i love nail polish too much

Pretty boys with greasy curly hair & wolf smiles buying me drinks

Raw girls who don’t know how to forgive their mother holding my hand

Fragile in their vulgarity with shimmering nail polish 

And eyes teary from too much vodka

They all make me feel

Bad about myself

You said my tenderness was your shelter

So everyday I find new ways

To burn it down to the fucking ground

I carry this grief in my bosom

Like a mother protecting her baby

While you’re bleeding into

Somebody else’s mattress

Stars glowing like claw marks in the sky

All this time

They were warning me about the danger of

Being the stranger nobody knows what to do with

I know that this world only takes

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Hello love! Can we have jimon with magnus+simon friendship? Something angsty and/or fluffy? Hope you like it! <3

“I guess I’m not even sure if Shadowhunters celebrate birthdays. They do, right? I mean, they’re still human. Either way, I need to find him something that will make him happy, and not just a shirt or something.” Simon sighs dramatically and shakes his head. “I’m not good at this.”

“At the present thing?” Magnus asks as he glances away from the television to look at Simon with a grin. “Or the nail painting?”

“That too.” Simon mutters, inspecting his paint job. The dark blue polish has veered off Magnus’ nails and stained his skin a bit, and there’s an area on his thumb where there’s an uneven glop as a result of Simon getting too much on the brush.

“Shadowhunters do celebrate birthdays, first of all.” Magnus tells him before snapping his fingers and holding up a hand. The extra polish is gone and the remaining is smoothed out, leaving ten evenly painted nails. “And second, anything you get Jace will make him happy. The very fact that you get him something will make him thrilled beyond his mind, Simon, he adores you.”

Simon can’t help the stupid smile that takes over his face. “I know. But I want it to be good, too. He’s been through so much this year with Valentine and everything, and he doesn’t ever take time to do anything for himself. I just–I love him so much and I want him to realize that he’s allowed to have nice things and be happy and celebrate himself.”

Simon’s slightly embarrassing speech earns him a hand on his head that thoroughly messes up his hair. He makes a noise of protest as Magnus gets off the couch and stretches.

“Come on,” Magnus says as he conjures a portal in the living room, blocking out the television where Cake Wars is still playing, “I’m sure we can find something for your boyfriend in Paris.”

Paint Them Pink-Jordan Parrish

Valentine’s Collection:#8

Teen Wolf Imagine:#107

Word Count: 1,530

Warnings: None that I can think of?

SummaryJordan schedules a pamper session for Y/N and himself.

A/n: I thought I was never going to get this done but here it is! (I really enjoyed writing for Jordan btw)

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Last Imagine

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Pregnancies and nail art

*Alexander x reader
*Word count: 1239

Summary: A fluffy fic where the reader is really pregnant and can’t reach her own toes, so Alex paints her toenails for her while he rants to her about his day at work. He’s surprisingly good, he can do these nice little patterns and everything.

A/N: This headcannon is something I saw on instagram earlier today and I immediately felt like I had to write something based on it. It’s not as long as my other fics but I think it turned out kinda cute, but it is unchecked, so you have been warned. (Also this switched from two different povs kinda fast but I was too lazy to change it. Sorry.)

Warnings: extreme fluff, pregnancies, idk maybe a few curse words??

Originally posted by hamiltonmemes

It had been a long day, you were tired, your body ached, your husband was away at work, and you couldn’t even paint your damn toenails.

It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried, of course. You used to paint your toenails all the time before you had gotten pregnant, you loved switching up the colors based on the season, and you loved adding little designs and patterns.

You felt a pout form on your lips as you once again tried to reach down to reach your feet from where you sat on the couch, the brush making it dangerously close to your toes, but not close enough. Letting out a loud whine, you flopped back onto the comfortable couch, huffing as you put the brush back into the bottle of polish.

“Of course, of course, I had to get pregnant. Because of this damn pregnancy, I can’t paint my own toenails! What the hell?” You ranted, muffling your voice with a pillow as you stayed still, still ranting under your breath and not even realizing that your husband had just walked in through the door with a tired look on his features, but still a soft smile on his lips when he saw you.

“Hello to you too, angel.” Alexander mused, his smile turning into a smirk when you removed the pillow from your face, the pout still gracing your lips. He laughed, he loved it when you would pout, he had always thought it was adorable. “What’s wrong?” He asked, making his way towards you and lifting your legs up so he could sit on the couch and massage your feet.

