i love my sense of logic for this

types as people i’ve met irl (infp pov)


- in a constant loop between “you know what FUCK SOCIETY I WILL LIVE MY LIFE HOWEVER I WANT AND DO WHATEVER I WANT” and “i still lowkey want to please people around me and not cause too much conflict tho”

- that thing when an ESFP starts describing a situation and they play out all people in it and they do it SO GOOD and it’s SO FUNNY do they all do that

- at the centre of attention is where they will be

- somehow doesn’t exactly belong to any group but is considered a part of every group

- me: oh yesterday I’ve met /that person you have no chances of knowing/


me: how

- is never home but somehow manages to sleep?????


- BEST LITERARY TASTES. If ENFP tells you to read that book you go read that book I’m telling you

- “and they told me to do it but you know it’s stupid so i’m not gonna do it”

- can be super annoyed by people they love, but remains loyal to their group

- angry with all their body, vivid gestures included. generally they are moving all the time.

- somehow pretty charismatic and it looks like they feel easy in a leader position

- life isn’t a competition EXCEPT FOR WHEN IT IS


- i know only one and they are the class president somehow??????



- awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

- puns

- i mean puns, ready to write to you at 3 AM just to proudly write a pun they’ve just come up with

- oh no you are sad??? it’s okay they will bake cookies or smh

- the more personal conversation gets the more “lmao” there is

- you can say when they feel happy to be around you and it’s just so adorable

- they are so smart & try to act like they aren’t & everyone can see they are smart anyway so you failed, entp

- entp: i’m going to try doing that new thing and it will be awesome and i will love it!

entp, later: it sucks

entp, even more later: NO YOU KNOW IT WAS COOL ALL ALONG

- *drinks awful juice for the first time* *eats awful meal for the first time* “ohhh it’s… pretty good!”

- really happy to be a part of some group but won’t say it out loud

- “and it was THEN when my Fe destroyed me!!”


- looks pretty egocentric & has the lowest self-esteem around

- “if I don’t like it I won’t do it, it’s just that easy”

- they are all attention whores (me too, infps)

- w r i t i n g



- after reading this will probably try explaining to me why the math comparison was wrong and didn’t fit

- have such a hard time expressing their feelings

- if they like you and they can talk to you about their day they are so happy? just talk about what they were doing, really.

- “i feel bad? well i guess i will just bottle it up forever”

- can be rly rly quiet & needs a lot of alone time

- there’s objective logic everywhere just let me find it logic is my bitch

- they will be frustrated if you don’t make sense to them but they will try to understand - if not because they like you then at least for science reasons because “what is that wild creature and why do they act like that, i must observe”

- “sarcasm is the only way I speak”



- when I start talking to an INTP the 7 hours long conversation is almost guaranteed

- they seem so genuinely interested in what you have to say and ask questions and stuff & what they say makes you genuinely interested as well because they have such an interesting knowledge on subjects you’ve never thought about

- “on the other side tho”

- puns

- on most subjects it’s really easy to convince them because they are always open to see the other side’s point of view

- usually remembers all you’ve told them but always asks if they remember correctly


intp, a day later: ON THE OTHER SIDE,

- “look at that dog!”

- mood swings

- so adorable just let me hug them all


- takes care of your shit since you’ve met them

- “NO YOU KNOW WHAT. I’M NOT DOING THIS SHIT FOR THEM THIS TIME. THEY WILL HAVE TO MANAGE IT ON THEIR OWN. I’M DONE HELPING THEM. *does this shit for them because of course they won’t manage it on their own so someone has to*”

- saves the world since they were born

- will try to help, joke about how they failed to help, beat themselves internally over how they failed to help


- you: *starts feeling bad*

INFJ, a second later, out of nowhere: hey are you okay?


- “i’ve been planning on reading/watching it one day since 2004 but I haven’t found any time since then”

- “my Fe can tolerate your stupidity but my Ni-Ti is so done”

- always done with humanity

- *snarky commentary*


- “so usually when I wake up I have a strict plan of how this day is going to look like and it’s extremely pissing off when something doesn’t go according to that plan”

- ISTJ: *is doing homework for ten hours*

me: do you maybe want to—


- somehow really wants to show you that you are important to them, even if they are awkward with feelings

- that smile they have when they talk about people they love doing stuff

- also that excited voice they have while doing so


- their anger is so cold and so visible

- some values are not to be touched!


- really really REALLY cares about people they like

- is really sensitive for their loved ones’ pain and really awkward when trying to comfort them but boy do they try

- that person that will come back for you after the group wanders off and you are left behind

- INTJ, about really hard situations they’ve been through: “this wasn’t such a big deal tho, I mean eh, it’s over now”


- ignorance pisses them off even more than it pisses off other human beings

- it’s Monday and my INTJ dad calls me when I’m at school.

me: yeah?

INTJ: hey, I have something important to tell you.

me: sure, what?

INTJ: could you pick up [your sister] from school-

me: sure

INTJ: –on Friday?

- “you know I just… don’t like it when something doesn’t go according to my plan”

- will plan everything for the trip before you try helping



Fe: Empathetic and warm-hearted. Other people are one of the most important things to me and I find it hard not to care about them or to want to keep them happy. I’m a lover of people

Fi: Emotional and opinionated. I have strong feelings about who/what I value and what is truly right, so I let my personal values influence myself more than anything else. I’m an idealist

Te: Driven and responsible. If I want to get something done, I’ll quickly find the most efficient way to do it. I’m a go-getter

Ti: Rational and independent. I love making logical sense of what I don’t know and figuring out how things work to solve problems or just for the hell of it. I’m an analytical thinker

Ne: Very stimulated by ideas and concepts. My mind is always energised by interesting thoughts and connections between them. I’m a visionary

Ni: Detached from the moment by itself and perceptive of the bigger picture. My 5 senses only take me so far, I’m mostly concerned with intangible possibilities and hidden meanings behind things. I’m a contemplator

Se: Spontaneous and highly in tune with my surroundings and happenings in them, which I’m almost always confident in experiencing and interacting with. I’m a realist

Si: Quite in touch with information I’ve gained in the past. My memory is very strong and I’m constantly comparing what I experience in the present to things I’ve experienced in the past. I’m a traditionalist



Fe: Highly values peace and harmony.

