i love my friends for getting me these in china

Hetalia Countries As Random Spongebob Quotes pt. 2
  • N.Italy: MY LEG!
  • Germany:
  • Japan: Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly
  • America: You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.
  • France: I love you.
  • China: Well at least I still have my personality...
  • Russia: Do instruments of torture count?
  • Sweden: FINLAND.
  • Denmark: East? I thought you said Weast!
  • Norway: I hate all of you.
  • Finland: That’s his.....eager face. (referring to Sweden)
  • Iceland: I made it with my tears.
  • Greece: She's a purebred.
  • Turkey: How do you spell you're not my friend?
  • Canada: The door is locked...and the only way to get out is through.....THE PERFUME DEPARTMENT....
  • Australia: It's not just a boulder...IT'S A ROCK!
  • Austria: Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • Prussia: Not until 4:00
  • Hungary: If I were to die right now of some sort of fiery explosion due to carelessness of a friend, well that would just be okay.
  • Estonia: Now that we’re men, we have facial hair!
  • Lithuania: Now that we’re men, we change our underwear!
  • Latvia: Hi. I'm very ugly
Friends to Lovers with Winwin
  • nct’s china line is reciving so much love in this blog
  • i’m so happy
  • keep blessing me with your fluffy requests for this angels k?
  • anyways, let’s start rn!!
  • so, how you cuties met
  • yall started to get closer bc of baby yuta
  • once he was showing sicheng some photos that he had in his phone
  • and there was this pic that he secretly took of you 
  • and it really caugh sichengs attention
  • “ah, and this is y/n, she’s one of my best friends i took this picture of her because i really loved that outfit on her”
  • “woah,, she’s super super super pretty, and has cute nice”
  • “y/n? yeah and she’s also really friendly, you two would get along well”
  • sicheng spent the rest of the day asking yuta things about you
  • and spent the rest of the night thinking about you
  • and it was super weird because no one never caugh his attention so fast?? he was so confused
  • things keept being this way for weeks
  • but sicheng was too shy to ask yuta to introduce him to you
  • he would start smiling and feeling butterflies in his stomach just with remembering your face
  • if he saw you in real life he wouldn’t be able to work properly, he would pass away just there lol
  • but yuta he did it anyways lmao
  • i mean
  • sicheng would always ask yuta for his phone, and he would always go to his pictures just to see your pretty face again and again
  • and probably stalk you in social media everyay
  • and he would even read your convos w yuta
  • and when he readed those he discovered that you were really funny and sweet
  • he was having a crush on you eVEN BEFORE MEETING YOU
  • and of course yuta noticed this so he mUST INTRODUCE BOTH OF YOU
  • he really though that you and sicheng would be a really cute couple ok
  • he needed his ultimate ship to became an otp
  • so when sicheng went to the dorms after having a little date with kun
  • when he saw you he almost forgot how to breath i swear
  • he recognzed you instantly and omg you’re so perfect??
  • you were even more prettty in real life than in pictures and he was shooketh
  • how’s this possible¿¿? is she seriously real¿?
  • he forgot everything and couldn’t think of anything more than you
  • “oh, i didn’t know that you were going to comeback so early so i invited y/n, she’s my best friend”
  • “hey! it’s amazing that i finally can meet both of you!”
  • “yeah, she’s a fan of nct as well, i’m her favorite member”
  • you eye rolled at his comment and he felt those butterflies in his stomach again
  • he grabbed kun’s hand and went with him to his bedroom bECAUSE HE WAS DYING
  • long short story, as i predicted he couldn’t focuse in anything with you around lol
  • like he would mix chinese with korean, and just acting really distracted
  • yuta invited you more and more to the dorms but he realized that sicheng was starting to look like an idiot in your eyes because of how flustered you make him lol
  • this is getting too long i’m sorry
  • and he was tired of this, so he planned a little date without any of you knowing
  • like he invited both you to the same little park and cancelled to both of you at last minute
  • "oh, hey sicheng! what a coincidens that you’re here. yuta told me to came here but he had an schedule or something haha”
  • “a-ah hi y/n”
  • you would laugh at his cuteness and invite him to a cafe
  • he was so nervous the whole time but you were so easygoing and nice an tried your best to calm him by making him questions and talking about you
  • he walked you home that day and guess whatTTttTtTT
  • “i’m sorry if i was too silent today, or if i always act like this is just that.. you’re so pretty. what about doing something else tomorrow? i’ll be better”
  • our baby became a man that day
  • he looked so worried and sweet, hOW COULD YOU SAY NO
  • you had a lots of dates after that one and yes, feelings developed
  • yuta was also the reason why sicheng confesed
  • he literally obligated him to go to your house and confess
  • “ilikeyoualotpleasebemygirlfriendbutifyoudontwanttoisperfectlyfinedontworryok”
  • and you were like
  • “ilikeyoualottoosichengandyesidowanttobeyourgirlfriend”
  • and yuta was like lmao what
  • and honestly is the cutest relationship ever
  • he’s so caring and sweet with you and love you so much
  • and your first kiss was the fluffiest thing
  • he placed of his hands in your waist and witht he other one he cupped your face
  • and he just went for it
  • and it was magical, his lips were so soft oh my
  • after that he hugged you and told you that he loved you for the first time and it made everything even more special
  • he’s a gr8 boyfie and you’re so lucky to have him by your side because i swear he would do everything for you to always be happy and healthy
  • basically, you’re dating an angel omg
  • i’m soft af rn
  • bye, i’ll go to punch a wall to fell normal again
2ps as things I’ve said

