i love my pic


I’M JUST ON SUCH A HIGH MY DUDES I HAVEN’T STOPPED CRYING IN HOURS BUT I’M ON SUCH A HIGH!!! i can’t believe i got to meet so many of u guys and y’all are even cuter in person than this site can express (also shorter…..@ jae pfdfjkdhfjdk) ily guys i’m so super happy (and i’m gonna be honest hearing ‘are u…leejinklies?’ will forever replay in my head i’m so fdlfdjsfhjksh a beautiful moment i love)

@5hineesback @6-v-6 @mcdoorknobs @choitaemins u guys are all so super cute and i’m so happy i got to meet u all ;u; i never even imagined this would be possiblle ;; ilysm 💖

I was serious about needing to add more Bridgette Cheng in the world~

Cutie Bridgette goes to delivers some flowers she grew herself to a certain blond kitten


my new steed for a restart

her name is Hershey, she’s a 4 3 4 horse which is surprising to me this early in game so the fact she isn’t black like I thought she was (caught her at night) doesn’t rlly matter, and makes me glad I went with Hershey as a name haha

almost immediately got her killed by a guardian buuuut managed to avoid that fate


Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )