i love new faces

For the PCap appreciation! I don’t have a gifset or art or anything, just a story. *we’re all stories in the end though* I stopped watching Who after some issues I won’t go into, then life/school/work happened, and I drifted far from my Doctor. And then my mom (of all people) started asking to see Who and put on an episode from 12’s era (Hell Bent).

It was like my life had come back alive again, after being dormant for so long.

All the things that I loved about this show, that made this show so much more than the sum of its crazy concept and dorky inhabitants… all the wonderful things I loved so long ago and nearly forgot… all those meaningful things that only the Doctor can do… it all came crashing back, and I realized in 12 I had a new face and new stories I can fall in love with… for the first time all over again.

I’m still watching through 12’s seasons, and I intend to go back through the rest of 11’s that I’d missed. It’s wonderful to be back where Meaning is, where I can follow a Hero who loves the world so much, and yet is burdened so heavily by his own guilt and pain, who would do anything for their companion and their friends, and yet who cannot seem to save himself from tragedy, because that’s just who they are. But they have hope, because the Doctor is Hope.

I am proud to say that 12 is as much my Doctor as my first love, 10. I cannot wait to see where he takes me and I am looking forward to 13.

Maybe I’d like to tell all the fans of 12 who’ve been with him all this time that there are still folks like me out there discovering him and will find brand new all the things you know so well. I think that is a comforting thought. Don’t you?

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You are one of my favorite people and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known in real life.

Just keep telling her till she does. Yeah? You know…all her life, all she has ever wanted is somebody to reassure her that she is worthy of love. So if you do that, then, um…you know, she will be good to you, she will take care of you. She will even over look all those things that are so deeply fucked up in you. Uh, and yeah, when she get out of here, she will, uh…uh, probably hack your phone or maybe, uh, key some female co-worker’s car. But yeah shes gonna do it ‘cause she loves you. And uh… *chuckles* I mean, some people would give anything to be loved like that. *chuckles* That’s all I gotta say. Just stew in your juice, and then uh, yeah, do the right thing.