i love my trucks a little too much

I worked at a craft store the summer before college.  Here are my best (and the best of the worst) moments:

- A man bought 190 mason jars with lids.  I asked him if this was for a wedding, or if he was making jam.  He was doing neither.  He did not have plans for mason jars.  He just thought they were a really good sale.

- A woman bought her brother and his fiance a giant rainbow bow for their wedding present.  She whispered that they had been married before, but that the fiance had dressed as a woman and they wanted to make it real now that it was legal.  She shouted that rainbows are gay.  Her style is unusual.

- A little girl left finger-painted handprints on the inside of the back pockets of the pants I was wearing.  It was the most terrible case of “mistaken mother” I have ever experienced.

- A little girl came in looking for SWAPS for Girl Scout camp (pins you trade with other scouts at camp).  She asked me if I could help her even though I am too old to be a Girl Scout.  I showed her my lifetime membership card and the SWAPS on my keyring.  She told me I am her best friend, and came back two weeks later with a SWAP she had saved for me from camp.

- A woman came through with wedding supplies for her granddaughter and a very nervous outlook on the price.  I asked her what my name was, pretending to forget about my nametag, and when she got it right, pronounced her my good friend and gave her my friends-and-family discount.  She cried.  I might have too.

- A father bought his little boy a doll set.  The boy told me that the last set had been for his friend, but he had liked it much more than she did, so he was getting his own.  His baby sister was chewing on a monster truck.  I liked this family.

- I became known as the cashier who would give you the discounts under my register if you were nice.  The little old ladies who came in every yarn sale loved me.  My coupons and I were their heroes.

- The substitute teacher who had bullied me came through my line and smugly told me that her total was wrong.  I smiled politely and informed her that I had already given her the educator’s discount, but would happily take it off.  She was much less smug after that, as her daughter laughed her out of the store.

- A large woman with a 5 o'clock shadow came through my line.  I told her I liked her skirt.  She responded with the biggest smile I have ever seen.

- And finally, my favorite one:  a nine-year-old girl came up to my register with a stack of t-shirts and told me she had folded them for me, but could not reach where they belonged.  I told her most people would have left them on the floor.  She informed me that I was the cashier who helped her Girl Scout troop mate, and I quote:  "dang it, you do good things for good people!  I want to be a good people like you!“  and skipped out the door, before remembering her mother was still shopping and skipping right back in.

Sometimes, I love retail.

You’ve Lost Your Mind - William Nylander

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I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed my love for Willy but I do!  He’s the cutest little human!  He could probably run me over with a truck and I’d be chill with it! Anyways, this is definitely the longest I’ve ever written and I got carried away but I hope you enjoy it! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1727

Warnings: some smut, swearing, mention of drinking

Request: “Hiiii! Ok so I love your imagines and you like Willy too so you’re awesome. I was wondering if you could do a #2 “Have you lost your damn mind” with William Nylander? Like maybe (y/n) is one of the athletic trainers so the guys are used to seeing her in athletic stuff so when they all go to a club the boys are blown away by how good she looks, especially Willy. And they dance and get all flirty and maybe a bit smutty??? I know you’re busy so do my imagine (if u want) whenever you get a chance!” - @pookie-cleary

Prompt: “Have you lost your damn mind?”

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“You’re coming out tonight right Y/N??” Mitch Marner asked as the boys all filed out of the dressing room.  The Leafs had won a pretty crucial game so everyone was going out to celebrate.  You were an athletic trainer for the team and it resulted in you becoming friends with all they players.

“Maybeee” you pondered.

“Oh come on!  You have to!”  Auston Matthews exclaimed, “you’re done school and everything so you have no excuses!”

“But I’ll be so tired!” you whined, slipping on your Leafs athletic jacket.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” the small group of boys started to chant.

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Oh my god, I love this so much! I can imagine the floorplan would be something like a studio apartment with a loft, bathroom behind the kitchen, under the loft. It would also be cool to have an “escape” hatch on the roof leading to a deck where you could lay and watch the sky. Probably relatively cheap to build too, depending on how fancy you’d want to make the inside. Give me a small lot with enough room for my truck, a small garden, and this little home, and I would be so content, especially sharing the space with a cute boy and a puppy. 

Leather Jackets (Chapter 10)

Jimin stares at himself in the mirror.

He looks at his face to see if there are any visible signs that he has aged but there isn’t. He looks just like he did yesterday.

Jimin turns on the tap and the sound of water echoes through the bathroom as Jimin washes his face before patting it dry.

Jimin brushes his teeth and then heads to shower where he spends a long time.

When he leaves the bathroom all dressed the house feels too silent, Jimin goes to the bedroom to check on Jungkook when he feels a pair of hands covering his eyes.

“Happy Birthday baby,” Jimin hears Jungkook’s voice.

“Thanks,” Jimin says with a grin. “Would you let me see now?”

“Nope, I have a surprise for you,” Jungkook says. “Come on”

They start walking before stopping.

Jungkook removes his hands from Jimin’s eyes and Jimin sees a small cake on the table the words ‘Happy Birthday Jimin’ scrawled on it.

“Thank you so much Jungkook,” Jimin says hugging Jungkook tightly.

Jungkook smiles before pecking Jimin’s lips.

“Can you miss University today?” Jungkook asks.

“I already told you,” Jimin sighs. “I have a presentation”

“Fine, but you aren’t going to the diner right?” Jungkook asks.


“Well then I am picking you up from Uni,” Jungkook says. “We have a great surprise planned for you”

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This was a request for the lovely @peacocksocls! There will be more parts coming. She requested a CGL Negan fic, fluffy. Thanks for letting me try my hand at something totally different for me!

I truly love writing fluffy caregiver Negan!

Negan x Delilah-Rose

972 words

Warnings- Negan language

Negan is drawn to Delilah-Rose at the line-up, deciding to take her back to the Sanctuary.

Under a cut only to make the post shorter.

  “Let’s meet the man!”

 As I stepped out of that fucking trash camper, I took a look around, taking in the sorry shits on their fucking knees. They needed to learn a lesson, you don’t fucking mess with the new world order. And you most certainly do not mess with me.

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I missed Father Bennett sooooooooo much. I hope his reunion with Marcus happens so because best bromance ever!