Allen / America: Bitch is a pussy. That makes this relationship gay as fuck.

Oliver / England: No no no! We don’t jump off rocks! We stay safe on ground like good kids!

Francois / France: Go away. I have depression to wallow in.

Zao / China: I swear to God, I’m not high this time!

Vlad / Russia: Why have friends when you can read?

Matthieu / Canada: My brother is a piece of shit, but mom says I have to love him regardless.

Luciano / Italy: Eat your spaghetti to forgetti your regretti.

Lutz / Germany: I’m just here to get everyone pregnant.

Kuro / Japan: Don’t judge me you sinning piece of crap.

Flavio / S. Italy: I may be trash, but at least i’m cute trash unlike you.

Gillen / Prussia: I welcome death with open arms.


im sorry lovelies, but im gonna have to leave for 12 days, possibly longer than that.



im super excited abt my upcoming trip, but due to the extensive blocking of sites in China coupled with my lack of wifi for most of the trip, im not gonna be able to post :(


im gonna have one of my friends reblog stuff for you, so you will still have content (even if it isn’t original, or from me personally)

stay tuned! i will have them write a little blurb abt themselves as we get closer :) thank you all for being so cooperative!!

An Explorer’s Playlist; 

Whether it’s at home reading about the ancient world or out there exploring cities that are centuries old, this instrumental playlist will do it for you.

I uploaded this a while back but since it recently hit gold, here is an updated tracklist:

 ± Terra Firma - Bazaar Brawl -  Azeem O Shah Shahenshah - Up is Down -    Tomb Raider Legend - Chinese Erhu Dreams - Dandini - African Drums -      Mission Impossible Mood India - Flight Over Venice - The Caravan -            Night at the Caravanserai - Coastal Thailand - the Prince of Persia - Autumn Night - Cradle of Life - Florence Tarantella - AC3 Naval - Fascination - Parkour Creed - Native American Flute - Persia Theme - Master and Mentor - Blue Little Flower - Beer and Friends - Sen Rei - Lakshmi - Mu Min Xe Ge - Fight Club - Abrege - Kopano Part 3 - Charu Keshu Rain - Beats Antique - Eternal Root - the English Renaissance - Dreamcatcher of Africa - Deos Erotas - Ibelin - A Historic Love - Cherry Blossoms in Winter - I Was Born For This - Trap Bhangra - Singapore - Cradle of Life - Arrival in China - Tortuga - Rameses II - Persian Game of Thrones Theme - The Mummy’s Caravan ±

Open playlist.  Listen here.

Thanks for getting me to gold! 

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BLYTHE (cheated by sending the name of an old oc cuz you've already answered all the letters of my name XD)

there is no band picking favorites in this house- I love Queensrÿche and Starset to name a couple pff
I’m insecure about talking because I fear I’ll lash out without reason
Online: 20-30?
Real life: 15
I’m underage for one thing, and for another, I wouldn’t because smoking disgusts me and alcohol stinks and would hurt my nose before I could sip it so?

