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Lardo hesitates a moment before she knocks. Her knuckles are poised just inches from the old, cheap wooden door, waiting, and she thinks, I shouldn’t bother him.

And then she knocks anyway, too exhausted to care.

She can hear ancient bedsprings creaking slightly. “Come in,” a tired-sounding voice calls.

Lardo twists the rusting knob–someone really needs to replace that before it falls off–and pushes the door open.

Jack is sitting on top of the covers of his not-quite-neatly-made bed. His laptop is open and balancing on top of his legs, but as soon as he makes eye contact with Lardo, he closes it and leans over the edge of the bed to set it down gently. “C'mere,” he says softly, and Lardo is so damn grateful that Jack just gets it sometimes.

She crosses to him, climbs on the bed. He lifts one arm automatically and she tucks herself under it, her head leaning against his neck. She swings her legs over his, perpendicular, and her arms wrap around his core. His second arm comes down and rests on her legs, a hand on her thigh keeping her there firmly but gently. Like a seat belt. Or a security blanket.

They sit there for a few minutes, breathing synchronizing. Lardo closes her eyes and feels the swell of Jack’s chest underneath her arms, and she can’t tell if it’s his pulse or her own she’s feeling.

Sometimes, just being held–just to be held with no questions asked, nothing else expected from it–sometimes she needs it. And she knows that it helps Jack when he’s stressed, too. So what they have can’t exactly be called an agreement, because they don’t ever really talk about it. But it’s an understanding, at least. And a mutually beneficial one.

And between finals week and graduation coming up and the fact that she still hasn’t finished her last piece for the reunion week gallery–well. She needs it tonight. And if the bags under Jack’s eyes are any indication, so does he.

After a little while, when her arms are starting to get stiff and she can feel her thighs starting to stick to his a little with sweat, she reluctantly begins to peel out of Jack’s embrace.

“Thanks, pal,” she whispers, leaning up and pressing her lips briefly to his cheek before shifting her legs back over to the other side so she can stand.

“Any time, Lards,” Jack says quietly, smiling slightly at her. “I needed the break, too.”

One corner of her mouth crooks higher than the other. “You’re a good dude, Zimmermann,” she says, reaching out and ruffling his hair. He doesn’t bother reaching up to fix it, and it stands up ridiculously. She laughs. “Don’t push yourself too much, okay?”

“No promises,” says Jack, yawning. “But yeah, I’ll probably sleep soon. Night, Lardo.”

“Night, Jack,” says Lardo, stretching her arms as she walks out.

She shuts the door behind her, feeling considerably less stressed than she had when she opened it.

She’s got a good team.

Imagine...Getting Lazy

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Request: Hey! So glad your requests are open! So I wonder if you could write DeanxReader, where the reader thinks that Dean doesn’t love her anymore because he doesn’t touch her like he used to and isn’t as flirty as he used to be with her? But it turns out that he thinks the same about her and he is just unsure how to handle the situation and it all ends fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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Request: can you write a fredxreader where they’ve been friends for years but won’t admit their feelings. And then when the reader goes to the burrow they finally get together?”


It was Christmas at the castle and I was very excited because I got to go stay with my two best friends in the entire wizarding world. Fred and George Weasley! Hogwarts famous pranksters.

I grab my packed suitcase and skip down the steps from the girls dormitory. When I get down to the common room I see the twins on the couch with their backs to me.

I smirk and be as quiet as possible going up behind them and jolt their shoulders making them jump 3 feet high off the red velvet couch.

I laugh and move in front of them to see their displeased scowls. “Oh come on boys! Put a smile on your face! You get to spend Christmas with yours truly.” I giggle and sit in between them.

Fred huffs and puts his arm around me. “Well…only if George will.” George looks over with a wide teeth grin making us laugh.

I lean into Fred side and sigh. “What’s on your mind (y/n)?” They ask at the same time. I laugh and shake my head. “Even after 5 years of that I’m still not use to it. And I’m just worried.” “Worried?” Fred asks. “About what?” George finishes.

I shrug. “You think your mom will like me?” I ask immediately causing the twins to erupt into a fit of laughter. “I don’t know George. Mums pretty hard to impress isn’t she?” “She sure is Fred. You might even have to bow and kiss her shoes to get her to look you in the eye.” I knock both of them on the head. “I’m being serious you two!” “So are we!” They both say laughing. I roll my eyes and cross my arms frustrated.

Fred POV:

On the train ride (y/n) ended up falling asleep with her head in my lap. I smile and move a few straggly pieces of hair out of her face and then stroke her soft cheek. “You’re hopeless mate.” George laughs.

I look up at him rolling my eyes. “Why not just ask her. You know your secrets going to come out once she meets mum.” I huff and look down at (y/n) again. “If I tell her it’s gonna ruin 5 years of friendship.” “Or make it worthwhile. The worst she can say is no.” I shrug my shoulders and continue to play with her hair.

(Y/n) POV:

I’m awaken by a slight poking to my cheek. I open my eyes to see Fred Weasley. The sun hitting behind him making his body look like an angel sent from above to protect and love me…

Okay. I’ll admit it. I am hopelessly in love with Fred. Ever since first year when he insisted I help him prank his brother Percy.

“Good afternoon sleepyhead. Bout time you woke up.” “We thought we’d have to pour water on you!” “Oh shut up George!” I laugh and throw an empty cup at him.

We get off the train and I see a plump woman hugging Ron, Harry, and Ginny. We then come closer and she sees me.

I gulp and look at Fred and George. They laugh and playfully bow and pretend to kiss her feet. I roll my eyes and introduce myself.

"Hello. My name is-” “Oh (y/n) dear! I’ve heard so much over the years! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” She says joyfully and pulls me into a hug. I turn around and see the twins giving me thumbs up.

Fred POV:

As we come closer to home I get nervous. One of the main reasons I’ve never agreed to (y/n) coming over is in embarrassment of the burrow. Not that I don’t love it or my family, but all I want to do is impress her.

Mum pulls up to the house and I turn to (y/n) seeing her with a smile on her face as she sees my home.

We get inside and (y/n) looks around at the small crowded rooms. “It’s not much, but it’s home.” I say behind her. “I love it.” She smiles at me making me sigh in relief.

Mum looks at me and smiles as she catches me looking at (y/n). “So (y/n) give me a little spin!” Oh mum no please. (Y/n) furrows her brows, but spins 360 regardless. “Well Fred it looks like you’ve got yourself a all around wonderful girl! She’s lovely!” Mum says hugging (y/n) again.

I shake my head fast as it becomes as red as my hair. “No. Mum. She’s not-” “Oh hush Freddie! No need to be embarrassed of your girlfriend!” Oh no that’s it. My life is over.

(Y/n) looks at me wide eyed. “I’m sorry what?” George then swoops in and drags her away to save me from the conversation I was exactly trying to avoid.

