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Gruvia Prompt: Nymph.

@freedom–seeker YOU ARE THE BEST! Love your imagination and for giving me Gruvia. I adore fairy tail couples but Gray and Juvia are my absolute favorite (have been for a very long time.) So THANK YOU and I hope this is worth the read. I’m so excited to write them for the first time! Yeah, I may have gone overboard with the word count but, ya know, Gruvia. Caution for naughty language.

You can also read it here if you like.

Juvia never expected to go back.

She won’t call it home, it was never that to her, it was filled with the very worst of her kind, hating her for being different, an abomination and in turn she slowly started to hate herself. 

It wasn’t her fault that she could not only control humans but the very water her people came from. But that never seemed to matter to them and while they sang and danced to the music of the trees, Juvia tended to hide behind them.

Alone, always, painfully alone and ignored.

Until him of course.

Their meeting was fate, she always knew it had to be fate that brought him into her life. She loved him so much that it could be nothing else.

When her gaze first landed on him she felt such strong emotions that were previously foreign to her. Juvia didn’t even know his name, but she instantly fell in love. 

He was a fierce warrior, trying to protect his friends from her own people who were singing a song of beauty to ensnare them in their powerful magic.

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Nicki & his violin - sketches

Why is a violin so difficult to draw???? WHY???? AHHHHH!!!  And what is perspective??

I used videos of David Garrett for reference. Youtube is my friend, precious, my friend.

And again he is half naked O.o I should really learn to dress him properly. Just look at those wrists.


Skelita Calaveras Phone Backgrounds from Webisodes

Requested by @nymph-sorcery

Im not sure if anyones tagged me recently but idc! It was a nice rainy day and i found a new umbrella 😊😊 blue is my favorite and i love dome umbrellas. @whospilledthebongwater @emerald-nymph-princess @batmans-publicist @kiki-kannabis @fuckalmonds @bluexdreamx @black-stoners @blackhighandbi @bbylungx @latibules @dontthreathenmewithagoodtime @canofmixxednuts @legitimatelala @cosmic-canna @the-hippyhippie @sunflowerjawn stop drop and smoke a blunt!! Relax. Let your hair down. And tag me 💚✌🏾


Call out post for my girlfriend, @to-andromeda :

-Actual Wood Nymph, find her in the shadows of your local forest

-Too Kind, genuinely likes helping people and is great at it, who are you

-Believes cats are Pure and loves them, even though they will rek her 

- Rarely shows her face, depriving people of art 

-Can’t park straight 

-Made me believe in love, destroying my rep

Day 29! So I’m ending off the week with the vigilante au. I had originally seen this concept way back from bullysquadess and told myself that I should really draw something for it. Of course I never really did get around to it. Though as of late this past week I’ve been seeing it pop up once again on my feed. So I decided I should actually do what I said I would do. 

Thus this was made! I swear I never spent so much time as I did staring at a motorcycle. I’m not all that inclined at drawing motor vehicles. That have quite the tendency to come out rather odd looking. I’m actually surprised with myself this has a decent semblance to a motorcycle.

I actually had fun working on this piece and finding the new little tidbits on the vigilante au.