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Hetalia Countries As Random Spongebob Quotes pt. 2
  • N.Italy: MY LEG!
  • Germany:
  • Japan: Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby, secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secret, secretly
  • America: You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich.
  • France: I love you.
  • China: Well at least I still have my personality...
  • Russia: Do instruments of torture count?
  • Sweden: FINLAND.
  • Denmark: East? I thought you said Weast!
  • Norway: I hate all of you.
  • Finland: That’s his.....eager face. (referring to Sweden)
  • Iceland: I made it with my tears.
  • Greece: She's a purebred.
  • Turkey: How do you spell you're not my friend?
  • Canada: The door is locked...and the only way to get out is through.....THE PERFUME DEPARTMENT....
  • Australia: It's not just a boulder...IT'S A ROCK!
  • Austria: Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • Prussia: Not until 4:00
  • Hungary: If I were to die right now of some sort of fiery explosion due to carelessness of a friend, well that would just be okay.
  • Estonia: Now that we’re men, we have facial hair!
  • Lithuania: Now that we’re men, we change our underwear!
  • Latvia: Hi. I'm very ugly
Something Real

Request: Hi hello! For your prompts can I ask for exo Sehun #17 fluff please? D.o is my bias but Sehun is currently bias wrecking me but in a good way I guess.

17) Your bias hires you to be their significant other

Member: EXO’s Sehun x Y/N x (ft. Kyungsoo/Chanyeol) 

Type: Fluff

“Money is no object.”

“I heard you the first twelve times, Sehun,” you muttered, not even bothering to glance over your paperwork to make proper eye contact with him. 

“Then I’m not understanding the issue,” he huffed, plopping down in the guest chair in front of your desk. 

“The issue is we -”

“Work for the same company, blah, blah, blah,” he grumbled, crossing his arms. You could feel his glare through the thin sheet of paper you were strategically holding over your face. “I have a point to prove.” 

“What point exactly?” you sighed. 

“So Chanyeol bet me a year’s supply of bubble tea-”

“Nope, nuhuh,” you hissed, finally setting down the documents you were looking at to give Sehun a disapproving look. “I refuse to hear anymore of this. I will not eliminate my plausible deniability.” 

“I’m not even sure what that means,” he said slowly, furrowing his brows. “But Chanyeol bet me that I couldn’t get you to go on a date with me-”

“And he was right,” you nodded. “Listen to your friend.” 

“He’s not my friend, he’s a giant preying mantis who has become a permanent pain in my ass,” he muttered. “I’ve learned to love him though. It was that or move to China, but that’s a topic for another day.” 

“If he bet you,” you sighed, “Wouldn’t paying me to go on a date with you negate the whole point of winning a bet? You’re still losing money.” 

“But winning the bet,” he nodded. “I will pay any price to prove someone wrong.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” you muttered. 

“And you’re playing hard to get,” he grinned. “Would you just agree to enter a fake relationship with me so we can call this a day?” 

“Whoa, whoa,” you groaned. “Literally two minutes ago we were talking about going on a date. Now we’re talking fake relationships? Don’t you think this is a little…much?” 

“Should I rewind to the part where I said, ‘I will pay any price to prove someone wrong?’ because I thought I made myself clear,” Sehun laughed. His expression was one of confidence and you knew he could bicker with you for hours. 

“So what’s in it for me?” you sighed. 

“I don’t know, a couple hundred dollars a week and the privilege of being able to say your dating Oh Sehun?”

“I’m going to go ahead and pretend like I didn’t hear the second half of that sentence,” you muttered. Reaching up, you ran a nervous hand through your hair. It was true that you worked in the supporting office for SM, completing various and random tasks for idol groups, but you could always use a little more money. 

Glancing up, you bit your lip, and searched Sehun’s face. You were hoping to find any answer in the contours of his jaw and smooth plains of his cheeks. He lifted his brows as he noticed you survey him, a smirk beginning to tug at the corner of his plush lips. Admittedly, Sehun wouldn’t be your first pick for a member in EXO to build a fictional relationship with. It wasn’t that you weren’t attracted to him (cause like…have you SEEN him?) But he wasn’t exactly the person you shared the most common interests with. 