Once they’re up the staircase I groan and slump in a chair. “Mum. Why would you say that?” “Well the way you talk about her I assumed!” “No mum.” I put my head in my hands. “You’re telling me you haven’t told her?! Fredric Weasley what have I told you? You need to tell her before someone else tells her and she’s out of your reach! Now you climb those steps and tell her how you feel!” Mum cries loudly and forces me up the stairs.

(Y/n) POV:

After George basically trapped me in the room he shares with Fred we listen intensely to the conversation between his mother and his twin brother. “Now you climb those steps and tell her how you feel!”

How he feels? Seconds later the door opens and a red faces Fred walks in. “I’ll give you two some time.” George says with a smile and walks out locking the door from the other side.

Fred sits on his bed and puts his head in his hands. I sit next to him on the bed and pull his hands away. “Should I go first?” I ask my face heating up already.

Fred looks at me confused. “Remember in first year when you came up to me and asked me to help you prank Percy? You and George came up to me in the common room and told me I needed some fun. When we snuck a stink bomb in 3 different books and then ran I knew I liked you. You gave me fun and friendship when I didn’t really have any. I just never told you because of our friendship. I didn’t want to ruin 5 years.” I say with my face heating up by the second.

Fred lifts my chin up and then smiles. “First year. Once I saw you pass my compartment on the train I liked you. When you were sorted I liked you even more. Then when I finally asked you to prank and I knew I loved you.” “I love you too Fred Weasley.”

Fred smiles and leans in pressing his lips to mine. The door opens and George pops his head inside. “Finally! I’ve been waiting for 5 years!” “Oh shove off!” Fred says and kisses me again.

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calfreezy imagine: party animal, meet depression

REQUESTED:  “Can you write a sad af freezy imagine where him and the reader get into a fight about her “being lazy” when it’s really just her depression. And like she breaks down but cal realizes that he’s dumb af and apologizes and shit and fluffy at the end”

I sat against the headrest of the bed, a cushion in my arms for comfort. My heart lay heavy in my chest and I sighed. The room was dark, curtains drawn and it occurred to me I couldn’t remember the last time I opened them. When you’re living with depression you don’t really take notice of the days. Every day is just another day of feeling alone. Another day of questioning whether or not you should even be here. This is a life I have completely tired of living.

The door burst open, startling me as Cal entered. He switched on the light and I groaned quietly, flinching.

“Y/n? Why are you still in bed, we’re all going out in like ten minutes?”

“I’m not coming,” I murmured, avoiding his watchful eye. “I don’t feel well.”

“What do you mean you’re not coming? Of course you’re coming everyone’s coming!”

“Well I’m not!” I snapped, still quiet, however this time with an edge to my voice. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you why are you being all fucking emo? I just asked you if you were coming out jesus!”

“I already said I don’t feel well alright! Just fucking leave me alone!” I yelled, tears stinging my eyes. No no no, don’t fucking do it, do not cry in front of him. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s crying in front of people, and Cal was no exception despite our relationship. We had been together for a fair while now, however I had not yet informed him about my depression. It wasn’t a big deal in my eyes; everybody had demons, this was just another one of mine. I wasn’t prepared to become a nutcase. I didn’t want sympathy, and I didn’t want Cal to look at me differently.

“What the fuck is happening to you? You’ve been in this bed for like a fucking week straight there’s no way you’re ill anymore, you’re just being fucking lazy!”

I felt my blood boil at the use of that word: lazy. Lazy, lazy, lazy.The word I had been cursed with the whole way through my adolescence, the word I was labelled by my parents, my teachers, my lecturers. Lazy. My fists clenched underneath the mattress. 


By this point I had given up on trying to stay composed. I let the tears run freely down my face, struggling to keep my breathing to a normal standard. I let myself fall apart. Cal stood still at the doorframe.

“That’s..that’s how you feel?”

I simply nodded, watching the tears fall onto the eggshell white duvet. Cal headed towards me and I shook my head, trying to push him away, however he resisted. 

“Please, Y/n, kick my throat in if you have to, but please don’t push me away.”

He wrapped his long arms around me and I snuggled into him, crying hysterically against his chest as he stroked my hair.

“Cal I’m so scared. Please don’t leave me, I’m so so scared.”

“Shh, shh,” he whispered soothingly, his voice shaking slightly. “I’m not gonna leave you Y/n, I’m not going out tonight, I’m not going anywhere, even if you tell me to. You’re not getting rid of me.”

I cried harder, feeling so overwhelmed with so many different emotions. 

“When you’re ready we’ll go to the doctors together and we’ll find you the help you need, but I’m still not gonna leave. I love you, alright, and I’m sorry for how I’ve been treating you; I didn’t realise at all and I’m so sorry.”

As I felt him move underneath me I flinched, holding onto him tighter. He rubbed his hand against the back of my hoodie and I rested my head on his shoulder, beginning to calm down.

“Now tell me what you think you wanna do now, do you wanna go to bed?”

“Are you gonna stay with me?” I whispered, my voice hoarse and broken.

“Of course,” he replied, and i nodded. “Okay then baby.”

He stood up, holding me to his chest as I wrapped my legs around his chest and he peeled back the duvet. My back fell into the duvet and he lay beside me, removing his button up and his jeans. I cuddled into his bare chest and he run his hands through my hair. My eyelids began to shut. As I drifted off to sleep I heard the soft whispering of Cal.

“I love you, Y/n. I wouldn’t be able to cope without you. You’re not going anywhere, I’m not letting you. God, I love you.”


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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry cheering (Y/N) up as she overheard his conversation with Iris.

Word count: 984

A/N: A scene like this happened to me last Monday and I seriously felt so bad. I was so happy, because I was with my boyfriend, then I overheard his conversation with his grandmum through the phone and I was so disappointed. I really felt bad that I cried until I fell asleep, even though he defended me.
I hope that no one makes you feel in this way, because no one deserves to do that to a person. Unluckily, it happened to me and I had to chew her negative words and swallow them.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/M) is Your Favourite Movie and (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

It was your free day and Barry asked you to spend the day with him in the West household. You didn’t want to go at first, because you were always in their house and you thought that you were a hindrance for his family, but Barry assured you that his adoptive family was always happy to welcome you, until you proved him wrong.

“Is (Y/N) here once again?” You heard Iris complaining as you were about to follow Barry in the kitchen. You hid yourself behind the doorway and, even though you thought that it was wrong, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Uhm,” You heard Barry respond. “yup. Any problem, Iris?”

“Actually, yes!” You heard Iris say harshly, there you started to feel bad about it.

“She’s always here, always with you and I don’t even have enough time to spend some moments with you.” You bit your lip as you felt your eyes starting to water, you fiddled with your sleeves as you tried to swallow down her words.

“It’s not (Y/N)’s fault, Iris.” Barry defended you as you saw him slamming the fridge’s door. “I want to spend time with her, whenever I want. You’re not in any right position to accuse her. I’m grown up, Iris.”

