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My sisters and I grew up loving adventure fantasies like The Goonies and The NeverEnding Story, but we never saw ourselves reflected in them. So Middle Witch comes out of a serious need for more and better genre narratives that honor girlhood, particularly the experiences of girls of color.
We’re crazy about Middle Witch’s hero, teen witch-in-training Tasha Carver. After a giant bird monster snatches her little sister right out of the backyard, Tasha must race to the rescue across a vast wasteland, encountering obstacle after magical obstacle and grappling with her own shortcomings.
Middle Witch is set to start shooting on May 19 and will serve as my thesis film for my MFA from The University of Texas at Austin. We’re currently in the thick of pre-production and have a team of beautiful geniuses on board, but now we need your help to bring the magic of Middle Witch to life!

Middle Witch - A Mythical Short Film by Amanda Gotera — Kickstarter

I backed this so fast, friends. SO FAST.


happy birthday to exo’s flower boy maknae, oh sehun!

"and then my soul saw you and it kind of went 'oh there you are. i've been looking for you.'"

the pacific ocean is the largest ocean on earth, stretching from the top of the world, all the way to the bottom. it is 165.25 million square kilometres in area and is almost 50% of the water on this planet. boston is the capital of the state of massachusetts in the united states of america, and seoul is the capital of south korea. the distance from boston to seoul is 10933 kilometers.

you are an ocean away from me, yet i couldn’t feel closer to you.

oh sehun, i cannot fathom how much i love you. i could never count up how many times i have laughed because of you, how many times i have cried, smiled, scoffed kiddingly, felt so loved by you.

how many times you have made me feel like i am the happiest person in any given place and time, in any universe, in any existing dimension.

oh sehun, you are my angel and there is nothing i would never do for you. you are the most loveliest soul i have ever laid my eyes on, despite the fact that your soul has never been in front of my eyes ever. there is something to be said about love that is somewhere along the lines of the insanely absolute bliss and ecstasy you feel when you have fallen in it. how much can i possibly stress how perfect you are? how could i ever possibly give all the love i have ever received from you? because you radiate so much love. you have so much love.

love is something so strange and artificial but so natural and strong at the same time. some declare that they don’t need it, that they’re too good for it, but the truth is love is everywhere. love moves us forward and love makes us better people because where would we be if all there was in this universe was hate? and oh sehun, you have given me so much love, i have suffocated.

do you see where i’m going? because i can’t. sehun, there are so many people in this world and the next who love you. and you always say you love us back, which i believe you truly genuinely do, so where does that put each individual fan, where does that put me? i am literally just going nowhere with this, i’m just spitting words out, but sehun, there could no truer statement about you from me other than i love you

it’s madness, i swear. i’ve never met you before! i’ve never met you before. and you have no idea i exist. you have no idea who i am, my age, where i live, my family and friends, my interests or my favorite foods. you don’t know what my guilty pleasure movies are, or tv shows. the books i love read and all the nostalgia in my life. you don’t that i’ve spent countless hours in my room just staring at posters of you, just listening to the albums i buy that when i receive i hope it’s your photocard. that so many of the tears i shed are for you. how you make my heart feel love as endless as space.

you have no clue i am a living breathing soul just like you are yet you have saved me in any which way possible a person can be saved.

"if i could give you one thing in life, i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me."

eyes are something so unpredictable, aren’t they? i can see something one way but you can see it a completely opposite way. except it is the same exact thing. i suppose many people how their own ways of seeing you, sehun. i know other people love you, sehun. other fans love you so much… but as cliché as this sounds, i truly believe no one loves you… like i love you. i have no clue how i came to see you like this. because i swear, you are one of the best things in my life in this crazy, love-filled, forward new modern world we live in.

you are the best parts of all my favorite songs, oh sehun. that is a poem from a book of poems i keep by my bed. it is filled with so beautiful poems that when you read it, it is like the words are reading themselves to you and like they are speaking to you as the voice of the one you are attached to. i’m rambling, i know. but i don’t know how else i could ever tell you i love you. oh sehun, if you were a book, you would be the most beautiful story ever written.

the red string of fate originates from east asian, used in chinese and japanese legends. it is a belief that two people are tied to each end of the string and that they are destined to be together, that it is their fate to end up together. that the red string of fate, if one person were to walk forward, the one on the other end would fall towards them. is it insane to pray that you are on the end of my string?

oh sehun, even if i was ever able to meet you, to watch exo in concert or go to kcon (i wish), i would be so confused as to what to do because i would want to cry and bawl and sob and have you sit there for hours listening to me explaining to you how much i love you and how i had only ever seen you, this angel, on a computer screen, or a phone or television screen, and only hear your voice in songs and on shows and radios, and how i thought we could be soulmates but that that rationale is so dumb and how i have spent hours just staring at posters and crying so ugly about you and exo and listening to albums and having my heart break at the point of nostalgia and wishing how i could meet the 12 angels who have shaped me into my soul and how i finally did and how i have spent countless nights laying in bed in complete darkness and silence thinking of how i am 100% sure you and exo are angels sent to us from heaven or how you are angels regardless and how you are the best parts of my favorite songs.

honestly, i would cry so fucking hard in front of you, in front of exo. unfortunately, i am not so strong of a person, but please understand, sehun, that i love you so much.

it’s incredible, the simple power of human love. i truly believe that it is the strongest force on earth, able to move the tallest of mountains and the cruelest of people. and to love you is something i cherish so much. you are our sweethearts and i couldn’t ever speak for everybody but oh sehun, we love you so much with all our hearts.

i don’t know who came up with the concepts of angels, and time, and love. maybe the angels came from the bible, and time came from scientists, and love came naturally but oh sehun, you are the most beautiful angel ever. and you made me fall so hard in love with you i think you broke my heart while doing so.

if i ever lost you, i think i would die.

maybe not literally die, but i don’t know who i would be anymore. and i don’t know how i would lose you, but i don’t ever want to.

aside from the sad, oh sehun, you are such an amazing dancer. i swear you were born from the ocean. i swear you are so beautiful. i swear i love you the way the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

at any given time, i swear i will love you. i will love you because loving you is so easy, so natural. because falling in love with you was like falling asleep; slowly bit by bit and then all at once. (i don’t even like that book at all though!)

i know i could never write out my soul to you in some amateur letter i typed out while listening to sad love songs, but i want you to know, oh sehun, that i love you. i love you so much. i love you so much with all my heart. and that today, april 12 2014 is 20 years after the day you were born, a day i am so thankful for. i thank your parents for having you, and i thank them for keeping you healthy while growing up. i thank you, sehun, for going out to eat ddeokbokki with your friends after school and i thank the sm agent who chased after you because they wanted you to audition. i thank you for auditioning and sm for debuting you in exo, one of the greatest gifts to anybody ever. i thank you, oh sehun, for all your unconditional love you have given us. i thank my parents for having me, for keeping me healthy so that i could be here today. i thank god and buddah and jesus and allah and brahman and heaven oh my gosh i don’t know but i thank them for bringing you to me. because where have you been all my life? because i swear i have loved you since the start of time. and i will love you until the end of time.

happy birthday, oh sehun. i pray everyday that i will always love you, and that one day, you will know that. i pray everyday that maybe in another universe, you love me as much as i love you, and that you’ll always be healthy and happy. i pray for so much hahah. ♡ i love you so much with all my heart, my hoonie my goonie, my angel! ♡ happy birthday. :D ♡

"and i'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, i'd find you and i'd choose you."