i love my friends for getting me these in china

Need You Now

Simon X Reader

Simon and I. Me and Si. Simon and Y/N. Whatever way you put it, it never sounded quite right. We had been friends for a while but our relationship soon began to change and began to deteriorate. I liked him and he liked me and it was as good as can be. My feelings grew stronger and stronger for him and I was sure that I loved him.

He, however, did not feel the same, he ended up breaking up with me, obviously still wanted to be friends, didn’t want to lose the picture perfect friendship we had once had. I wasn’t quite sure if he was joking or not when he said that. I won’t lie, the break up was messy and he was an arse about it, he treated me like shit and had no regard for my feelings. He was the bull and I was made of china.

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//My moleskine finally came in!! I’m so excited to start my ACTUAL bullet journal! Anyways, this week was LONG but I’m ready to get to work this weekend. Tomorrow I’m going studying with a friend, and for Valentine’s day…well…I’m going to be with the loves of my life; my desk and study materials. Aaaaahahaha oh well I’m a happy camper!//

I had a really great conversation with a friend from dog school last night. 

Bitsy and Pinkman went to Agility classes (Pinkman ran like a bull in a china shop, had a great time; Bitsy did the swinging bridge, chute, walked over poles, and ended on the mini-teeter, had no idea my deafblind baby was going to be an agility prodigy) and my friend watched us work. Afterwards we were talking about dogs and life and he said something I thought was really profound: 

“You love your dogs for who they are and not what you want them to be.”

I had been trying to articulate what frustrates me about some aspects of dog raising and training and it’s that, exactly. People get a dog and think “you are going to be a service/agility/conformation/ringsport/frisbee/WHATEVER dog and their dog for whatever reason isn’t or maybe just doesn’t have a natural predilection for that field, and then they resent the dog for who he isn’t as opposed to finding the unique things about him that make him shine. 

My dog Pinkman is an AMAZING tricks and agility dog, but she’s never going to be a calm, gentle house pet or a therapy dog in nursing homes or hospitals.

Gimli is the most loving, loyal, empathetic dog I’ve ever had, so in tune with people’s emotions and a terrific guardian and protector, but after years of training and counterconditioning he’s still reactive and it’s almost impossible to teach him commands.

Bitsy is calm and smart and fearless, but simply because of the nature of her disability there are many things she’ll never physically be able to do, like frisbee or agility or even competitive obedience.

For me, being their owner and trainer (and dad) means that I can’t waste time thinking about what I wish they could do, but I need to instead use that time to celebrate who they are and develop their natural talents, even if it wasn’t what I specifically had in mind. Maybe the woman frustrated with her dog in agility last night actually has a champion dock dog on her hands and doesn’t know it. Maybe the couple who can’t get their dog to sit still in obedience has a dog that will change children’s lives in a Reading to Rover program. It doesn’t mean their dogs can’t do agility or obedience; with consistent positive training they might even be great some day! But the foundation of all of these sports and tasks is the relationship between handler and animal, and if it’s founded on resentment the whole point is moot. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

the signs as texts i've gotten from my friend within the past few weeks
  • aries: we got a pineapple fucker over here
  • taurus: I LOVE DOGS TBH
  • gemini: I know how to say sperm in Portuguese fight me
  • cancer: cleanse the hoe
  • leo: ride a dick to China
  • virgo: I JUST WANNA BAKE!!!!!!
  • libra: santa-senpai!
  • scorpio: I WILL FITE
  • sagittarius: does ur butthole get bigger as u get older or do they stay the same size
  • aquarius: juicy ass
  • pisces: I don't like the smooth jazz playing