You stayed silent, crossing your arms as you kept your gaze on that bottle of mauvey pink nail polish. Alexander’s gaze followed yours and he laughed when he realized why you were so upset… You couldn’t paint your toenails. Alexander knew of your love for painting your toenails, and he knew how much of a struggle it had been trying to reach your toes, he also knew that you were far too lazy to get out of your sweats and go to the salon to get them done, so you had to deal with bare toes for the past two months.

“Sweety… You know I could paint your nails for you?” He trailed off, frowning a bit when Y/n burst into laughter, shaking her head softly before she let out a sigh and looked up at her husband with amusement in her eyes. “Baby… We both know you can’t paint nails.” Alex furrowed his brows, frowning. “You can’t say that! You’ve never seen me paint toenails before.”

Y/n rolled her eyes before reaching over to hand Alexander the mauve nail polish. “Alright, hotshot. Get to painting.” He grinned and quickly nodded, taking the small bottle from her hands and opening the tube, taking out the brush as Y/n readied herself for a mess, but she didn’t protest, if he wanted to do it then so be it.

“Okay, so, today at work…” Alex trailed off, peeking up at his wife real quick to make sure she was listening, only to look back down at her feet when he gained the nod of approval. “Jefferson and Madison were in Jefferson’s office talking about how jealous they were of me that I had Washington on my side and they didn’t.” He paused, smirking proudly as he painted your first toe.

“And just as I was about to go in there and rub it in their faces, Burr was also in there. Why would he hang out with those stupid motherfu-” Y/n cut him off with a gasp. “Alexander! Your son can hear you.” Alex rolled his eyes and laughed, before continuing with his story. “Anyways, he started talking and saying how nice it’d be to have Washington on their side.”

He shook his head, but continued painting your nails. “I didn’t want to go in there anymore.” He mumbled, pouting a bit which made Y/n giggle and shake her head.

Alex continued blabbering on and on about his day, how Washington wanted to promote him, how Laurens and Mulligan almost got themselves fired, and more Y/n couldn’t even remember at the moment. It had been silent when Y/n tried to peer over her large belly to see how much of a mess Alexander had made, yet she didn’t recall ever feeling polish on her skin.

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed, jumping up and gently moving Y/n’s feet off of his lap to stand up. “Where do you keep all of your nail stuff?” Y/n furrowed her brows. “Uh… the first cabinet under my sink. Why?” He shook his head, smiling. “No reason.” He muttered, racing down the hall to get to their master bathroom.

He didn’t return for a few moments, which almost made Y/n want to go up and see what mess he had gotten himself into, and right when she was about to force herself up, Alexander came rushing back into the room with her nail art pens and some white nail polish. “Alright, don’t look.” He warned, setting her feet on his lap again as he went back to work, dipping one of the pencil’s into the white polish.

After what felt like forever, Y/n began to whine. “Aleexxx,” she groaned. “Our son is hungry.” Alex sighed, shaking his head. “You’re lucky I love you and our son.” He teased, winking playfully as he went to get up and grab a small snack for Y/n.

He then came back with a granola bar and some pickles along with an apple juice box. “Thank you, baby.” Y/n smiled, sipping from the juice box as Alexander went back to work.

Eventually, Alex was finally finished. “There!” He smiled, reaching to grab his phone and pull up his camera to show Y/n the finished product. Y/n gasped, looking up at Alexander with wide eyes. “Oh my…” She trailed off, smiling a bit. “You’re actually really good.” She said, looking back down at the picture.

“Ya know, if I weren’t so good at politics, I’d quit and go start a nail salon.”

“Uh… Alex?”

“I’d call it Alexander’s Nail Salon!”


“All of our friends would get discounts, including you, and we’d be very successful-”


That finally cut him off, “what?” You shook your head and looked down at the puddle forming around your feet. “I think my water broke.” Alex looked down, his eyes widening at the sight.

“Oh shit…”