I loved the little moment in the truck at the end of the episode between Tomas and Marcus. I’m sure they’re not done arguing with each other this season but it was nice to see them not arguing with each other, if only for a minute or two.

Shelby is still my favorite new character. He’s too adorable and kind, and I hope nothing bad happens to him.

One storyline wrapped up. One is getting very interesting. And (I’m both surprised and grateful about this) the Vatican corruption storyline is being explored this season.


Try Me | Theo Raeken Imagine

request ; HELLOOOOOO!!!!! could you please please please do a Theo imagine where he is just super protective and over jealous because the reader is really gorgeous and guys always stare at her and flirt with her? Thank you thank you thank you you’re amazing

word count ; 1051

warnings ; jealous theo (A+ tho i love me some jealous theo), lots of swearing.

Theo Raeken was singlehandedly scaring off every single boy in Beacon Hills who dared to say as much a friendly ‘hello’ to you in the morning. At first, it was almost sweet, the way he would conveniently pop up out of nowhere and give you a loving kiss before cheerfully greeting the boy who had decided it was a clever idea to flirt with someone who was dating the scariest bad boy in town. Then, as the flirting escalated, Theo became more and more protective, not to mention thoroughly pissed off. 

He took his bottom lip between his teeth, resting his head on his chin whilst ever so casually thinking up a million different ways to rip off the head of the hideously flirtatious boy that was either completely ignorant, or actually didn’t see how clearly uncomfortable you were. The assholes in Beacon Hills were truly testing Theo’s patience nowadays. It didn’t help that you attracted everyone within a hundred mile radius, considering how fucking gorgeous you were, not to mention how sweet. 

He knew that you love him back, but god damn it, he was sick of people thinking it was okay to flirt with you. And he wanted it to end. 

The last straw was him eavesdropping on your conversation, and happening to hear the overly obnoxious boy ask you if you wanted to come over to his house later, and Netflix and chill. Who the fuck even uses that? Assholes, that’s who. Thank the lord for werewolf hearing. Before you knew it, his pencil was snapped in half and rolling across the classroom, and you didn’t even have time to hold your boyfriend back before he had the other boy pinned up against the wall by his throat. 

“What the fuck do you think you are trying to do to my girlfriend?” Theo asked, tightening his hold on the other boy, who was doing his best to wriggle out of Theo’s grip. Theo, however, having the wolfy advantage, slammed the boy against the wall again, not caring whether or not the kid hit his head. He did, just for the record. “You try to come onto to her again, and I will kill you.” 

“That’s cute,” the other boy snickered, clearly not getting the message. You rubbed your temples, wondering how boys could be so stupid and petty. 

“You really should shut up,” you advised him. Theo didn’t mess around, and from the sick smirk he was donning now, he meant business. 

“I think you should listen to my girlfriend,” Theo said, taking a quick look at you.  He gave you a small smile, then turned to the boy in front of him. “Now, I’m gonna let you go, unless you say anything else that I find stupid, irrelevant, or really fucking irritating.” You rolled your eyes, tugging on Theo’s arm. 

“Alright, Theo, you’ve made your point. Let go,” you said, taking his hand and removing it from the boy’s throat. It was sort of amazing, how Theo really only listened to you, how you were the rational voice in his head. Right when he had finally taken your hand in his and was about to move away, the other boy just had to open up his mouth. 

“It’s not my fault your girlfriend has a really nice ass on her, and don’t get me started on-” Theo’s fist had collided with his face before the boy could finish, blood spurting from his nose in an instant. 

“Talk about my girlfriend like that and I will end you, right here and right now. Try me, douchebag.” He flung the kid away by his collar, sending him skidding across the classroom. “And that,” he said, grinning at the rest of the class who all looked thoroughly frightened by the little exchange, “goes for each and every one of you.” 

You grabbed Theo by the sleeve of his leather jacket, roughly pulling him out of the classroom and into the nearest bathroom. You locked the door behind you, crossing your arms when you turned to face him again. He had a smug, overly satisfied smile on his face. “I really did a number on that one, didn’t I, baby?” He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest. You moved back slightly, frowning at him. 

“Theo, you can’t just fight everyone who flirts with me. It happens, okay? I’m hot, you’re hot, people flirt with us, but we love each other and that is what matters. Isn’t that how this,” you gestured between the both of you, “is supposed to work?” 

“Sure, but I still like getting to knock a few heads together when touchy-feely boys try to pick you up without permission. It’s fun, what can I say?” You groaned, burying your head in his chest. He rubbed your back, a softer smile now on his face. “I’m sorry, if that makes you feel any better. You’re just really, really beautiful, and guys think dirty thoughts when they see you. Hell, I’m a guy, I should know, considering you’re my girlfriend. I just love you too much, and I get protective.” 

“Stop trying to be cute. I’m mad at you.” 

He ignored this. “Now, what do you say we skip the rest of class, go out to my truck, drive a little bit away from here, and I’ll see what I can do to make it up to you,” he asked suggestively. You shook your head, pushing him away. 

“Nuh uh, you are going to go apologize to that poor boy, and then maybe we can see what you can do to make it up to your completely embarrassed girlfriend, who probably has no more friends after this. Get to it, pretty boy,” you said, patting his shoulder. He unlocked the bathroom door, a pout on his face as he slouched down the hallway. 

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but c’mon Y/N, you know you love me,” he called to you from across the hallway, sending you a wink while you raised your middle finger in response. He just laughed, a loving smile on his face while reentered the classroom. 

He knew your mannerisms. He knew you loved him. And even though he had a funny way of showing it, he loved you back. 


Send a $ for a sentence.

Over 100+ starter sentences based on Lana Del Rey lyrics. (death cw, sex cw, drugs cw, alcohol cw) —— Feel free to tweak sentences for ease of RP.

