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AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 1603

part 1 here

After what Bitty has been referring to in his own head as “The Incident” (with capital letters and all), things between the lax team and the hockey team are… Better? Naturally, Bitty couldn’t tell his team about what had happened, and in fact hadn’t even been pressured to; the teammates who’d been in the house at the time hadn’t even realized he was gone until he was strolling back through the door. So much for having each other’s backs, Bitty had mumbled to himself as he rolled out his pie crust.

But that had been nearly a month ago, and since then, the hockey team hadn’t been over even once to bang at the door with complaints– not even when the house had hosted a party two weeks ago and their music had been loud enough for the bass to be felt a full block away. It’s unusual behavior, and Bitty would be lying if he ever tried to say he isn’t curious about it. The way he sees it, they’re probably just feeling guilty over the whole kidnapping thing. Which is probably fair, all things considered, and Bitty appreciates their consideration. For the most part.

Despite the hockey team’s apparent peace with the lacrosse team, they do still seem a little spiteful. Either that, or Bitty is projecting his own spite onto them; he’s been sitting at the house’s kitchen table for a full two hours now, picking at a now cold tray of bagel bites as he tries to finish an essay. It’s not due until the next Monday, a fact that has Bitty thanking any and all gods who may exist, because there is no way in hell he can finish it tonight with the loud music blaring from across the street. Bitty keeps finding himself bouncing a leg to the beat and staring blankly at his laptop instead of actually writing, and after the fourth time, he finally sighs and slams the thing shut, sliding it perhaps too roughly into his backpack. He deposits the entire bag safely by the stairs before he heads out.

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anonymous asked:

Hii! Just a little ask to say that I love your blog!! I’m so glad you’re a part of this fandom 😘😘 And a little question if you don’t mind! What are your five favorite robron scenes ? :)

Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest! Thank you! Gah! Why would you ask me to limit it to just five? That’s cruel but I’ll do my best. I’ve put them in the order in which they occured.

1. The layby kiss. Always and forever. So much chemistry. The push and pull. Aaron letting Robert make te decision to really start something and then Robert literally chasing after Aaron. I also really love the lack of background noise. Instead you havw the scuffing sounds of boots on asphalt, heavy breathing and almost the desperation of the kiss itself. Just hot!

2. Easter morning at Home Farm. Will I ever be over the nuzzling??? NO!!! So soft and sweet. Disgustingly domestic. Finally the answer to the great what if and it was beautiful. Also, if you aren’t sure I’d Robert’s true feelings, just look at his face when he sees the text that Chrissie is coming home. Says it all.

3. The woods scene during SSW. Robert finally freeing himself of the shame he’s carried around for half his lifetime. Opening up to Aaron about why he denied who he was for so long. Aaron overcome with love and empathy, tears in his eyes, telling Robert he loves him. That he never stopped and the relief on Robert’s face to hear thise words again. The whole scene is so raw with emotion. I’m a flood of tears every time I watch it.

4. The hospital engagement. They were both so open and vulnerable. The way Robert tenderly touched Aaron’s scar and Aaron showing how much faith and trust he has in Robert by not pulling away. Robert reassuring Aaron that he’s not the only one who doesn’t feel worthy of love and that they work because they are both messed up. And of course adding that playful levity that Robert loves to tease Aaron with. The joy on their faces when Aaron puts the ring on Robert’s finger and being able to share that happiness with the people who mean the most to them.

5. The goodbye scene before prison. It’s so heartbreaking but that’s why it’s so good! They are being torn apart and it’s killing them! If you ever wanted proof that this os no ordinary love, here it is. Aaron’s trying to lighten the situation by teasing Robert about staying out of trouble but it’s only a reminder of how much Robert needs Aaron there. A mutual I love you. The way they hold each other, creating a heart with their bodies. Aaron having to squeeze Robert to make him let go. Then that look on Robert’s face when Aaron walks out the door.


yall.. winwin is blonde and i cant breathe :(( 

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Hi!! I voted for dadinof :) also I use the Anastasia renaissance palette like...everyday so that would be my makeup rec!!

i love abh omg !!!

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