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You have led me to a caring love for 2P!Prussia and I love it~! He's cute the way you protray him. >///< Can I make a request for the 2P! reaction to meeting the reader's friends? Thank you~!

((omg, i swear 2p!prussia and 2p!china are the most popular 2p’s on the blog; they always get the most fan mail xD oh, and you’re welcome, dear!~))

you: *introduces a 2P to your friends*

2p!america: *has his arm around you the whole time* nice to meet ya.~ if you’re friends with my homegirl then you must be cool, am i right? *smirks*

2p!china: ni hao, i’m zao wang. and that *points to you* is mine, okay? *grins*

2p!england: good heavens, it is a pleasure to meet you all! i’ve heard such great things and i’m sure you are all lovely!~ *tries to hug every single friend*

2p!russia: hello, please treat me well.

2p!france: *nods at them* hey.

2p!italy: *peers at you* do you mind?~ *if you say no* then hello, beauties~ *smooches all of them on the cheek in greeting* i’m sure we can be friends *snickers*

2p!germany: *bro-hugs them all* ‘sup, we’re gonna have some fun together~

2p!japan: i was told to greet you informally. *shakes their hands instead of bowing*

2p!canada: *waves awkwardly* uh, yeah, hi

2p!romano: *blows them kisses* it is absolutely fabulous to meet you, darlings.

2p!austria: *laughs* greetings, my soon-to-be minions of darkness~

2p!prussia: *hides behind your back* um… h-hello… *blushes* p-please be kind to me…


America- Alfred walked into the home, hearing music being blasted through speackers, then came his wonderful S/o, “Hercules Mulligan! I need no introductions! When you knock me down I get fuck back up again!” Seeing them dancing around he immediately dropped everything and joined, willing performing the rest if the soundtrack. Alfred is Hamilton trash.

China- “I was younger than you are now. When I was given my first command. I lead my men straight into a massacre. I witnessed their deaths first hand,” Yoa heard singing coming from the kitchen, not only was it loud but it had been constant. All. Day. Getting a bit annoyed in all honesty he walked into the kitchen, seeing his S/o holding a mop and singing into the handle of a broom he shook his head. “I’m to old for this,” He says before turning around and walking away.

England- Arthur was sitting on the sofa in the living room, reading a book when he heard loud, not so good, singing from their bedroom. “You say our love is draining and you can’t go ooooooon. You’ll be the one complaining when I am gooooone!” Confused Arthur put down his book and walked up the stairs to their bedroom. Seeing his S/o dancing around he was confused but amused at the same time. Eventually after hearing the same song so many times he joined in, not because he wanted but because his S/o wanted him to. So he says….

France- “Everyone give it up for America’s favorite fighting frenchman! Laffayette!” S/o shouted turning to Francis, who was clearly ready for this, a hair brush in hand. “I’m taking this horse by the reins! Making red coats redder with blood stains!” This was a normal occurrence in the household of Francis and his S/o.

Russia- “I-if you see him walking alone. T-talking to himself,” Choked singing was heard from the room over. Ivan, confused and soon hearing sniffling as well he stood up and walked into the room, seeing his S/o crying. “Sunflower are you okay?” Ivan asked walking over to them. “Philip!” And then Ivan proceed to hug them, though confused.


Italy- Feliciano felt and arm wrap around his shoulder, “I look into your eyes and sky’s the limit, I’m helpless!” They sang. Felicano smiled and sang along, this was the only song he knew, and he only knew it through them, but he might as well sing along right? He liked to sing anyways.

Garmany- “Take a break!” Ludwig heard a voice, a familiar one at that singing, turning around in his spiny desk chair he watched as they continued to sing a song of some sorts. “Der Liebling, please get out I’m trying to work.”

Japan- Kiku had heard his S/o singing this song for quite a while, he didn’t as however, and just sat and listened as they sang. “In the eye of a hurricane there is quite. For just a moment.”


Prussia- “Excuse me miss I know it’s not funny but your your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. Why you slumming it in the city with your fancy heels? Are you searching for an urchin who can give you ideals?” Gilbert starred down at his S/o as they lent against them, raising their eyebrows. “Burr you disgust me.” His S/o had dragged him into Hamilton, and here he was now.