  • Be a good baby, do what I want.
  • We were born to die.
  • I feel so alone.
  • Don’t make me sad.
  • Don’t make me cry.
  • Sometimes life gets tough, I don’t know why.
  • Let’s go get high.
  • The road gets long, we carry on, try to have fun in the meantime.
  • You like your girls insane.
  • Choose your last words.
  • I can see, but once I was blind.
  • Take a walk on the wild side.
  • Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.
  • You’re crazy.
  • I need you to come here and save me.
  • Kiss me on my open mouth.
  • I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving.
  • I’m not afraid to say I would die without you.
  • They would rue the day I was alone without you.
  • You have never looked so beautiful as you do now.
  • You walked into the room and you made my eyes burn.
  • You’re so fresh to death and sick as cancer.
  • You fit me better than my favourite sweater.
  • Love is mean, and love hurts.
  • I will love you ‘til the end of time.
  • Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine.
  • No, please, stay here.
  • When you walked out the door, a piece of me died.
  • Get over here and play a video game.
  • It’s all for you, everything I do.
  • Heaven is a place on earth with you.
  • Tell me all the things you want to do.
  • I heard you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?
  • They say that the world was built for two.
  • I’m seeing stars.
  • This is my idea of fun.
  • You’re no good for me.
  • You’re no good for me, but baby I want you.
  • Do you think we’ll be in love forever?
  • Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses ‘cause we’re gonna take a ride.
  • I’ve been waiting up all night.
  • I’m gonna teach you just what fast is.
  • Let’s take Jesus off the dashboard; got enough on his mind.
  • We both know just what we’re here for.
  • Money is the anthem of success.
  • Before we go out, what’s your address?
  • God, you’re so handsome.
  • Can we party later on?
  • Tell me I’m your national anthem.
  • Money is the reason we exist.
  • Everybody knows it, it’s fact.
  • Don’t you know who you’re dealing with?
  • I need somebody to hold me.
  • Keep me safe and inspired.
  • You will do very well.
  • All my friends tell me I should move on.
  • Loving you forever can’t be wrong.
  • There’s no remedy for memory.
  • Your face is like a melody, it won’t leave my head.
  • I wish I was dead.
  • No one compares to you.
  • I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.
  • Your soul is haunting me.
  • I don’t want to wake up from this, tonight.
  • I see you in my sleep.
  • I feel you in my dreams.
  • Not even they can stop us now.
  • Their heavy words can’t bring us down.
  • I finally found you.
  • How do you like me now?
  • Wake me up and take me like a vitamin.
  • I heard the streets were paved with gold.
  • You’re lying to yourself.
  • It’s alarming, honestly, just how charming you can be.
  • You don’t want to be like me.
  • You don’t to have seen all the things I’ve seen.
  • You don’t want to get this way.
  • I’m lying to you.
  • The boys, the girls, they all like _____.
  • It’s alarming, truly, just how disarming you can be.
  • I’m dying.
  • Baby’s all dressed up with nowhere to go.
  • I don’t have a problem lying to myself.
  • You said I was the most exotic flower.
  • Hold me tight in our final hour.
  • What you do is unbelievable.
  • I don’t know how you get over someone as tainted and flawed as you.
  • I love you, honey.
  • I’m ready to go.
  • How did you get that way?
  • You’re screwed up and brilliant.
  • You got the world, but baby at what price?
  • It isn’t that hard, to like you— or love you.
  • I’d follow you down, down, down.
  • I’d follow you anywhere.
  • I got that summertime sadness.
  • Kiss me hard before you go.
  • I just wanted you to know that you’re the best.
  • Nothing scares me anymore.
  • I’m feeling electric tonight. 
  • Let’s go cruising down the coast.
  • I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight.
  • I think I’ll miss you forever.
  • Late is better than never.
  • This is what makes us girls.
  • Remember how we used to party up all night?
  • You’re my new best friend.
  • Don’t cry about it.
  • It’s all gonna happen.
  • I was drinking on the job. With the boss.
  • Let’s go table dancing at the local dive.
  • Get me while I’m hot.
  • You know something? You’re the only friend I’ve ever had.
  • I’m being sent away.
  • I’m never coming back.
  • It’s something I’ll die for. It’s my cause.
  • Everything I want, I have.
  • I think I found God in the flash of the pretty cameras.
  • Am I glamorous?
  • Hello? Can you hear me?
  • You’re so dumb.
  • You’re so dope.
  • Your love is deadly.
  • They all think I have it all.
  • I’m nothing without you.
  • Can you picture it?
  • Can you picture it? The life we could’ve lived?
  • Tell me life is beautiful.
  • Life is nothing if I can’t have you.
  • Would you be my baby tonight?
  • It’s you that I adore.
  • Kiss me in the D-A-R-K tonight.
  • Kiss me in the P-A-R-K tonight.
  • Hey lolita, hey.
  • It’s you that I adore, though I make the boys fall like dominoes.
  • Just you and me feeling the heat, even when the sun goes down.
  • I could be yours.
  • I could be your baby tonight.
  • Do it my way.
  • Whistle all you want, but I’m not gonna stay.
  • I want my cake and I want to eat it too.
  • I know I’m a mess.
  • I don’t care what they say about me.
  • You make me happy.
  • I never listen to anyone.
  • Let’s get outta this town.
  • Everyone around here’s supposed to be going down.
  • If you stick with me, I can take you higher.
  • It feels like all of our friends are lost.
  • I got so scared.
  • I thought no one could save me, then you came along.
  • Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?
  • I saw your face and you blew my mind.
  • Finally, you and me are the lucky ones, this time.
  • Get into my car, got a bad desire.
  • You know we’ll never leave if we don’t get out now.
  • You’re a careless con and you’re a crazy liar.
  • Nobody can compare to the way you get down.
  • I tried so hard to act nice like a lady.
  • You taught me that it was good to be crazy.
  • Love is blind.
  • It feels like falling in love.
  • It feels like the first time.
  • I’ve been driving too long.
  • I’ve been trying too hard.
  • Been trying hard not to get into trouble.
  • I’ve got a war in my mind.
  • Just ride.
  • I’m dying young and playing hard.
  • Let’s drink all day and talk ‘til dark.
  • Don’t leave me now.
  • Don’t say goodbye.
  • Don’t turn around.
  • Leave me.
  • I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy.
  • I’m tired of driving until I see stars in my eyes.
  • Put my favourite record on.
  • You’re so pretty.
  • You make me crazy.
  • You make me wild.
  • Just like a baby, spin me around like a child.
  • Be young, be dope, be proud. (Like an american).
  • Drive fast.
  • I can almost taste it now.
  • I don’t even have to fake it now.
  • Honey put on that party dress.
  • Everybody wants to go fast, but they can’t compare.
  • I don’t really want the rest, only you can take me there.
  • I don’t even know what I’m saying.
  • I’m praying for you.
  • My pussy tastes like pepsi cola.
  • We can escape to the great sunshine.
  • Don’t treat me rough, treat me really nicely.
  • We don’t need nobody, ‘cause we got each other.
  • Let’s get down tonight, dancing and grinding in the pale moonlight.
  • I’m on fire.
  • Diamonds are my bestest friend.
  • Opalescence is the very end.
  • My clothes still smell like you.
  • I pretend I’m not home, and go about the world like I’m having fun.
  • In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel.
  • Screwed up, scared— doing anything I needed.
  • You got that medicine I need.
  • Give it to me slowly.
  • Me and god, we don’t get along.
  • No one’s gonna take my soul away.
  • It was a fucked up holiday.
  • Fuck yeah, give it to me.
  • This is heaven, what I truly want.
  • I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard.
  • Life imitates art.
  • Straight to the heart, please.
  • I don’t really want to know what’s good for me.
  • You’re making me crazy.
  • If I get a little prettier, can I be your baby?
  • Don’t tell me life isn’t that hard.
  • Life isn’t that hard.
  • I was born bad.
  • You made me nice for a while, but my dark side’s true.
  • You never cared what I did at all.
  • I did what I had to do.
  • I’m a femme fatale, always on the run.
  • I gotta get drunk.
  • Get over here, pour me a cold one.
  • Baby can’t you see that I’m danger?
  • Time to give in to the kindness of strangers.
  • Is it wrong that I think it’s kind of fun when I hit you on the back of the head with a gun?
  • My daddy’s in the trunk of his brand new truck.
  • I really want him back.
  • I’m kind of out of luck.
  • Tell me you’re mine, let’s get it on.
  • I’m deranged, yeah.
  • You were too nice for this world.
  • I wish I may, I wish I might, find my one true love tonight.
  • Do you think that it could be you?
  • Let’s get into a fake bar fight.
  • If I lay really quiet, I know what I do isn’t right.
  • I murder love in the night.
  • Do you think you’ll love me, too?
  • Baby, I’m a sociopath.
  • I’m on the warpath.
  • I love you just a little too much.
  • You know I love the thrill of the rush.
  • Do it for the thrill of the rush.
  • Oh god, I think I love her.
  • My black fire’s burning bright.
  • Maybe I’ll go out tonight.
  • We can paint the town in blue.
  • I’m so hot, I ignite. 
  • I’ll sneak up on you really quiet, whisper in your ear what your heart desires.
  • I’ll keep you safe and inspired.
  • Baby let your fantasies unwind, we can do what you want to do.
  • Just have fun.
  • I want to play you like a gameboy.
  • I don’t want one.
  • Lie down.
  • It’s a real killer.
  • Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?
  • I’ve seen the world, done it all, had my cake now.
  • Will you still love me when I got nothing left but my aching soul?
  • Tell me if you can.
  • I know you will.
Laundry (Jimin fluff)