Fi: Is very in touch with their emotions and their sense of right and wrong.

Te: Takes charge to organise their environment and accomplish objectives in it.

Ti: Thinks logically and analyses information as objectively as possible.

Ne: Has an active imagination when it comes unrealistic/abstract ideas and possibilities of what could be.

Ni: Has clear plans and goals for the future along with a good idea of how to realise them.

Se: Sees things as they are and has no problems with improvisation or immersing themselves in the moment.

Si: Lets past experiences guide them and influence how they see the world.

When needed, I can…


Fe: Be gregarious and charming to get others to like me or to keep a social situation running smoothly,

Fi: Remind myself of my emotions and ideals of right and wrong,

Te: Do whatever it takes to complete a task or solve a problem,

Ti: Step away from emotions and make sense of things rationally,

Ne: Consider multiple possibilities and play with novel ideas,

Ni: See beyond my senses and pay attention to the intangible and to what could become of something in the future,

Se: Indulge in sensory experiences and be open to spontaneity,

Si: Thoroughly compare an experience or an idea to one that’s in my memories,

but many of my faults come from…


Fe: Not being very empathetic or sociable and not fully understanding how to properly act in some social situations.

Fi: Being too objective and not being able to foresee what feelings certain things can provoke in myself and others.

Te: Being reluctant to ignore my personal values and consider objective measurements of value and achievement.

Ti: Placing too much value on my own and other peoples’ feelings and not enough on objectivity and rationality.

Ne: Not being very open to novelty or uncertainty.

Ni: Failing to plan for the future or to perceive what my senses can’t.

Se: Being uncomfortable with living in the moment or interacting with my physical environment.

Si: Being bored by constant routine and predictability.

Found this somewhere and feel like sharing it.

- I like to have a plan, but often I procrastinate and get behind schedule. I still manage to get everything done, but not in the time that I had originally allotted for the activity.

- I actually have feelings, and I hate myself for them.

- I’m not the most organised of people, *looks around room* but I know where I put things.

- I like closure to arguments/problems.

- I conduct pointless research, yet most of it is to further my understanding of the subject and put the information to use.

- I am outwardly confident but secretly insecure. Not that I show emotion about it. I much prefer to come across as stoic and cool.

- My personality around my friends is more extroverted/relaxed.

- I don’t automatically lead, but if it seems like the current leader is incompetent/…stupid *ahem* then I’ll step up.

- I love being right and having control over things.

- I think carefully about decisions, and make the most logical choice; decisions don’t scare me, but the possibility of making the wrong one does.

- I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. Thats what it’s like for me. I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and thats why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it.
—  The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

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Also: The camera switches to Dean's face. During the "I love all of you" Cas' voice is a lot more steady, he looks up to Sam (I think), but his eyes dart straight back to Dean (who seems to be trying to say something). One other thing! Cas' didn't say "I love you. All of you", she made two independent sentences, as though he tried to show that he was talking about two different things. But I am no meta writer, so I'd love to know what you think about it.(sry for any English faults btw) 2/2

Hello, dear! I believe you sent me two messages (because of the 2/2), but unfortunately I never received message number 1. However, let’s talk about the infamous “I love you” you mentioned in this message.  

In someone else’s post about that specific scene that I reblogged probably a day after the episode aired, I said that when Cas first said “I love you”, I understood it as his way of expressing his feelings for the three Winchesters present. However, WHY IN THE NAME OF CHUCK DID CAS FEEL THE NEED TO CLARIFY HIS “I LOVE YOU”?

The moment he said “I love all of you”, I had to stop and think for a moment. That simple sentence completely changed the meaning of the first one. It’s obvious that Cas felt he needed to clarify because the first “I love you” wasn’t clear enough. That was an incredibly ambiguous scene because there are three ways in which we could read the whole thing:

  • Interpretation 1: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that because his history with Mary is very brief compared to the one he has with the brothers, she wouldn’t think his statement included her. That’s why he wanted to make sure she understood that he loves HER as much as he loves her sons.
  • Interpretation 2: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that both Sam and Mary wouldn’t think they were included there because of the more profound bond he shares with Dean. That’s why he wanted to ensure that all three Winchesters knew they mean a lot to him, not just Dean.
  • Interpretation 3: When Cas said “I love you” he said it for Dean, but then he wanted to extend the feeling to the rest of his family because he wanted them to know the three of them were important to him.

The audience was in charge of deciding which interpretation they preferred. The people who can’t pick up on any kind of subtext probably thought the first “I love you” was for Dean and Sam and the clarification was meant to include Mary. On the contrary, the biggest Destiel shippers probably picked the third interpretation, the one in which the first “I love you” was meant for Dean.

Although the three interpretations are equally valid, the first one makes more sense only in text. When you watch the scene, though, the third interpretation is more logical. Why do I say that? It’s just that when Cas starts giving his speech, he has no trouble looking at the three Winchesters. His eyes go from Sam to Dean to Mary and over again. He doesn’t keep eye contact with any of them for too long but looks at the three of them. Even when he says, “You’re my family”, he looks at Sam, then at Dean, then at Mary, but then he does this:

He can’t meet anybody’s eyes! Why does Cas avoid eye contact?

Besides, as you pointed out, the camera immediately switches to Dean. Why? Why would they do that?

When Cas says “I love all of you”, he doesn’t look at the three of them as he did when he said they were his family. He just briefly looks at Sam and then keeps eye contact with Dean like this:

And Dean’s reaction? He looks like he just figured out what Cas meant (just as the rest of us did):

If we just read the transcript of the episode, we may interpret Cas’ lines differently. The thing is that the camera shots, Misha’s and Jensen’s acting choices, all that contribute to a Destiel-friendly interpretation of the whole thing. 