Canada- Matthew was sitting on the couch when his S/o came through the door way, raising their hands up and singing some song that he didn’t know. “I swear I’ll be around, I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll make a million mistakes,” Matthew sat quietly and watched.

Romano- Lovino unlocked the door and walked in, only to see his S/o standing on the coffee table rapping some song
that he didn’t know. “Madison, you’re mad as a hatter, son, take your medicine. Damn, you’re in worse shape than the national debt is in. Sittin’ there useless as two shits
Hey, turn around, bend over, I’ll show you
here my shoe fits.” Lovino put down the bag of groceries and walked over shaking his head, “Stupid ragazza get off the table!” This put an end to their days of wrapping Hamilton lyrics on the coffee table… as far as Lovi knew that is.


My friend @ariana4484thepotato helped me with chosing most of the songs so thank you! Also this ask was so much fun t do

New Prompts

Below are my new prompts, or you can pick one from my Prompts List or think of your own!

68. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me”.

69. “They’re going to hate me.”

70. “Just kiss me you idiot.”

71. “I’d like to apologise in advance for my friend.”

72. “A bull in a china shop has more grace than you.”

73. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

74. “I want to thank you for putting up with me. I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with.”

75. “Calm down. It looks a lot worse than it is.”

76. “You’re dead serious, aren’t you?”

77. “You’re all I’ve got.”

78. “I’m not sure if I want to kiss you or kill you right now.”

79. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

80. “That looks like it hurts.”

81. “No more stupid stunts, please?”

82. “Someone keeps leaving love notes in my locker and I’m not sure if I should find it cute or creepy…”

83. “Is it bad that I really want to kiss you right now?”

84. “Do me a favour, kiss my ass.”

85. “Why do you always have to be such an asshole?”

86. “It’s cute that you tried to protect me and all, but you’re like a lot smaller than me.”

87. “Why? Because I don’t want you to get hurt, that’s why.”

88. “I’m not perfect, but I’m trying my hardest to do everything I can to keep you safe.”

89. “I know you don’t like hugs, but… I could really use one right now.”

90. “I could totally kick your ass.”

91 “I just feel… empty.”

92. “I care more than I know I should.”

93. “Did you ever love me?”

94. “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

95.” “I don’t do hugs.”

96. “You’re cute when you’re worried.”

97. “Have you seen my contact?”

98. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m asleep?”

99. “Is your skirt supposed to be that short?”

100. “Where does it hurt?”

101. “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.”

102. “I lost the baby.”

103. “Do you hate happiness?”

104. “Gah! Why are you so cold? Get off me you icicle!”

105. “What have you been doing? Actually, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.”

106. “How sweet, sacrificing yourself for her, when did you get a heart?”

107. “Can’t you just be nice to them, for once?” “Can’t, I only save that for you.”

108. “I want to grow old with you.”

109. “Do you want a cookie?”

110. “Yeah, he’s here. Crying on the floor with a beer can.”

the truth is, i do love you, more than i should. and with you, the lines between platonic and romantic are blurred and i’m sort of fucked up like that, i’m kind of a tangled mess of affection for you that can’t sort itself out. i don’t know platonic from romantic when i’m near you, and i do love you. i just don’t know how.” — the truth always hurts, but i never meant to tell you xx

i. what you need — the weeknd. ii. sober — childish gambino. iii. take care — drake ft. rihanna. iv. novacane — frank ocean. v. come get her — rae sremmurd. vi. often — the weeknd. vii. heartbeat — childish gambino. viii. love more — chris brown. ix. sweater weather — the neighbourhood. x. be my baby — ariana grande. xi. wonderwall — oasis. xii. cant feel my face — the weeknd. xiii. cant be friends — trey songz. xiv. right here — justin bieber ft. drake. xv. fine china — chris brown. xvi. ghost — halsey. xvii. let me love you — ne-yo. xviii. diet mountain dew — lana del rey. xix. fucked up — young rising sons. xx. sex — the 1975. xxi. anyone else but you — the moldy peaches. xxii. talk dirty — jason derulo. xxiii. happy little pill — troye sivan. xxiv. story of my life — one direction.

listen here xx

I had a really great conversation with a friend from dog school last night. 