It’s been six years since you married Jimin, you can still remember when you first meet him.

You were just another ARMY then, excited to finally meet the group you supported so much. It was your turn next and you were giddy with each member until you reached him.

You were stuttering over your words and he called you cute. He signed the poster you brought with you and handed it back to you with a smile.

V teased you with Jungkook, you blushing and leaving as the other ARMYs were next to follow. You took a risk putting your number on your poster but you still had your hopes.

Jimin actually talked to you, calling you to prove to you it wasn’t some of your friends trying to prank you. You promised to not leak his number and continued to talk to him.

He was genuine. His heart cared for others a lot and it made him start to shift from just being your bias.

You two were on a call, talking about how your weeks were going when he mumbled a bunch of words quickly.


“What? Jimin speak slower and clearer.”

“Will you go..on a day with me? I really like you, Y/N.”

“I would love to go on a date with you, Jimin.” You were doing your little happy dance and he sounded very happy that day.

He would spontaneously pick you up the next day and take you to all his favourite places. The record store, this quiet little diner with a vintage feel, the beach was where he took you last. You two watched the sunset on a blanket under an umbrella.

He pulled you closer to him, your head resting against shoulder and his hand held yours.

“How could someone be as perfect as you?”

“I’m not perfect..”

“You’re perfect to me, no matter what. Even though it sounds super cheesy, I really like you.”

You stared into his eyes, taking in the intensity of his words. He kissed you, not letting himself hold back. The night was spent, sharing sweet kisses under the night sky.

All those memories you shared with him can down to today.


You looked at your 5 year old son you had with Jimin. He was the most adorable little boy in the whole world to you, never leaving him alone.

“Yes, sweetie.”

“Mommy, look at me.” He was wearing Jimin’s old red sweater and you picked him up, afraid he might trip due to it being so long on him.

“Aw. You look so cute.”

“Mommy, I’m not a baby anymore.”

“My little man looks so handsome.”

He smiled at you and peck your cheek. You walked into the playroom and put him down. He made you play trucks with him.

“Mommy, I miss Daddy.”

Jimin loved you both very much so but he still had his dream to follow. You knew that when you were dating, and you didn’t need the reminder when you got married.

You stared at your wedding ring.

“I miss Daddy too, baby.”

You try not to cry about it, especially not in front of your little boy. You didn’t want to let him see you upset but his little hand touched yours.

“We still have each other, mommy.” He smiled and you hugged him. You smoothed his hair and kissed his cheek, making him squirm.

“I’m home? Y/N! Y/S/N!”

“Daddy!” Your little boy ran out your arms and into the direction of your husband. You walked out, just in time to see Jimin catch him after he tripped.

“Is that my old sweater on you? You wear it better than I do.”

“I miss you, daddy.”

“Daddy missed you too, where’s mom?” He pointed at you and Jimin’s eyes locked with yours. They were the same eyes you loved, everything was the same.

“I missed you too, Y/N.”

“Not as much as I missed you, Jimin.” You were always a bit playful with him, and you both covered your child’s eyes before kissing.

“Did mommy and daddy kiss?”


“Y/S/N, I bought you a few things from overseas. Let’s go see them.”