Let’s also remember that only two episodes before, Dean was kinda established as Castiel’s human weakness (AGAIN). Just two episodes before we learned that angels can have feelings for humans.

In conclusion, we’re not delusional. We’re just reading the signs that the writers, directors, actors, and editors are putting there.

If people decide they prefer interpretation 2 that I mentioned above, it’s still Destiel-friendly. It still means Cas himself thinks that if he says “I love you” when Dean is present, people won’t include themselves in the statement because they will think that Cas means only Dean. Cas feels he needs to clarify who he means because people will associate Cas’ I love you to Dean for default.

Personally, I’m OK with interpretations 2 and 3, but I’ll stick with the third one because it’s the one that makes more sense when you’re actually watching the scene without wearing heteronormative goggles.

Pretty Little Liars storyline interpretation

Let me start off by first saying, I loved the finale a lot. I thought it was well thought out and planned FOR THE SEASON 6 AND 7 STORYLINES. I was not expecting answers from seasons 1-6.5. Although, using my imagination and some logical deduction, I can piece some things together. I can tell you now I will forget some things and in all honesty, there are still plot holes and things that don’t make any sense. I just deal with it and respect the story for what it’s worth. I truly believe the whole Charles/Charlotte story was made to extend the series (because ABC family kept renewing it), I’m basing this off the Brendan Robinson interview with ET where he said that storyline was just a filler. Although, I do think the writers did a good job tying Charlotte into the Alex’s storyline. 

  • I’ll begin with Bethany since people seem to have the most questions about her. I view Bethany as a side character who had little relevance other being the girl that was in Alison’s grave. The fact that she killed Toby’s mom is just a screw up on the writers part and I’m willing to let it go. Bethany wandered out that night because she was just psycho. She hated Jessica (for having an affair with her father) and wanted to hurt her. She was hit by Mona and buried alive by Melissa. End of story 
  • Another question was how did Eddie lamb recognize Aria. I believe he simply had seen her face before because of Charlotte. He may have seen her planning the game while in Radley. A stretch but it’s possible. 
  • Okay now on to the good stuff. I’m still a little unclear about why Mary got sent to Radley. Her history with Jessica was a little rushed but it is what it is. Regardless, while in Radley, Mary escaped frequently. Having sex with Peter and Paster Ted getting pregnant both times. 
  • Mary had Charles in Radley and gave the child to her sister Jessica 
  • Mary had Spencer and gave her to Peter and Veronica. She then surprisingly gave birth to another girl which she named Alex, unannounced to everyone. She sold the baby to the doctor (name?) in order to get money to escape from Radley. The doctor found a wealthy family in England for Alex. When her adopted family realized Alex had severe mental issues, they took away her adoptive name and dropped her off at an orphanage. She escaped this orphanage shortly after. 
  • Now skipping ahead a bit. While in Radley, an older Charles (now assumed to be Charlotte) either found Mary’s old file in Radley’s basement or hired someone to do so. That’s how she found out Mary was her mother. This would be the middle-ish of season 3 when Charlotte takes on the name, CeCe “Drake”. 
  • Wren obviously met Charlotte while he was working in Radley. The two became extremely close. Giving her passes in and out of Radley and possibly knowing about the game as well. That could explain his drawings of Red Coat. 
  • Wren meets Alex in a bar around the middle or end of season 4. Alex tells him her story and Wren tells Alex about Charlotte. Wren then calls Charlotte and tells her about Alex. I believe this is the first time Charlotte finds out she has a sister. The birth of Alex could have been left out of Mary’s file because of the level of secrecy. 
  • At the end of 5x01, Charlotte flies to Paris and meets Archer. Archer is in love with her. While at the airport, Wren calls Charlotte to tell her where to meet her sister, Alex for the first time. 

And now for some random odds and ends 

  • Alex’s motive is way more satisfying than Charlotte’s. Alex had severe mental issues, just like her mother. She got the short end of the stick. She was the forgotten one left for nothing. Once she met Wren and he told her about Spencer, she became extremely envious. She wanted the life Spencer had, wanting to become Spencer in the end.She also wanted revenge for Charlotte’s death (aka the game) 
  • Alex killed Wren because he could only see her as “Alex” and not Spencer. 
  • Alex poisoned Yvonne to begin her deception with Toby. 
  • Alex choose to kidnap Ezra not only because he was on to her, but so she could have Aria all to herself. 
  • Jenna, Noel, Sydney, & Sara were simply just helpers, as explained by Alex
  • I believe Melissa knew some things simply because of her connection with Wren. Did she know about Alex? Possibly but who really knows. 
  • Wren was more involved than what we’re lead to believe. He knew (and maybe even helped) about Charlotte’s game and became a very active accomplice to Alex. Which explains while A.D had all the doctor connections. 

I know I’m missing some things but I needed to write this in order to get most of it out of my head. Hope you enjoyed!!!


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the reveal. But PLEASE do not go around saying “I hated the finale because my theory never came true”. The unfortunate reality is that your theory is most likely wrong. There are a lot of characters on this show, and only one person will be Uber A. Everyone literally has like a 1 in 20 chance of being right. Your theory probably is wrong (despite being really awesome!!) You absolutely are entitled to any opinion on the finale - love it or hate it, whatever. But please do not go around spreading hate to Marlene, or even general negativity on Tumblr, because your theory never came true. This should not be a matter of “I want to be right, I do not want to be wrong”. Whilst you can have your list of preferences for AD candidates, I think in the end, if the endgame makes sense, that’s all that matters. I want Twincer. But hey if it’s Ezra and they can justify it with logic, awesome. Just my thoughts and hopes for post-finale. 

On Irene, Molly, And Mary...

Ah, these women! What more can I say? I love them and it’s the very reason why I feel like I needed to talk about them, especially in light of “recent events.”

Now, I would’ve included Mrs. Hudson, but everybody loves her (I’m pretty sure all of us have secret shrines dedicated to her) and in contrast to these three other women, I haven’t seen anyone talk sh*t about her. Maybe the reason why I’m writing this is that I feel like these special women also deserve the same recognition? Idk. As usual, I’m waffling. Haha. 