Being Scott’s little sister would include <3

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-> Getting take out all the time
-> “Hey Scotty??”
“What’s up?” 
“If I put nail polish on your normal nails, will your claws be pink too?” 
-> You mean the world to him. He loves you so much and you love him just as much. 
-> Scott’s always there for you and is a really good brother. If you need to talk he’ll be there in a heartbeat. 
-> Stiles is like your second brother. Stiles has never had his own siblings so you and Scott are everything to him. 
-> Both boys being really protective of you. 
-> You cannot talk to boys without them knowing. You cannot look at a boy without them knowing. 
-> Derek actually liking you. He was very skeptic of Scott bringing you along pack meetings but eventually you grew on him. He also is very protective of you. 
-> Scott bringing you to pack meetings. He would only do it so you knew what was going on. You couldn’t come to pack missions but Scott thought it was best if you knew what they were doing, where they were going and who they were fighting. 
-> Liam and you being pack babys 
-> Being really close with Liam since you’re the same age. 
-> Visiting Allison’s grave with Scott. 
-> Being used to the pack being at your house all the time
-> “Y/N can you get me a soda?” Stiles asked without really looking at you. “Oh can you make that two please?” Isaac asked holding out two fingers. You groaned but got them their drinks. It was always like that at pack meetings. 
-> Crawling into his bed at night when you’ve had a nightmare. 
“Scott…?” You said your head peeked inside his quiet room. “Mhm?” He didn’t need to open his eyes to know it was you. “Can I sleep in here?” You went inside. He threw back his duvet for you to get in. You slipped in and got comfortable. “Thanks Scotty.” He found your hand and gave it a good squeeze. “Of course. You’re always welcome.” He turned around and kissed your forehead. “You’re so not getting the car tomorrow for this.” He said as he turned his back to you. 
-> When Theo first got to Beacon Hills he flirted with you constantly just to bug both Stiles and Scott. 
-> Wars over the remote
-> You, Stiles and Scott having nerf gun wars at your house
-> Being best friends with your brother. 

Dear Journal,

When we were back from Hogsmeade, Lily, Marlene and Sophie were painting their nails with muggle nail polish. When Lily saw James, she ran up to him and gave him a big hug.

“Show me your tattoo!” She said with a big smile on her lips.

“I hope you will like it..” he said, blushing.

He sat on the red couch and lifted the hem of his trousers to reveal his bare ankle. A small Lily flower was drawn on it. When Lily saw it, she slightly gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

“Don’t you like it love?” He asked, frowning.

“Jamie.. I love it! You did this.. for me?”

“Well… I’m in love with you and i wanted to show you that I will always be…” he said, running his fingers in her long ginger hair.

“I love you so much James!” She responded, taking his red cheeks in her hand, kissing his lips.

“Enough love brids!” Marlene said laughing.

“What is that liquid you’re putting on your nails?!” Sirius screamed.

“It’s Nail polish! Have you never heard of it Sirius?” Lily asked.

“No.. Can I have some too?!” He said, getting excited.

“Sure! Come on I’ll do it for you!” Lily said, taking his hand and sitting him on the couch. I snuggled beside him and stared at the excitement in his eyes.

“Which colour do you want?” Lily asked him.

“Heum… Moons which colour should I get?” He said, turning to face me, smilling ear to ear.

I just looked at him with a smile on my lips. He looked happy and it made my heart warm up.

“Why are you staring at me like that!?” He giggled.

“I don’t know.. I just think you’re so cute..” i said, quickly kissing is lips.

“No but Seriously! Which colour should i get?” He asked.

“I’m sure you want me to say black..” i smirked.

“I really hoped you did!”

Lily slowly painted his nails with the black nail polish. When she was done, Sirius was very happy of how it looked.

“This stuff is amazing! Look at me! I’m a whole new person!” He laughed.

“You look amazing babe..”

After winning a few chest games against Sophie, we headed back to our dorm to draw our map of the sky. Our astronomy professor wanted us to be very carefull and to draw our map almost perfectly so, we decided to have a sleepless night since we don’t have classes tommorow. That meant I could cuddle Sirius all day and all night. Sirius said i was very cuddly today…
I mean.. He’s kinda right.. I really wanted to kiss him in that moment, but i didn’t want to annoy the boys..

“How about we just put all our blankets and pillows beside the window?” James asked.

“Yes! I’ll go get snacks in the kitchens!” Sirius said.

I then saw the opportunity.

“I’ll come with you Pads!” I quickly said.

“Oh! Okay! Come on!”

We walked down the stairs and got out of the common room. The moment the door closed, I grabbed his wrist and turned him around, softly pinning him on the wall. I put my hands on his cheeks and crushed my lips against his. He was suprised, but kissed back after a small moment. His hands found their way to the hem of my shirt and i could feel is warm fingers on the exposed part of my skin. Not breaking the kiss, I took him by the waist and lifted him up so he could wrap his legs around my my waist. His fingers tangled up in my hair and i could feel his cheeks heat up. I slowly pulled away to catch my breath, still holding him against the wall.

“What was that for?” He asked, smirking.

“I don’t know.. I just wanted to kiss you really bad!” I giggled, looking down.

“Don’t be shy baby! I liked it!” He soflty kissed my forehead.

“I don’t want to put you down!” I giggled, still holding him.