You watched Jimin and your son talk and your son more happy now that he’s home. You make eye contact with Jimin, both smiling at your son’s cute reactions.



So, I got to the stadium at about 3:45, found my Queensland Swiftie squad and got all our cute photos. Waited for gates to open at 5 and made our way to the Taylor Nation booth. I was there with my gals just helping out like we did in Sydney until after Vance finished. Ali was an absolute babe as usual and so ridiculously sweet. I decided to head down to my seat a little bit before Tay came on so I could go find my girls Dani @theaustralianswiftie and Meagan @innocehnt AFTER THEY MET TAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I also went and found Jess and a few other chickas!

CONCERT TIME. I knew when she was coming on how many songs I had etc. etc. lost my mind at Feel So Close… my cousin was SO concerned. Now here’s the catch, I had told myself I would not touch my phone at ALL this concert. I was going to put it away and not touch it until the end. So I put my phone away and it wasn’t until around I Know Places where I had this weird feeling like I needed to check my phone. So I grabbed it out quickly and checked Twitter, Ali had messaged me on Twitter from the TN Twitter (HEART ATTACK I TELL YA), but she was just asking if any of us had left a merch bag at the TN booth. So I responded and said I would ask the girls. A song or two later I checked my Twitter again during a little pause and saw she had messaged me AGAIN, this time she had asked where I was sitting. THIS IS WHEN I STARTED FREAKING. I didn’t want to think anything of it, but I had no idea why she would be asking, maybe she just want to come dance with me? NO IDEA, but I was getting jittery! I responded straight away with where I was sitting and just kept going on with enjoying the concert and dancing my little butt off.

So then Taylor started singing Love Story. I love the new version so I was very much enjoying myself, and then Steph came up to me. She asked me if I was Lauren and suddenly I felt like my legs were about to give in. She asked me who I was with and I said I was there with my cousin and then Mik @redlipclassicstyles and Monique who were sitting right behind us. She paused and then looked at me and goes “Taylor wants to meet you after the show” COMMENCE THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT MOMENT. I honestly couldn’t believe that I heard those words, I never imagined I would be randomly picked for Loft, let alone have Taylor specifically request to meet me herself. Steph gave me the wrist band and the Loft pass, but only gave them to me. She told me where to meet at the end of the show and then left, which is when I BROKE THE FUCK DOWN. I started crying and shaking. I essentially fell to the floor. I was meeting Taylor. Taylor wanted to meet me. This one thing I had wanted for 7 years was actually happening. I text Hope, Lou and Darby, as well as my Santa and Squash Squads, but HECK NO WERE THEY TELLING ANYONE I was going to keep completely quiet about it publicly. Then basically everything was a blur and all I remember is dancing my little heart out as well as just randomly falling to the floor every now and then. So then a little later, Steph came back. She was asking me about Laura @taylorsno1fan and where she was so we looked on my phone at her tumblr to try and figure it out, and once we got a better idea of where she was she looks at me and says that my cousin Chelsea, Mikaela and Monique were going to come to Loft as well. I don’t think my heart has ever felt so happy. Seeing Mik and Monique get Loft made me SO FLIPPING DANG HAPPY I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT. The fact that they could come with me makes me want to cry right now, that’s all that I can say. I know how much it means to them, and I’m so glad they got to come.

So then it got to Wildest Dreams/Enchanted and I decided I really needed to pee because I really didn’t want to be worrying about peeing when I met Taylor Alison Swift. I ran to the bathroom and on my way found Meagan, showed her the pass and hugged and freaked out. Touched myself up a lil bit in the bathroom, found Hope @hopeyswift and the three littles, ran back down when Shake It Off started and found Dani. Hugged and freaked out, you know, the normal. So I got back to my seat and I wasn’t really sure if I was still alive but apparently I was. When she finished lets just say while we were making our way to the section I had approximately 5000 panic attacks. Lou @tinylou-13, the angel, gave me some paper, a sharpie and her camera. We sat down in the section with the other Loft people and it was so good to see Yasmina @yassyy from the Queensland Swifties there too!!!! THREE OF US GOT IN, WHAT!? So we waited there and then eventually Steph lead us backstage to Loft.

It wasn’t what I expected and I unfortunately couldn’t eat anything because #vegan but I appreciated the white brick wall backdrops (A+ Tay). We chilled for a little bit and then Erica came out and told everyone to line up. I decided to go separately from my cousin so we could get individual photos, so I grabbed the camera and my paper and sharpie and got third in line. The first few went through and then it was me. I could see Mik and Monique talking to her and say goodbye through the sheet and holy shit she looked so good. Then it was my turn.

So Erica opened the sheet and I walked in and went straight into a beautiful Swift hug. As I walked in she very enthusiastically yelled HEEEEEYYYYY at me, we hugged and then she goes “EVERYONE LOOK AT THESE PANTS” and then made everyone in the little room look at my butt. She said she saw them on tumblr, that it made her laugh, she loved them and needed to find me. We talked about how I did it because we low key ran out of tassel, but she said she just thought it was a “creative decision” so I was like, “well I mean, I can just say it was”. We kept talking about the costumes and I talked about how I came with Hope and the three girls dressed in the same outfit as me, and that she met Hope in Nashville on Red tour and she was sorry she couldn’t eat her cookie. I then thanked her for using my video in pre-show on tour and she goes “OH MY GOODDD YES” and I was all, yeah the Wonderland dance one, and she goes “YES oh my god it’s been playing all over, did you see it today?!” I told her I didn’t see it there but saw it in Sydney. She goes “oh well as long as you saw it!!” and I said thank you again and that it meant a lot to me. She then noticed the paper and sharpie in my hand and was all “I see this, what’s going on here?” and I asked her if she could possibly write out two lyrics for me, one from Wonderland and one from Our Song, any lyric that you want. She grabbed the sharpie and opened the paper, turned to the side a little and started going through the lyrics of Wonderland and Our Song. She took her time and kept saying that it was difficult and that there were so many good lyrics (like, duh Taylor, YOU WROTE THEM). She wrote down my Wonderland one and then wrote down the Our Song one for Hope. Then she goes, “okay let’s get two photos because I need to get one with these pants and a nice one too. Okay, a nice hugging one first?” so I hugged her and she put her cheek on my head and I died. Then she goes, “now one with the pants okay, like a sassy one.” So I turned around and we did the pose and I was so happy in that dang moment. They got the photo and afterwards she giggled a little and goes “this is great”. I said thank you so much again and hugged her again, she pulled me in and said “love you buddy” really softly to me (I felt like I was hit by a fucking truck I couldn’t even respond with I love you too I was in shock like the way she said it holy shit nope I CANNOT). So then I quickly mention how the music that was playing was great and that I was jamming to Fifth Harmony and then as I was walking out I looked back and was all I LOVE YOUUU with my arm out and she smiled really big and I almost forgot my camera, but bless the guy for tapping me while I was in my shocked state and handing it to me. I went back in to grab my stuff and waited for my cousin Chelsea.

