i love my tumblr crushes

But I pushed him.
I used all my power to push him away,
Because he wasn’t you.
—  Infinite excerpts.

Your arm
My waist.
Your stomach
My back.
Your breath
My neck.

My heart

I caught his glance, and all at once the bustling crowd and roaring voices that surrounded me from all sides began slipping away into a blurring haze. Time fought to stay alive, exponentially slowing as my heart began to race faster and faster, until it could no longer put up a fight. Then it stood still. The physical distance between us faded into nonexistence, and was instead replaced by a tentative, electric longing that simultaneously terrified and thrilled me. But in the infinite battle of struggling emotions, apprehension beat out desire and forced my eyes from his and towards the floor, regrettably breaking a fathomless tension that had become so familiar to the both of us. I knew that later on we’d smile at each other as if nothing had happened, stubbornly and silently denying the unmentionable reality that is us.
—  4:41 p.m.

3 years. i’ve been waiting to leave this hellhole for 3 years, but that all changed 9 months ago, when i first met you. for years i dreamt about my release from this cage, i dreamt about the excitement of starting a new life where i stop being me, and start being someone who is enjoyable and happy and free. but all that stopped when i met you.

5 weeks. I’m leaving this heaven in 5 weeks. this heaven that we built out of laughs and kisses and unconditional love. it only took you 9 months to turn this hell into heaven. i fell in love with the way you turned my world upside down, in the best way possible. but now my wish has come true, I’m leaving, and i’ve never felt more upset

—  you make me want to stay
You mean more

Inspired by a quote from Jay Asher’s “13 reasons why”

You helped me paint my room blue
And thought you were my friend
The future that we both grew
No longer in your hand

You saw the things I showed you
And watched the curtain call
But stone hearts aren’t see-through
You didn’t mind at all

You’ve heard the worlds I’ve spoken
But didn’t read a word
Pandora’s box is open
You filled it up with dirt

Your words all have an impact
If spoken or just thought
For this play I wrote my act
But those skills can’t be bought

And you don’t hear my knocking
You leave me at the door
I know it may seem shocking
But darling, you mean more

You came into my life and you left me speechless; and as a writer, I always had a lot to say.
—  Things I realized when I was talking to my friend, part IV

I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

reblog if you want to help me craft a message to my crush!!

i’m seriously crushing on my best friend. as i’m sure most of you already know, my friend tried to find out if he likes me back, but that kinda didn’t really work, so i’m going to take matters into my own hands. i’m probably going to wait a week or so just so he isn’t like #suspitches about her text and mine at the same time, but i have a text ready to send to tell him how i feel. of course, however, i’m really insecure! so i’d love you guys to help me out a bit. if this gets 25 notes, i’ll post my message on tumblr for you guys to help me make perfect!!

hey i’ve been thinking a lot about the little things you do, your quirks, and things you do when you’re with me 
and how they affect me a lot
like the way you smile automatically when you’ve been hit on the face with a ray of sunshine

that time you told me i have a calming presence and it made my heart feel things i didn’t know were possible to feel
how you etch your fingers over my hand, and the touch lingers just a little longer than it should, but it does, and it does things to me
i play that time you came into a room, saw me,
and kissed my cheek and chin
over and over again in my head a lot
and wonder if it was just my imagination or it really happened
i think a lot about how you can’t really wink, but you wink at me anyway
and i feel like you’re the greatest winker in the world
if that’s even a word

i think a lot about those times you tell me about people you’re texting, people who think you’re beautiful
(but possibly not as much as I think you’re beautiful)
and i try my best not to get jealous
but remember that you tell me these because you trust me
and i try to put up a brave face

i also think a lot about the way you make me feel
like how every time things get dark, i know you are there
a light at the end of the tunnel, a source of joy and happiness
and everything good in life

i think of how every time we meet
i almost tell you i love you
but i don’t
because i want things to be the way they are
just for another day

—  a letter to my love i’ll possibly never send by @emotionsarecrazy

disney modern AU

Jane Porter had just graduated from Central St. Martins with a scientific illustration degree when her father surprised her with an incredible opportunity. He wanted Jane to assist him in his research of African gorillas in the Congo rainforest for the rest of the year.

It was one thing to spend your weekends sketching animals at the zoo, but to leave her life in London and go the the dangerous depths of the jungle where she’d be face-to-face with ferocious beasts and the possibility of being lost forever and who knows what else… It was reckless and dangerous, to say the least.

She couldn’t wait.