“What the hell, Barry?” Iris shouted as she heard Barry’s answer. You looked at the kitchen as you started to feel a weight on your chest. “I am still your sister, don’t ever talk to me in that way.”

“I am your brother and I think that you need to respect my decisions!” He got the plate full of food from the marble kitchen counter and he turned himself from Iris. “Please think before you speak, Iris. You’re big enough to realize things. I said nothing when you left me out for Eddie, now be coherent enough. Okay?”

“I can’t believe that this is happening.” You heard Iris sighing and Barry started to walk away.

“Believe it.” Barry said, annoyed. “Now excuse me, thank you.” Barry walked towards the doorway and you quickly wiped the tears streaming down your face using your sleeves.

You were obviously disappointed, because she was part of Barry’s family and you’ve never thought that she would say something like that. She has always showed you kindness, but this time you knew that she has always talked shit behind your back.

“Hey,” Barry greeted you with a big smile on his face, shaking off his angry face. “why didn’t you follow me?”

“Oh,” You flashed him a smile. “I just got out from the restroom.”

“So, were you here for a long time?” Barry curiously asked as he handed you a bottle full of your favourite soda.

“No, don’t worry.” You tried to cover your disappointment with a happy tone, but you almost failed it when you saw Iris leaving the kitchen. “What did you talk about?”

“Oh, Iris was just being paranoid and annoying. Don’t mind her.” He smiled at you as he held your hand and squeezed it to assure you that everything was fine.

“Alright.” You nodded. You both sat on the couch as soon as you reached the living room. You decided to watch (Y/F/M) during a lazy afternoon.

“Enjoy, baby!” You smiled after Barry kissed you on your forehead.

“Same to you, babe.” You responded happily, but your smile faded as soon as you saw Iris, watching you from afar. She was giving you a glare, until she saw you looking at her and she flashed you a sweet smile. You felt uncomfortable, but you smiled at her, although it was a fake one.

“Are you okay?” Barry noticed that you were looking at Iris and you just nodded your head, trying to swallow the knot in your throat. Iris shook her head as she went back to the kitchen.

“I,” You bit your lip as you tried not to think of it. “I am fine.”

“No, you’re not.” Barry paused the movie and faced you. He looked sad and worried as he saw your eyes. You knew that he remembered his conversation with Iris and he shook your head, looking disappointed too.

“It’s nothing, Bar.” You shook your head as your tears started to stream down your face.

“Liar!” He rolled his eyes and he wrapped his arms around you to comfort you. “Iris can say everything, but she will never make me change my mind. I love you and I will always welcome you here, you’re my girlfriend, the love of my life.” You started to sob and he rubbed your back to prevent you from doing it. “She can say whatever she wants, but I will always defend you because you are my happiness. I promise you that.”

“Really?” You said in between your sobs.

“Really, babe.” He played with your (Y/H/C) hair and he left a kiss on your forehead. “I love you so much and don’t ever listen to what she has to say.”

“I love you too, Bar.” You wrapped your arms around him tightly and he hugged you tighter.

“Everything’s fine, stop crying.” He kissed you once again and you nodded your head as you started to calm yourself down. “I love you more, my sensible and susceptible baby girl.” He giggled as he teased you.

“Shut up,” You pulled away from the hug and you pouted. “but thank you.”

“It was nothing, I will always defend you. Okay? No matter who it is or no matter what it is.” You both smiled and he leant in to leave a gentle kiss on your lips.

You bit your lip as you realized how lucky you are to have Barry. You knew that he loved you so much and you were thankful that he defended you from Iris. You might have been disappointed, but you knew that your boyfriend was always by your side to protect you and to defend you. 

accent | stiles stilinski

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prompt: 89- “your accent it adorable”

request: reader has an aussie accent and can you make it like mild smut!!! like her accent turns him on!?!?!

first days are always the worst, especially when it’s your senior year and your starting off at a new school in a completely different country. you have to find a new group of friends, new set of goals, new career path.

and that’s what i was experiencing right now

to start of my day i was extremely late, i slept through my alarm and the hot water system had been shut off and on top of that my car refused to turn over

so that brings me to now rushing through the hall trying to find my chemistry class as the second bell has well and truly rung, i approach the door and swing it open all eyes darting to me

“fuck” i cuss realising it was aloud and not in my head, the teacher jolts up staring at me “you must be miss (y/l/n) i nod brushing my hair out of my face

“yes im terrible sorry, is this mr harris’s class?” he nods the class whispering amongst themselves “well thank you for finally making an appearance miss-” he pauses and i fill him in ”(y/l/n)“

he glances at me annoyed “yes- why don’t you take a seat next to mr stilinski, so we can finally start the lesson” i nod nervousness bubbling up inside me

my eyes dart around the class room trying to find the boy as to whom am supposed to be sitting with, i spot a brunette toward the back flailing around in panic

there was an empty seat next to him so i briskly walk toward the desk “stilinski?” he nods giving me a thumbs up “bloody hell” I mumble slipping into my seat

the teacher breaks us off into pairs to do the experiment, meaning myself and this tall brunette were going to be working together

i turn to face him “my names (y/n), by the way” he’s stares at me like he cannot believe the words coming out of my mouth. i giggle to myself blushing

“and you must be?” he snaps out of his haze sitting upright combing his fingers through his hair “stiles- stilinski” i nod

“stiles stilinski huh?” i muse intrigued by the name “oh lord Jesus” he mutters and i furrow my eyebrows in confusing “something wrong?” he shakes his head

“no it’s just i uh- your accent is adorable” i chuckle looking away then back to the boy realising he isn’t joking “oh your serious?” i say shocked

“god yes- i wish you could hear yourself speak it’s honestly driving me crazy” i smirk at the cute boy wiggling closer to him “oh really?”

he swallows clearing his throats as i edge closer to him “yeah uh yeah really-” he tears his gaze from me and tries to focus on the teacher scribbling instructions on the board.

“you never heard an australian accent?” i tease brushing my arm against his.

he taps his pen against the desk trying to distract himself but i place my hand over his “you okay?” he nods bringing the pen up to his lips

“yeah im just stressed it’s been a long week” i nod “how can i help you?” he sighs shaking his head “release my stress? i have no idea”

i light lickers in my brain and i found myself smirking as i lower my hand off the table and under the desk, placing my hand on the boys thigh

he jolts up gaining the attention of his friends “you okay stiles?” the raven haired boy asked glancing between the pair of us before settling back to his red headed partner shrugging her shoulder in response

“shut up” he smiles sarcasm dripping from her words before glancing back at me before noticing that i had removed my hand from his thigh and that I was now scribbling down notes

“hey” he whined shuffling his seat closer to you “can i help you with something?” i offer placing the end of my pen onto my plump lips battering my eyelashes at the love struck teen

the bell sounds and i giggling collecting up my books before handing the boy his text book “you might need this for your little friend” you point down to the ten pitched in the brunette pants before standing from your seat

he cuss scrambling to cover himself as he leaves me laughing “see you around stilinski”

“(y/n)! wait!”

