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Just a heads up, moving into the summer I’m going to be getting pretty busy. 😥I have drivers ed (RIP) and will spending a lot of time working at my zoo. Not to mention family/friends birthdays and other holidays!
All this really means is I won’t be around for chatting as much, this blog will still be running as always and asks and tags will be answered just maybe a little slower. ^^; (THEY ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY SO DONT HESITATE TO SEND THEM OR TAG ME) I’ll still have days where I’m around a lot, it’ll just be only a few days a week instead of most days a week. On busy days I’ll probably be around for short intervals during the day and then for a few hours at night.

As always I want to make sure everyone knows that my messages are open for anything, if you need someone to talk to, some advice, some comfort, whatever, they are always open. And I always prioritise messages about serious things, okay?

That’s all, I hope everyone is having a good week and is staying cool! Take care you lovely, fantastic, beautiful people. (Bokuto really does think you’re a hoot, don’t forget) 💖💖💖💖


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Zoo “For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But what if all across the globe, the animals decided no more? What if they finally decided to bite back?”

myirrelephantlife  asked:

What, if any, animals do you think cannot be ethically kept in captivity? I know you're very pro-zoo, but do you think that there's a point where the cost-benefit of keeping a wild animal in captivity is no longer fair to the animal? (I love my local zoo but I'm also pretty heavily involved in wildlife rehabilitation, where euthanasia is very much present for unreleasable animals due to lack of available placements or unsuitability for captivity/education.)

I don’t honestly have a good answer for you, because I don’t feel like I know enough to make those calls. So anything in the rest of this answer is super, super subjective and I request people take it with the appropriate amount of salt grains. 

I know larger whales are one of the big hot-button topics, and they’re one taxa that I’m iffier on - but that’s really because I don’t have any personal experience with them in the wild or in captivity and I haven’t been able to get a good feel for things from reading journal articles. I don’t know either way and haven’t had enough experience to feel like I even have a chance of comprehending the nuance involved in that discussion. (This is a goal, someday, but it’s also why I currently don’t really talk about Seaworld / killer whales in captive situations. I’ll report on things I can research, like population statistics between wild and captive groups, or things that are fairly standard in animal care like enrichment protocols and necropsy procedures, but as far as ethics go I really don’t have enough whale-specific knowledge to be willing to say anything publicly).

Personally, I really dislike the larger sharks in captivity. Great Whites obviously don’t do well because of lack of space and too much stress, and thank god nobody has tried to put a basking shark in a tank yet. I ragequit the Georgia Aquarium after about 45 minutes because watching them tube-feed filter-feeding animals (after one’s probable cause of death was internal lacerations from the feeding tube) was just too much for me. Maybe I’d be more okay with that if we could actually allow them to engage in their natural feeding behaviors through a different tank design? I don’t know. That’s a line - animals not being able to engage in such a basic behavior as eating - that really bothers me. (I don’t know if there are studies out there about if tube-feeding impacts welfare. I haven’t looked. It makes me too mad). 

Both of those are sets of aquatic animals, which is an interesting thing to note, and I wonder if in an ideal world those would change if physical limitations on tank sizes did. Elephant welfare has absolutely improved since facilities have started building multiple-acre areas for them - maybe if we could take something the size of a football stadium and turn it into a tank for a great white their captive welfare would improve. I definitely find that I’m less iffy about the welfare of land animal taxa because we’ve seen such improvement when they’re given a ton of space and because the entire field is shifting in that direction. 

More to your second question, I think the cost/benefit really comes down to the animal, specifically with wild-caught or rescued animals. Animals raised in captive situations tend to do pretty well, but I’ve definitely heard of cases where unreleasable animals were unable to adapt to the stress of a captive situation and that’s where I feel like it becomes an issue of quality of life in captivity. 

/end for disorganized, unsourced thoughts.


max domi: lion whisperer 

my overly-ambitious nature has me making a second page…..and a third….andmaybeafourth….andprobablymorepleasehelpme

continuing my fav scene from chapter 7 of We Bought A Chocobo Zoo by @ton-berry

Okay but imagine your crush

  • Laughing so hard they can’t breathe
  • Snuggling up to something really warm and fuzzy at night
  • Staring up at the stars in pure awe
  • Hearing a joke and staring blankly for a few seconds before finally getting ait and laughing really, really hard
  • Watching fireworks on the fourth of July
  • Going to the zoo and observing the animals with a huge grin on their face
  • Laying on their bed and listening to music while just staring up at the ceiling
  • Laying down on the grass and cloud watching
  • Getting really, really excited about something dumb, like getting an unexpected present or being given an extra cupcake
  • Interacting with their pets really casually and sweetly, knowing all the spots to scratch and pet to get the best reactions
  • Sitting on their bedroom floor and looking through their collections of things, whether it be books, snow globes, seashells, etc.
  • Dancing around in their room crazily and singing along way off key to a song they absolutely love
  • Reading a fantastic book and just curling up as they get lost in it
  • Painting their nails weird colors and not caring if anybody says that it’s wrong/they shouldn’t do it
  • Cracking jokes/making really bad puns in class and feeling proud when people laugh

Like, just imagine

Bad Girlfriend (Shawn Mendes)

Hey loves, here’s my new imagine.