Anyway, going back to my point, I’m just going to start this ramble: 

Molly Hooper

Originally posted by warlorck

For someone who was intended to be a side character (since she was not a part of the ACD canon), Molly stood out because even before anyone else (even Lestrade who thought that Sherlock was a great, but not good, man in S1) saw the detective’s capacity for good, she was already there, admiring him. I honestly don’t think it was just his brilliance or his amazing cheekbones (lol) that captivated her, but it was the belief that Sherlock is something more than he what he leads on. He had his eccentricities, but she was able to look past that. 

And if there’s one thing that I found compelling about her, it’s her character development. She didn’t dwell on her unrequited love, she wasn’t a martyr, she dated other people (shoutout to Jim from IT), she called out Sherlock for being an arse during that Christmas (ASiB), and by season 3 and 4, she became an all around BAMF. 

So I don’t understand why I’ve seen people calling her weak. Because I personally believe that loving someone does not prevent you from being a strong and independent person. Molly never changed her ways for Sherlock. Sure, she swiped lipstick that one time, or she dressed up that Christmas, but it was to boost her own confidence. She knows that Sherlock doesn’t notice these things in a ‘I want to impress him’ kind of level, so I personally believe she was doing those things because she wants to – not for him, but for herself.

And seeing her in TFP hurt me like hell. She looked like she was having a rough day, and then Sherlock just pops in a request like that – it was disheartening to watch. But Molly Hooper handled it like a boss. Even if it hurts, she was in control of herself. She was angry, she didn’t want to be treated like a toy – she wanted him to know that saying those words are not and should not be easy. Even in pain and distress, she was able to teach Sherlock Holmes a lesson. 

So if that makes her weak, then they should change the definition of the word in the dictionary, because there’s a huge amount of courage in there. 

P.S. To be fair, Sherlock did say ‘I love you’ twice. Now, I’m an Adlock shipper, but so far, Sherlolly shippers had that dramatic Anderson-imagination kiss and two ‘I love you’s so cheers to y’all! 😉

Irene Adler           

Originally posted by i-am-adlocked

Queeeeeeeeeeeen! Okay, sorry! I just love this woman. 

Personally, I fell in love with the idea of Adlock ever since I first read A Scandal In Bohemia. I never liked my ships to be ‘canon’ in a way that they’ll run off into the sunset and be all cheesy, and that’s why Sherlock and Irene’s dynamic resonated with me so much. I do blame them for developing my now logical and complicated approach on the subject of love, but I digress. 

There has been a lot of criticism about the modern adaptations of Irene Adler, but I will simply focus on the BBC one for this post. Irene was, and still is, being reprimanded for being a dominatrix, but to me, it just made sense. Her initial role was to distract Sherlock and to lure him into unfamiliar territory, but sex isn’t the element that became the foundation of their relationship – it was their instant intellectual connection. 

And this is also the very reason why we’re not dismissing Irene or Sherlock’s sexuality in shipping them, contrary to the common criticisms of these pairing. Even if Irene is a dominatrix, sex isn’t really what they are about. I know I’ve stressed this many times, but Sherlock admitted that he is captivated by Irene (”Craving the distraction of the game, I sympathise entirely…” his words, not mine) and Irene was also very much smitten with Sherlock, so it may not be romance (or whatever it is that normal people do), but they are indeed attracted to each other in a very complex level that I think even they don’t understand. To add to this, we already have an entire discourse regarding Irene being “gay” etc. etc. which I think makes her even more amazing because she’s like f*ck all your stereotypes, I’m going to swing all ways possible and be badass at it and I can’t… I just can’t deal with that point even anymore… She is more than that frickin’ label, for God’s sake. 

Anyway, another commentary about Irene that pisses me off the most is the one about her being weak – again, similar to Molly’s. She didn’t ask for Sherlock to rescue her, and he absolutely didn’t beat her. In fact, he broke almost every single one of his personal rules when it came to her: flew thousands of miles to get to her, kept her Vertu (”If she’d left him, he would keep it. People do. Sentiment.”), thinks about her out of the blue, the TEXTING, and I could go on and on and on…. And she did make Sherlock “I haven’t begged in my life” Holmes beg twice in the most mundane, interesting, and sentimental way possible: “But I will have the camera phone.” “Please.”

This is a woman who can get by on her own, who has managed to stay alive despite the circumstance that she’s constantly on the run, and she is her own person, whether or not she has crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes. 

So to put this in full-circle, I’ll just say it again: QUEEN!

Mary Watson

Originally posted by docclara

I never really appreciated Mary’s character in the ACD canon because she was barely even there. It wasn’t even explicit if she died or not, but there was a line that expressed Watson’s bereavement, leading to that conclusion in the books. 

Frankly, just like Irene, I’ve been waiting for her character to make an appearance, and was almost settled by the idea that she might have been replaced with Sarah (John’s girlfriend in S1), but I still had my hopes up. So when she arrived in Season 3, imagine my excitement. 

But it wasn’t until that scene in TEH where she was obviously amused by Sherlock that made me love her. Now, just a quick segue, I’ve always hated Sally Donovan because she was cruel to Sherlock and she didn’t really seem to have a redemption arc unlike Anderson. She was a representation of the world that treats Sherlock Holmes as an outsider. And Mary wasn’t like that at all. She was accepting and understanding, and unlike the common cause of hatred towards her, she wasn’t keeping Sherlock and John apart. In fact, she was trying so hard to assure them that things are not going to change – that they would still be Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

Then we discover that she’s not as she seems, that she has secrets, and it explained why she cared for Sherlock– it’s because broken people try to fix other broken people through each other’s company. She was willing to compromise anything, she was greedy to not let John know, she was desperate which led to her shooting Sherlock – overall, her character has dimension. She’s not a bad or good, she has her own demons that she’s trying to overcome. When Sherlock told John that “you chose her”, it felt haunting because it resonates to our own horrors – we attract what we seek. And to me, it’s what made Mary – BBC’s Mary – a brilliant character. 