“Then don’t!” He giggled too.

After getting the snacks, we came back to the dorm and James had all our pillows and blankets in a corner near the window. We all sat together and waited for the stars to light up in the sky.

The first one to light up was the Sirius star.

February 7th 1976

do you ever think about how @danielhowell is so much happier and open to new things like nail polish and feminine clothes and he doesn’t care at all when he says that boys are cute or that some guy is really handsome and that he just smiles all the time and its not even subtle its just this big grin and you just want to scream because he’s so different and happy and you just wanna cry because I do 


Imagine: Being best friends with Alison and forming a secret relationship with Jason.    

For: Anon

You’re sitting with your five best friends in Alison’s bedroom, you were having one of your traditional sleepovers. There was a movie playing on the TV, but the six of you were too busy painting your nails and gossiping to actually pay attention to it.

“That colour looks so good on you Ali!” Aria swoons at the bubblegum pink nail polish that Alison is painting on her toes.

“I know sweetie,” Alison responds sassily, as much as you loved Alison, she could definitely be a little bit bitchy sometimes, but she was one of your only friends and without her, none of the other girls would speak to you either.

Hanna reaches into the popcorn bowl and laughs, “What colour doesn’t look good on Ali?”

 “Thank Han, but you might want to lay off the popcorn darling,” Alison responds too sweetly. Hanna’s face instantly falls and she turns bright red, dropping the popcorn in her hand back into the bowl.

“Oh come on Ali, let her live,” You respond coolly.

She raises her eyebrows threateningly, “I’m only being a good friend to her Y/N.”

The girls look back and forth between you two, this was a common occurrence, you were the only one willing to stand up to Alison, but you knew that if you crossed the line, your high school life would be ruined. You bite your tongue to stop yourself from making another remark, not wanting to start another fight on a night that was supposed to be fun, “I’m gonna go get myself a glass of water. Does anyone want anything?”

Alison just rolls her eyes and the others silently shake their heads, this mood probably wasn’t going to last long, but you didn’t want to be stuck in the awkward silence so you walk out.

The hallways of the DiLaurentis house are dark; Alison’s parents were out for the weekend, so you had the house to yourself. Or so you thought.

You make your way to the kitchen, quietly humming, and you pour yourself a cold glass of water, in hopes to cool down your hot temper. You stand around in the dark kitchen until you hear the girls giggling once again; you know it’s probably safe to return, so you make your way back to Alison’s room.  

As you approach the stairs, a voice behind you makes your heart jump out of your heart, “Hey Y/N.”

You spin around on your heel and see Alison’s older brother, Jason, standing right behind you, “Jesus Jason! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry” he shrugs.

You stand in silence for a while, staring at each other through the dark. The initial surprise from Jason’s jump scare had worn off, but your heart was still racing due to the fact that your best friend’s incredibly attractive older brother is standing a bit too close to you. You finally break the silence, “Um, I should probably head back up stairs.”

He shakes his head, “Yeah, uh, I only stopped to because I wanted to say that it was really nice how you stood up for Hanna earlier.”

“Oh, you heard that?” You blush, luckily, he couldn’t see that in the dark.

“You girls aren’t necessarily quiet, that’s why I came down here,” He chuckles.

“Sorry,” You laugh.

Jason steps even closer to you, “You know, you’ve always been my favourite out of Ali’s Power Puff Girls.”

“And why is that?” You struggle to keep your voice from faltering. Jason’s proximity to you felt wrong, but you didn’t want him to back away.

“You’re the only one who isn’t afraid to stand up to my sister. You treat her as if she’s actually your friend, and not your ring leader. You don’t let her walk all over you like the other girls and my family do,” He pauses for a moment and then adds more quietly, “You’re also the most beautiful.”

You blush, “Thank you Jason.”

He brushes a strand of hair away from your face and tilts your chin up, he leans down so that you noses are almost touching and pauses, silently asking for your permission. The small part of you that fears Alison screams at you not to do it, but you ignore it. You stand up on your toes and close the gap between you two. This kiss starts off gentle, but slowly grows passionate. You finally pull away when you hear Alison’s voice call from upstairs, “Y/N! How long does it take to get water?!”

You shyly look up at Jason, “I should go.”

You’re about to head up when he grabs your arm, to stop you, “Do you want to go out to lunch sometime?”

“I’d love to,” You smile at him, “Jason, can we please keep this a secret?”

“I was thinking the same thing,” He laughs, “Ali would be furious.”

You nod, as the girls call you once again.

