i love my swampert so much ;a;

xmadvalentine  asked:

I love you art so much its cute and so good looking ahh, my favorite Pokemons are mudkip, marchtomp and swampert and I since I saw your marchtomp one, im in love with you. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it with us. C:

Ha that’s really sweet, I super appreciate it. :)


still settling in at home after my visit with my sunbeam @sassking-trevor, so have some dewdleybops

  • rochelle, looking sad and pink. i want her to have more grey lips and patina green colors in her look 
  • catty wondering why rochelle looks so sad
  • my oc, carey, bc i can finally draw that asshole to my satisfaction
  • my swampert, Choco, in my alpha sapphire nuzlocke. hes a lazy boxer
  • and finally my beautifly, named Cucumber. He’s quirky and a fucking powerhouse i love him so much