These are just a few reasons why I can’t accept any hate towards these characters, their roles in relation to Sherlock and John, or even hate addressed to the people who adore them. 

Overall, these three women were introduced to us in a sequence that also relates to Sherlock’s own development: Molly signified the value of trust, respect, and regard for his life; Irene embodied incredible wit, surrendering to the whims of sentiment, and finding a remarkable connection; and Mary provided the feeling of warmth, acceptance, and the balance between danger and redemption.

And again, dear haters, this is why they matter.

This is a friendly reminder from ur local AroAce here that you can still be Aro even if u love the Idea of Romantic love​.

Like there’s nothing wrong with that and u r still valid and if u ever feel that profound sense of…Loss or Want for romance but know logically that it’s not something u can do.

I am here saying its okay and u r still Aro and i am here if anyone ever wants to talk to someone about this shit cause lord knows I could’ve saved myself and some partners the struggle of figuring out my identity much sooner if idve known

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Hi! I'm sorry if this is dumb or seems rude, I don't mean it that way at all I'm just genuinely curious for your opinion. I was just wondering about casting spells, particularly curses; what gives witches the right to bend the energies of the universe to their will? Instead of waiting for the universe to, in a sense, "balance the scales"? I'm so sorry again if this seems disrespectful, I truly don't mean it to be I'm just curious!

Well, let’s turn this around: what robs us of that right?

What tells us that, as entities put on this planet and put through many things that are challenging, painful, or unjust, that we are not allowed to do what it takes to overcome those things?

When has the universe told you that it will do that for you? When has it told you that you, yourself, are not part of what it uses to maintain itself? You’re part of the universe, aren’t you?

Perhaps it has told you that you don’t have that right. And if so, it’s not mine to interfere with your path. But the universe has never told me any such thing. If it’s said anything, it is that it will not do my work for me.

Personally, it is my observation that it is much more frequently an issue of people of power telling those they lord over to “turn the other cheek” when they are being subjugated, and in that sense, my belief that we indeed have a right to curse is political. The only leaders I’ve ever seen condemn it are the same ones who have a history of abusing their subordinates. What a coincidence, eh?

Of course, people individually decide or intuit their own path; we’re not all meant to be artists and we’re not all meant to be warriors. Similarly, we’re not all meant to be love and light, and we’re not all meant to specialize in the baneful.

But when the universe makes demands of us that seem to beg for a response, I think it is much more logical to ask how we should, rather than whether we dare.

The Houses as Teachers I've Had
  • I'm sorry that this is the most steriotypical thing you'll ever read.
  • Ravenclaw: 1. My english lit professor, who always got really excited and would go off on tangents for discussions, leading us all to an existential crisis at least once a week. Likes to pretend he's scary and aggressive when really he's a small walnut who really likes books. Randomly cut me off in a conversation because he decided to teach me how to 'punch men'. Likes to write books where he is always a main character because 'it's easier than actually going outside myself and trying these things out'. Literally trips over everything. 2. Another professor who was literally the king of oversharing and then would say things that were hysterical but would offend people who weren't understanding their irony. When people's logic didn't make sense, he'd keep following it until he twisted it to a humorous outcome. Also gave us all existential crises. Lectured about the correct way to live your life and when I asked what it was he went "hell if I know, I'm only making it up as I go along and hoping that when I die, God doesn't saute me".
  • Slytherin: 1. My high school English teacher. Loved me, hated everyone else, failed people who were shitty in general, favoritism like no other, liked to make people debate things out but didn't have a personal point to prove. Let things slide if she liked you, very sarcastic. If you said something stupid, she would threaten to shove her stiletto heel in your eye socket. Said she only cried once in her life, and it was when she was in college and her Shakespearean Verse teacher had a thick Jamaican accent, and she never knew what was happening. 2. My Spanish teacher from Mexico who was literally so chill all the time, and only disliked like 2 people who were always antagonizing him (he failed them and passed everyone else). Would say and do everything really dramatically and said ZORRO at least once per class. Complained about the price of bananas. Gave up in the last month and just made us watch Jimmy Fallon videos every day because 'Jimmy Fallon is the man'.
  • Gryffindor: 1. Skateboarded into my freshman comp. course every day, forgot to wear pants under dresses that were see-through, would make us read vague philosophical essays that she then used to advance her own personal agendas. Rarely ever taught, mostly just went on tumblr while everyone looked around frantically. Tried to convince us to raise our children genderless by giving them a name like 'turnip' and never telling anyone their sex. 2. History-enthused teacher who used modern analogies to explain american history. Was the most petty man ever, it was perfect. When 'sporty' guys in the class would refuse to participate, he would pull out a small basketball and his wastebasket, and every time they got a question correct on the verbal review, he would let them shoot. Sweet guy in general, would walk people to the nurse, authoritative and honestly ugh I love him he is my son.
  • Hufflepuff: 1. Math teacher who ever Friday brought in some kind of baked good or candy, had little songs she'd dance around the classroom singing, chubby and sweet little woman, really liked Bon Jovi. 2. An advisor I met with once only because I wanted to drop a class that I was failing who sat me down for four hours. She started crying about 6 times, read me a whole bunch of motivational quotes, kept reading excerpts of the bible, and randomly having us pray together
Maybe in Your Dreams

A fic for @snowbaz-feda
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1622
Summary: At night, Simon dreams about kissing Baz and all the things he loves about him. By daylight, he forgets about all that in the same way he doesn’t allow himself to think. By daylight, he hates Baz and worries that he’s plotting. He’s lucky he doesn’t remember the dreams because it would never go well if he did. Or would it?

Baz hair looks soft. It always does. And I always want to touch it. Now he looks at me, softly. A gaze I’ve never seen from him. Not directed at me, anyway. Then, suddenly, his lips curl into a smile and I’m gone. If only he’d smile like that all the time, if only I could always wash the frown off his face. If only I could make him stop hurting. I know that he is, beneath the surface. I know that, really, Baz Pitch is just like me. It hurts me to know that.

