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ninjasexparty on Instagram: DANNY’S TOTALLY ROCKING OUT BY HIMSELF!

I wanted to doodle you a thing and it got out of hand…but yeah, I love you so much my dearest, and am so happy to be celebrating with you for a second year. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and complete me in every way, Happy Valentines day, I love you so so so much ♥♥♥

tbh the degree to which my interest in tmnt has impacted my life is so baffling bc if i NEVER, EVER got into tmnt 2012 i never would’ve met lexi and if i never met lexi i would’ve never met lizz and if i never met ramsha and then the dumpster squad wouldve never been and honestly????? i wouldnt have been as nearly as happy as i am rn

lifeisrandom asked:

Since I'm very creative with these things (lol), can you do Lucy and Simon for ship day?


  • They’re always holding hands with each other
  • Lucy has a perfume that smells like vanilla that Simon adores
  • Back when they were dating they would write extremely flowery, sappy love letters to each other
  • They go out dancing a lot
  • They picked out the names of their potential children when they got engaged

@runicscribbles @nevertrustastilesthing congratulations on your ao3 accomplishment!! 100 incredible works of art <3 you two are such a gift to and of creation and i still can’t believe i get to be in this tiny little world with you.

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to my (i can’t believe this) almost 500 followers: if you haven’t already, and even if you have, don’t wait another second to experience some of the best storytelling there is. GO NOW. RUN, DO NOT WALK.


So my gen1 x/rose/rose kids (with the help of my twin for letting me use her nesting grounds) had their valentines babies today as I only breed these kiddos for valentines! And I got these cute nerds.

I am apparently cursed with blue babies from them as their last 3 kids were all blue nearly all the same colors

They’ll eventually be auctioned once I finish the boys design since I’ve had the girls design done for months in advance.