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[TRANS] LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' - Jungkook Thanks To

My family who is my biggest source of strength and whom I love the most
I will quickly become a greater person and make you happier.

Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Shinkyu, Director Seokjoon, Director Chaeun, I’m always grateful for your great job and for all the meetings and great talks you give me whenever I have a hard time.
I will grow up more in the future.

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Bunhong-noona, Hyunji-noona, Jieun-nim, Nayeob-noona from Contents Business Team.
Kkothayeon-noona, Jinah-noona, Inhye-noona from Concert Business Team, please help us take a lot of beautiful photos and film a lot of good contents in the future as well. You work so hard every day already but when we’re abroad you have it really hard. Please take care of us in the future too.

Sungho-nim, Hyojin-noona, Daito-sensei, thank you for working hard so we can shine brighter when we go overseas. I’ll work harder.

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, Gaeun-nim from VC Team, thank you for staying up all night to come up with cool outfits and cool styles so we can look cooler. I’ll become cooler.

Jooyoungie-hyung, Hyunjung-nim, Jua-hyungnim, teacher Sungdeuk, Gahyunie-hyung, Partnership Business Team: Heesun-nim, Kyungjin-nim, you’ve worked hard. We’ll continue to Youngji-hyung, Changwonie-hyung, Jinse-nim, Wooyoungie-hyung, Giwon-nim, Jiwon-nim, Aram-nim from Music Production Team. Thank you for making wonderful music for us and thank you for making those songs become even cooler.

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Yootaekie-hyung, Joongminie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung from Management Team. You work the hardest alongside us and always take care of us be it day or night and go through the most. I’m sorry that I can’t move fast, I’ll work hard to adjust this in the future.

Joowon-nim, Jieun-nim, Yoori-noona, Joy-nim, Onnuri-noona, Saetbyeol-nim from Communication Team, there are some people I don’t know well yet but I know you all work really hard. Thank you so much and I too will do better in the future.

Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Dayoon-nim Yeonhee-nim, Miryung-nim from Trainee Development Team, you’ve all worked really hard to help those who follow after us grow. We’re counting on you.

Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-nom, Eunsang-nim, Junho-nim from Financial Team, your work must be very very complex but you work so hard to handle it for us. Thank you.

Jaedong-nim, Minjoo-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Donghun-nim from Management Support Team, you work so hard until late night even though we don’t get to meet often. Please take care of us in the future as well. Have strength.

Director Lee Hyuk, Yoonyoung-nim, Myunghak-nim, every time we go to Japan you work the hardest. Please take care of us in the future too. Thank you for your great job with the tour.

Pdogg PD-nim, Dohyungie-hyung, Supreme Boy, ADORA-noona, and.. Other people whom I don’t know really well, anyway, thank you so so much for making many many wonderful songs for us. You’re the best composers.

Chief Dareum, Hyuna-noona, Seolji-noona, thank you for making our faces beautiful, I hope we will continue to work together in the future.

Chief Naejoo, Chief Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, Seunghee-noona, Sohee-noona, thank you for making our hair fabulous. I’ll change more so I can pull off various concepts. Let’s work together in the future as well.

Chief Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Yeonhwa-noona, Sejin-nim, Soohee-nim, thank you for buying and dress us in beautiful clothes. Please take care of us in the future as well.

Director Lumpens, Director Hyunwoo, it’s like we’re one now. Please take care of us in the future too.

Chief Mugunghwasonyeo who took the poster photos for us, even though it was raining and super hot, thank you so much for working hard to take beautiful photos. And Chief Kim Heejun who took the album jacket photos, thank you for taking cool photos even though I was lacking a lot.

Jinwoo-hyung, Jungjoo-hyung from 85GYM, if it wasn’t for you guys, we would be so tired when we do concerts. Thank you so much. Please take care of us in the future too.

Thank you so much for always being by my side and becoming my source of strength, let’s keep working hard and grow together in the future.

My dear ARMYs, the album you have been waiting and waiting for has finally come out.
I hope you would listen to it a lot, and isn’t the music quite good?
We have prepared a lot so I hope you would love it,
Thank you so much for waiting for us every single time, I gain strength from looking at you guys.
Thank you a lot, thank you ARMY.