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Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 4. Baz.

Everything is going so well.

Simon and I study for another hour, then decide to call it a day. We order takeout for dinner and eat it in front of a movie.

‘Let’s have a movie marathon,’ Simon says.

‘Or we could get some sleep so we can focus in class tomorrow,’ I quip.

‘Two movies.’


He gets out his laptop and we have to share earphones so as not to disturb the people in the neighbouring rooms (the walls aren’t exactly soundproof) and that means huddling together on my bed. Simon is so warm, and I’m so aware of every tiny move either of us makes, and I don’t register any of the first twenty minutes of the movie. I just want to burrow closer to him and hold him.

I don’t know. Maybe he would let me.

I finally start to relax and by the end of the first movie our sides are glued together and Simon doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I can hardly concentrate on the movie with him so close to me, but then halfway through the second one I start thinking about the guy I was following the other night. My family had been tracking him for a long time and he was leaving a trail of casualties across the country.

Sometimes the only way to catch up to someone is for a superhero to step in. And even then, sometimes the only way to stop them from hurting more people is… well, to make absolutely sure that they can’t.

I’m a Pitch, and that means I have to do the dirty work. Does that make me a superhero, or a supervillain?

I hate it. I know it’s my duty, and it’s for the greater good, and that I’m the only one who can protect society from these dangerous people. But I hate that Simon thinks I’m this posh, dedicated, perfect university student, when really I’m… a monster, I suppose. Maybe. What the Pitches do is justified in my mind (not in Davy’s, of course, not in Snow’s), but that doesn’t mean I’m not a monster. That doesn’t mean that Simon wouldn’t run far away if he knew about the things I’ve done.

I sigh quietly and Simon looks up at me.

He’s so close. His eyes are such a regular shade of blue, a little washed-out. To me, they hold the stars.

‘You don’t like the movie?’ he says.

‘It’s fine,’ I answer quietly. ‘I’m just tired.’

‘Oh.’ He pauses it. ‘Sorry. We can finish it tomorrow?’

I shake my head. ‘No, it’s okay. It’s almost done.’


He restarts the movie, and I try to stop thinking about everything, and just enjoy his warmth. Enjoy the fact that I get to sit here watching illegally downloaded movies with him and – oh. I think he’s fallen asleep. His head is resting on my shoulder, his curls tickling my chin. I hold my breath (and then I smell his hair because I can’t resist) (it smells like the woods and like cheap shampoo and I love it).

The credits start rolling and I shut off Simon’s laptop, carefully pulling out the earphones which are now tangled up between us, and shove it to the end of the bed. He hasn’t woken up, so I gently push him down to lie on my bed and pull the covers over him, still fully-clothed.

And then I go to sleep in Simon’s bed. I might be crossing a line, but I don’t want to wake him, and, well, I’d be crossing an even bigger line if I slept in my own bed next to him.

The pillow smells like him, and I fall asleep almost immediately.


‘Mmmbbggrfff…. What?’ He sits bolt upright. ‘Baz?’

I look over from my textbook. ‘Morning, sleepyhead.’

‘Why am I in your bed? Did I fall asleep here last night?’ He runs a hand through his tangled curls. His eyes are still half-closed. ‘Sorry. Urgh.’

I smile. ‘It’s okay, Simon. I didn’t want to wake you. But you better hurry up if you want to make it to the lecture.’

‘Where did you sleep?’ he says, and now his eyes are wide open.

‘In your bed.’


‘I hope you didn’t mind.’

‘No, no,’ he says hurriedly. ‘Definitely not.’

‘Okay.’ I grin at him. He grins back. ‘Now seriously. You have ten minutes to get ready.’



We walk to the lecture hall together, Simon still stuffing scones in his mouth.

‘Hey, Simon,’ someone calls, waving to us from a row of seats near the back. My stomach sinks as Simon walks over to her.

‘Hi, Agatha.’

There are two spare seats in her row and he sits next to her, leaving me to take the last chair with a small sigh. I busy myself arranging my notes as they talk.

‘How are you?’ Simon asks, turning his megawatt smile on his ex-girlfriend. ‘How’s lacrosse?’

She’s chattering on about something that happened at practice last week and Simon keeps smiling at her (not that I’m checking) and laughing and he never takes his eyes off her (again, not that I’m checking). She’s even doing the arm-touching thing. I don’t know if Simon wants to get back together with her, but I know it wasn’t his idea to break up in the first place. They were high school sweethearts, and he told me that just after graduation she said something about wanting to be free to find herself at university (he seemed confused, like he didn’t really understand what she meant) even though they were going to the same one and would be sharing some classes.

Maybe Agatha has realised her mistake and wants to get back together with him. Maybe that’s all it is, and he’s moved on now, and he’ll tell her no. But who would tell Agatha Wellbelove no? She was the most beautiful girl at their school, he told me once. She’s probably still the most beautiful girl in this class. And she’s blonde and innocent and lovely (not a monster) (a girl – that might play in her favour too, we’ve never talked about that).

‘Baz. Baz.’

I snap out of my brooding and realise he’s been trying to get my attention.


‘Have you got a spare pen?’

I roll my eyes. Typical. I hand over my spare pen (I may have started carrying it around because I know Simon always forgets).

‘Thanks. Here, Agatha. Baz has one.’


‘Thanks, Simon,’ she chirps. I sink back down in my seat.

Dating James Potter Would Include...

Okay, guys this is the second one, I really hope y'all like it! (Plz give me your validation because you know…I’m a weird and shy potato)

