i love my printer

The Humble Beginnings of Printer Boy.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

Connor Murphy, Jared Kleinman, and Evan Hansen are all sitting in Mrs. G’s second grade class, among roughly 25 other small human beings.

Mrs. G was one of those teachers that you either loved, or you hated. Mrs. G would never call on a raised hand, but instead the child she felt was paying the least amount of attention.

Jared Kleinman loved Mrs. G. Jared never paid attention, and Jared was not one to pass up the opportunity to make a fart joke every. Single. Time. She. Called. On. Him. She never learned.

Connor hated Mrs. G. She always made him participate when he didn’t want to, but never let him when he wanted to.

Evan Hansen tried not to hate Mrs. G, but she really made his life hard. He didn’t want to be put on the spot. He wanted to blend in, and just learn. He was always paying attention, but he just avoided eye contact when she asked questions, and never could get the answer out properly when she called on him.

The time is 11:07. Almost time for lunch.

“Time to line up for lunch!” Rang out Mrs. G’s voice.

Connor shot up out of his seat and ran to the front of the line. He was finally first. He had never been first before. This was his moment of glory.

“Connor, you know it’s Lily’s day as line leader” Mrs. G scolded the small child that was Connor Murphy.

“But Mrs. G, I was here first, so I should be line leader. The first person should be first.” Connor explained.

“Those aren’t the rules Connor, now you need to go to the back of the line”

Connor is now distressed. He was first. He should be first. Why should he be last? Even if Lily gets to be line leader, he should be second in command. He was here first.

Tears start to fall from Connor’s eyes. This can’t be happening. The one time Connor is first, he suddenly becomes last again. This can’t be fair.

Connor sulked to the back of the line. Tears still streaming down his face.

The class bully Dakota turned to him and laughed. “What a baby. It’s just a stupid line” Connor wiped his face and tried to ignore the bully.

“Let’s go class! Hands on your hips and fingers on your lips!” Mrs. G began leading the line down the hall. The class paused for a moment, to allow another class to pass down the opposite hall.

Connor felt suddenly drawn to the teachers lounge as the walked past. He wondered in, and there before him sat the most glorious thing he had ever beheld.

The teacher’s printer.

Connor, still filled with despair​, now felt suddenly rage. He stomped over to the printer and attempted to lift it off the ground. He was surprised when it lifted with ease.

He then marched the printer out of the teacher’s lounge and yelled

“Mrs. G, next time, let me be the line leader!” And threw the printer down the hall, barely missing Mrs. G’s face.

The whole class started screaming, and the very scared Evan Hansen ran for cover. Jared Kleinman could be heard screaming


Connor was proud of what he had accomplished, until he saw Mrs. G’s face and knew he was in deep trouble.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

The time is 11:36.

Connor is missing lunch. Connor Murphy is sitting in the principal’s office. Accompanied only by a disbelieving Principal and a distraught Mrs. G.

“He threw a PRINTER AT ME!!” Mrs. G yelled.

“I’m just not seeing how this very small lad here could have possibly lifted such a printer, Mrs. G. It is just not possible.” Said the principal, whom I am too lazy to name.

“Then explain the broken printer in the middle of the hallway”

“I can’t. There simply is no explanation for what has happened here today.“

“You’ve got to do something about this!” Mrs. G shrieked

“No, I don’t, but you do need to calm yourself. Connor, you need to go get yourself some lunch. Here’s a pass” the principal stated as he wrote a note to the lunch attendant stating that Connor can get his lunch, and take his time eating it.

The year is 2005.

It’s a Wednesday, mid-October.

The time is 12:17.

Connor walks back into class, where everyone has already started their reading for the afternoon. Mrs. G is glaring at him.

Some kids look afraid, some look impressed.

Connor says nothing. He just takes out The Little Prince and begins reading.