I realised as soon as I left that I forgot to ask her the one thing I have wanted to know for approximately 5 years, WHAT IS HER FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE?!? I cannot believe I flippin FORGOT, but that’s okay, I will find out one day. ONE DAY TAYLOR, ONE DAY I WILL KNOW YOUR FAVOURITE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL MOVIE. So basically after that we left and I found my gals and sat down and had some water and showed them the photos and died inside. All in all, I still cannot physically believe I actually met Taylor. I cannot believe SHE WANTED TO MEET ME. I find it utterly HILARIOUS that she didn’t even want to meet me because of my video, and that she wanted to meet me because of those dang pants. So when I went in she knew who I was, I was the girl with the pants that said “Taylor Swift owns this ass” not the DAHN-SING girl, not the girl who’s video plays pre-show, the girl with the pants.. at least until I reminded her. But either way, she wanted to meet me, and whether it was because she liked my video or just because my pants made her laugh, I cannot ever express just how thankful I am for getting this opportunity.

Taylor, thank you for everything. Thank you for introducing me to some of the absolute best friends I have ever had. Thank you for being my rock and for keeping me holding on when I need that little bit of strength. Thank you for making my friends happy, their smiles keep my heart warm. Thank you for being you, and truly you. Thank you for helping me kick my anxiety in the butt and let me make the friends I really needed this year. Thank you for last night and thank you for existing, that is all I can say.

A New Beginning

This is the first part to my Jared x sister!reader series for @sammys-angel!

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,508 (Next part will be longer)

Characters: Jared x reader, Thomas, Shepherd

Pairing: None. Yet. ;)

Warnings: Er… I don’t think there’s any? Angst maybe?

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: After the reader loses everything, she turns to her brother who she hadn’t spoken to in years. Will he take her under his wing? Or will he leave her to figure everything out on her own.

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You Are Enough.

As I’m laying here in bed about to call it a night, I feel a need to let something off my chest, so screw it, here goes:

Chances are, you deserve more than how you make yourself feel.

In all honesty, I’m ridiculously hard on myself as a person. At times I find myself circling and analyzing how I could’ve handled a situation better, changed something I said or did to have avoided an outcome altogether over and over until my thinker is sore and I spend too much time in my own head that my lunch gets cold or the ice in my Cola melts. But here’s the thing: life is a journey, and we’re trucking it one day at a time. Let’s add a little self-patience and self-love on our daily to-dos, since the greatest friendship we could ever honestly have is the friendship and understanding we have with ourselves. I may not love myself all the time, but dammit I’m trying, and that’s worth something.

In times like this, I’d like to send you all a friendly little reminder/blurb of affirmation - You deserve just as much happiness as any other human on this planet. You’re the shit, you’re fantastic, and you’re perfectly imperfect as you, with all your flaws, quirks, and insecurities.

On days you feel down, go be a blessing to someone else, reach out a little farther, be a little kinder, a little more understanding, hug a little tighter, and give a little more of yourself selflessly each and every day, may it serve as a small reminder that when push comes to shove we’re all kickin’ it in this life together.

Learning to love myself and those around me more and more each and every day. My head might be a bad place to be sometimes, but my heart never is.

Sweet dreams everyone. Be excellent to one another. I’m here if any of you need anything, no matter the time. I love you.

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I dunno why everyone's always saying country music is bad. Dolly Parton is a queen. And as for newer country, I don't want this night to end by Luke Bryan? That songs a fuckin bop

Tbh I’m not a fan of dolly. Idk she just nothing for me. But Luke oh man I remember grade 10 going to my first party and shaking my little white ass while standing in cab of a truck for Country Girl.
I also love Hunter Hayes and Sam Smith. But my OG love was Terri Clark. She’s an old Canadian girl and I LOVED her. I also loved Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley and I listens to WAY too much Allan Jackson and George Straight even though I wasn’t their biggest fan. And oh how could I forgot Shania Twain I listens to Up! Wayyyy too much. Both the pop and country albums omg

Merry Christmas, nerdyderekhale!

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy!


Derek doesn’t like this one bit.

Laura’s quiet curse disappears past her bright red lipstick. He watches her in his periphery as she stalks away in the stupid elf outfit she volunteered to wear. Her threat was basically to deal with it because he volunteered for this also. He can’t argue with that, but his outfit is still itchy.

His Santa outfit.

Laura is the owner of the mall and Derek is one of the main managers, but when their usual santa passed away, they both felt like it was necessary to put some time into the holiday work. But now he feels like he regrets this more than the time he tried to help run the coffee shop for a day and ended up making two little girls cry.

Right now though there’s a kid screaming halfway down the line (and this time it wasn’t even Derek’s fault), and they’ve been screaming for the past twenty minutes. Derek has heard him the whole time while talking to the other children, the sound making him grit his teeth when he smiles. He probably seems like he’s sporting fangs under his beard.

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HI so an NCT Reaction to their girlfriend having double hip piercings and a belly button piercing? I love those, they're fascinating! Thanks! -Jaehyun anon

i love them too smh

Taeil: *wouldn’t have noticed until you’re like super close* “… For how long has
 she had them”

Hansol: *pretending to be cool* *actually really fascinated*

Johnny: *would preach god* *he’d love it*

Taeyong: “How can those not get stuck everywhere”

Yuta: “How can those not be painful though?” *would be a little concerned for you* *bc those are hot but* *it looks like they would hurt*

Kun: *teehee* *likes it*

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Chapter Sixteen - Short

Tyson (Manic)

~Four days later~

If I could tell you what I had consumed in the last 24 hours then Id been one smart mother fucker. But I lost count after the first two hours.

