i love my masked babies




Guess who’s special day it is today!!!!!!!!

It’s Mamo-Chan’s!!!!!

*insert fangirl cheering*

It’s time we appreciate all the good things you do:

Thanks for looking sexy in that tuxedo ;)

and for looking breath taking in the morning 

Thanks for always helping out the sailor scouts

…. and for not running away when the going gets tough (you will always be sailor earth in my eyes)

Thanks for being a good friend

a caring boyfriend  

and an understanding family man

We all love the dorky things you do

(this ending of smc shall live on!)

and wore

Happy Birthday, Mamo-Chan, you big dork!

upside-down-baby-mask  asked:

Hoshi 17?

HOSHI?! I love him so much! Okay!

17. Soft spot headcanon

Any cat. Just–any fucking cat. He sees a cat and his heart just kind of melts and he has to go pet the cat or take care of it. If he sees a stray cat he makes sure the stray is taken care of or finds it a home. He just wants happiness for all cats. And honestly, don’t we all?

End Of The Year Tag 🌹

I was tagged by my sweetest cookie @treelinesandpoppyfields - thank you, Mel! What should I say, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but it was definitely one hell of a ride! I chose some of my favourite moments. If you want you can read a little more about them under the cut. Thank you for being here with me, thank you for all the love and comments, thank you for your time and kindness. More specific thanking under the cut. :D

The Rules:

find your fave pics of your story or your blog in general and post them up in a collage! :D it can be 1 picture or 100 whatever you want. But just reflect on your fave moments in your story or on your blog. It can be cute moments or pictures you’re just really proud of - when you’re done tag 5 people or more :)

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But you accepted that a long time ago, didn’t you Lan Fan?

Day 1 of LingFan Week; prompt: Masks. I am so excited to see what everyone does for LingFan week. I’ve been checking tumblr all day. This piece took me so long to finish, it was a 3 day haul. I haven’t even finished all the prompts, so I may upload pencil sketches to fill in the later days. Ciao!!