i love my mom for this

i’m so excited to go to vietnam with my mom bc i know how hard she’s worked my whole life and how hard it’s been for her to be away from her own family and that it means the world to her to go back and see her own mom who is sick and for me to see my grandma again because she knows she won’t get another chance to go unless something bad happens. i’m glad we could take this trip together now that i’m an adult and can appreciate it more for everything it means to both me and her. 


Okay so these are the two outfits I’m trying to choose between for the ROH show! I really like them both but I’m just not sure. I like the first one but I’m worried that it’s…I dunno…too much maybe? But I’ll let you guys help me decide. Option 1 (left) or Option 2 (right)?