i love my otp and i just can't let this go

“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”


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I’m still SO AMAZED that people can go around saying Stiles never cared/doesn’t care about Malia. Like, what show are you even WATCHING?? Stiles absolutely loves Malia. He never would have been with her if he didn’t care about her. He wouldn’t have kept going back for her in season four, he wouldn’t have let her stay with him in season three, he wouldn’t have MADE OUT WITH HER in season three, if he didn’t like her. He wouldn’t hav gone through all the trouble of keeping things from her because he knew she would leave if he didn’t care about her. He wouldn’t have let the Nogitsune possess him if it meant saving her life. He wouldn’t have spent so much time helping her learn how to be human if he didn’t care about her. Hell, he wouldn’t even let her in his HOUSE, if he didn’t care about her. He wouldn’t look at her like she was everything to him, if he didn’t care about her. He STILL looks at her that way even though they’re broken up. If he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t have been jealous around Theo. He wouldn’t have CARED that she was going to go after her mother. I’m sorry, but here’s the facts: Stiles Stilinski CARES about Malia and he is absolutely in love with her. And regardless of what happens in the show, regardless of whether or not Jeff decides to fan service the fandom, Stiles does and will always love Malia. You can’t just pretend that their relationship never happened, that Stiles never felt anything for her, BECAUSE HE DOES and he loves her so much, you’d be blind not to see it.

I just thought I’d let you all know, because Stiles Stilinski loves Malia Tate and Malia Tate loves Stiles Stilinski. They’re two halves of a whole and I’m never going to believe anything different.

Okay, I’m done, goODBYE FRIENDS.


don’t let anything hold you back 

44/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

  • Me: amedot is my OTP, i love the ship for my own legitimate reasons, and it means the world to me.
  • My Friend: ok, that's fine, i respect that. i personally don't like amedot and see them as just friends
  • Me: ok, that's fine, i respect that
  • My Friend: did you draw anything new? let me guess is it fucking amedot again
  • Me: ...no.
  • Me: i'm going to draw something cute
  • My Friend: let me guess is it fucking AMEDOT again. fine but i'll only like it if it's cute
  • Me: ...no, it's not amedot.
  • Me: (shows my friend an amedot picture on my phone i thought she'd probably enjoy, despite her distaste for the ship)
  • My Friend: (rudely scrolls past the picture)
  • Me: i thought you'd actually like that one, though...
  • My Friend: look, i'm SOOO sorry i don't like amedot, ok? i just see them as friends, why don't you respect that?
  • My Friend: can you draw my ships for me?
  • Me: sorry, i don't want to
  • My Friend: WOW, ok, why can't you respect my opinion? i know you hate my ships but you don't have to rude about it, i'm sooo sorry i don't like the ships that you like but fine whatever be that way
  • My Friend: also i don't care that you like amedot, you do you
  • Me: really? really? are you sure you don't care? are you really sure??? are you, like, positive??????

#this edit has probably been made a 100000 times before #but I really wanted to focus on Bellamy’s face #and that little sigh he lets out #in both scenes #the first one #the hug #in which he’s holding her so closely to his chest #breathing in her scent #and he just can’t imagine ever letting her go again #and then when they finally separate from each other #her hair brushes his face gently #and he looks at her with such devotion in his eyes #as if this is the happiest moment in his life #then the second one #after the kiss #his eyes are searching for an explanation  #and he lets out another sigh #but it’s not one full of contentment and relief #it’s a sigh of ache and pain #Bellamy Blake is broken at that very moment #and the reason for  these intense feelings #both his joy and his sorrow #is this one girl #his princess #his Clarke