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AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 1603

part 1 here

After what Bitty has been referring to in his own head as “The Incident” (with capital letters and all), things between the lax team and the hockey team are… Better? Naturally, Bitty couldn’t tell his team about what had happened, and in fact hadn’t even been pressured to; the teammates who’d been in the house at the time hadn’t even realized he was gone until he was strolling back through the door. So much for having each other’s backs, Bitty had mumbled to himself as he rolled out his pie crust.

But that had been nearly a month ago, and since then, the hockey team hadn’t been over even once to bang at the door with complaints– not even when the house had hosted a party two weeks ago and their music had been loud enough for the bass to be felt a full block away. It’s unusual behavior, and Bitty would be lying if he ever tried to say he isn’t curious about it. The way he sees it, they’re probably just feeling guilty over the whole kidnapping thing. Which is probably fair, all things considered, and Bitty appreciates their consideration. For the most part.

Despite the hockey team’s apparent peace with the lacrosse team, they do still seem a little spiteful. Either that, or Bitty is projecting his own spite onto them; he’s been sitting at the house’s kitchen table for a full two hours now, picking at a now cold tray of bagel bites as he tries to finish an essay. It’s not due until the next Monday, a fact that has Bitty thanking any and all gods who may exist, because there is no way in hell he can finish it tonight with the loud music blaring from across the street. Bitty keeps finding himself bouncing a leg to the beat and staring blankly at his laptop instead of actually writing, and after the fourth time, he finally sighs and slams the thing shut, sliding it perhaps too roughly into his backpack. He deposits the entire bag safely by the stairs before he heads out.

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omg I saw all the talk about mystic messenger recently, so I decided to play some last night and got this call from zen lolol (he’s a true phantom thief!!)


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omg ok so im also jewish ( i know with the way i write i seem like a 5 year old but bear with me i am very tired) and i have been wondering if jews are considered people of color?? or i guess just non-white (as in the definition of american white people and their whole "culture") B/c i've never felt connected to americans (I live in the US but my family is israeli, I speak hebrew, I'm Sephardic..) and idk I just was wondering what kinda box I fit into?? sorry for all the parentheses! thank you!!

You mean how are a consider by non Jews? It depends on the context I think.
Like I’m not in USA so the context can definitely change. What I can perceive is that whiteness there works in a very different manner.
All I can tell you is based in my personal experience while living in south America and Europe.
South america has the general idea that Jews are white, while living there I had the sense we were the somehow white outsiders cause they have the idea of the eastern European jew as been the main and only idea of what Jews are like while at the same time I had the “are you Jewish? But you don’t look totally Jewish… you look kinda middle eastern” and I was…ok…. mmm
In Europe things get tricky cause literally doesn’t matter how white passing or how pale your skin is … if your ethnicity isn’t the one that likes them… you are not gonna be considered the “good white”
I guess that after all its like I read very recently around… some of us are white and some of us are not and it depends.
I’m sorry I’m not the best person to ask this since my reality it’s very different. I’m a Latina sephardi Brown inmigrant jew living alone in Europe outside any Jewish community, I have to battle against assimilation in a very different way and the whole white Jews discussion is often seen with a very north American idea and I’m sorry I’m not been helpful with your question.
Perhaps someone else wants to clarify all this more deeply so please consider to add anything to this answer.
(And I’m sorry for my English I promise I’m trying to make sense but the language barrier sometimes make it hard)

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your url is the most perfect thing, because Cas + moon parallels is like my ultimate jam ❤ and now i just keep picturing smol happy Cas as a lil bean of moonlight, gazing wonderously at the Sun (Dean) and there's a whole galaxy AU in my head which is weird af??? But also: Cas looking perfect under the moonlight, his wings spread wide and gleaming this ethereal white on black feathers ;u;

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💫 congratulations on the 2.2k!!! i really love your blog omg. my url is criminologiste, my content tag is /tagged/mine (my studyblr is fairly new so there isnt that much there), and im really looking forward to term break in two weeks! 😅

thank you!! good luck for the final stretch 💛

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