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OC Interaction Meme #2 - for @toon-ager

“Toontown’s best soloer, huh? Nice to meet you Charles!”
“Awh shucks, thanks! I’m nothing special really… Are you here for an autograph?”
“Nope! But I WAS wondering if there was something you could help lil ol’ me with, actually! <3”
“Oh… erm… with what exactly? (Ugh here we go again)”
“Well you see, I’m kind of into the soloing business myself! I know you prefer to work alone, but I was wondering if you could teach me a few things? I could make it worth your while! Hehe~” 
“Hmm! Well as you can imagine I’m a pretty busy Hamster, but I’ll see what I can do, friend! I LOVE to help out my fans! =D
(I guess there are more annoying things to ask me to do…)” 

are they being extremely fake to each other? do they actually like each other? the world may never know

also GGHASOIDJ i cannot BELIEVE i forgot ur mouse’s prosthetics & i got the arm color completely wrong? jfc i might actually do an updated version of this pic @ some point cause thats gonna bother me omg….

I noticed that @toon-artzy was feeling a bit down, so I wanted to send some positivity and cuteness their way!

I hope you feel better and get over anything putting you in a funk <3 Love you toon daughter of mine!

Collab with onetts-arcade!! She drew the sketch and I coloured!! 💙

sleepy sleepy wind child

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Linebeck in C5 and Link in D3 ~

Character + Expression


It’s weird, isn’t it? I’m from Mars, you’re from Venus. I do things, you worry about them. I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.

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DJ Crazy Toones, the West Coast DJ who worked withย Ice Cube, has died. Ice Cube confirmed the news on Twitter. โ€œI just lost my homie, brother, DJ, confidant and loved one.โ€ he wrote. โ€œCrazy Toones passed away today and I’m fucked up about it. We miss you & love u.โ€ Born Lamar Calhoun, Crazy Toones also worked as a producer and released albums and mixtapes of his own. He frequently collaborated withย his brother, rapper WC.

I just lost my homie, brother, DJ, confidant and love one. Crazy Toones passed away today and I’m fucked up about it. We miss you & love u. http://pic.twitter.com/hsBHIJ4J2y

โ€” Ice Cube (@icecube)

January 9, 2017

Rest in Peace DJ Crazy Toones.

โ€” Alchemist (@Alchemist)

January 9, 2017

OG Crazy Toones was a Real WestCoast Rider… Man!! https://t.co/0bbcowBXC3


January 9, 2017

I don’t even know how to say this one! It’s not even comprehending to my mind right now… The Man Pictured On The Left… R.I.P. To DJ Crazy Toones… He’s WC’s brother and also ICE CUBE’s DJ and one of my best friends on the West Coast since I was 21 years old… I just got the news… We have so many memories beyond my career in HIP HOP! Toones and Dub were the 1st to show us The Hood and see what’s really going on in South Central…and they were hanging with us in NY SINCE 1989… From hangin with The Legend DJ Alladin to COOLIO @coolio we did mad shit… Just Friend Shit! This is so hard to accept but I have to bcuz we all have a start and an ending in this life… To the Calhoun Family We Are Here For You! I could write a book for all the words I have to say about Toones… Love You Lamar Calhoun! Fly On LEGEND! @therealdubwc @icecube @mayleeno #PremierWuzHere

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