i love my mom and sister

My tolerance comes from my Christian upbringing. I believe I have always embraced a ‘Golden Rule’ philosophy [treat others as you would like to be treated]. Isn’t it ironic? 'Christians’ are often the ones who denounce homosexuality as sinful. Love is love. Christ charges me to love others. Respecting others and being non-judgmental is a form of love. I attribute so much of my comfort and understanding of gender and sexuality issues to you and your sisters.
—  Audrey Benedetto interviewed her mom about what Audrey’s coming out process taught her about family and religion, and about what she wishes she knew about queer identities beforehand. [x]

my mom told me a story today that when she was very pregnant with me and my older sister was a baby she took her to the laundromat with my grandma and stuck her in one of those baby walkers, turned around for a minute and when she looked back my sister had rolled out the door and into the parking lot and was hauling ass to the highway

i just love the mental picture of my round mother waddling after a speeding bald infant with my elderly grandmother trailing behind in front of many witnesses




Sarada knows her Mama isn’t just her mother—she’s a superhero..

“My momma stays at home and takes care of my baby sister and the house!” Boruto bragged. “She’s the best!”

“Psh, that’s nothing. My mom is the owner of a flower shop. When I grow up, I’m going to take over, and all the girls will love me,” Inojin retorted. “I know you’re jealous.”

“Oh yeah?” Shikadai crossed his arms. “My mother is the sister of the Yondaime Kazekage. So, beat that!”

“Well,” Chouchou said. She crossed her arms over her broad chest. “Sarada’s mom is the coolest of all! Tell them, Sara-chan!’

Everyone’s eyes gathered onto Sarada, who was placed on the spot. They waited intently for her answer, knowing that her mom, of course, wouldn’t be half as cool as theirs.

“Go on, Sarada,” Chouchou urged. “Say something.”

What should I even say? She thought. Should I tell them my Mom was one of the three sannin? Or the top medical doctor surpassing Auntie Tsunade? That she saved all of their Mama’s lives somehow?

“I knew it,” Inojin smirked. “Four-eyes can’t even come up with one thing. That means she loses.”

“Now hold on a minute!” Sarada shouted, a little louder than she intended. She stood up, glaring at the rest of the kids around her. “Don’t you dare say anything bad about my Mama!”

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Soooo today’s great. I feel cute as fuck :)

My cosmetologist sister was snap chatting me and was like “haha let me see your makeup I want to see if I like your eyes!”
Her response was just like “…wow I never thought I’d say this but you’re beautiful..”
vulcans-in-sweaters always tells me that but it’s making me so so happy to be hearing it from my other loved ones. My sister and my mom and stuff Ahhh. I feel like my identity is just normal to my family and I’m so excited to actually be myself at family events. I feel so lucky to have my family’s support 😊

Anywho I stole one of destinys dresses because it fits me with the corset. And I loveeee it. Makes my chest feel huge though. And I actually love the lipstick I got for my birthday yay!

I’m off to get to 60 blm in FF XIV now.
If you play on balmung add me I need healers and tanks to make my queues better

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my friend's mom and little sister almost got attacked on a bus by two white men when we were all going home from a movie (we're all chinese) and they were discussing how they were going to kill all asian ppl and god i was so scared i started crying and my friend wanted to punch them in the face it was so scary. and the next day i saw graffiti saying white australia and i was so angry??? white ppl can be so gross sometimes its horrible. ((i love this blog a lot, keep up the good work!))

Wow, I’m so sorry that happened. I’m assuming you’re living in Australia? If so, racist white people living in Australia can be the WORST. I was born and raised in Australia and I’m currently living in Barcelona, and racism that I had to put up with in Aus was BY FAR worse than Spain. I’ve been egged and piss bombed by ignorant racists passing by in their Toyotas (ironic, given the fact that they’re Japanese) as they screamed at me to go back to my country, and sometimes worse (I might talk about it later on) But the worst I’ve heard here in Spain was being called “Chinky ching chong” and being touched inappropriately because I’m Asian. I also find it hilarious when racist white people in Australia say “Go back to your country” or “You don’t belong here” 😂 seriously, y'all are descendants of immigrants! It’s also so ridiculous how white immigrants can pass as being “true blue Aussies” and Asian immigrants can’t.

-Mod H

Hi. I’m Matt. I’m a closeted transguy with my family. I told them how I felt. My moms okay with it, I guess. My sister hates it and so does my dad. They are shoving me back in the closet at home. Thank you for being supportive, sis and dad. I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted. But I can’t change who I am. I can’t wait for college. (Add your story too if you’d like)


My sister, mom and I got the chance to see this incredibly beautiful Bollywood film on Imax, “Bajrangi Bhaijaan.” It’s about a young girl, Shahida (Harshaali Malthotra) from Pakistan who’s mute. She gets lost in India and befriends Pawan (Salman Khan) to help her to return home. The sacrifices we take for those we love. No matter the background or religious beliefs. It’s all about the love.