Bitsy and Pinkman went to Agility classes (Pinkman ran like a bull in a china shop, had a great time; Bitsy did the swinging bridge, chute, walked over poles, and ended on the mini-teeter, had no idea my deafblind baby was going to be an agility prodigy) and my friend watched us work. Afterwards we were talking about dogs and life and he said something I thought was really profound: 

“You love your dogs for who they are and not what you want them to be.”

I had been trying to articulate what frustrates me about some aspects of dog raising and training and it’s that, exactly. People get a dog and think “you are going to be a service/agility/conformation/ringsport/frisbee/WHATEVER dog and their dog for whatever reason isn’t or maybe just doesn’t have a natural predilection for that field, and then they resent the dog for who he isn’t as opposed to finding the unique things about him that make him shine. 

My dog Pinkman is an AMAZING tricks and agility dog, but she’s never going to be a calm, gentle house pet or a therapy dog in nursing homes or hospitals.

Gimli is the most loving, loyal, empathetic dog I’ve ever had, so in tune with people’s emotions and a terrific guardian and protector, but after years of training and counterconditioning he’s still reactive and it’s almost impossible to teach him commands.

Bitsy is calm and smart and fearless, but simply because of the nature of her disability there are many things she’ll never physically be able to do, like frisbee or agility or even competitive obedience.

For me, being their owner and trainer (and dad) means that I can’t waste time thinking about what I wish they could do, but I need to instead use that time to celebrate who they are and develop their natural talents, even if it wasn’t what I specifically had in mind. Maybe the woman frustrated with her dog in agility last night actually has a champion dock dog on her hands and doesn’t know it. Maybe the couple who can’t get their dog to sit still in obedience has a dog that will change children’s lives in a Reading to Rover program. It doesn’t mean their dogs can’t do agility or obedience; with consistent positive training they might even be great some day! But the foundation of all of these sports and tasks is the relationship between handler and animal, and if it’s founded on resentment the whole point is moot. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


I have tweeted, I have instagramed, I have celebrated, I have screamed, I have shared with the world. But I think it’s time that I formally address this topic…

As you all may know, my only little sister, China, will be starring - alongside the amazing cast of Disney’s Descendants - in Descendants 2 as Ursula’s daughter, Uma…

As you may ALSO know, my only BIG sister, Sierra, has gone and amazed everyone with her amazing, beautiful, pure voice on the set of FOX’s Empire and will be joining them in their 3rd season this September…

I have grown up with the both of them and watched their hunger for greatness grow and their talents skyrocket to unbelievable heights. I am often amazed by their aptitude. The MINUTE I think my sisters cannot get any more talented than they already are, they prove me wrong. Every. Single. Time.

I have had the HONOR of being their sister and watching as their hopes and dreams turned into reality.

China - at only 17 years old - has already done WELL OVER 100 episodes of television and made history by playing the very first African-American Margaret in A Dennis the Menace Christmas almost 10 years ago. She is a self-motivated, determined, passionate young woman and I have learned SO much from her. She is confident and smart and so, so very special. Every single time I go to try something new, or learn something, or take something on that might be difficult for me? I always say to myself, “what would China do?” My fearless firecracker… China, if I even had HALF of the determination that you do, I would be set for life. You inspire me every day. WhatEVER you do, you do it 1000% and if you even think you can’t do it 1000%? You prepare. You practice. You rehearse. You PERFECT whatever it is you’re faced with. That is such an admirable trait and something you should be oh so proud of..

Sierra… She is only 22 years old and aside from the fact that she is about to change the entire world with her voice and lyrics that are so amazing, nobody would ever believe she wrote them? She has also managed to change MY life. I have never met someone that is so young yet has so much control over their life. I wake up every single day eager to learn something new from her and she never disappoints - even when we are thousands of miles apart… She is my only big sister/sibling and I am beyond blessed to have her in my life. Sierra, if anybody EVER needed a reason to believe in God, all they’d have to do is look at you. Look at your life, your routine, your heart. You are living proof that, even though we make mistakes and have regrets, God will ALWAYS bless consistency and faithfulness…


I’m not a very vulnerable person, guys. I used to be when I was younger but things that have happened in my life have changed that drastically. And because of those things, I don’t have that many heroes. I don’t idolize anyone, I don’t aspire to be like many people, I don’t open myself and my emotions and my heart up to many people.