EXO: boyfriend Chen
  • oh boi this is my soft smol dirty minded boi
  • like before you even started to date, he’d make your day every single day w/ his adult humor and tbh this is probably one of the reasons you finally fell for him
  • aka don’t lie we’re all dirty minded 
  • :’))))))))
  • so when he realized that he’s starting to fall for you, this would really shake him up man
  • he was sure as hell he didn’t want to be stuck in the friendzone 
  • bc like……..he was 500% sure he was never going to feel the same way about someone if you were to reject him…………….ur his best friend man
  • so he told you straight up what the deal was 
  • and if it was any other person you’d think it was kinda hostile how he kinda cornered you and basically stated all the reasons why he loves you and gave you a choice whether to love him back or not and it’s like ??? 
  • but it’s Jongdae so
  • you were like…………deal
  • but also you probably can’t help but kiss him bc his satisfied smirk is unreal
  • okay now we got that out of the way
  • dude he is nOT a morning person
  • and whenever he’d pull you back in his arms when you want to get up, he feels bad about it afterwards ??
  • “y/n I am so very sorry I put you in this situation here today”
  • “ok so why are you still cuddling onto my leg”
  • “………………….it’s warm and also have I told you I loved you yet ;;;;;;”
  • but when it comes to making breakfast foods, he’s hella ready
  • w/ his ‘kiss the chef’ apron and spatula and everything aw
  • however there won’t be much kissing going on bc he’s deadly serious about perfecting those eggs and cook the sausages at the right temperature
  • afterwards he’s like “aren’t you glad your boyfriend is a great cook who spoils you every morning ;))))”
  • “jongdae it’s literally almost noon”
  • *feeds u a sausage* “shhhhh
  • in front of the other members, he will not hold back on his affections for you
  • he’s straight up french kissing you in their dressing room before a show and you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the dresser until the members get agitated and call for him
  • “listen we know ur both like little lovesick bunnies but our company’s gonna literally kill us if we’re late to another show is2g jongdae”
  • he’s dead set on making you learn exo’s routines and honestly it’s so amusing
  • mostly bc you’re always complimenting him on his dancing skills 
  • “Aw baby you were dancing so great, you should join the dance line and leave all the singing to minnie”
  •  you probably will regret that bc he won’t stop belting off his high notes for the whole day bc you still low key hurt his feelings 
  • “no, baby, you gotta move your legs like this but keep your hand at your shoulder!!!!”
  • “babe look, I don’t think any normal human being besides exo can get the monster routine right just let me live”
  • “ok time for call me baby, then :’)”
  • he’s literally just always clinging onto your arm or waist 
  • and it’s kinda comforting bc you just have to turn your head and tell him a joke or something that just popped in your mind 
  • and he’ll always laugh and poke your sides 
  • and kiss your forehead all softly and probably makes you blush hella 
  • ohmygod I’m soft for him 
  • sometimes you’ll just be cuddled into his side as he plays w/ your hair and working on writing lyrics at the same time
  • and so he’ll absentmindedly hum along 
  • and freaks out when you speak up all of the sudden and tell him his voice is so soothing 
  • but now he’s screaming as he usually does bc you scared him lmao
  • he whines cutely in your ear a lot bc he knows it amuses you
  • he’s willing to slow dance w/ you anytime, anywhere 
  • like if he just hears a slow song or……….”Your song” playing, he’d pull you flush against his chest and leans his forehead against yours 
  • and the world just kinda slows down when you’re stood right here w/ him, so it ain’t all that bad 
  • always hyping him up over texts when he’s away and he happens to suddenly send you a selfie 
  • “OMFG that’s the loml?????? how is it legal for u to look like that in a suit when i’m not there ;((((”
  • but seriously tho he looks so fine in a suit
  • and he’s always dressing up and taking you out to fancy dates, but tbh all you’d care about is sneaking pics of him as he’s ordering or just staring at you without knowing
  • but he knows afagshdjkflglh
  • he loves taking baths w/ you and does it often after he’s worn out after practice 
  • and he’s such a gentleman like 
  • he’ll get out of the tub before you and hold up a towel and assist you when you step out omfg 
  • also always buys you flowers for no occasion ??? like he’s just 
  • “it’s what every boyfriend should do :’)”
  • jongdae pls
  • leaning your head on his shoulders as much as you can bc he’s so smol and soft and he loves this 
  • he’s just so cuddly in general like I don’t think you understand 
  • and also you should know that once he starts kissing you, things go downhill and neither of yall wanna stop anyway so
  • life’s good w/ dae 
  • so take care of him and love him and cuddle him 💛

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Fifteen

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Don’t go! Don’t go!” The boys chanted as they clung to Y/n’s legs. 

She chuckled and crouched down to their level as best she could, “I’m sorry boys, trust me, I would stay longer if I could, but I’ve got to get back to school. I’m definitely going to miss hanging out and playing with you guys everyday.”

“Us too,” Shep pouted, adding quieter. “I wish you could live here all the time.”

Y/n sighed, she wasn’t looking forward to going home and talking to her mom, she’d much rather stay here with her new family.

“C’mon boys,” Gen urged them off the young woman’s legs. “Give her a final hug, she has to leave or she’s going to miss her flight.”