You bid Jason good night and rush upstairs. You walk in the door, and all the girls stop joking around at stare up at you.

“Y/N, what happened to your lipgloss?” Alison finally asks, you look in the mirror and notice that your lipgloss is all messed up. Shit, this is going to be hard to explain.


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Yo! What color did the other dudes paint their nails? ((also i love this art so much!! it's too cute!!))

R: I like to paint my nails either an orange or red.

JD: I usually go with a light blue, or with clear nail polish. Football usually ruins the paint job.

M: I paint mine red. It’s like, the best color to use.


Ok guys, today I am bringing you a review for the new brand PS Polish and their Dream polish line.

Something to mention is that the company did reach out to me and send me their products for review but I am not paid to do this.

Ok so PS polish was created by Pardis A. Kelly (D.P.M., Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder PS Cosmeceutical) and Stefanie Grotkin (President & Co-Founder PS Cosmeceutical) who founded PS Cosmeceutical in 2012.

They claim their polish is “10 Free”, meaning it is free off:

● Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin
● Phthalate
● Toluene
● Camphor
● Lead
● Parabe
● Xylene
● Ethyl Tosylamide
- They say they don’t test on animals, it doesn’t stain and it is quick drying.


Let’s take a moment to talk about my expiearence with shipping and my interactions with their company/customer service.

I am going to start off by saying their customer service is either grossly understaffed or they just don’t seem to have it up and running well.

When I agreed to do a review for PS Polish I was instructed by one of their outreach personnel on how to go about placing an order online through pspolish.com. I placed said order and it seemed to work well. But it didn’t give me a tracking number for shipping, just a notice after the order was placed that it would arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Two weeks went by and I never received the product.

I reached out to PS Polish via the e mail their outreach personnel left for me if I had any questions. Nobody ever responded to that e mail. So I tried the live chat option on the site a few times and waited several minuets for any sign of response and nobody ever responded. I tried to submit a customer support ticket but when ever I clicked submit it would redirect me to a page that gave me a 404 Error message.

It seemed there was literally no way to get in contact with this company. Had I been a paying customer I would have been VERY upset with this situation, even as a simple reviewer I was pretty frustrated because at this point it had been almost a month with a missing product.

So I gave it a last ditch effort and sent a message to them on their public Facebook page explaining the issue and telling them that this particular message would be my last attempt at contacting them and a review would come regardless of my having a product or not (which I believe they deleted because when I went back I couldn’t find it).

They eventually did respond and send me two colors and a base and top coat with a tracking number for the shipment. They did not apologize for the lack in response nor did they bother to inform me as to WHY they couldn’t or didn’t respond except for the initial contact I made with the person who acted as their outreach personnel had been let go (which I had to inquire about they didn’t readily offer me that information). However I would like to point out that they were not rude and did seem professional in their wording.

This alone is enough for me to be disinterested in ever actually ordering from them with my own money. In my expiearence the customer service is questionable at best and I truly feel that had I not made a point to make a statement on a public media platform I never would have gotten a response at all.

Take that as you will.


Let’s talk about the formula of these polishes.

They claim to be 10 Free, quick drying and nonstaining.

In my expiearence they were defiantly not quick drying. I would say they dried about the same as a normal polish. The lack of quick drying is evident in the photo I posted of the red color as I used it to stamp (it stamped beautifully by the way) over the lighter shade they sent me and after waiting several minutes it still smeared with the topcoat. If you have a topcoat that is pretty good at preventing smearing maybe you could get away with it but this defiantly smeared and stayed tacky for quite a while.

The colors do stain as well however I would say the level of staining is less significant than other polishes of the same color, even though I did use the Basecoat they sent me with both looks.

As for the colors and texture of the polishes. The red is a very lovely one coater. It’s a cream polish so it goes on pretty smooth and once it did dry it was fairly shiny. The pink took two costs to reach full opacity and I LOVE this shade. It is probably one of my favorite colors in my collection now, and it also dried shiny. Both colors are a pretty good thickness, and stay where you put them in the nail. They self level really well too.

I can’t say I care too much for the base coat, it is a typical base coat.

The topcoat is fantastic. It dried really quickly and it holds a stunning shine to it. I would say it is pretty comparable to Seche Vite in quality.


The smell…. nail polish smells how it does because nitrocellulose is dissolved in a chemical solvent called ethyl acetate. This solvent is what gives nail polish its smell. But with this polish missing several ingredients (not those two) normal polish can have I was shocked to find that it smelled like normal polish.

These polishes run about 15 bucks a polish not including shipping.