It breaks my heart and his hair looks soft and I want to touch it. That, too, breaks my heart. There’s a reason for that, but I don’t think of it now. All I think about is his jawline. It looks so sharp as though he could cut himself on it. His face is made of edges, but it goes soft when I touch his cheek. His hair frames his face gently, his nose is slightly crooked but it makes the whole picture only more interesting. There’s a storm going on inside his eyes.

I think what I always think when I look at him. Why does he have to be so bloody perfect? Everything about him is.
And then he makes a mistake. Because he whispers: ‘Simon,’ and he should never call me that. Not in that perfect voice of his. Because it’s hard enough to pretend when he hates me, it’s even harder when he doesn’t.

All the rules I’ve set up for myself. I’d break them. Any time. If he just called me by my name.
I bury my hands in his hair and pull him a little closer. He cocks an eyebrow at me and for a second I think we’re fighting but then he urges forward and our lips meet.
Don’t even get me started on his lips. The things he could do with them… But it’s not even about the kissing. It’s being connected to him, being together with him and feeling free. If only I had this kind of freedom.

The alarm clock rings and Simon grunts. It’s the start of another day. He wants to stay in the dream for a few more seconds, but Baz has already left for breakfast. And he needs to watch Baz at all times, because he cares about him… So much…
That thought jerks Simon awake properly. His eyes snap open and he shakes his head, confused. Need to watch Baz… Because he’s plotting. Always is.
He surges and leaps out of the bed. Another day begins. He sighs and goes for the bathroom, thinking about the dream. It was a good dream, he knows that much. But no matter how hard he tries to remember, he can’t imagine what the dream was about.

In the breakfast hall, Simon watches Baz out of the corner of his eye. He’s sneering about something. Simon doesn’t think about the way his hair falls into place. He doesn’t think about how beautiful Baz’ lips would looks smiling. No, he thinks, certainly, Baz doesn’t have any feelings at all. Nothing can hurt him. Nothing can hurt Baz.

As he goes about his day, he thinks about Baz, because he just can’t help it. In the way you’d imagine him thinking about his enemy. Concerned. Fearful. Not in the way he thinks about him every night. In his dreams.

After school, Baz is waiting for him in their room. Simon is suspicious, but he doesn’t say anything. Baz looks strangely thoughtful and Simon wonders why he just looks into space, as though he was trying to solve a riddle. Simon thinks it would be best to just ignore him, but as he sits on his bed, trying to do homework, he feels Baz’ gaze linger on him. Something is wrong. He can tell. There is tension in the air and he doesn’t know where it came from. Suddenly Baz jumps up and Simon is too startled to move. Baz tackles him onto the bed, pinning his hands beside his head.
Calm down, Simon wants to say but all he manages to breathe out is 'Anathema.’
'You need to answer me a question,’ Baz hisses and his voice sounds broken. Simon is panicking a little bit. Not because he’s afraid, but because this situation is strange. Baz doesn’t sound like usual, when he wants to start a fight. No, he sounds emotional, like this is important to him. What could that be?
Simon is too surprised to resist. He doesn’t even defend himself. He just lays still and waits for the question.
'What did you dream about last night?’
'I don’t dream.’
'Everybody dreams.’
'Well, I don’t.’
'I know you do. I hear you talk in your sleep.’
'Then, apparently, I forget about the dreams in the morning.’
'That must mean they aren’t that important.’
No, Simon thinks, but doesn’t bother to correct him. That’s not what it means at all.

'I think, maybe I dream about Agatha.’
'Didn’t you break up?’
'That doesn’t mean that I stopped loving her, does it?’
Baz stays really quiet for a second, he looks down and lets go of Simon’s wrists, taking a step back. For some reason, Simon’s heart clenches.
'Yeah’ Baz says and swallows repeatedly. 'I guess.’
Baz seems weirdly restraint and Simon doesn’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, only that he did, and that he wants to stop it.
'Why do you care about my dreams?’ he asks and for some reason, he thinks he knows. But it doesn’t make any sense. Nothing makes sense.
'You said something. In your dream. Something really… weird.’
'What do you mean?’
'Something you would remember if you woke up. Because it would freak you out. But I guess there is a logical explanation to all of this.’
'Baz. What did I say?’
'It doesn’t matter now. I was wrong.’
'That’s what you said.’
'You said 'Baz.’ And then…’
'Then what, Baz? Please.’
'I love you.’
Simon freezes and his mouth goes dry and his heart beat speeds up and then – then he realizes that that is what he said in his dream. Not only that, he remembers it. Suddenly he remembers every thought he ever repressed and every dream he ever imagined for the cruelty of reality.

'Fuck,’ he whispers.

'It’s like you said. You probably dreamed about Agatha. And I was there, trying to snatch her away from you. And that’s why you said my name, before confessing your love to her. That’s what must have happened.’
'Probably? Why do you say probably? What else should I have dreamed?’
’S-sorry, I-’
'No, I asked you a question.’
'I thought that – for some reason – you dreamed… about… me.’
'And that made you angry,’ Simon whispers, eyes wide. 'Didn’t it?’
'Fuck off.’
'Do you know about dreams, Baz? In your dreams, you can’t lie to yourself. In reality, you can.’
'Bullshit. I lie to myself in dreams all the time. And for fuck’s sake, I couldn’t lie to myself when I’m awake if I wanted to. And believe me, I want to.’
'I remember it now. I remember it all. I dream because dreams don’t hurt you. Reality does.’
'What are you on about?’
Simon stands up, stepping closer to Baz, to face him.
'I thought you were plotting. I worried about it all the time. I was stupid.’
'So I keep telling you.’
'Don’t be mean, Baz, please. I’m trying to be honest with you.’
'Honest about what? It’s no secret that you think I’m a lying, mischievous-’
He doesn’t say it, he doesn’t think it, he just does it.
The world is ending. Or maybe it isn’t. He wouldn’t know if it was. He doesn’t know anything. Only that, when he lays his hand on Baz’ cheek, his face doesn’t go soft. It just freezes. And he doesn’t talk any more. He leans closer and then he feels his lips – damn. Damn those lips, this is so much better than dreaming. He buries his hands in Baz’ hair, like he always dreamed of doing. Carefully, he strokes the soft skin beneath Baz’ ear. But Baz doesn’t go soft. He doesn’t do anything. This is not a dream.

