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Skelita Calaveras Phone Backgrounds from Webisodes

Requested by @nymph-sorcery

Day 29! So I’m ending off the week with the vigilante au. I had originally seen this concept way back from bullysquadess and told myself that I should really draw something for it. Of course I never really did get around to it. Though as of late this past week I’ve been seeing it pop up once again on my feed. So I decided I should actually do what I said I would do. 

Thus this was made! I swear I never spent so much time as I did staring at a motorcycle. I’m not all that inclined at drawing motor vehicles. That have quite the tendency to come out rather odd looking. I’m actually surprised with myself this has a decent semblance to a motorcycle.

I actually had fun working on this piece and finding the new little tidbits on the vigilante au.