Feel free to send requests!

Summary: Y/N forgot that Shawn is allergic to dogs and brought one home.

Disclaimer: lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats.


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„Stupid stupid stupid“ I kept murmuring while looking at the cute husky in front of me. „Shawn is going to kill both of us“ I sighed. How could I forgot that Shawn is allergic to dogs?

*Few hours earlier*

‚Hey Tara, where‘s the animals shelter you‘re working in?‘ I texted my friend while humming to Shawn‘s music on the radio. Because Shawn is in the studio again and I have nothing to do I decided to visit my friend Tara.


„Tara, your friend is here“ Tara‘s coworker yelled. Soon I felt Tara‘s hands around my body. „You‘re finally here¡ I missed you!“ „I missed you too“ I yelled while hugging her. „Weirdos“ the same guy said in a boring tone. „Go fuck yourself, Jeremy“ Tara flipped him. „Wanna go and help me?“ I quickly squealed clapping my hands. Tara always knew I loved animals. When we were little we would always go to shelters and play with animals sometimes we would take some of them to our house too. My house was like a tiny zoo. I loved it. Soon I was surrounded by loads of cuties. AKA doggies. I started playing with all of them. THEY‘RE SO SO FLUFFY AND FREAKING CUTE. I CAN‘T. My gaze landed on the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. He was in the corner playing with his toy. „I‘ll take him“ I told Tara. „Who?“ she asked looking at me confused. „That husky“I pointed to that dog.


„How do you like your new home, Nasa?“ I asked my new dog. I quickly put him down when I heard my phone ringing. Without checking who‘s calling I quickly  picked up the phone „Hey princess“ Smile appeared on my face when I heard Shawn‘s cozy voice on the other end. But soon it vanished when my gaze fell on Nasa. „Shit“ I murmured without thinking.“What? Did something happen?“ Shawn asked panicking. „Oh no no, how are you?“ I asked nervously. „You sure? You sound nervous. Oh I‘m good, just wanted to say that I‘ll be stuck in the studio for longer than I thought“ I sighed and smiled „Oh okay“ I answered happily. „Why are you so happy about it? I though you were going to be sad“ Shawn asked laughing „Of course I‘m sad. But now I‘ll be able to cook your favorite“ „That‘s nice. Love you“ „Love you too“ soon as the call ended I looked at my dog. I‘m fucked.


„Stay in here, okay?“ I‘ll come later today. You have your toys here, bed, where to pee. It‘s like your kingdom, be a good boy for momma“ I petted Nasa and shut the door when I heard Shawn‘s voice downstairs „Hey baby“ I smiled walking down the stairs „Hey princess“ Shawn hugged me tightly and pecked my lips. „So what‘s for dinner?“ Shawn winked. Oh god I totally forgot about his favorite meal. „Chinese?“ I weakly smiled with rosy cheeks. I was damn ashamed of myself. Shawn pulled me into his arms „I still love you“ „Really?“ „Rea..“ his sneeze cut off his sentence. Here we go.


Another sneeze. And another. Shawn‘s face was swollen and I was the only knew the reason behind it.

Sneeze. „I‘m such a bad girlfriend. Oh my god“ I murmured under my breath. „What did you say?“ Shawn asked with runny nose. „That I‘m a bad girlfriend“ I answered while Shawn looked at me confused. „Because you forgot to cook my favorite meal that doesn‘t mean that you‘re a bad girlfriend“ „There‘s more than that“ I looked sadly at him. „You didn‘t sleep with someone else?“ Shawn asked carefully with fear in his eyes. „Oh god no“ Shawn relaxed „that‘s not it either“ I quickly said. „Just wait here“ I said and went to take Nasa. „I totally forgot that you‘re allergic to dogs and I rbought one“ I said with Nasa in my arms. Soon Shawn kissed Nasa. „What are you doing Shawn?“ I screamed pulling Nasa away from him. „What? I love dogs“ „Yes I know, but you‘re allergic“ I looked at him weirdly.


„Are you sad that we took Nasa away?“ Shawn asked me. Of course it may looked like this. Sad music was playing in the backround while I was scrolling my camera roll with photos of Nasa I have taken today. „No I‘m not. I just feel lonely“ „You have me“ Shawn pulled me closer to him. „I know“ I said smiling. „You know I read that people pet lynx at their home“ „We‘re not getting lynx, Y/N“ „Okay“ I said sadly.