The colors are fantastic in my opinion.


Ultimately, I think the quality is pretty good and the formula is fair. But the ordeal I expiearenced with their customer service and the price point really doesn’t work for me.

Perhaps if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in normal polish that PS Polish claims to be free of, or if you don’t mind spending more for the brand name etc you may be interested in these products.

These women did work hard to bring the Dream line to nail polish lovers, so I am in no way disreguarding their effort. However, for me I don’t really find the positives of this expiearence to be worth the splurge.

I would like to see a boost in customer expiearence from them in the future.


- NailartArsenal


Okay so these are divided up into what was hauled together. These were taken over time because Dior and Chanel are pricey and stalked.

Chanel bronze lumiere - £36

Total: £36


Chanel pencil liner - £21
Chanel stylo yeux - £20

Total: £41


Chanel gel liner - £20
Chanel foundation - £23

Total: £43


Diorshow curl mascara - £25
Diorshow mascara - £25

Total: £50


Dior foundation - £20
Dior hydra life - £45

Total: £65


Diorshow foundation - £32.50
Dior blush - £35

Total: £67.50


Chanel bronzer powder - £40
Chanel eyeshdow palette - £43

Total: £83


Dior brush set - £113.50
Dior liner - £20.50
Dior jaune yellow primer - £23.50

Total: £157.5


Not pictured: green Chanel nail polis which I live by. Tip: don’t get too much nail polish it expires in two years and is a massive waste, if u have loads refrigerate it. £20

Also £50 Dior eye cream I got for my grandma for Mother’s Day cus she likes Dior and 😍 I love her


Grand Total: £613

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so there's this girl at my work that I'm like honestly in love with. She wears a jean jacket with all kids of patches and pins and flannels and she has shortish floppy hair that she doesn't style much and loves rock music and always has black nail polish on and shes absolutely hilarious and sarcastic. Every time I see her my heart just goes !!!! and I can't talk properly ahdhsjauak. But idk if she's even into girls and I'm too scared to ask but ahdhsjauak sorry I just wanted to gush.

Don’t flat out ask if she’s gay just be like “have you heard of Hayley Kiyoko?” and if she says yes then *hacker voice* you’re in

Nail Polish

Summary: Adrien gets a glimpse of his Lady’s hand and her interesting choice of nail polish after an Akuma leaves them stuck and reverted to their civilian selves.

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrienette

Rating: K

Notes: I wanted to write a Reveal™ while also thinking about getting my nails done, thus cranking this baby out. Hope you all like it! 

Read it here on FF.net

The Akuma this time around was a poor wallflower who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and not have their personal space be invaded. Hawk Moth decided to christen this one as the “Space Maker.” In order to go about his plan, the villain decided to give everyone their own person bubble to be trapped in. Thankfully, the bubbles were rooted to the ground as opposed to dragging the citizens of Paris into the sky like when Ladybug and Chat Noir fought the Bubbler.

Unfortunately, the Space Maker was a very calculating and strategic opponent, not striking his prey until both Ladybug and Chat Noir used their special powers to try and defeat him.

It was not the duo’s finest moment, to say the least.

Feeling his goal of achieving personal space for everyone was more important, the Space Maker decided to leave the heroes to themselves so he could continue to imprison Paris, leaving Ladybug and Chat alone to try and think of a plan.

“My claws may be sharp, my Lady, but they’re useless against this bubble,” Chat grumbled, wincing as his ring gave another sharp beep. He only had about three minutes left before he changed back.

Ladybug sighed, her own Miraculous giving off a beep to indicate her inevitable transformation, “Looks like we’ll have to revert back to our civilian selves and recharge our Kwami. Once that’s done, you can transform back and use Cataclysm to get us out of here. Then we’ll capture the Akuma, and this time we won’t fail!”

“Right.” Chat nodded.

An awkward pause ensued, Chat rubbing the back of his head as Ladybug shuffled from foot to foot.

“So… How do we…?” Chat trailed off. Their bubble prison wasn’t very big—after all, the purpose was for only one person to have his or her own personal space—however, it was spacey enough that the two wouldn’t be claustrophobic.

They had to make sure that whatever they did, they didn’t move very much and see the other de-transform, thus revealing their secret identities to each other.

Not that Chat minded, it’s no secret how badly he wants to know who is behind the red and black spotted mask, but sadly, those are the rules enforced by their Kwami so he has to respect it.