- He would literally buy you everything
- And then try to make up a holiday or reason why he’s giving it to you
- “So what’s today, James?”
- “I told you, today is National Cuddle Day!”
- “Uh huh, so if I may ask darling, who are the people that celebrate today, or even know about this day?”
- “Ummm, Sirius, Peter, and Remus knows…I think…”
- You would arch one of your eyebrows accusingly because you don’t like the way James spent so much money on you just to buy useless stuff
- “James, darling, when I said you could only buy me stuff if there’s a holiday, that doesn’t mean make up stuff so you can give me these gifts.”
- He would pout
- Until you got up and kissed him and cuddled with him
- He is the most hopeless romantic there is
- So he plans all the dates
- There would be picnics by the lake when the sun is setting
- Fancy dinners at expensive restaurants
- And being the gentleman he is, he would hold the door open for you and pull out your chair
- But on the first date he gets really nervous and pulls out the chair too much
- Which makes you fall on the floor
- And he gets all flustered and thinks you regret going on his date with him
- “Sorry! Sorry. Sorry Y/N.”
- “Awww you’re like a little puppy, you’re so cute when you’re nervous.”
- And then his confidence comes back to him
- “I’m cute? I’m pretty sure I can think of thousands of words better than that to describe me. Like handsome, charming—”
- “Or you could just be helpful by helping me up off this floor, you know.” You said while chuckling.
- He then picks you up in his arms and sets you in the chair
- He would be more of a putting his arm around your waist or shoulder guy
- Mostly around the waist because it showed that you were his girl
- And sometimes the hand would slip a little lower than your waist
- “James, your hand is on my butt.”
- “Sorry, that was on purpose.”
- Softly swatting his arm
- He would be so worried when you’re sick
- He even tries to attempt to make you chicken noodle soup in the kitchen
- Which accidentally turns to a fire, a few burned house elves, and not allowed to go in the kitchens for a month
- And he would carry you bridal style in his arms everywhere
- “James, darling my throat hurts isn’t the same as my legs are broken and I can’t walk anymore.”
- “Baby, you never know how you could get hurt because you’re so clumsy.”
- “Hey!”
- “I’m not losing you anytime soon.”
- “It’s not like I would actually die.”
- “Still not going to take any chances, you’re too special to me.”
- That line does it for you as you give up struggling and just sink into his arms and snuggle up against his chest
- His rock hard chest with six packs may I add
- I mean what else would you expect from him expect for 6 packs?!
- Helping him study for exams
- But he wouldn’t even be paying attention most of the time
- He would just be looking at you with adoration in his eyes
- “James, what’s the counterattack for the jelly legs spell?”
- “Y/N.”
- “James? Are you even listening to me?”
- “Whatever you say darling.”
- Throwing your hands up in frustration and leaving him in the library by himself
- Someone dare try to fight me that James isn’t the best cuddler because he would be
- Curling up in his lap in the common room
- And he would pull you closer to him
- Then he would kiss the top of your forehead
- And then your hair
- But his kisses are literally THE BEST
- Randomly kissing you softly in the hallways between class
- “Darling, stop. Everyone is looking at us!”
- “Well then everyone can know that you are mine and they better not pull a move on my girl.”
- “Just go to class, love.”
- “What?! I don’t even get an awww for being romantic?”
- “No, you don’t unless you don’t want to continue what you were doing to me later tonight.”
- This shuts him right up as he happily walks you to your next class and goes off whistling
- Okay back to James’ types of kisses
- The ones where he drops little kisses all over your face
- Passionate ones after a fight
- Or after not seeing each other for a long time
- Kisses on your shoulders when he’s hugging you from behind
- Okay so lemme talk about how amazing his hugs would be
- Please let me because this boy would hug you in the most adorable ways
- When you’re are descending the stairs from the girls dorms while he’s descending from the boys dorms at the same time
- Reaching the bottom at the same time
- But then he starts running towards you with that stupid silly grin of his
- And hugs you so tightly towards him
- And picks you up off the ground and twirls you around
- Let me elaborate some more
- This isn’t a small twirl
- It’s literally him picking you up and spinning you around in the freaking air
- Everyone in the common will start clapping or wolf whistling
- You would blush while James will take a bow and then puts his arm around you
- Ugh that was too fluffy
- Now someone get me a boyfriend
- Better yet, get me a James Potter
- Then the side hugs
- And the comfort hugs
- And the sad hugs
- Basically James is an amazing hugger of every kind
- Finding out about his Animagus
- And being very surprised
- “Wait, so you’re the stag that I visit every weekend by the Forbidden Forest?”
- “Of course! I wasn’t going to let you visit some strange animal!”
- “Shut up, James. Wait that must mean you’re also that stag that ran loose terrorizing the school?”
- “Shhhh, love. We don’t talk about that…”
- Being the biggest Quidditch fan that there is
- Actually, that’s a lie
- Being the biggest James Potter is my boyfriend look at him fan during Quidditch games
- Wearing his scarf during the games
- After every game, he would fly over to you and put you on his broom for a victory lap around the field
- You would wrap your arms around him tightly
- Which he loves because everyone in the freaking school can see that you’re his
- Sirius being the commentator and narrating everything going on
- “Well look at that, our Gryfinndork champion has finally got himself a girl! We had no faith in you at all! Poor Y/N has to deal with you now! Y/N! We send our apologies for how messed up he is!”
- Yes, the Gryfinndork was intentional
- James laughing along with you and then flying over to where Sirius was and hexing him
- Every minute of everyday with him is something you treasure



'Yes, honey?’ he asked in response.

'It’s really nice but can you stop? It’s 3 am, you know?’

'What can I do? I love your hair.’

'Only my hair?’ you looked at him.

'Okay… Maybe also making you stay awake all night…’ Edmund voice was playful.

You threw a pillow in his face.

'Shut up and go to sleep.’ you ordered but you fell asleep with a smile on your face.

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Sick Days

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer, Brenna

Warnings: Nothing, just fluff

Word Count: 575, sorry for it being short, it just felt like it should be short

Request: “So I’m super sick at the moment and feel like crap. Could you write a Peter imagine where his girlfriend is sick and he takes care of her? Thanks, I love your blog!” 

I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy!


A/N: I hope that this works as a good answer to your request.  I have had somewhat of a writer’s block and so writing has been kind of hard the past few weeks.  Thank you for the request though, I love to see what you come up with and I love writing stuff that my readers will like.

You were curling up on the couch, turning on a movie and cuddling up in blankets, when there was a knock on the door.  You flipped around to see Peter peeking through the door.  He smiled as you motioned for him to come in.

“Hey, what are you doing here?  Don’t you have school?”  Your sore throat made your voice quiet and raspy.

“So do you, but you are sick and need someone to take care of you.”  He set a brown grocery bag from the nearby grocery store on the counter.  From it, he pulled a container of chicken noodle soup, several Sprites, and a bottle of cough syrup.

“Peter, you don’t need to do that.  You do need to go to school.”  He tried to stand up but sat back down after the world started to spin.

“Yes.  You know that your powers make your sickness worse.  You shouldn’t be alone when you are sick.”  He came over, opening the bottle of cough syrup.  “Now open your mouth.”

“Okay, Dr. Parker.”  You gave a little raspy laugh, taking the cough medicine from him.  You poured out the recommended portion and gave the bottle back to Peter.

“Good.  Now, what are watching?”  He went over to the counter, sticking the cough syrup back in the bag.  He then grabbed two spoons and the chicken noodle container.  

“Just the Disney Classics.  Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, all of them.”  You settled back into the couch, making room for Peter.  He came over and sat next to you, handing you a spoon.

“Perfect.  We have all day, so let’s start.”  You smiled and turned the movie back on.

“You shouldn’t be sharing food with me.  It will get you sick, Peter.”  You gave him a concerned look as he opened the container and stuck a spoon in it.