To be continued…

I finally finished this! PUZZLESHIIIIIIIIP~~ I really love how this came out, anatomy mistakes aside. The colors, the posing, the everything :3 I REALLY feel in love with this picture. If my dumb printer wasn’t being a complete ass and not working right, I would print this out so I can hang it up. I mean, I can just take the file somewhere to have it done professionally and have it printed larger than standard paper size. I just..ugh..what have I done to myself. I’ve fallen into puzzleshipping hell and there’s no way out help meXDD; Anyway, this is my last art post for the night I think. I will have time to draw and doodle tomorrow. Thanks for looking at my work! :3c

Please do not steal, repost, edit or otherwise alter my work without permission!

awkward-dumpling  asked:

Ah I love your art so much! You're so talented! I have a few (a lot of) questions: What brands of pens and markers do you use? Do you use a scanner and do a lot of lineart on paper or do you use a graphics tablet or a bit of both? Do you use illustrator and photoshop, and if not, what programs or additional ones do you use? Oh, and if you do use a scanner, what make and model is it? Sorry for so many questions, I just want to know how you do your magic!

Thank you for the kind words!  And now…..



It’s gear talk time, @miss-quantico​.  This. Is. Muh. Favrit. TAAAAHHM!  Buckle up, peoples, this one will be lengthy.  I shall endeavor to unravel each mystery as it was presented to me.

I use a lot of them, but I can more or less break them down into two groups.  Group One is Out and About… meaning what I use when I’m out places sketching with buddies and stuff.

Group Two is professional work.


From left to Right, we have:

  • Copic Multiliner SP. (Whatever size)
  • Micron (whatever size)
  • Zebra Disposable Brush Pen Extra Fine
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen XGFKP-A

All of those can be found on your local Jet Pens website.  I experiment a lot when it comes to travel drawing stuff, but these are the tools I come back to time after time.


From Left to Right

  • Deleter Maru (needs cleaning)
  • Kuretake Menso Brush Small (don’t use THAT much but I like it)
  • Raphael 8404 number 3 (I use this almost exclusively)

These are nice tools. They will treat you right. I arrived here after many years of experimenting.  Papers and inks are important too, but you didn’t ask, so I’m not telling you.

I need to stress something here.  The Raphael is expensive… like $25 a brush. IT IS WORTH IT. If you get a brush at Aaron Brothers, or Michaels or whatever cruddy chain art supply store is in your area, you will think brush inking is for dumbdumbs.  Get a real Kolinsky Sable brush (winsor/newton series 7 is good too, but I had one explode on me so I don’t buy them anymore) and practice with it.  If you cheap out on this piece of equipment you will regret it, but it’s not going to solve all of your problems. YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE WITH IT. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET A GOOD ONE.  I believe I have made myself clear.

HANG ON, NO I HAVEN’T MADE MYSELF AS CLEAR AS I COULD HAVE.  ANOTHER THING I NEED TO STRESS: Learn how to take care of, work with and clean your brushes or you just wasted $25. Be good to your brush.

I color with either copics which you’ve probably seen before and watercolors a lot recently. I buy Sennelier watercolors, but you can buy whatever you like. I’m not your mom.

Do I work physical or digital?

Physical if time permits. Digital if I’ve got two weeks to draw an issue (this has happened)

- Manga Studio. For my money, it’s the best program for drawing and inking.
- Photoshop. For my money, it’s the best program coloring and painting.

- Illustrator.

Illustrator is the worst program in the world.  It’s an “art” program for people who don’t know how to draw and don’t want to know. It’s an “art” program for mathematicians. It’s an “art” program that will make you hate the day you decided to become an artist. Illustrator will pull your eyes out of your face and poop in your eyeholes.  Illustrator will break your wrists and laugh at you as you fumble through its menus.  Illustrator will give you migraines (literally. I’ve had two in my life, one was illustrator related). A picture that should take you an hour will take you a day in illustrator.  THAT is the illustrator experience.

I do not like illustrator.

Sometimes clients require you to use Illustrator.

So learn it.

