i love my two bbs

sometimes I think about that pidge has cried in 3 episodes, like cried with actual visible tears. She’s actually cried more than anyone I think and that’s super interesting to me because we all think of her as a super tough cookie but she’s soft.

this is my favorite jinhun moment from the whole episode, hands down. look at the way jihun’s expression changes from laughing to being serious and attentive towards youjin real quick and then he just listens to youjin speaking as if it matters a lot, as if whatever youjin’s got to say matters a lot. 

it’s one of the things that i love about their dynamics - that jihun, despite his playful self that would sometimes ~make fun~ of youjin when the older’s rambling, he also knows how to listen, and he listens well.


Designated Survivor S1x10:

∟The Oath

You know, I have to admit, when I first got here, I thought that you were gonna do everything you could to get me out of the White House, not be the reason I’m still here. Well, I have to admit when you first got here, I didn’t think you could handle it. Yeah, you called me a minor leaguer. Yeah, well, I was wrong. If anything, I’m learning from you.


[♕ kingdom hearts appreciation week ♕]

day four | favorite keyblade(s) - oathkeeper and oblivion


Christian was thankful that he had a mostly indoors job. When he first stepped out of his D.C. home and was faced with a horrible, blazing heat, he immediately felt a cooking sensation crawl across his skin underneath his black suit as he made his way to his car, a cellphone already poised to the side of his head. Christian had been on the phone since he had gotten out of the shower, having barely any time to shove a piece of food in his mouth or take a drink of coffee for the most part. To say the least, the twenty-nine-year-old was still barely awake and grumpier than he should’ve been upon parking his car and getting out to head up the steps of Capitol Hill. 

Christian had finally finished with his second phone call of the morning, finally slugging down his moderately cooled down cup of coffee. He had just gotten inside, the blast of air conditioning cooling down the sweat that had built up in the back of his neck when his phone went off again. He nearly threw the coffee cup into the wall when he heard it. He pulled it out, the tension falling away from his muscles when he saw the name that popped up. 


He picked it up, pressing the phone to his ear and greeting his little brother with soft words as he stepped off to the side, nodding his head to his peers and betters as they passed him. 

“Yeah, I’m fine, Zacky,” Christian told his brother when his shaken voice asked him if he was okay, that he sounded stressed. “Just a lot going on this morning. I’ve got a meeting in an hour.” 

He spent the next fifteen minutes talking to his brother, checking up on his health and how he was doing at school. Christian always worried for his baby brother, considering his cerebral palsy could give him trouble on the bad days. The only thing that Christian didn’t have qualms praying for was that Zach had more good days than bad. Finally, after Christian cut the conversation short in order to get prepped for the meeting, he told him that he loved him before he hung up the phone. A few seconds after he was off the phone, he felt someone touch his arm. He jerked and spun around.

“Jesus Christ, what?” he snapped at them unintentionally.