“Well, I am willing to take that risk because I am not going to let you sit here and eat this soup by yourself.”  You let out another raspy laugh and turned to the TV.  After some time, when the chicken noodle soup was gone, Peter got up to take care of it.  He came back with a bottle of Sprite for each of you.  You smiled and cuddled up close to him, stealing some of his warmth to heat your freezing body.  You eventually fell asleep in his arms.

When you woke up, you looked up to see Peter asleep next to you.  You smiled, trying not to shift and wake him up.  It didn’t work.  He stirred awake and smiled when he saw your face.  

“Hey, sleepy head.  How are you feeling?”

“Better, it helped to have you here.”  You shifted to look Peter in the face.  You felt his hands pushing back your hair from your face.

“Well, I would do anything for you.  After all, you are my girlfriend.”  You smiled at the pure admiration in his eyes.  Man, you loved this brown-eyed boy.

“Thanks.  It makes my life so much better to know I have the world’s best boyfriend.”  You leaned up slightly and gave Peter a peck on the nose.

“Careful, you will get me sick.” He gave you a teasing look. You just slapped him lightly.

“Shut up or you won’t another one.”

“Okay.”  He then leaned down and gave one of his amazing forehead kisses.  You just smiled and closed your eyes, enjoying this sweet day you had had with him.

Better Of Dead- Simon

Request: Can you write a story about Simon and Y/N based off of the song Better Off Dead by Sleeping With Sirens? Maybe, one of them feels like they aren’t good enough and the other is trying to reassure them but it’s taking ages, everyone tells them they should break up but they don’t and end up falling even more in love. Sorry about the long request babes 😂❤

•simon x reader•
•word count- 995•
•trigger warning- mentions of suicide- talk of depression•

He hated, no in fact dreaded the conversations he’d have with his friends. The talk about his girlfriend the person who he loved the most no matter what, there was always the spark in his heart when he sees your face. Yet they would tell him to break up with you, saying how you’re bringing him down and that everything in the relationship was failing. He didn’t want to end the thing that kept him going, that kept him alive- the oxygen that he needed. There was comfort around you, yet at the back of his mind he blocked out the negatives, the convincing and the arguments. But then again who would want to remember or think about that, not when you’re in love.

Love was what kept you alive, the strings that held your mangled and twisted heart in one piece. Without him you’d be nothing, or so you thought. For you he was, like for himself, your life source. Craving attention and love constantly, the constant need of feeling wanted ate away at you like a leech. When alone, that’s when the hell starts- the voices, the thoughts and reality all kick in leaving you all alone to live in despair and self hatred.

You looked into the mirror, tears streaming down your face like an ongoing river flushing down a mountain. Darkness consuming your mind, feelings of self hatred clouded the good in you. How could anyone love you, how could anyone stand you? Especially someone like him, Simon was too perfect- apart from the fact that he loved her deeply never once told you how beautiful you were, how gorgeous you had looked. In his case he was embarrassed and never found the words to say anything, turning on the tap you collected water in your hand and splashed it on your face. No he loves me you thought to yourself but does he really? A laugh escaped your lips, a laugh that soon turned into a scream. Something you’d been holding in for ages. Falling to the ground you punched the floor, a shock of throbbing pain surging throughout your hand.

Hearing the door open to the bedroom you and Simon shared you braced yourself, he was in the middle of doing a video with Josh.
“Y/N?” Concern was evident in his voice as he searched for you “are you in the bathroom, is it okay if I come in?” Simon feared the worst, you had been the worst you had ever been in ages. Seeing the door handle turn you felt his hesitation before he opened the door, looking up at him you let out a sob.
“I’m sorry, just- jut struggling” only just managing to choke out the sentence you shot you eyes back down to the floor.

A few seconds had passed, seconds that felt like hours before he made a move and sat down next to you. Wrapping his arm around your shoulder he pulled you into a hug as he ran his other hand through your hair, knowing it soothed you, he finally spoke to you.
“Y/n, what’s wrong, I heard you scream and now you’re crying, what happened?” He rambled on, suddenly feeling a wave of anxiety flood him.
“You, me, everything” was your reply, holding back another sob, you had muttered into his chest yet he still seemed to of have understood what you said.
“What do you mean? Speak to me, I’m here for you.” His words were reassuring, calming and most of all believable.
“I’ve heard about the chats,” she spat out, “the chats your friends have had. Telling you to break up with me… am I really that bad? Do they really hate me that much, I thought we were friends- but no, here I am good old ugly, depressed, fucked up Y/N. Go ahead break up with me-” by now your voice had raised, anger boiling. “Why do you stick around, I’m worthless. The way I feel inside, the constant presence of sadness is too much” By now the tears were streaming again, your head buried in your boyfriends chest. “Just-” as you were about to speak again Simon cut you off.
“Shut up okay,” although what he said would have come across as rude the softness to his tone said otherwise “I know you have problems, heck so do I. I am shit at comforting people I’m to awkward for this but I love you okay. In my eyes you’re still amazing, I fucking love you, you are the most beautiful person I ever laid eyes upon.” His hands that were once running through your hair were now plaiting it, trying his hardest to be gentle. “You’re good enough for me, you just need to realise it. Something you can be blind too.”
“Simon- I’m sorry, I hate that I drag you into my own problems. I never meant to do so.” Voice cracking at the end you stroked his arm “sometimes I just wonder what it’d be like to be dead, maybe I’m better off that way” his eyes widened as he heard you speak those words, those words caused a chill to creep up his neck.
“No, no, no listen to me. We’ll get help, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost someone as perfect as you. You are my life source.” He had stopped plaiting your hair and was now stood up. “I know you won’t feel any better soon, I don’t expect you to be. But come on, you and me can spend the rest of today together after I finish recording with Josh” leaning down he gave you a quick sweet kiss on the lips before leaving.

Maybe he was right and hearing him call you beautiful and perfect calmed your fragile heart. “Love you too Minter…” you muttered to yourself before dragging yourself towards the wardrobe to change into some new clothes and to clean yourself up.

anonymous asked:

1 from scullys pov and 80 for Mulder

1. Scully; When did you lose your virginity?

“Oh, Mulder. I don’t want to tell you. You either won’t believe me or you’ll get your hopes up,” Dana Scully laughs and it warms the room in an instant.

“Scully, don’t be such a tease! Now you have to tell me the story,” Fox Mulder smiles, leaning towards her resting a hand gently on her thigh, beaming with anticipation.

“Fox Mulder, I cannot believe I’m telling you this. I don’t want to hear a word about this ever spoken again,” she interrupts herself with an uncharacteristically dramatic sigh, followed immediately by a smile and a laugh so big you can feel it in your chest. “Okay. We were 16 and we were in love, of course, as all 16 year olds are. We snuck out one night; it was a school night. We brought a big blanket and we headed to a nearby field. But we didn’t go with the intention of having sex. We went– oh God, Mulder, if I tell you this you’ll never let me forget it. Okay. We went to look for UFOs because our friends said they had seen them in this particular field. And there you have it, Mulder. The awful truth. I lost my virginity while alien hunting with a scrawny 16 year old boy with messy brown hair and glasses too big for his face.”