“We could just…” Ladybug started, covering her earring as it beeped again to indicate one minute left and looked at their surroundings. Lucky for them, the street the Space Maker trapped them at was deserted, meaning there would be no prying eyes that would see them. After assessing how much space the bubble had, she continued:

“Okay here’s what we’ll do: we’ll turn our backs to each other and keep our eyes forward. No peaking,” she emphasized, causing her partner to huff in slight annoyance. Like he was going to betray her trust so flippantly, no matter how bad the temptation was. Give him some credit, LB.

Nodding at the plan, Chat faced forward while his Lady maneuvered until he could feel her back flush against his. Once she was settled, their Miraculous gave their last beeps and bright green and pink light flashed. In Chat’s place stood Adrien, who stubbornly kept his eyes in front of him, trying his best to ignore the fact that Ladybug’s civilian self was right behind him!

Secret identities sucked.

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Yuri Plisetsky! So smol so much angst.

(though tbh i’m leaning more towards Yuri Katsuki…)

The animal prints are water transfer decals but the lines are freehanded. Didn’t want to have too much black so went with the white tiger+red instead of tiger+black.

Colours used:
cirque carpe diem
nails inc 043 baker street
nail holic sv002
catrice ultimate nail laquer 19 fred said red
maybelline colour show 220 blackout 

(Random yay I’ve managed to grow out my nails hopefully i can keep myself from biting them from now on)

i also did Victor’s and Yuuri’s stammi vicino pair skate and Yurio’s On Love: Agape!

BTS Hyung line - Girlfriends

>>Maknae line 


  • Really motherly 
  • Always carries around a napkin in her purse 
  • Extremely cute but not necessarily cuddly 
  • PINK 
  • More caring than thoughtful 
  • Is loved by everyone, but like a family love 
  • Has the habit of tutting to everyone when they sware 
  • Has a weird obsession towards horror movies
  • The type to laugh while watching horror movies lol
  • Good at cooking and Baking 
  • Always brings the best snacks and shares it with everyone 
  • Raises her voice when angry, but doesn’t really ever scream
  • Takes care of everyone around her 
  • Unknowingly says perverted things 
  • Is so innocent ( I mean as innocent as someone her age can be …)
  • More extroverted 
  • Is always some type of active 
  • Likes cleaning 
  • Long hair ( I don’t know why) 
  • A little more traditional 
  • Wears high heels ; not stilleto’s but the low heeled ones
  • Has a bunch of pictures of her family hanging in her room
  • Is super bad any type of music 
  • Has two left feet ( but it’s still so cute lol)
  • Two words - Wife material, Motherly Care


  • Extremely thoughtful 
  • Intelligent ; Educational sense and just has common sense
  • Casual wear most of the time 
  • Glasses 
  • Bad at music 
  • Slightly good at dancing 
  • Very romantic 
  • Acts tough, but cries when Namjoon gets the tiny bit hurt 
  • Always defending herself 
  • Strong beliefs ; Not afraid to stand up for them 
  • More introverted, but seems extroverted 
  • Loves books ; they are a hobby, not necessarily a ‘get-away' 
  • Shawls 
  • Always has a notebook with her, just incase she needs to write something down 
  • Has a super huge bag that has god knows what inside 
  • Weirdly organized 
  • Caring, but doesn’t like showing it 
  • Loves PDA 
  • Acts corrupted is corrupted (cause she is an expensive girllll) 
  • Blushes very easily 
  • Gets irrated when teased, but constantly teases everyone else 
  • Goes off somewhere to be alone when in a fight ; probably goes to an old bookstore 
  • Good at cooking, tries baking ; ultimatily fails 
  • Never admits to her failures 
  • Used to have braces 
  • Cries into her pillow while watching some random show ( probs adventure time lol that shit emotional) 
  • Always wears black nail polish 
  • Loves art and poetry 
  • Inspirational quotes all over her whole house
  • The first 'i love you’ is over text 
  • Two words - Content, Thoughtful


