i love my sister really


Happy bi week from this awkward excuse of a human!!💖💜💙 


         I suppose I owe you a ‘thank you’ for getting me out of the lab every now and then.
                                       Well now, we have husbands and kids.
                  But that doesn’t make our relationship any less important.

Ruby 💕 Yang : Best Sisters

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And I won’t let her go…


Tried out another painting technique that didn’t involve making a proper lineart ♥ Was experimenting a lot with this – it took about 4-5 hours because I got carried away hhh

welcome to the spoopy ice cave


@sukikobold said:

I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.


After Dark | Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 11 (x)

Have you guys ever had a really interesting or beautiful exchange with a fan?


                                                   Eleanor died fighting. So will I.

I love how the whole squad is all silent and tense after Elias called Sana slave woman. I love how Elias immediately apologises. I love how disapproving the guys are.

My mum just came into my room and we spent about 2 hours talking about books, and it was Good and Wholesome. She picked up my copy of Papillon by Henri Charrière, which I’ve been trying and largely failing to read for about a week, and I told her about some of my favourite literary hoaxes and fake memoirs. She was upset when I told her about how the author of Roots was successfully sued for plagiarism, because it was one of her favourite stories (she loves the TV series), and so I lent her my copy of Binjamin Wilkomirski’s Fragments, which is a hideous and terrible fake Holocaust memoir by a compulsive liar, and the exposé of it by Blake Eskin, and she cheered right up.

My mum likes to read awful books as a form of catharsis, I think. She lives in the Kindle free books section. She devours terrible literature and then gleefully rants about how bad it was over dinner. I almost think she enjoys bad books over good ones, sometimes.

Then she followed me downstairs and proudly showed me her Stephen King collection, and told me that I had to read Pet Sematary because the cat in it is like Clod. What a literary evening.

ADHD & "out of sight, out of mind" relationships

Is it weird that it’s hard for me to maintain personal relationships if I don’t physically see them all the time? Like I love my parents and my sister, but I never really *miss* them. I only get homesick when I’m about to leave, but once I’ve adjusted to being at school I’m totally fine. I can go months w/o contacting HS friends and weeks w/o seeing my college friends or even my bf during the semester. I rarely if ever get the urge to reach out. I just don’t think about them, which sounds super callous, but I definitely do care? But it’ll be like 2 weeks since I’ve seen someone who lives a building away or a month since I’ve called my mom and they’ll text me like ‘I miss you!’ and I…don’t? I don’t feel compelled to seek out their company and sometimes I don’t even reply to messages because I don’t have the mental energy to hold an interaction with them. It’s like I pause all my friendships to come back to later, except real life isn’t Netflix and people won’t hold your place if you don’t actually put in the work. I can feel my high school friends drifting apart but I still don’t feel interested in their lives away until we’re back together in person and it feels just the same as always. I don’t realize it’s weird how little I talk to my parents  (who I love very, very much and have a great relationship w) until someone’s like “lol my mom calls at least every other day” and I realize that my mom’s expectations from me are “maybe a few emojis every month”. My boyfriend sometimes complains that he’s never been the one in the relationship to be nagging for a text back. If I’m at college, I don’t miss home, and if I’m at home, I don’t miss my friends from college. 

Is this an ADHD thing? I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I hate that I feel this way. I feel so shallow and self-centered because I struggle to maintain attachments whenever there’s physical distance. I saw this one random blogger make a personal post about this same exact thing, wondering if it was a facet of her ADHD, and now I’m wondering if it’s a facet of mine, too. It’s like I lack “emotional object permanence”, like if I can’t see the relationship it’s not right in front of me. I’ve only just been noticing this because I’m in college, but back in high school I rarely hung out with my friends outside of school and only sporadically had contact over breaks. I didn’t think that was weird but now I’m thinking it kind of is.

(I have Inattentive Type ADHD w/ impulsive tendencies)

Ugh, this posted instead of going to drafts. Tumblr, WTF?!?

Anyway, I was going to look up attachment styles for you because it sounds like you have both the typical ADHD out of sight out of mind thing like you say, but also it sounds like your attachment style is a bit out of whack. You can read up on it via the link from this post. There are ways to mitigate some of the challenges associated with an off-kilter attachment style, and counselling is a good way to work through that process.