Her teeth are showing as she smiles at him, waiting for his reaction, not knowing what words will be released from his devious grin.

“Scully, are you coming on to me?”

80. Mulder; Favorite sexual position?

Scully? I love it when you win our fights.”

“Mulder? Shut up,” Scully playfully tosses her retort back to him across the desktop. Sometimes his legs arrogantly propped up on this piece of shit desk they have to share only pisses her off. Today, however, it’s another story.

“I love it when you pull you win and then for good measure you pull your skirt up and fuck me, right where I’m sitting. Right here in my chair. Right here at this desk. Just to make sure I know you’ve won. That you win every time.”

Her small, pale hand covers her face as she attempts to hide her smile from him. With equal parts shyness and mischievousness, she answers him without looking up, “Mulder, I don’t quite believe that I’ve ever won an argument like that.”

Glancing up, she meets his eyes through pieces of hair falling in her face. He works his tongue, using it to spit a sunflower seed shell in the floor. His grin is wicked and she can feel his words reverberating in her bones as his deep, rumbling voice lolls lazily across his lips, “I sure as hell can guarantee you it would work, though, Scully.”

Rescue Me [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe Smut]

Request: I honestly wanna know how Sebs and Barry were in their first time as a trio

a/n: aw barry’s so awkward  this killed me

WARNING: Smut (threesome), angst

When you and Barry come home to Sebastian singing, you know something’s wrong. “Our story’s old, older than the wind…” Padding into the living room, your heart drops. Sebastian sits on the couch, green eyes staring dully out the window, knees pulled to his black V-neck. “It’s been decided for years…” As his voice gets higher, his eyes close, head tilting to the side, thick brown locks following. “How can we pretend…That we all know just how it’s gonna end…” he sniffles, gulping.

Barry frowns at you, dropping his bag to the floor, listening intensely. “Rescue me in the middle of the ocean…” Sebastian sings, craning his neck forward, long fingers clutching his knobby knees. “Crashing down, it’s always hard to breathe…” he frowns, creating lines on his forehead. “Some say, it’s easier to give up on it… I say, it’s time to rescue me!” he all but shouts, full of emotion.

“Is that about me?” Barry asks softly, rubbing his arm through his dark green henley. Snapping to reality, the former Warbler’s eyes dart to you, filled with sadness. This is killing you to see him like this.

Sebastian turns back to the window, putting his chin on his hairy knees. “You don’t even touch me.” he mutters, mouth barely moving. You bite back tears, playing with the end of your cream tank top. “I know you fuck Y/N when I leave. You don’t want me watching. It’s been like that for weeks.” he says in a bland tone. “Y/N only fucks me when you’re gone; you don’t want to be there… it hurts. I wanna love you but you won’t let me.” he bites, whipping his head towards where you stand.

Sucking in a breath, you wait for Barry to respond. The speedster zips to his boyfriend, standing him up. “Then… will you let me show you th-that I love you?” he questions, voice uneven and gravely. Sebastian glances back at you, before nodding, feeling hands on his biceps. “A-are you pre-prepared?”

Hurt flashes in Sebastian’s eyes. “I always am.” he says in a broken tone, lip quivering. “You-you know I always am… Why are you acting so different?” he cries, gazing at you with teary orbs. Your heart shatters. “Why are you acting so different?!” he repeats in a harsher way, pushing Barry’s chest. “Why?!” Sebastian yells, shoving the speedster again, tears staining his pale cheeks.

You quickly step in between the two of them, hands pressed to the Warbler’s V-neck. “Sebastian! That’s enough!” you scold, shaking your head. Suddenly, you’re in the bedroom, wind blowing your hair. Your bare back is pressed to the mattress; Sebastian hovers over you, sniffling while he looks behind him.

Barry kneels behind his boyfriend, completely naked. He grabs the boy’s hips, mouth attaching to his pale shoulder. “I-I’m gonna fuck you while you f-fuck Y/N, okay?” he blushes, gulping when Sebastian nods.

Sebastian slides his dick into you, making you gasp, curling the charcoal sheets in your fists. Sniffling, he begins rocking his hips with yours, long fingers grasping your boobs. Inhaling, Barry wraps an arm around the Warbler’s abs, guiding himself into his boyfriend. Sebastian hisses, shutting his eyes as he continues moving between the two of you.

A gasp escapes your lips, watching Sebastian’s longish locks fall from behind his ear. He gyrates his hips with Barry’s at a steady pace, squeezing your breasts as he moans, sweat forming on his chest. Barry vibrates while thrusting, cumming with a loud yelp. Sebastian’s mouth drops open, snow white eyelids screwing shut and you groan, knot forming.

Barry rocks one more time, making the two of you cum at the same time. Panting, you brush Sebastian’s hair back after he lays down. The speedster sits on his heels, eyes wide, chest heaving. “Barry… you okay, love?” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows.

Slowly, he picks his head up, locking eyes with both of you. “That was my first time being with a man…” Barry whispers, making Sebastian blink, craning his neck forward.

“B, what’re you talking about? We’ve done it bef-”

“No, we haven’t. I wasn’t even with you until I woke up with Y/N and you one day.”

Cough Syrup (Miles Wood)

Prompt: Hi! Can you please write a Miles Wood Imagine of how y/n is ill and he takes care of her and he gets things for her all day and at the end of the day he’s so tired and y/n starts to feel a lot better and Miles ends up sick so then it’s y/n’s turn to take care of him. Can it be fluffy and cute please! Thank you!


Can you please write a Miles Wood imagine of how y/n is sick and he takes care of her and he’s super sweet and loving and y/n feeler better by the end of the week but then finds out that he got sick too lol can it be cute and fluffy! Thanks!

Miles Wood x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: sickness, fluff

Note: i got two similar requests so i just combined them!

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Request:  Hî ^_^ can u write a maybe smutty scenario where you and baekhyun are gonna have your first time , but you get insecure about your body and he tries to make you feel better about it?. Thank u & btw I love your scenarios they are so good! -Anon KoalaChicken 😎

Hi! I really hope you like this! I’m sorry if you wanted it to be smuttier. I swear I wasn’t ignoring you, I just got busy with school and work. Thank you! I’m glad you like my scenarios! 

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1067

There you were on the couch, cuddling with Baekhyun while watching TV. A typical Friday night with your boyfriend. You looked over at him and saw that he looked quite bored. “Baek?” You said quietly.

“Yeah, babe?” He asked, shifting and pulling you closer.

“Are you bored?” You asked, still staring up at him. He smiled and kissed your forehead.

“No, why would you think that?” He responded with a chuckle.

“You just look bored.” You admitted, turning your attention toward the TV again.