But Sierra and China.. My sisters. You two are my heroes. My warriors. My champions. My protagonists in every way. I. Am. Honored. That I get to live this life with you two. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It brings me to tears to know that God loved me enough to put me in a family with you guys. You two are the reason that I dream. The reason that I hope. The reason that I know that - no matter what - everything is gonna be alright, especially when it’s proving to be the opposite.

And I won’t even start with Gabriel! My very best friend… He will definitely take up an entire letter!

Anyway, not to be long winded;) But I thank you two - Sierra and China - from the very, very, very bottom of my heart. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for putting up with me and my moodiness. And thank you for showing me that life is not all about the mistakes you make. It’s about how you come back from them. And you two are making one HELL of a comeback!!!

I love you Sierra. I love you China.

And Gabriel? I’m saving your 18 paragraphs for a special occasion;)

Sisters, I could not be prouder. You two are the most deserving people that I know - FLAWS AND ALL! Congratulations!


Your Sister/Tucket/LouLaBell…

P.S. Pls, excuse any typos if they exist! I am partially blind and I’ve lost my glasses.. Hehe;)<333

Hetalia Characters as Thing’s I’ve Said


Canada: Oh, I’ve suddenly realised why I’m squinting my eyes so much. I forgot to put my contact lenses in today, no wonder my eyes look so dead.

England: Idk man, I’ve been watching that trippy 1980s movie the last unicorn and I think I might be a unicorn too. Or I might be having a midlife crisis. That or an existential crisis. Which one I do not know.

France: Look, I am THEE prosecco princess. I need that apron.

China: Look at those trees far off in the distance, what do they want? What are they plotting? 

Russia: When I go out for dinner I never drink fizzy juice, if I’m driving its water, if not it’s always going to be some kind of alcohol. I’m gonna drink until I forget all my problems!

Germany: I went out on my new bike for a while today! (How was it?) My bum and thighs are freezing.

Japan: Fine, I’ll come to your place, but I’m only coming to pet your dog.

N. Italy: Wait, now you look me in the eye and you tell me we don’t need that giant bag of pasta.

S. Italy: I will literally drop kick you in the face.

Prussia: Yea, it’s a lovely day, but I can admire it quite well from my spot here on the couch thank you.

Spain: Woah, woah, woah. What is that cat doing walking on the outskirts of the woods at this time in the morning?! You should be in your kitty bed mr!

Denmark: Hell yea! I’m only running on 3 hours sleep, but yea! Let’s go climb a tree, let’s go take on the fucking world!

Norway: *Grandmother puts out of date leek into a plant pot to see if more will grow from it* Wow, the world suddenly makes sense.

Iceland: Ugh, my eyes are running, my nose is running and I am running… Away from my problems.

Finland: I love all this wedding stuff that’s out just now, but I’m not getting married anytime soon. Maybe I should buy a dog and marry it, like one of those stories you read in really bad magazines. (Friend: poor dog. Me: HEY!.)

Sweden: No, if I got locked in a place overnight I’d want it to be IKEA, you’ve got everything there. They’d just open the doors the next day and I’d have built a new civilianisation.

384‘s Weibo interview’s so freaking cute I can’t

So Seb did an online interview on Weibo earlier today. 

It is something like ppl posting questions for him and tagging him, and he can view all the questions and pick and choose which ones to answer :)

AND he’s so cuteee and sweeeeet and nice and a bit, OKAY, VERY, flirty 


He said he’s gonna call his Chinese fans “winter dumplings

“Make a nickname for you Chinese fans!”

and he said:

and when someone asked him what it was with the hole in his shirt he said:

and YES somebody finally asked him about the lip licking!!!!!

“is licking your lip a habbit? looks so cute!”

when someone asked who was his favourite female character in The Martian:

and “have you considered marrying a Chinese girl?”


Stuff about the moving shooting:

“how did you feel when you decided to take the role?”

“anything fun happened during film? do you like this type of movie?”