When Simon pulls away from him, Baz stares at him in shock.
'What,’ he mutters. 'What was that.’
He looks so confused that, for a moment, Simon pities him.
He smiles ever so sadly. 'This is why it hurts. This is why I’d rather dream. Because in my dreams, you’d kiss me back.’
And Simon will go away, before Baz realizes what happened and punches him. He wishes he had never remembered his dreams. There really was a reason why he didn’t allow himself to think. But now it’s too late. He’ll never be able to forget about kissing Baz.

Looking at Baz hurts, staying here hurts, but he knows that leaving will hurt even more. Still, he turns away.
No need to make it worse than it already is.
Except. There’s a hand. On his arm. A hand that stops him.

'You fool,’ Baz says and Simon would be hurting if he hadn’t said it so softly.
'What do you think I dream about, huh?’

'I don’t know, killing me, maybe?’
'You absolute idiot.’
And then Baz kisses him again.
'This is what I dream about.’
'Then how do we know we’re not dreaming right now?’
'We can’t.’
'So, I don’t care.’
'Me neither.’
They kiss again. And when they wake up in the morning, curled up in each others arms, it will still feel like a dream. But it won’t be.

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top 5 moon signs? :)

in my opinion…

1. Virgo Moon- I love how understanding and compassionate they are. They are very considerate and thoughtful of others, and love to be helpful. They have such an interesting logic and way of thinking, I love to hear them talk about thoughts or feelings.
2. Taurus moon- They have such a calming energy to them, they make me feel at home. They have a chill nature and are very loyal friends. They are steady and have a good sense of what they want and need.
3. Aquarius moon- Observant and analytical. They will pay attention to every detail about you and are very thoughtful. They have a good sense of their environment and the world around them, and are compassionate to humanity.
4. Scorpio moon- Their intuition and sense of self is amazing. They read people easily and are very in tune with themselves and others. They pick up on energies easily and are good at understanding what people are feeling.
5. Sagittarius moon- Philosophical and mindful, yet fun. They have a good, positive energy and are good at lifting people’s spirits. I could listen to their random thoughts all day, their minds are so interesting!


Can we talk about the concept of beginner’s decks? I wanna talk about that.

My first deck was an impulse buy. I’d seen just enough gorgeous pictures of the cards to know deep in my heart place that I needed this deck. Yesterday. But the since the postal system doesn’t work this way, I satisfied my need by watching video reviews of the deck.

I started watching one wherein the deck was given a glowing review by someone who loved working with it, but they went on to say, “Sometimes I find this deck challenging to read with, so I don’t know if I’d recommend it as a first deck.”

Obviously, I panicked. Had I just wasted $40 on a deck that would be too hard to read with? And my panic about it didn’t ease because it was a sentiment I saw repeated in several other reviews of this deck. My fears were unfounded because the deck was a dream to read. Two and a half years later, it’s still one of my favorite decks to work with.

Over these two and a half years, the idea of beginner’s decks is one that I keep seeing, and part of it makes sense to me. A lot of skills and hobbies have optimal entry points or highly recommended beginning toolkits. For someone who’s approaching tarot for the first time to ask for such recommendations seems pretty logical.

The problem is, the only optimal entry to tarot is a deck that you really and truly love. One that you know, deep down in your heart place, that you need. Yesterday. And obviously, that’s going to be different for everyone.

There’s three major styles of tarot deck and they all read differently. To complicate it further, there are decks made around an endless number of themes and imagery within those styles. These decks will all explore similar symbols and messages, but in just wildly different ways.

The two of cups may always be about union, every deck will present that concept in a different context. Someone might look at the traditional RWS deck and not really get the meaning, but then look at the same card in the Homestuck deck and understand it immediately.

There will always be decks that are difficult to read. For me, it’s the Deviant Moon and its Death card. I understand it when it comes up in readings with other decks, but this one always throws me off. It’s a grotesque card that I hate looking at, and this is actually a pretty common opinion. But there’s people out there who really connect with that and have no trouble grasping it in their readings.

With all of that, I don’t understand why this is a concept that others so readily uphold. So, how do you feel about “beginner’s decks”?

I’m not gonna tag anyone but I am genuinely interested in what others think.

It also occurred to me after writing this that I’ve seen decks created specifically with the intent of being easy to approach by new readers, and I think that’s totally cool.

The one thing I hate about hypersexuality for me is

Ok. Logically, I know that love =/= sex or being seen as sexually attractive or whatever, and that there can be love and relationships in general without sex, that sort of thing. I can acknowledge that and even respect that for others tbfh.


Unfortunately, in my case, my hypersexuality fucking makes it to where I HAVE to be seen as sexually attractive and desirable and so much more to my partner, I have to have that sexual validation and attention from my s/o and shit in order to feel like I have a sense of worth and feel loved and shit in general, and sex and all that other shit is something that is vital to me as well in feeling like I’m needed or wanted because of my own self belief that I’m only good for that and nothing more.

And if I don’t get that, I basically break down. I wind up feeling unloved, unwanted, worthless, hated, etc etc. And I know that I shouldn’t be like that over something like sex and being sexually desirable, but it doesn’t change the fact that if a partner were to not see me as sexually attractive in that way or want sexual stuff with me (or worse, see other things as sexually attractive but not me, thus making me feel like I’d have to fucking compete with whatever it is they find desirable and possibly never winning), it’d fucking hurt like hell for me.

And honestly? I hate being like this, tbh. I hate it so much. It makes me feel gross and disgusting and shit but I literally can’t help it because that’s just the mentality my hypersexuality gives me and shit…

Samurai Jack, CI

Let me be clear: I am a fan of Samurai Jack. I have been since I was a little girl. I grew up watching this show. Jack’s character is one of my childhood heroes and role models. For me, as a young girl, he was an example of righteousness and justice in the face of cruelty, ignorance, and literally pure evil.

