i love my island ok


Finest girl I ever met in my whole life, wanna take her home, make her my wife.
Knew she was a freak when she started talking…

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

thatonerockerfreak  asked:

i'm from hawaii, my sisters are Samoan, and Moana makes me a special kind of emotional ok i love my island (even though living here is insanely hard sometimes) and my sisters are both so proud of their heritage now i love Moana

Your culture is very beautiful!! Those songs have been stuck in my head for a week now LMAOO 😂😂 Disney needs to make more movies with poc characters that embraces their culture and heritage,, this can create a very positive affect on the poc children who are watching.

My first husband and I’m v proud of him ;;