But you can still hate it.

Many moons ago, I beseeched the Art Ancients… pleaded with them for a sign. I was in dire need of a large format scanner and printer such that I might print my blueline onto illustration board at 11x17, and then scan the inked linework at 11x17.

The Art Ancients answered my prayer.


Is it a great printer?
NO!  It kinda sucks.

Is it a great scanner?

Can it fax?
Supposedly! But I’ve never used it.

You don’t seem to like it that much…?
Correct. BUT it does print bluelines and scan inks at 11x17… so it works really well for my purposes.  It was also a birthday gift from my beautiful wife because she knew I needed it, so I love it with all my heart.

Do they still make this printer?
I have zero idea.  Check Staples maybe?

And with that, I believe I have answers all of your questions.  I hope this was helpful and informative.  If you or anyone else ever have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion (although that has been difficult recently)




My Study Space

I thought I’d share some pics of my study space and tell everyone how I stay organized!

  • I have small couch and bookshelf for when I need to relax or just sit somewhere more comfortably.
  • I keep my whiteboard and textbooks at one end; I feel less stressed when all of my books aren’t surrounding me. For now, I’m using my whiteboard to keep track of my weekly work for each class, but I plan to use it to practice organic chem reactions later in the semester.
  • In the corner, I have my bulletin board and all of my pens. I have a calendar (thanks @thearialligraphyproject), a motivational quote, and some biochem notes from last year pinned to the bulletin board. For my pens, I store them all in my mason jars (my family makes jam each year with raspberries from our garden so we have an excess of mason jars). I put some ribbon around the tops of each jar to dress it up, but you can also get cute containers from the dollar store.
  • By the window, I have my laptop, water bottle, and bluetooth speaker. My laptop is a 13″ HP Pavilion x360. I really like it b/c of the size and ability to convert to a tablet, which is super convenient in lectures and on the bus. And the battery life is good, so I usually don’t have to bring my charger with me. (Also, I’m still setting up my study space, which is why my printer isn’t currently in the room). I love my little, portable speaker (the brand is Jam Classic, I think?) b/c I’m always listening to study playlists on Spotify!
  • I have six drawers for storage but I barely use three. In the first drawer, I have all my supplies and essentials. There’s lined paper, my sticky notes collection, case for my glasses, paperclips, tape, extra lead for my pencils, a ruler, index cards, etc.
  • In the second drawer, I have my binders, lab manuals, and notebooks. I have three notebooks: one for math/chemistry, one for physics/psychology, and one for biology. I organized the notebooks according to my schedule (i.e. I have math and chem back to back in the morning, three times a week, so it’s convenient that my lectures notes go in the same notebook).
  • In the third drawer, I have my organic model kit for chemistry, my i>Clicker, safety glasses, and lab coat
  • And my backpack in the corner is a Jansport Big Student Backpack. (I’ll be making a post on what’s in my backpack later)!

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What I Learned From High School

the signs as mistakes i’ve made throughout my high school career

aries: laughing at someone who i thought was choking on their gum but was actually having a seizure

taurus: leaving the gas valve on in chemistry class during a test so everyone had to evacuate

gemini: parking in the wrong parking spot the first day of school and starting a chain reaction, receiving numerous death threats for it

cancer: shooting the rocket in physics at the wrong angle and watching it travel over the horizon into the neighboring building

leo: going backstage in the middle of a performance and tripping on the power chord that connected all the mics to the speakers

virgo: asking my physics teacher why his eyebrows were missing

libra: getting drunk at homecoming and laying in a bed with people i barely knew, telling them that the moon landing was just a conspiracy

scorpio: accidentally connecting my supernatural instagram with my facebook freshman year and sending a notification to everyone that i had joined instagram as ‘supernaturalwhore’

sagittarius: going to school after 32 hours of not sleeping and writing the name of the person next to me on the top of my paper and turning it in

capricorn: dropping my friend’s dog who we were using for a theatre performance off the stage and into the audience

aquarius: getting so nervous around the person i liked sophomore year that when they asked me what day it was i said ‘twensday’ then stepped in a puddle of mud and slipped

pisces: after the teacher said ‘make sure you only print one copy’ accidentally printing 1000 and breaking the printer

anonymous asked:

Hi Kaylee:) I love your writing! I look forward to reading everything that you do, so I am super excited for these wedding stories. This wasn't one you said you had an idea for but #2 (this is probably a bad time, but marry me?) if you could please. Thank you!