  • Incredibly shy 
  • Hard to read 
  • Thoughtful about other’s feelings ; too much that she doesn’t really know her own 
  • Has some type of passion in the arts 
  • Always has earphones with her 
  • Open-minded, in a sense that she will never blantly judge someone 
  • Definetely introverted 
  • Acts corrupted is corrupted ( I don’t even know why) 
  • Loves cute little DIY's 
  • Gets playfully angry when someone calls her 'cute’ but blushes so hard 
  • Is actally super adorable 
  • Comfortable silence 
  • Has a tiny bag with only her phone and earphones, and like 2 other things 
  • Intelligent 
  • Probably pansexual??? 
  • Thinks a little too deeply 
  • Has slight anxiety, but never shows it ; always deals with it herself ( I’m sorry if you, the person reading this, has to deal with this on your own…I know many people do. I hope that you’re okay, and please know that it’s okay to feel that way. You’re feelings are valid. Please don’t feel bad or mad at yourself for having this 'problem’ with you. For people who don’t have anxiety, there are always people around you who do. Trust me… An aching heart doesn’t scream out for help, and observing is the only way to catch it. Never ever make fun of anyone with social anxiety, or any kind of anxiety. You are only spitting on the fire. Again, please watch out for them? Any little thing could help ) 
  • Is pretty good at cooking, but doesn’t particularly like cooking 
  • Makes good ramen 
  • Only ever really speaks her feelings to one person , Yoongi 
  • Is so content…
  • Also has a sweet and playful side to her 
  • Sweet in a sense that she takes care of so many people , probably in secret 
  • Does volunteer work 
  • Is uncomfortable around kids, but doesn’t hate them 
  • Ok with PDA , but not always 
  • Values her personal space and the personal space of others 
  • Cares too much about societies opinion on her 
  • Cries and shouts while in a fight ; storms out at the end 
  • Makes sweet little apology texts after 
  • Is a blunt romantic 
  • Really short texts 
  • Doesn’t really answer her phone 
  • Somewhat positive 
  • Just a really warm hearted person that is so accepting of everyone 
  • Two words - Comfortable , accepting 


  • So cute / adorable / adorkable / cheesy 
  • Gets really easily excited 
  • Despite her looks, is very intelligent and thoughtful
  • PDA all the time 
  • Loves cute little things 
  • House is a little 'uncoordinated?' 
  • Never really cries, but when she does, it’s like a waterfall 
  • Blowing kiss emoji 
  • More extroverted, but can also be extremely introverted very occasionaly 
  • Good at cooking, bad a baking 
  • Likes planning her own dates 
  • Easily makes friends, but chooses not to 
  • Is not too good at singing, but sings at the top of her voice anyway 
  • Everything is really natural about her 
  • Acts natural is natural (there’s no telling what innocence is with her ) 
  • Hates horror movies, but still always asks to watch them 
  • Loves tiny little adventures 
  • Doesn’t want anything too extravogent 
  • Couple outfits 
  • Makes the best food with the slow cooker 
  • Loves k-drama's 
  • Asks for BTS’s autograph even though they are literally already friends 
  • Loves amusement rides 
  • Phobia of lullabyes (I don’t even know…) 
  • Never really hides her worries 
  • Occasionally has the deep late night talks where she can venture all of her feelings 
  • Nike shoes 
  • Probably very extremely clumsy 
  • Is always worrying and caring about him
  • Has like one best friend which she’s known for her whole life 
  • Just so so so cute and care free but has this deepness in her that only limited people know 
  • Two words - Carefree, adorkable 

// I finally finshed the HYUng line— This was so long.… Anyone who’s reading this for the first time, i hope you read the Maknae line too —<3<3 I’m so so so sorry if this wasn’t what you were hoping for… I really hope you liked it:0 Thanks for all fo your requests <3 //

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nonbinary neil prompt

this + chelsey’s ask alright…,,, kind of a continuation from this post i wrote with fox about genderfluid neil because a lot of the ideas are the same (i.e., in how i feel neil would explore gender, obviously genderfluid and non-binary are different)

and disclaimer.. i am cisgender so all i know about non-binary or genderfluid people is second hand knowledge, please please please tell me if i’ve gotten anything wrong or i’m being offensive i really don’t mean to be and i debated about not even answering this but… yeah anyway. under the cut

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I am really Sorry for spamming your ask T.T, BUT THIS IS SOOO CUUUUTTTTTEEEEE!!!!! mblogthumb3*phinf*naver*net/20141215_66/ssong0847_1418574836094fWX7m_GIF/8EFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBF*gif?type=w2

I’ll get this anon to present the “Anon Spam”. This person dedicated hours of time to send me some gifs/pics from Naver, and I thank you for that. So, let’s go to the spam!

Kaisoo exchanging hearts


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all…



Pls, hug him back Jonginnie…

This adorable smile, thoo…

Look at your bro the same as JI looks at his own bro.

An edit, but it’s extremely cute.


Look at your bro the same as JI looks at his own bro. PT.2


Taking care of his brojagi like a pro. And I noticed that it was the same day as this.

Is just me that really loves this pic?

Fetus Kaisoo. Some things just don’t change…


At least this time he knows that he’s putting lip balm insteal of nail polish…

BONUS because I like this gif too much.