Id been to LA and back with in 24 hours and since touching back down in Miami, Ive been on a bender.

I fucked up. I fucked up real bad and I aint even gonna lie and say it aint my fault cause it was.

We both said some foul shit, but I should have never lost my shit at her in the first place.

She needed me and confide in me and I just threw it back in her face. Told her she was the reason our son was dead. Like what type of shit is that? 

That was the devil side of me reacting. I couldnt control it, I just blacked out.

Fucking Bipolar was gonna be the death of me.

I killed him. 

That bitch ass nigga, Lani’s step father.

I tortured that mother fucker until he pleaded for me to just kill him already. So after the endless hours of carving into him like he was a leg of ham, I burned him alive.

The sweet sound of his cries felt so good that it almost healed all the pain I was feeling from losing my son.

Killed her moms too, after her oh so loyal husband confessed she knew all about the abuse and done nothing to stop it.

So she had to go too.

Shoved a gun so far up her pussy she begged for mercy. Mercy? Fuck I wouldnt no what mercy was if it hit me in the face.

Eventually she burned alive along side her husband screaming out a name that was replaying in my head like a broken record Guardians House

What the fuck did it mean? The bitch’s mouth was melted off before I got a chance to even ask.

Guardians House. Guardians House. Guardians House.

The amount of cocaine, oxy, xanax, ice, pills and alcohol that was running through my system should have killed me hours ago.

Key word; SHOULD. But as always I was still here, still unharmed and still manic.

Why did that nigga up stairs insist on keeping me alive? A nigga was happy to die and go to hell already, but its like nothing could kill me.

I havent spoken to Lani since our fall out.

Meaning I haven’t felt peace or happiness since then.

According to Briana, Lani hasn’t felt it either.

My Manic episode still was running through me clear as day, strongest its ever been and I knew the only cure was her.

I was on my way over there now. I needed to speak to her, to touch her.

She was my drug, my heart, fuck she was my soul.

The moment she walked out of my room after our falling out, felt like I died a thousand times over but pride kept me from chasing after her.

Pride and Revenge.

I got my revenge though, I got it the moment her parents heart stopped beating, by my hands.

It didn’t feel the void though. The pain was still there.

Always there in the back of my head reminding me of what could have been. What should have been.

Would my son be calling me ‘Dad’ by now?

It wasn’t Lani’s fault, I know that now. But it would always be in the back of my mind, what if?

What if she never ran? What if she just accepted that she loved me and stayed here.

We would have been a family. Just the three of us, together.

But instead of being a man to her and a father, I was a mentally unstable murderer. A murderer, who took drugs like it was candy and killed people as if a sport.

Maybe Lani was right? Maybe my son was better off than having me as a father.

What if my son was around when I had a Manic episode? I swear I’d kill myself before I ever let harm present himself to my son.

My mind was slipping. I was losing myself again and for the first time it felt to far gone.

I needed her. I needed her so bad that I wanted to die so I couldn’t have her. 

She didnt deserve this, she didn’t deserve none of it.

I hated myself. I’ve never fucking hated myself until now.

I hated God, I hated the Devil, I hated me, I hated love, I hated my parents, I hated the doctors, I hated her, I hated him, I hated my life, I hated it all.

I was filled with hate.

My only question was what had I done in my past life that was so bad that god cursed me with such evil inside me? 

Did he enjoy this? Did he enjoy watching me self destruct?

My son would be ashamed.

Isaiah was most likely looking down right now with nothing but disappoint in his eyes and the very thought broke my heart a thousand times over.

Licking my fingers, I stuffed them in the little clear zip lock bag that held the purist cocaine in the states.

I had already snorted so many lines that I had lost count.

My nose bled from the abuse of the drug but I didnt care. I need to be numb.

Scooping a large amount of my wet fingers I held the steering wheel with my knees as brought the subsistence to my nose.

Snorting it all, I refrained my eyes from rolling to the back of my head as I swallowed and tasted the cocaine from the back of my throat as it had dropped.

I needed her, I needed to see her even if it was just one last time.

Pressing my foot on the gas, my bugatti zoomed at  200 hundred down the freeway, my vision clouded and my mind slipping by the second, I fumbled as I pulled my phone out and called Lani on the free hands.

I wasnt going to make it .

A blind man could tell I was on the brink of death.

My head pounded at the sound of the ringing tone that filled the car.

As expected I was sent straight to voicemail and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I slipped in and out of consciousness while swerving the car in and out of traffic

How am I still alive?

“Lani baby, my sweet sweet angel”, I slurred as my eyes closed and opened causing a smirk to play across my face.

Not long now. I didnt have much time left.

My broken shoulder no longer throbbed due to all the drugs that numbed the pain days ago.

“I love you girl, more then every fuckin thing in this world. I know Ive told you this a hundred times baby but a nigga aint looking like he gonna be alive much longer so I needed to tell you one last time”, I chuckled as the honking of horns filled my ears and I tried to grip the steering wheel but it only seemed to keep slipping through my fingers.

Sweat beads fell down my neck as I began to heat up in this stuffy car that seemed to be closing in on me. The cocaine and pills made my senses heightened but the painkillers and sleeping pills fought with the others to put me asleep.

I was almost gone, I knew it.

“You were right baby. I dont deserve you, not one bit. But no one will ever have you Lani, cause your mine. Ohh is that a pill?”, I chuckled as I took my eyes off the road and reached down picking up the small white pill and threw it in my mouth, swallowing without any hesitation.

“You know I would die for you right? Not only that, but I would kill for you. Id kill anyone who even thought to harm you and thats why it hurt so bad to hear what he did to you. I was suppose to protect you from anything. I was suppose to protect you and my son and now I cant. I cant baby”, I mumbled in a hurt tone as my eyes felt so heavy that all I wanted to do was close them.

Exhaustion took over me in one hit. Any little fight I had left in me was gone, disappeared into thin air. 

