i love my little skull

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

Boy was that a long day! But I actually remembered to take some pictures of myself this time around for once.

There’s still quite a few rough edges, and I definitely rushed some pieces of this costume, but overall I’m happy with how he turned out. I was pretty skeptical while working on it haha.

I try so hard to be menacing, but it’s hard ;__;

Special shout-out to my dad for helping me with my “hair” LEDs, because I’m an adult baby who still fears electricity.

And I bought a friggin alpaca because I’ve been coveting one for forever and I have a plushie addiction


He was staring out the hospital window again.

Vivi worried her bottom lip, watching silently from the doorway. Arthur didn’t know she was there yet, despite it being eleven o'clock on the dot, the same time she visited every day for the past month since he’d lost his arm.

A horrible mechanic accident, Arthur had told her in so many words. He’d gotten his wrist band stuck in an engine and it had pulled it in.

The doctors were sure he’d make a full recovery, and he had already been fitted for a prosthetic. They were just waiting for the arm to come in so they could attach it and help him get used to using before letting him go.

But Arthur was still very unresponsive. He didn’t speak much, only answering questions in short answers. He didn’t watch TV, read, play the games that Vivi had brought in for him.

He just sat there, every day, staring out the window and not saying a word.

She sighed and knocked on the door frame, putting on a smile as the blond turned to look at her.

“Hey, there, sleepy head,” she greeted. “How ya’ doin?”

As predicted, Arthur merely shrugged, his hair falling around his head and past his ears, devoid of any and all gel that he normally used on it. His amber eyes were sunken, dull, and he was skinnier than usual.

“The nurses say that you didn’t eat your breakfast again,” Vivi said, sitting down in the chair next to his bed. It hadn’t been moved since her visit the previous day.

All Arthur did was respond with another shrug turning to look back out the window.

Vivi sighed, reaching forward to grab Arthur’s hand. The moment her fingers brushed his, he moved them away, drawing his arm to his lap.

There was another knock on the door and Vivi turned to see Lance standing in the doorway.

He smiled at her and she returned it. She liked Arthur’s uncle; he was a nice man, had taken Arthur in after his parents had kicked him out. Taught him everything he needed to know about mechanics too.

It was rare that the man could visit; the shop usually took up a lot of his time, but at least once a week, he got a few hours break from managing and used the time to visit his favorite nephew.

He hadn’t had any luck either.

“Hey, Art,” Lance said. “Vivi, how are you?”

“Good,” Vivi replied warmly. “Though I’d be better if a certain someone would eat his breakfast.” She looked pointedly at Arthur, but the younger man ignored them, still staring at the window.

Vivi sighed, defeated, and looked helplessly to Lance. He nodded.

“Arthur, you got to eat. They’ll hook you back up to the IV again if you don’t.”

Predictably, Arthur merely shrugged.

“Alright, kiddo, I didn’t want to do this,” the older man said gruffly, “but you’ve left me no choice.”

He reached into his jacket pocket and Vivi perked up a bit, curious. She watched in silence as Lance lifted a small brown puffball from his pocket, setting it down on Arthur’s bed carefully.

“Is that…” Vivi breathed.


Vivi snapped her head up to see Arthur watching the small hamster with something akin to awe. His voice was hoarse from disuse, but it was progress.

The small rodent wriggled across Arthur’s lap and he carefully lifted his hand, letting the little guy climb into it. Galahad did so with as much dignity as a hamster had, and Vivi watched with wide eyes.

“Figured the little guy could use some air,” Lance said. “And I’m pretty sure he missed ya’.”

“How’d you get him in here?” Arthur croaked, setting Galahad on the sheets and petting him gingerly.

“What, you think your old uncle can’t smuggle in a tiny rodent?” Lance snorted. “Kid, you don’t wanna know my tricks.”

But Arthur was preoccupied as he stroked Galahad. Vivi saw the trace of a small smile play on his lips and she let out a relieved breath that she didn’t know she’d been holding.

“Who’s been taking care of him?” Arthur asked, raising his eyes to meet Lance’s.

Lance snorted. “What, do I get no credit in this play? Me, you numbskull.”

Galahad made little chittering noises as Arthur ran a finger from head to butt. Vivi smiled.

“I…” Arthur, glanced away, then back to his uncle. “Thanks, Uncle Lance.”

“Eh, don’t mention it, kid,” Lance waved a hand and pulled up a spare chair. He poked Arthur gently in the temple. “I’m serious. If my poker buddies find out, I’ll be the laughing stock of the town.”

Arthur did smile then and Vivi felt something in her let go. A weight was lifted off her shoulders.

When it was time for Lance to leave, he stood, holding out his hand to Arthur.

“Sorry, kiddo,” he said, a note of sadness in his voice. “Gotta take the little guy home. He can’t stay here.”

“Yeah…” Arthur sighed. He handed Galahad to Lance, who tenderly placed him back in his pocket. He looked back up at his uncle.

“Can you bring him back tomorrow?” he asked.

Sadly, Lance shook his head. “I’ve work tomorrow, bud.”

“Oh… Okay…”

Lance met Vivi’s eyes and she nodded.

“Maybe I can stop by and get him,” she offered.

Arthur met her gaze hopefully.

“But only if you eat breakfast and lunch,” Lance bargained, poking Arthur in the temple again.

Arthur swatted at him with his good arm, but a soft smile lit up his face.

“Fine,” he agreed easily.

Lance nodded approvingly and ruffled Arthur’s lackluster hair before waving at Vivi and walking out the door.

“I should go too,” Vivi said, standing. “Mystery gets antsy when I’m gone for too long nowadays.”

Arthur frowned, and Vivi felt something settle in her gut. Had she said something wrong?

“Yeah, alright,” he said instead. She gathered up her purse and was about to head out when Arthur called her back.


She turned. He watched her with an unreadable expression for a moment before gesturing to the table on the other side of the room.

“Can you get me my laptop before you go?”

Vivi felt whatever tension she had melt and she nodded, walking back over and grabbing the computer. She handed it to Arthur, who gave her a small smile in thanks. She leaned down, pressing a small kiss to his forehead.

He wrinkled his nose in response and she laughed.

“See you tomorrow, Art” she said.

“Bye, Vi,” was the soft voice that responded.

When she returned the next morning, Galahad in her pocket as promised, it was to see Arthur sitting with the remains of his omelet on his food tray and his hair somewhat gelled.

And the best part was that he smiled at her, greeted her, and didn’t look out that window like he’d just lost his best friend.

Book of Skulls

after not posting for a while -sorry for that- I wanted to show you guys my newly bought skull from Mexico. I bought it at a little market where they had a lot of hand made/painted decoration for in house. I really love how it looks next to my candles and little cacti.