A righteous person is one who lives their ideals; who doesn’t compromise their beliefs. I remember clearly the day I learned what real righteousness was, and it was from a Samurai Jack episode.

I’ve always been headstrong and outspoken and that made being a kid really difficult at times; I found it hard - still find it hard - to turn the other cheek when I should or to remain polite in the face of pettiness. But Jack demonstrated those things for me.

Samurai Jack was an informative, important part of my childhood. Persevere in the adversity and injustice; do not stoop to cruelty when others are cruel to you; stick to your guns even when it’s hard and inconvenient - all are things Samurai Jack taught me.

And I love this show. I really do. I’ve seen every episode, and I re-watched the first four seasons in preparation for the release of the fifth and final season. I know the jokes, the running gags; I have favorite characters and episodes; in my family we quote the Scotsman on a daily basis - yes, we really do.

And I enjoyed the HELL out of the last season and the last episode. When I saw the Canine Archaeologist I actually shouted; the “jump good” throwback had me cackling; when the Scotsman burst onto the screen in the final showdown I just about pissed myself with excitement; and Ashi’s insight which led to Jack and Aku’s final confrontation was just AMAZING.

It was a great episode, a great final season, and a great show.


Ashi is the first recurring female character Samurai Jack has ever featured, apart from his own mother, who has literally no dialogue throughout the entire series.

Seeing her demolish that entire army in episode XCVIII was like seeing Rey turn her lightsaber on for the first time in The Force Awakens. I got to watch my childhood dreams come true. I got CHILLS.

My favorite childhood TV show finally said it: a girl can be powerful, too. A girl can fight. A girl can win. A girl is just as good. A girl is equal.

Ashi was an important character to me. She wasn’t just a love interest to me.

Genndy Tartakovsky, I want an apology.

I want you to apologize for how you’ve made me feel. I don’t care if Ashi’s ending makes sense given everything else that happened. I don’t care if it’s only logical. For fuck’s sake, the Scotsman survived because of Celtic Fucking Magic. There’s no room for blame-shifting or backing out of what you chose to do.

Ashi just wasn’t as important as one of the guys, and that’s why she didn’t survive to the end. You killed off your only developed female character for the sake of emotional impact.

Ashi is more than the plot device you turned her into.

Or at least, she was.

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I LOVE YOOOOOUUUU!!!! this is prolly my second and I'm sorry but between 104th and Vets what are the specifically good at? (Ex. Dancing, Reasoning, social Skills)?

Mikasa: Cooking
Reiner: Calculations
Bertholdt: Sewing
Annie: Very good with animals
Eren: Encouraging others
Jean: Leading skills
Marco: Social Skills
Sasha: Humorous
Connie: Dancing
Historia: Seduction
Armin: Logical thinking
Ymir: Reasoning
Levi: Cleaning
Hanji: Allnighters
Erwin: Strategical thinking
Nanaba: Baking
Mike: Sensing things
Moblit: Drawing

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Inhated climon in the books, I didn't like the fact that she basically used him and was still all about Jace. I don't know if it's different in the show though.

Basically, SH have set up this BS love triangle sitch that nobody wants or is impressed with. It's so tired and cliche the promos are literally like Who will she choose?  As if our asses are actually over here trying to guess like it’s not obvious.

A quarter of the fandom are like: If it’s not Izzy I literally could not care less.

A quarter are like: Who gives af about Clary and her pasty ass love life give us malec

A quarter are, die hard clace shippers who are not giving up (not my cup of tea but they have chemistry at least and make far more logical sense than Cl*mon)

And the other quarter want: Jimon, Sizzy, Jaia, and/or Simaia 

either way everyone could care less about the love triangle.

Basically, cl*mon sucks because

1. They set up an adorable brotp/potentially romance situation with Maia a beautiful, funny, multi-layered, badass biracial girl and made Simon reject her for Clary

2. Clary literally had no interest in Simon until like two episodes before they started dating

3. It makes a large portion of Simon’s arc all about Clary and, not important things like, him being a vampire/a daylighter/Jewish/ or his relationship with Jace/Maia/Magnus/Luke/Raphael or Izzy.

4. Cl*mon just adds to SH being all about Clary

5. An abundance of cl*mon but other longer standing ships get hardly any screen time

6. *sighs* We all know, inevitably Clace is going to happen like it’s so obvious

7. Simon is going to get hurt. He has had a crush on Clary since he was a child, she’s is his best friend, this is what he’s wanted his whole life, he’s literally put all his eggs in one basket with her and it’s all gonna crumble in his face and I’m pissed cus how dare they hurt my son.

8. Clary wouldn’t have blinked twice if it hadn’t been revealed that Jace was her brother and we all know it.

9. SH have just set up this cute brotp/potential romantic situation with Jace and Maia and even though they only had anger sex and Maia said it was nothing,  we all know that’s a lie and Jace is going to end up rejecting her for Clary, thus getting Maia hurt; do you see a pattern here?

10. It’s gross ?? They’re like brother and sister, they even share the same surrogate dad.

11. The ‘nerdy boy has an unrequited crush on girl best friend for years only to have it finally returned randomly after years of pining’ is overused and super early 2000s.

I could go on. To answer your question they’ve made the whole Clary using Simon less overt in the TV show and I really don’t think they’re trying to make it come off that way. I think Clary does care about him but I ultimately, think all the emotions she’s cultivated for Jace will overpower that affection and then.. blah… you get it..

Am I the only one who doesn’t read every single bio on all the blogs I follow? I’m so tired of being sassed for following these blogs that are anti-everything. Pick your battles, people. There are much worse things in this world than me following you. For goodness sake. I regress to age 3 – what is so offensive about my coping mechanisms? Shall we have story time with a psychology textbook? Oh, and even if this wasn’t “therapeutic” – why attack littles who just want to find a sense of innocence in life? You are demonizing a group who just wants to be surrounded by love and smiles. I will never understand that logic. So, in the meantime – no, I didn’t read your bio and yes, I will unfollow you.