“Heard during filming the mics on the suits you guys wore were always on even during washroom breaks…did you feel embarrassed and how did you overcome that?”

“did you learn a lot about Mars when filming The Martian?”

“If you have to leave three things on Mars, what would you leave?”

 (you sure they are what you want to leave but not what you want to bring with? XD)

“Who do you think is hotter, Captain America or yourself?”

“what did you eat in Beijing? how do you like them? did you have Beijing roasted duck? it’s so yummy!!!”

“Do you like Chinese food? will you come to China again next year? Love you”

“if you got trapped on Mars and you can choose one type of plant to feed yourself, which plant would you choose?”

“How did you feel wearing the dragon suit and sitting on the Emperor’s seat?”

(OH MY.)



“really don’t want you to leave and I will miss you, do you miss me?”

“wanna go BBQ with you”

“How do you think of your Chinese fans? Aren’t they very passionate?”

“Tell me you saw my question! I hope all the best and everything will be even better for you! love you!”

“If you are not replying im not gonna go to Mars and save Matt Damon.”

“Didn’t get to go to the premier and give you in person the painting I made, I’m really sad…tell me you saw this pic?”


And yes he did a good job promoting the movie XD

“I’m gonna buy lottery if you reply me😂”

“If you reply i’m gonna invite all my classmates to watch The Martian!”

“Friends and I booked tickets for The Martian on Nov. 25!”

And he said he will come to China again for promoting Civil War next year earlier in an interview! Glad he’s enjoying China so far and hope he will visit soon! (although sadly I personally don’t live in China, but I’m happy he knows he has many fans in China and we love him! )



from the person did this Weibo interview with him—

“Did Weibo interview in the afternoon, and sharing with you the 384 who worked so hard answering questions. He kept being shocked by the huge amount of questions, and when asked him how he felt answering so many of them, he replied:”

Sources: all the questions and answers are on his Weibo page, and the last pic of him on the floor is posted here by @ 守望好莱坞

“Hey, I’m with you okay. Always.”
The drabble where Farkle calls Riley and they end up talking all night.

Farkle’s breath quickened as the phone continued to ring. He looked over at the clock sitting by on nightstand: 2:48 AM in NYC. She must be asleep, he thought. He was going to hang up the phone and call it a night too when the phone picked up.

“Hi Farkle,” Riley’s voice softly spoke.

His heart beat quickened, “Hey. I’m glad you answered. i thought you were asleep already.”

“No,” Riley sighed, “I wish I was though. This homework is killing me Minkus.” He could hear the shuffling of papers on the other side, and Riley’s “oh shoot!” when something must’ve fallen.

“Do you need some help?” he asked her. Farkle looked at the neatly organized papers sitting on his desk. He actually finished his homework hours before, but when he saw Riley’s little green dot on Facebook, he decided to stay awake.

Riley yawned a response, and Farkle looked for his notes for Harper’s class. When he found the assignment, he began to explain to her the significance of the metaphors, and other forms of literary devices in different styles of poetry seen in American Literature. By the time the two had finished talking it was 4 in the morning.

The tired boy rubbed his eyes as he turned off the light on his desk. Without hanging up, Farkle turned off the light in his room and made his way to his bed. He was lying down on his side, listening to Riley ramble about what was going in her mind.

When Riley brought up the bullying incident that happened a little less than a year ago, Farkle whispered, “Hey, I’m with you okay. Always.”

“You seriously don’t know how much that means to me Farkle. Even thousands of miles away, you get me.”

He yawned a sleepy murmur. “You know Riley,” he said a little more clearer, “You’re one of the strongest people I know. You always put on a brave face. I think that’s admirable.”

She yawned as well, “You do too. What can I say,” she questioned, “I guess we kinda have to. Not just for our sake, but for Maya, Lucas and Zay too.”

Farkle closed his eyes, “Does it ever exhaust you?”

“All the time, but it makes me happy.”

“I know what you mean.”

“If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?”

“Toriani’s Pizzeria in a heartbeat,” Riley’s voice sounded serious.

Farkle laughed, “I thought you’d say something like Paris or Vienna.” The thought of a slice of pizza made his stomach grumble.

