i love nadia


Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

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(Based on this gem)

@vesuvia - I can’t stop…
@asraaaa - this is your fault <3
@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 


Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part II


Nadia Nadim responding to Nadine Angerer’s tweet to her prior to the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 quarter-final between Germany and Denmark. After Denmark’s 2–1 defeat of Germany, the Danish fans in the stands at Sparta Stadion also started sing “Schade, Deutschland, alles ist vorbei” (”Pity, Germany, it’s all over”).

Juniper Lane by Kady Morrison (@gyzym)

“You know, Mimosa,” Nadia says, the name beautiful in her mouth as it’s never been in anyone else’s, “I think we’ll manage,” and then she kisses her like she means it; like solid proof; like, finally, coming home.