“Im sorry I couldnt be a better man to you baby. Your my fuckin queen and I wish I had more time to show you that. I love you Lani, so fuckin much that Im driving head first into a truck so I dont have to hurt you no more and cant find the brakes to stop even if I wanted too. Fuck I didnt think it would feel this peaceful. ?”, I chuckled as my head spun around in circles .

“Damn baby guess this really is the end. Whats Guardian House?”

The bright lights of the truck, flashed brightly causing me to squint my eyes as I chuckled, “That you devil? Damn I thought hell would be darker than that”, I laughed as my car collided head first with the truck.


A Christmas Tale

Chapter 1 ~ the Beginning

All’s quiet this early winter’s night.
Embers fade in the candles dancing light.
I was thinking of Christmas, many years past.
Those fond old memories, now fading fast.

I recalled when our home came alive.
I was just a small girl of about five.
It was a grand old house for mom, dad and me.
Sat perched on a hill overlooking the sea.

It’s still a museum in our little town.
It was built by a General of historic renown.
Shared with his bride Martha, she had a sad life.
The General’s a hero, she a young widowed wife.

We cared for the house and gave the tours.
All year long we opened our doors.
We welcomed the guest to step back in time.
So come on in and share our rhyme.

I lay awake and tossed and turned.
Thinking of school and all I learned.
Letters and numbers and new friends,
I hope kindergarten never ends.

My thought disturbed by shapes on the wall,
a moonlit dance, shadows big and small.
It pranced to my table that’s set for tea.
There’s a seat for Teddy and Dolly plus one for me.

It climbed the chair with a dancer’s grace.
She must be a girl with a whiskered face.
Dolly left some crumbs on her plate.
When I remembered it was too late.

I Left a treat each night for a week.
I tried staying awake to catch a peek.
I’ll call her Martha, like our homes bride
But when I giggled she ran to hide.

Chapter 2 ~ New Friends

The days passed, she’d visit most nights.
She kept unseen until I turn out the lights.
She knows I’m cozy in my warm bed.
She smiles and winks, thankful she’s fed.

One night I waited, still in my chair.
Starlight warmed the chilly night air.
Eyelids dropped like the falling moon.
I hope my visitor gets here soon.

Night turned to day, feet cold on the floor.
I missed my friend but goodies no more.
The next night I brought a cookie to bed.
I woke with my new friend by my head.

Days got colder, Christmas was near.
I looked forward to the snacks we share.
Each passing night our friendship grows.
We chat and laugh, I scratch her nose.

Thanksgiving’s past, Santa’s on his way.
The tree goes up, brighter each day.
We’re happy to welcome all our new guests,
while I wore my new colonial dress.

I tell them of the homes long past,
Of all that’s lived here, my family last.
I tell them of their history.
But never a word of Martha and me.

On the last day of school before the break,
we celebrated with carols and cake.
We shared cards and hugs then on our way.
We’re off to the bus and our long holiday.

Glad to be home, much to be done.
Baking and wrapping with mom will be fun.
I think Christmas is the best time of year.
There’s lots of visits from friends far and near.

Chapter 3 ~ Good and Bad

It’s not just gifts that makes Christmas best.
It’s all the excitement, no time for rest.
One snowy day mom and I went to town.
Main Street’s so merry, never a frown.

When we returned from our last minute shop,
we saw a truck with a light on top.
A man in a hardhat talked with my dad.
They both spoke quietly and looked very sad.

My parents whispered, thought I didn’t hear.
Something’s was broken too much to repair.
Said we’re leaving, where they don’t know.
I loved our home and didn’t want to go.

I gave the last tour on that very sad day.
We finished our cocoa with little to say.
Mom read aloud then kissed me goodnight.
Dad tucked me in, turned out the light.

I lay sobbing at the loss of our house.
No new friends, no Martha the mouse.
I then had a plan and ran for my bank.
Shook out the coins and my little heart sank.

Martha came close, she knew I was sad.
I forgot the snacks but she wasn’t mad.
We counted my pennies in moonlight,
then crept downstairs later that night.

We tucked my bank under the tree.
It’s for our old house from Martha and me.
But one last thing and then back to bed.
A snack for Martha and a pat on her head.

My dad woke me early that Christmas day.
I knew he was sad, he smiled anyway.
We met mom in the hall, headed downstairs.
We all acted happy while holding back tears.

Chapter 4 ~ New Beginnings

The cookies were gone, Santa was here.
Beneath the tree, present are there.
But shocked to see something I’d never seen.
There are stacks of coins, sleeping mice in between.

They ate Santa’s cookies then took a nap.
All snuggled together in the Christmas wrap.
Sleeping soundly until mom screams.
Then all were awakened from their dreams.

Martha stood out front and winked at me.
She waved me over to come and see.
The piles of treasure they found last night.
That was lost under the floorboards out of sight.

The Generals treasure, his coins of gold.
There’s enough to fix our homes splendor of old.
Martha saved our house and Christmas too.
She helped write this rhyme to share with you.
We wish you the best this holiday.
May all your days be just your way.
We’re glad to have shared our time as one.
From all of us here at the house of fun.

the End


I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a cashier hand this little boy some money back. The boy couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The cashier said, “I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough money to buy this doll.” Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ”Granny, are you sure I don’t have enough money?” The old lady replied: ”You know that you don’t have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.” Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. “It’s the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her.” I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her afterall, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. “No, Santa Claus can’t bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there.” His eyes were so sad while saying this. “My sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.” My heart nearly stopped. The little boy looked up at me and said: “I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall.” Then he showed me a very nice photo of him where he was laughing. He then told me “I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won’t forget me. I love my mommy and I wish she doesn’t have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister.” Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly. I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. “Suppose we check again, just in case you do have enough money for the doll?” “OK,” he said, “I hope I do have enough.” I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for the doll and even some spare money. The little boy said: “Thank you God for giving me enough money!” Then he looked at me and added, “I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me!” “I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn’t dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose.” “My mommy loves white roses.” A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket. I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn’t get the little boy out of my mind. Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl. The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine, because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma. Was this the family of the little boy? Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young woman had passed away. I couldn’t stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was exposed for people to see and make last wishes before her burial. She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest. I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever.. The love that the little boy had for his mother and his sister is still, to this day, hard to imagine. And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him. Now you have 2 choices: 1) Reblog this message. 2) Ignore it as if it never touched your heart