“No, but I’d definitely go to Brussels with you. Maybe we’d find out what happened in Belgium during 1831.”

They were both laughing now. Farkle and Riley were sharing all sorts of stories from John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Then when the laughter died down, Farkle became sad. “Won’t the sun be up soon Riles? It’s like 6:30 AM in New York.”

“Yeah, I can kinda see it,” she said. Farkle could tell Riley was looking at the view from her bay window because she was sounded like she was captivated by the rising sun. “I wish you were here,” she whispered, breaking the silence.

“Me too.” Farkle sighed, “Beijing is amazingly different from NYC, but I miss home. I miss you.”

Farkle had been living in Beijing, China for half a year. His father’s company extended out to Asia and they decided Farkle should study abroad. It took his friends a while to wrap their heads around the idea that their best friend was leaving. But six months ago, the move happened. However, he talked to his best friends almost everyday. Riley made sure to send him everything they were covering in class. Farkle did the same.

“How many more months?”

“Just three.”

“You promise?”

“Yes. I’ll be returning from the war soon Darling,” Farkle smiled.

“You better, or else I might have to fly to China myself.”

“I’m always with you okay? Always.”

“I know. I gotta go. I promised Maya we’d stop for bagels.”

“Eat one for me! Call me later if you can. I’m sending my love to you guys.”

“I love you!” Riley quickly said.

“What?” Farkle’s phone line was starting to get staticky. He thought he had heard Riley say something along the lines of I love you.

“What? I gotta go, bye!” Riley immediately hung up the phone.

The line went dead. Farkle smiled like an idiot, “Yeah, I love you too.”

the signs as texts i've gotten from my friend within the past few weeks
  • aries: we got a pineapple fucker over here
  • taurus: I LOVE DOGS TBH
  • gemini: I know how to say sperm in Portuguese fight me
  • cancer: cleanse the hoe
  • leo: ride a dick to China
  • virgo: I JUST WANNA BAKE!!!!!!
  • libra: santa-senpai!
  • scorpio: I WILL FITE
  • sagittarius: does ur butthole get bigger as u get older or do they stay the same size
  • aquarius: juicy ass
  • pisces: I don't like the smooth jazz playing

You know what I think is a big ol’ steaming pile of BS?

The large majority of my friends are in creative fields. Almost everyone I converse with on a regular basis, online and offline, is some fashion of artist or writer.

And almost all of my friends yo-yo in and out of jobs, or struggle to find a job, or live with their parents or have experienced, in some way, a career setback. My generation of friends, who were told they could be anything growing up, who were told if they succeeded in college they’d get the best jobs.

So many of my friends voice that they feel like abject failures. I’ve felt this way myself, especially now that I go on “production hiatus” on Friday, that I’m not one of the handful of animators they kept around to work on smaller projects.

But you know what, my friends? Think about all you had to accomplish to get here. Think about how hard you struggled in high school, in college, in graduate school. After school, all you had to do to make your portfolio, your work, shine.

I want you all to hear me loud and clear.

You are not failures.

Life is rough for us. We were promised a golden future and instead inherited a society on the verge of collapse. You have done everything you could to get the job of your dreams, only to find that in this wave of change, it doesn’t exist or was moved to China. That isn’t your fault.

And yet you persist to build the futures you dreamed of. I can’t think of a single one of my friends that isn’t doing something pertaining to what they love to do, I can’t think of one single one of my friends who has given up on their dreams, despite society constantly telling us we made the wrong choice to pursue the arts, that we should have picked something more stable.

Because the thing about building the future we want is that building things takes time and hard work.You guys aren’t failures, you aren’t fools. You’re giants. And I want you to know that I believe you will achieve your goals, even if right now it doesn’t seem that way, if you keep persisting as tenaciously as I see you persisting.


My year in cosplay: 2013, as of December 26th.

I think that cosplay is a great thing. You get to try things you wouldn’t think you could before; makeup; sewing; embroidery; designing; making friends; photo editing; becoming relatively popular; having the most fun and several memories made. Cosplaying allows me to not only be someone I’m not, but feel better about who I am because I did this on my own, and I’m proud of it. I love cosplaying, and it is the best thing I’ve ever done. Yes, it’s silly, weird, and strange, but I love it no matter what.

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