1989 Vancouver

Hey taylorswift I’m seeing you in four days in Vancouver and I can’t wait! My dad,mom and sister are coming with me and we are in Section 216 row LL seats 4-6. Two years ago I went to the red tour and my dad helped me make a shirt and I still have it and plan on wearing it to this show! I was going to make a huge sign and dress up but then I started working full time and, time got away from me. But I’m still so excited af and I can’t wait to see you!
With love, Caitlyn


So far life with Carson is kicking my ass but I love my little guy with all my heart! PPD is hitting me extremely hard recently including just feeling like a bad mom cause I’m looking my milk. Breastfeeding is also hard because I have to use a nipple shield because my nipples are too big for his mouth plus he has nipple confusion from getting a pacifier in the NICU. Damn hospital. Otherwise we are both healthy he is happy, and me and Alex are working through the co parenting things. Also my niece and nephew are the two kiddo’s holding Carson in the pictures with their mom Chiellcie my oldest sister :)

My sister’s coworker to my mom: “How do I convert to Islam because I need a man who will love me for who I am.” #imWEAK

When I told my Mom that I supported the LGBT community, Mom said that she ‘didn’t raise me that way.’ I realized right then that it was good thing that nobody got me a shotgun for Christmas.
—  Erica, (flower-loving-phangirl) my sister/best friend


Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream night 1, I’m the nightmare and my sister Brooke is the daydream! Our mom is coming with us this night and she’s just as excited as us!!! Swiftie family since 2006 to the max (Section 306, row 4, seats 11-13!)

Rose garden filled with thorns for night 2, when my sis and I will be in B STAGE PIT! PARTAY.

See you so soon my love, save a hug for me?!
I love you,
Dana 💜


Hey taylorswift its julia! I am thrilled to say that I’ll be attending your concert tomorrow night at Gillette Stadium!! This will be my second of your concerts although I wish I could go to them all!! I’ve been listening to your music since I was probably around 7 (I’m 14 now) My iPod literally consisted of you and Hannah Montana… My first concert EVER was your Red Tour night 2 at Gillette stadium and it was the BEST night of my life!! I went with my best friend Fiona and our moms, who will all be returning this year along with her sister:))) We will be seated in section 131 row 8 seats 14-18 and it would be a dream come true if we got to meet you or even know you saw our posters! We spend 2 days on the posters and are hoping they look ok….anyways we all love you sooo much and we CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️

(Btw sorry I’m the only one in the pics cause the squad wasn’t there to take pics)



So today is my fourth time seeing Taylor Swift at Gillette and I am so excited. I’ve never met the girl who means the world to me, so it would mean the world to me if she would see this. I’ve loved Taylor ever single day since I was in fourth grade, eight long years ago and id love to tell her how much she means to me and all the things that she helped get me through. Please reblog this and let me know if you’ll be at the show tonight as well, if love to meet some of you guys!! I’ll be with my mom and sister in:
SEC 139
ROW 29
SEATS 1,2,3

See you all there!!
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TAYLOR PLEASE READ My name is Erica varela , I’m 20 and I’m from Seattle Washington . Ive seen you three times , once for each tour , and they have all been the best days of my life I am flying across the country just to see YOU with my internet Swiftie best friend Ashley for gillete on both night For 7/24 Ashley has level 300 seats and I have sec. A6 row 18 I’ll be wearing a bad blood taylena AF outfit For the second night of gillete I have b stage pit with Ashley , her sister and her boyfriend and our friend willy I’ll be wearing a Swiftie jersey and lights And I have pit left for the Seattle show with my mom who is still determined to see you even though she was just re diagnosed her with cancer . I’ll be wearing a cheerleader outfit from Iike shake it off and I’m my Moms cheerleader and mom will be wearing a football jersey that says “cancer fighting Swiftie I have supported , loved and defended you for the past 10 years of my life , and have enterd 200 contests to try to meet you So I can’t wait to se you and maybe we can meet ? Here are pictures of when we have had online interaction and some pictures of when I’ve seen you and a picture of me just cuz you make me smile love you taylorswift
Also … I never really ever had any true friends before I Made Swiftie fan accounts … And now I’ve met a few of them and I’m meeting like 50 more at each one of the shows I’m going to and … Your the reason we all met .. So thank you

my mom told me that she had cinnamon toast crunch at her house bc she knew itd get me over here faster and i got here and couldnt find it so i sent her a text that said i felt betrayed and she told me she hid it so my sisters wouldnt eat it before she left and the moral of the story is i love my mommy 


Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream😈😇
See you tonight Taylor! My sister Brooke, my mom, and I will be in section 306, row 4, seats 11-13!!
All my love and excitement,

those days when all you want to do is go home and just