i love my hockey team


NHL Teams: New York Rangers (12/30)


today while i was at the gym i was talking to one of the members about hockey and our love for the game (i often wear rangers or wild or gopher gear and he always says he likes my shirt/hat/jacket/whatever). a woman then proceeded to ask me “have you always been into hockey or only because you work at msg?” and honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever been so offended that someone just assumed i only like hockey because of my job. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my job and it will be a great fit for the next 3-4ish years, but long term i don’t want to work in sales and service for a professional sports team. (for what i want to do with my life, please watch parks and rec). i love hockey because it’s part of my blood. i grew up where the high school state championship game sells 18,000 tickets and any given night during the winter you can go lace up your skates and play pick up with complete strangers. all the hockey players i’ve ever interacted with are GREAT people who are so down to earth it would amaze you. i went to college with guys who have since gone pro and they never once made me feel smaller than them because i wasn’t a D1 athlete. i’ve worked for three professional hockey teams now and have never once had a bad experience with any single player. i only have nice things to say about all of them. i grew up in the state largely responsible for the ‘miracle on ice’ and still get chills/teary every time i watch clips from either the actual game or the movie. my god, i keep my hockey skates under my desk at work just in case we ever find time to go skate during the day. these are not the actions of someone who ‘only likes hockey because of their job.’

later on another guy said to me “whoever you marry is going to be so lucky because you understand sports.” this is not the first time i have heard this and it won’t be the last. i get ‘complimented’ and told i’m a ‘catch’ at least once a week because i am knowledgable about sports. my clients try to set me up with their son’s because i am a ‘smart, pretty girl who likes sports.’ normally i just let it go and change the conversation. unfortunately for the guy at my gym today, it set me off. whoever i marry will be lucky because THEY’RE MARRIED TO ME. my attractiveness to the opposite gender shouldn’t be based solely on my love of sports and being ‘another one of the guys.’ and honestly, if sports aren’t my future husband’s thing, that will be fine because i have other interests and also other people in my life who share my obsession with sports. i don’t have to nor want to marry the male equivalent of me (because i can’t even handle me some days). 

do i think the sport deserves more attention than it get? ABSOLUTELY. do i think that just because i have a vagina and like hockey that i’m special? NO. some of the biggest hockey fans i know are ladies and they know way more than me. i don’t really know the point of this post other than that i love hockey and am sick of dealing with other people’s bullshit opinions about it. i haven’t spent the last 8 years of my life in shitty part-time jobs and internships because i thought it would get a guy’s attention. i sure as hell didn’t spend $70,000 on higher education just so i could get a job in sports for a few years to meet my husband. byeeeeeeeeee.


Goddamnit Bam, no. NO.  What you need is to stop getting HURT.

Even Hockney is trying to keep your ass from getting killed and he’s not in love with you like those other two are.

GUYS! I finished it! Puck Bunny Samwell Hockey Team!

My eyeballs are burning but I loved every second I spent on this! Hope you guys like it!!!!! <3

PS. Sorority pose just cause I can.