2: “this is probably a bad time, but marry me?”

“Haz,” Niall calls out into their shared apartment, ruffling through the papers on the coffee table before he fists his hands in his hair and squeezes his eyes shut. Stress is making his pulse ratchet up in the worst way. “Have you seen my printer card? I swear I left it on the coffee table.”

“Just use my printer, love. It’s fine,” is what Harry says back, his voice floating through the air from their bedroom, and it’s seconds before he pads into the living room, gently rubbing shower water out of his hair. He walks over and tries to kiss Niall on the cheek but Niall is too stressed out for that and ducks his arm. Not even the sight of his half-dressed boyfriend is enough to calm him down, or distract him.

“For my thesis?” Niall practically shrieks, collapsing face down on the couch so he can try to smother himself. Maybe if he dies before his deadline, he won’t have to submit his paper. “Harry, it’s like 70 pages long.” Niall’s words come out garbled but Harry must understand him regardless because he sits on the edge of the couch beside Niall and puts a hand low on his back.

“So? It’s fine, Niall.” Harry assures him and Niall wants to believe, he really does, but he does not have that luxury right now, not when his thesis will literally determine his future.

So? So that’s like a hundred dollars worth of ink, Harry.” Niall rolls until he’s on his back, until Harry somehow ends up trapped between his legs and, when Niall sits up, he can prop his head on Harry’s shoulder. “And, like, what if I make a mistake and have to reprint it?” Niall’s heart lurches just at the thought of it and he swallows, grabs at Harry’s arm tightly.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hello! I wondered if you had any advice for artists who are opening their own shop and are not sure about finding someone to produce their products (prints, stickers, badges, etc.) I want to keep my prices reasonable but provide people with quality!

Hello! Forewarning, I still consider myself a beginner, so I only still have a bit of experience to speak from, I will just share my Journey~ so far. It is a bit wordy, sorry! Take everything with a grain of salt!

-I went to my first con @ supanova before opening my store. I had done all my prints at office works as glossy photo prints. Honestly, emailing companies asking for quotes was scary, and office works had flat rates so I just went to them however,

-I now get my prints done at a print shop, on heavier stock (feels nice), it is much cheaper and I am happier with the results, (and for anyone wondering, I got them done at MBE in Melbourne) 

-I had only once done badges, and I did them through the service of a friend. I do not have much experience with badges, though it should be possible to find services for them locally, otherwise, you can contact an overseas manufacturer (i found one on alibaba for example, though I don’t really do badges at this point in time) or of course, buy the parts and machine yourself. It is up to you which you choose to do. (I myself am planning to Eventually purchase the machine)

-I had also first done stickers through the service of a friend, but now I make them myself. It is convenient, and honestly the prices I’ve seen for custom made stickers had been so expensive! I could not manage to find a suitable overseas manufacturer (perhaps I am just not good enough at that sort of thing yet). Though I am glad I am able to do them at home and do not regret purchasing a die-cutter and printer. I love making the stickers myself ^__^

So in my experience, this does require some research and experimentation (eg; I have already experimented with a lot of different kinds of papers for stickers) and I think I still have a long way to go before I find the most suitable production process for myself, and, it is okay to experiment! I have learned a lot through this process and experience and have already quite a few mistakes haha

And honestly? I asked a lot of other artists where/how they had their merchandise made as well! It helped me sort of map things out in my head.
If you need any links or have any other questions feel free to contact or IM me