i love my shit quality iphone selfies

silverdinner  asked:

You are so gorgeous like I just don't......how? How do you take such good selfies? And how do you edit your pics x love your blog too xxx

Awww thanks cutie  ❤️ I don’t not all the time sometimes the lighting’s to shit for Iphone quality that’s why you’ve got to have a High quality camera for back up for days you look cute but your phone is co-operating, you can always trust your camera as it has loads of settings and good flash. I don’t like Edit my pictures as in alter my face or anything, however for colour, I will turn the temperature down and the saturation up, and depending on the quality turn the contrast down or up, you don’t need to download anything for that you can just use the edit option on the photo itself. Also I do sometimes use the vsco cam filters only sometimes though because it doesn’t always go with the photo colours, it’s not good for selfies though I don’t like filters for that, t makes you look weird colour. Also Instasize to fit your photo all together so it can go on  instagram as the full photo without cropping, and picsart for collage that is together with no lines :) but really it’s all about lighting, which varies due to weather, Unless you use a camera then the camera will vary to fit the lighting. xxx

Here’s an Example 

Iphone with flash

Samsung 3G wifi digital Camera 

None Editited

Edited - I turned  the contrast up and Temperature down (so that it went with my theme) only for instagram though, I uploaded the original to here