“Nope.” He said cheerfully, kissing your cheek. He lingered there for a bit before turning your face to look at him. He kissed you gently, making you smile. “I love you, Y/n.” He whispered after pulling away. You looked down as he rested his forehead on yours.

“I love you too, Baekhyun.” You smiled. He took a deep breath and quickly let it out before pecking your lips then turning back to the TV. You knew he wanted more, he was just complying with what he thought you wanted. You could tell because of the bulge that was now obvious in his jeans.

You hadn’t slept with Baekhyun yet, or anyone for that matter. You were quite insecure about your body and Baekhyun knew that. He respected your decision and never tried to push you into it. You loved him for that, and so many other reasons. You were extremely grateful for his patience and thought you were finally ready. That’s why you shaved your legs and wore your sexiest panties with a matching bra, which you were excited for him to see.

Taking a deep breath, you pulled his face back toward you, kissing him sweetly. He pulled away with a cute smile, suspecting nothing, as he turned back to the screen. “Baek,” you whined, stealing his attention. He looked at you with a confused expression.

“What’s up, jagi?” He asked, attention focused on you. You bit your lip, nervous about saying it out loud. “Kiss me!” You shouted cutely, chickening out on what you really wanted. He giggled, cradling your face in his hands as he gently kissed your lips. Adrenaline coursed through your veins as you swung your leg over him, straddling his lap.

His hands found your hips as he pulled back from your lips. “Woah, Jagi, please don’t tease me like this.” He whispered, giving you puppy eyes. You smiled, remembering how sweet he was.

“I’m not teasing you, Baek. I… I’m ready.” You finally admitted, watching his eyes go wide.

“Really?” He asked, sliding his hands to your back. “Are you sure?” You nodded in response, smiling at how excited he was. You locked your fingers together behind his head, leaning down to kiss him. He kissed you back before pulling away, yet again. “Wait, babe. I wanna do this right.” He said seriously. You smiled at how perfect he wanted it to be, knowing it was your first time.

Baekhyun stood up with you clinging to him like a koala bear, carrying you to your bedroom. You giggled as he gently sat you on the bed, kissing you until you were lying down with him hovering over you. You moved your lips against his until you felt his hand sliding up your side under your shirt.

Your whole body tensed, getting nervous and making Baekhyun immediately stop everything he was doing. “Are you okay, baby?” He asked, looking worried. You nodded quickly, trying your best to stay confident. He smiled, sitting back up on his knees and sliding his shirt over his head. “We can stop whenever you want.” He whispered, leaning back down to kiss you some more.

After a while, you were starting to relax until Baekhyun pulled away, tugging at the hem of your shirt. You felt your heart start to race as you realized what he was doing. He slowly started to pull up your shirt up, causing you to quickly squeeze your eyes shut and cover your face with your hands. “Hey” He whispered, gently pulling your hands away. “Baby, we can stop if you want to.”

“No, I just need to get over it.” You said, shaking your head.

“Baby, I want you to want to do this. I want you to be comfortable and ready, okay?” He smiled, brushing your hair away from your eyes. “I love you.” He added.

“I do want to do this.” You said, determined.

“Talk to me, sweetheart.”

You sighed, “I just don’t think my body is… what you want it to be. You spend all day with models and other gorgeous girls with perfect bodies. I want you to be excited to come home to me.” You explained, looking away.

“I am excited to come home to you. Well we don’t live together now, but I’m excited to see you. I know I haven’t seen your body, but don’t compare yourself to those models, babe. To me, you’re more beautiful than all of them combined ‘cause you’re my girl and no one can compare to you.”

You smiled at his little pep talk, feeling a burst of confidence. You sat up and took your shirt off, revealing your new lacy bra. Trying not to seem too excited, Baekhyun held back an obvious smile before letting it spread across his entire face.

As the remnants of your clothes and his got flung about the room, you giggled thinking how silly it was for you to be nervous about Baekhyun seeing you naked. He bit his lip as his eyes roamed over every inch of your bare skin. He ran a hand up your smooth thigh gently before making eye contact. “You’re are the most beautiful girl I have laid eyes on.” He said with the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” You giggled, making him roll his eyes before connecting your lips once again. The rest of the night was nothing short of perfection. Eye contact, butterfly kisses, gentle bites, soft moans, and breathy sighs. It couldn’t have been better had you planned it.

What you would never forget of that night was how beautiful he made you feel. Whispering how perfect you were and how much he loved you every chance he had enough breath to do so as he brought you to your first ever orgasm, making you crave him more than ever.

Monsta X reacting to their gf having colored hair/eye contacts

A/N: This one is a special gift for @alinochkaamc, thank you so much for supporting this blog, it really means a lot. This is my first Monsta X reaction btw lol, I hope you all like it! Take care xoxo


He would be super happy you decided to make such a extreme change and he would love it. The boy wouldn’t stop jumping around you telling you how much he likes it.

You: So… what do you think? 
You: Really? I’m not sure if-
You: Sure but-

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He would totally freak out without saying a single word at first (lord why is this boy so loud…) while he struggles internally between how good you look and how concerned he is about you bleaching your hair as he didn’t like it that much when he had to do it for the All In era.

Minhyuk: *starts screaming as soon as he sees you*
You: OMFG, WHAT? *touches your own hair nervoulsy*
Minhyuk: *keeps screaming*
You: Oh thank God…

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He would love it, but like the savage he is he would tease you about it (just to regret it later).

You: Hello there! Guess who dyed her hair blue~~~

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(he loves it when you get mad at him tho)

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Requiem: Part Four


“You are pathetic, Adrien.” Ezekiel grabbed his hair, jarring his head up to meet his. “Best shadowsinger of the generation and you still got yourself captured so easily. A few well placed blows and males and you got seperated from your brother and that female you so obviously love. Maybe when I get done with you, I can get to know your whore. She looks like a wild lay.” No way in hell was he letting this monster anywhere near Maze. “After I fuck her I can reunite her with you.”She’d castrate and behead him before he got so much as a finger on her.

He spat blood in the male’s face, “What do you mean when you get done with me? You aren’t the one hurting me, your precious lackeys are. You are just not male enough to inflict the damage yourself. You are just as spineless as your traitor of a father.”

A low vicious snarl escaped Ezekiel, a burning hatred for him rekindled in his eyes, his interest in Mazakynn fading away.

“Hold him.”

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oh i forgot to tell yall

i’ve been an english tutor for abt 4 months now and last week i helped the cutest 11yr old prepare for her speaking test. she was doing good until i asked her to talk about her best girl friend. she stuttered and blushed while describing how long and wavy her hair was and gave me a detailed depiction of the exact shade of her eyes, and i knew i was looking at a tiny,,,,,,,,,A Tiny Gay

THEN she asked me if it was okay to make her writing task about her best friend lkajslkajslkaj guys, she wanted to write about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously i was like Of Course!!!!!!!!! ugh it was just so Pure and Wholesome and it made my whole week aaahhhhhhhh