The boys grudgingly let go and stood up, each giving Y/n a big hug. Gen smiled at her and brought the younger girl in close. “It was so wonderful to meet you! We loved having you here and can’t for you to come again.” Gen pulled back, rubbing a hand over her swollen stomach, “I can’t wait for this little one to meet you.”

“I can’t wait either and I’m excited to come back.”

“Alright,” Jared said, coming back in the front door. “The car is packed, time to move out!”

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i’m too lazy to make a banner & everything so i’m just gonna stick that gif icon of pcy right there. as most of my followers & mutuals know the last few days have been tough for me & i ended up worrying several of you without meaning to & i’ve received so many kind messages whether they were through the inbox or the IM system & i’m honestly so touched?? each & every one of you are my friends, you see me for me & i love you for that. i’ve made so many great friendships here & they’re all sincere & genuine. you guys are seriously just amazing so i guess this is a lil follow forever bc i love you guys so much & want to show how much i appreciate you. i really hope i haven’t forgotten anyone if i hae just yell @ me ok.

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red blouse

driving fast, thinking faster,
my mind’s brewing up a disaster,

i’m driving to your house
to see you in that red blouse,

doing 120 in a 55,
i just wanna drive,

running all the red lights down,
i can’t stand to see your frown,

i’m so fucking near,
and then i remember, you don’t want me here,
you said i’d always make you tear, and never was sincere,

you’re in your house, wearing that red blouse,
kissing someone new, deja-vu,

i go into a curve, my car starts to swerve,
i start to cry, saying my goodbye, why?

i’ve hit a pole, ended up in a hole,
started bleeding whole,

i’m thinking about your blood red blouse,
and the times i went by your house.

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Okay you want anon hate fine here you go. Just gotta fuckign warm up, don't wanna pull a hamstring. Gotta stretch, touch toes, jog on the spot. Alright you're gonna get this fuckin hate just gotta drink some water so my throat doesn't dry up while I'm hating on you. Sip it so it's effectively absorbed into the body, don't want to be dehydrated, make sure to get some electrolytes.. Ohh you're gonna get it now! You're gonna be so hated on oh my god here it comes are you ready???? Ahem.... you poo

tfw ur bf is the only one to send u anon hate 

A Perfect Catastrophic Harmony

REQUEST: from @outofworkactress

I’m bombarding you now but please don’t feel pressured, let your work do the talking. Maybe one where y/n and her friends are around England, and showing her round & her friends see she’s taken notice in Ni and NI’s friends notice he’s taken an interest in the “loud American” and they plan to shove them together, by naturally sitting together and embarrassing them until they talk XO

A/N: I hope this is good enough for you angel, I’m sorry it’s not better but hopefully cheeky Ni makes up for it (and isn’t too OOC).

Title: Someone’s Disaster
by Beach Weather

My Aneurin playlist can be found on Spotify (this is what I listen to when I write about him and songs that are featured in fics about him) (x)

“Now you’re here love, you’ve gotta meet the guys, you’ll love them and vice versa,” Anna, Y/N’s friend, gushed. The American girl had been in the country no more than five hours and truth be told, whilst she loved her friends, she just wanted to sleep.

“We’ve filled ‘em in on all the best bits of you,” Darcy smirked, her perfectly filled in eyebrow quirking.

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Thoughts about Sex

Before I start, I just wrote something that was really sexual and Im sitting here like damn I wish I could make love to somebody. I keep reading it over and over again and it just fuels me with sexual passion. I cant really talk about this anywhere else so here are just some of my thoughts on sex real quick. Take it how you want it…

I want to have sex with somebody so bad, but the sad thing is I dont want to have it with just anybody. Of course I can just run up to any ole girl and throw my dick on the table but even the thought of me just saying that seems like its not enough. Whats the point of sex if your not in love with the person your having it with. Porn doesn’t even turn me on anymore because all they are doing is fucking each other for a paycheck. Im trying to love, sure I know some women dont even wanna hear that shit but honestly fuck that shit. I want to love a womans mind, body and soul. Im trying to connect in the purest form of connection us as humans can possibly have. Sure there are going to be moments in my life where I just have sex with someone because I feel like busting a nut but honestly physical satisfaction alone seems like boring sex to start with. I want to look a girl in her eyes, read her mind, touch her soul and make love to each and every part of her body as I can. Humans in general are the few animals on Earth that gain pleasure from sex and we are the few animals here that can fall in love with each other. So why the hell not have sex with someone you love? Why do I gotta waste my nut and potential children on a chick im not even gonna want to talk about in 3 months time. 10 minutes of pure ecstasy with a beautiful girl I give a damn about, thats all I really want. Thats all I really need. I want her to feel good and I want to feel good. I want to make her cum for me and say my name while I give her the love she deserves for just being alive here on Earth with me. I dont think I can ask for anything more and anything less honestly……

I think I have nothing more or less to say too…….and fuck just jerking off nigga thats lame af…..to any dude out there reading this bro stop masterbating for a minute find a girl you love and fuck her right my nigga. Trust me you’ll feel more like a man with or without the sex part.

