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im crying and screaming about jungkooks eyes since i saw the first preview form today. there is no eye make up also the black hair compliments the 'doeness' so much, send help! they all looked so good today. puma always make them look so natural i love it

dude tell me about i nearly screamed when i saw the first pic he looks so good with black hair???? you’re right it somehow only emphasises his big wide eyes

his eye makeup is so subtle and beautiful…… look at him, all excited


s3 was an experience


Meet Mexico’s unlikely hero: a 7 year old labrador named Frida.

Frida is part of the special Canine Search and Rescue Group that works with the Mexican Marine, and prior to yesterday’s earthquake she had saved 52 lives in Honduras, Ecuador, Haiti, and Oaxaca.
She started her training when she was two years old, and she hasn’t stopped making our country proud ever since.

After the 7.1 earthquake that happened on September 19th, Frida was quick to get to work, and she has been able to rescue 12 lives so far, aside from locating the bodies of more than 20 people.


Opal in 18k Gold Bracelet

This is an original labor-intensive piece made from 78 carefully placed and unusually well-matched opal cabochons, of 52 cts total weight, in yellow 18 karat gold. Small sapphire and diamond provide a few accents.

Locality: Welo Ethiopia