriended a couple of the agents he regularly communicated with - one of whom later took him on as a client. The screen - not the stage - then became his focus.

“I love acting. It’s my playground, it let’s me explore. But my happiness in this world - my level of peace - is never going to be dictated by acting”.

Happy 35th Birthday Chris Evans!

‘She Loves Me’ to Be Streamed Live, a Broadway First
The musical, which stars Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi and Jane Krakowski, was nominated for eight Tony Awards. BroadwayHD will stream it live on June 30.
By Michael Paulson

I feel so grateful to work for a company that is about to live stream the very FIRST Broadway show ever! PSA for anyone (especially those who love theatre and DON’T live in New York) BroadwayHD will be live streaming She Loves Me on June 30th for the low low price of $9.99!! It’s such an amazing production with a great cast (Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, and Gavin Creel). This is an amazing opportunity, take advantage!!!