Ok I think im done, Im just wanting to love on somebody I guess

Fic Self-Rec

@servantofclio tagged me for the thing! Thank you! And it’s pretty timely, too, because I’m making progress on Family Resemblance and might actually *gasp* post something! This week even!

I haven’t posted much, but here are my favorites!

1. Hawks and Doves. It’s a prequel fic that explores the events on Shanxi, and it was a lot of fun to write :D I had no idea how much I would end up loving Hannah Shepard & Co. And it’s finished, too! Because I can definitely finish things!

2. Family Resemblance. My current WIP that’s an alphabet fic and picks up pretty much right after Hawks and Doves. It follows young (Spacer) Allistair Shepard as she grows up to be the Butcher. It also looks at Hannah and Michael Shepard (Alli’s parents) as they navigate the changing galactic landscape as humanity vies for recognition and a place with the other Citadel races … in very different ways.

3. Alone Time, because I’m very proud of myself for the double ententres :P Vetra Nyx/Artemis Ryder.

4. When We Stop Reacting to Our Parents. After the events of Sanctuary, Garrus struggles with not being able to talk to his family. Shakarian in the background.

5. Live to Fight Another Day. Shepard refuses the Star Child’s options and decides to keep fighting. Shakarian if you squint. It’s super short, but I’m still very proud of it :D

As for tagging, hmm. I’m not sure exactly who’s done this already, but how about @theherocomplex, @continuousspec, and @thievinghippo. Only if you want to, of course!

/ After 6 long years of in and out hiatus on Haru  — this is the most I’ve written on him and the most I interacted with people and wrote this much. I think its because I’m FINALLY comfortable with the way I write and I know this character from the inside out and I have grown up with him in a sense. I love him so much and to finally develop more of his story after all this time is a good feeling. The older I get the more I appreciate characters like this one. Mutuals, Thank you for making my time on here worth it.  

Selling handmade Eruri items question!!

Hi! Ok, so I want to sell handmade items online. I’ll be using a mixture of wholesale sourced items/materials and my doodles which I’ll then craft together into what I hope will make a nice thing to own. BUT.

Where is the best place? Etsy seems to have the lowest comission. But I’m worried about the whole copyright issue.

If I make it a direct transaction from you lovely people on here through paypal, I won’t get the ‘passing trade’.

Can anyone help me out please? I have pretty much drawn up a business plan (read: notebook full of scribbles) and have the initial outlay cost, I just need to know if its worth it!

Any help greatly appreciated.

SoA just makes me really happy

and juice ortiz makes me really happy

and theo rossi makes me really happy

and the people that i’ve met on here because of all of those things make me really happy

and i’m just getting a little emotional here i’m sorry

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robin i deleted tumblr app bc i needed space for streaming apps for cb and i stayed on twitter for the past days and now i came to ur blog to catch up with u on desktop but realized it's difficult to see ur tags that way so i..had to download tmblr app again for this . rip u make me unable to leave this godforsaken website (jk i love the ym people here) but still. final note: every era is ym era i feel so . blessed and excited for promo n fansign stuff, i'll take my tea hot n sweet pls

PLEASE and same you’re cute fjgnjfdngf sorry for dragging you back here but if you want me to change anything about the desktop theme then i can do that for you instead !!  ♡

An introduction post!
I’m overjoyed to return to Deirdre as I ended up missing her more than I anticipated. My interpretation of her has been somewhat refined through discussion over time so I’m interested in a fresh start here.

Deirdre is a character that I fall more in love with each time I sit down and try to examine more closely. I’m still working out the details of how exactly to have her interact with some of the FE4 second gen (possibly involving some necromancy or Valkyrie Staff abuse, but we’ll see).

I hope the day is good to everyone. 


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“Why does this hat not stay on her head each time I load up my game? I…”

Have you downloaded @buckleysims x scale slider fix? I remember the post addressed the hat appearing in different places after reload http://buckleysims.tumblr.com/post/93346183667/i-love-awts-hat-sliders-but-the-scale-x-slider


replied to your photo

“Why does this hat not stay on her head each time I load up my game? I…”

it happens with more than one hat in my game, too… if we could learn the reason and fix it… thanks for bringing it up here!

Thank You @simtanicos for that! And @buckleysims for making it and also tagging you @andantezen because LOOKY HERE!!! WOW!!!

confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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ToDae demonstrating why it’s never a good idea to hit TOP, even in play: TOP hits back harder.


*fart noise*