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“Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter “The Third Task”

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  • Hanamaki: Happy Iwaoi Day!
  • Oikawa: What?
  • Matsukawa: Iwaoi Day. It's today.
  • Iwaizumi: Today is April Fool's Day.
  • Hanamaki: Isn't it fitting since your relationship is a joke?
  • Iwaizumi *rolling up sleeves*: Do you wanna punch them or should I?
  • Oikawa: You go first, babe.
How the making of this scene went down...
  • Bellamy: Clarke, if I don't see you again...
  • Clarke: No. You will.
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Jason: Zach. Your line?
  • Zach: Why do I have to be the cockblock? Let the man confess.
  • Jason: We just got season 5. I'm stretching this shit out.

The Doom fell on Valyria. Mountains cracked up open like eggs, lakes and rivers boiled, fountains of fire, ash and smoke spewed from the ground so high and so hot that even dragons burned in flight. The land splintered, and the angry sea rushed in. In hours, the greatest city in history became history.