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Fic Prompts: Folklore Friday

Long ago there lived a humble woodcutter at the edge of a forest. “Humble” in this context merely meaning that his life goals were primarily to have a steady job, a house of his own, and access to a village doctor who didn’t charge exorbitant fees. The local noblemen tended to misinterpret that as a lack of ambition, considering such things were already readily available to them. (Those same noblemen would later wonder why so many of the peasants simply upped stakes and moved into the lands controlled by the neighboring Farmer King, which had a considerably more stable economy courtesy of the exasperated Grand Vizier, but this story is not about those noblemen, or the Farmer King, or poor old Vizier Eggwich, and we are getting off-topic.)

One day, the woodcutter had gone into the heart of the forest – which was really shaped more like a spleen, to be honest – to cut down some old, dead trees that were liable to fall at any moment. He had been at it for a few hours already, and his hands were getting very sweaty. And, as happens when one’s hands turn into a slippery mess of blisters and calluses, his grip on the axe handle weakened. He was pretty lucky not to have injured himself, really, but he would almost have preferred that to the axe flying head over haft into the deep creek a few feet away.

The woodcutter was a decent swimmer, but you don’t go cannonballing into strange bodies of water in a forest without making sure they aren’t inhabited first. That’s just common courtesy. And the last thing you’d want to do in a situation like that is crash feet-first onto some irritable kelpie’s head or something. So the woodcutter stared at the place where his primary means of supporting himself had vanished, and sighed.

“Well,” he said, “That’s unfortunate.”

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Nicki & his violin - sketches

Why is a violin so difficult to draw???? WHY???? AHHHHH!!!  And what is perspective??

I used videos of David Garrett for reference. Youtube is my friend, precious, my friend.

And again he is half naked O.o I should really learn to dress him properly. Just look at those wrists.

Slowly. Gently.

So, I was drifting off to sleep, when this idea came to mind, and would not leave me alone. Therefore, I decided to write it down and post it as a 4 minute belated birthday for the amazing @phiralovesloki. You are a wonderful friend, and have done so much for me, you don’t even know. I wish you all the good things in the world. I also hope you enjoy this.

words: 359

rating: M

He lowers her down to the bed.
Slowly. Gently. 
As though he thought that if he were to make one wrong move, this whole thing would shatter.

Which, she thought, it might.

He hovered over her now, his reverent eyes upon her as if she were an Angel right there, beneath him.

He catches her gaze. She holds his, “Are you sure, love?” he whispers.

Blue eyes stare into green. She nods.


His kiss is as intoxicating as it always has been. The trail his mouth leaves down her neck, burning. She had never felt this intensely before. For anyone.

His right hand is everywhere, making her head spin. He traces and retraces, as if he were trying to memorize every inch of her body.

Which, she thought, he might be.

She grabs at him. Pulling him close. Anchoring him. She touches him, making his breath catch. Once. Twice.

With a smile, she guides him, and he obeys. His eyes lock on hers. He enters.
Deliciously. Delicately. Her nerves are on fire. She’s sure his are as well, looking at his tense muscles.

He kisses her. He begins to move.
Slowly. Gently. 
As if he thought that if he went any faster, the moment may be ruined.

Which, she knew, it wouldn’t.

The ebb and flow of him. The roll of her hips as she kept pace. The intense amount of love in his eyes as he watched her.
This was Nirvana. It had to be.

His pace quickens. So does their breathing.
His lips return to hers. His hand is between them.
Suddenly, a burst. White light behind her eyes. Ecstasy.

He calls her name. She moans his.
They lie together. Sheets tangled. Sticky and sweaty.

Green eyes stare into blue.
“Killian?” she whispers, her fingers gently playing with the coarse hair on his chest.
“Love?” he replies, just as softly.

She smiles at him. He grins at her.
“It was never a one time thing.”

A soft chuckle. He draws her in closer.
“Emma?” he whispers, his eyebrow rising. She cocks her head.
“Thank you for letting me know.”

They drift off to sleep. Softly. Gently.

Gruvia Prompt: Nymph.

@freedom–seeker YOU ARE THE BEST! Love your imagination and for giving me Gruvia. I adore fairy tail couples but Gray and Juvia are my absolute favorite (have been for a very long time.) So THANK YOU and I hope this is worth the read. I’m so excited to write them for the first time! Yeah, I may have gone overboard with the word count but, ya know, Gruvia. Caution for naughty language.

You can also read it here if you like.

Juvia never expected to go back.

She won’t call it home, it was never that to her, it was filled with the very worst of her kind, hating her for being different, an abomination and in turn she slowly started to hate herself. 

It wasn’t her fault that she could not only control humans but the very water her people came from. But that never seemed to matter to them and while they sang and danced to the music of the trees, Juvia tended to hide behind them.

Alone, always, painfully alone and ignored.

Until him of course.

Their meeting was fate, she always knew it had to be fate that brought him into her life. She loved him so much that it could be nothing else.

When her gaze first landed on him she felt such strong emotions that were previously foreign to her. Juvia didn’t even know his name, but she instantly fell in love. 

He was a fierce warrior, trying to protect his friends from her own people who were singing a song of beauty to ensnare them in their powerful magic.

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Skelita Calaveras Phone Backgrounds from Webisodes

Requested by @nymph-sorcery

~Waiting for a Conversation~

This picture is one of my favourites. It was taken during Animuc in April in the restaurant belonging to the Hotel some of our friends stayed in. The receptionist of “Das Romantikhotel Post” was so nice to permit us a little shooting on their rest day.

I like the lighting and the pose ^-^

Me as Nicolas de Lenfent

Im not sure if anyones tagged me recently but idc! It was a nice rainy day and i found a new umbrella 😊😊 blue is my favorite and i love dome umbrellas. @whospilledthebongwater @emerald-nymph-princess @batmans-publicist @kiki-kannabis @fuckalmonds @bluexdreamx @black-stoners @blackhighandbi @bbylungx @latibules @dontthreathenmewithagoodtime @canofmixxednuts @legitimatelala @cosmic-canna @the-hippyhippie @sunflowerjawn stop drop and smoke a blunt!! Relax. Let your hair down. And tag me 💚✌🏾

anonymous asked:

Imagine an AU where Stiles is half wood nymph on his mothers side. Imagine Stiles getting super angry about something and everyone can hear the wood of the house creak and moan. Imagine Derek doing something stupidly romantic and Stiles get so happy and flustered that he accidentally makes the surrounding flora bloom in the middle of winter. Oh and sterek playing hide and seek in the woods and Stiles cheats bc he uses the trees to move around. I just love wood nymph!stiles so much.

Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!! Those arguments would be so intense.

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Nicolas de Lenfent - sketches

me:*takes a deep breath*                

me: I lov-                

anyone who has ever talked to me ever: yes, you love Nicolas. We know. you love Nicolas so much; he’s the light of your life, you love him so much. You just love Nicolas. We KNOW. You love NICOLAS. You fucking love Nicolas, okay. We know, we get it. NICOLAS! WE GET IT!

me: No, you don’t understand. I love Nicolas!