“What do you say?” he whispered, leaning forward. “I can’t be all that bad, can I?” 

“Considering you’re paying me to be your significant other in order to prove someone wrong,” you hummed. “I don’t see how this could possibly reflect on you as a person.” 

“Good,” he grinned. “So you’re in?” 

“Sehun,” you sighed. “Why me?” 

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” Sehun said, a smile continuing to dominate his lips. “But you kind of run this place. You keep everything from falling apart. Overall, you’re a very put together person. Plus you’re crazy hot. For some reason, Chanyeol doesn’t think I can attract someone good looking AND smart.” 

“Well, you aren’t notorious for parading through dates with common sense-”

“I do not parade anyone through,” he nodded. “I simply give them tours of my work place.”

“I’ve seen three girls this month, Sehun,” you grimaced. “And now that I think about it, a couple of gu-”

“And now you’ll see none,” he interrupted. “Well, besides yourself. But I guess you can’t really see yourself…except for like…in a mirror or the little camera on the front side of your iPhone.” 

“If I agree to this, will you please stop talking,” you groaned. 

“I don’t know if that’s a thing I can promise,” he grinned. “But I’m happy to have your cooperation.” 

You took another spoonful of ice cream into your mouth and glanced down to Vivi, quietly enjoying his dog treat you had just slipped him. 

Admittedly, it hadn’t been a bad couple of weeks. 

Not like you had necessarily expected for it to be completely miserable, but you had your reservations. 

Upon unofficially agreeing to date Sehun for the sake of his pride, you had a long discussion about rules and responsibilities in the situation. You would take no less than 450,000 won a week to be at Sehun’s complete disposal. You were to go on dates, show up to support at performances and recordings, and most importantly, appear at the dorms. Although Sehun insisted he had no interest in pursuing anyone else, you made him swear that you would be the only relationship he would be concerned with for the time being, fake or not. You would not be made a fool of. 

Not even if this whole thing was fabricated. 

Which it was. You would constantly have to remind yourself of that. As soon as this whole charade had began, you had to insist to yourself that every memory you were creating with Sehun was make believe. Every shared glance, every cuddle, every hand squeeze was a work of fiction. 

“I’m surprised,” Sehun sighed, finally looking up from his boba. 

“What about?” you asked, absently dropping your arm and running your hand over Viv’s head. 

“That you’ve lasted this long,” Sehun smiled. 

“Believe it or not, you aren’t nearly as terrible of a boyfriend as I thought you would be,” you chuckled. 

Sehun leaned forward, placing his hand lightly over yours. “I wasn’t talking about you putting up with me.” 

“Oh!” you gasped, shaking your head. “So you’re surprised that you’ve managed to grace me with your presence for the past month?” 

“I’m joking,” he laughed. “I promise.” 

“Such a punk,” you grumbled. You continued to pet his dog’s side and began to shake your head. “I don’t know how we put up with him, ViVi.” 

“An immense amount of disposable cash is my guess,” Sehun chuckled.

“That helps,” you teased. Sehun’s face instantly grew dark at your statement. Looking down, he swished his bubble tea, becoming much too interested in the small tapioca flavored pearls in the bottom.

You cleared your throat, attempting to add some sort of noise to the awkward silence. “So, what’s the plan for today?” 

“I think I’m going to go back to the dorm,” Sehun sighed. “Kyungsoo was talking about maybe working on some music with Chanyeol and I…I’m trying to get more involved.”

“Ah, shall ViVi and I tag along then?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. You attempted a smile, but immediately let it slide from your face as you saw Sehun’s expression. 

“Will I have to pay you overtime for that?” he hummed. He shook his head at the end of his sentence, adding a sad smile in an attempt at keeping it light hearted. You knew his words cut much deeper than he had intended, but you weren’t sure how to address his feelings. 

“Sehun,” you whispered. “Is there something you want to talk about?” 

“No, of course not,” he grimaced. 

“You know…this whole crazy thing was your idea. I just-”

“I said I don’t need to talk about anything, Y/N,” he nodded, keeping his words short. 

“Oh…oh-okay,” you stuttered, attempting to shake off his curt words. “I uh…okay.” 

“Come on, ViVi,” Sehun sighed, beginning to stand. He unwound the dog’s leash from your chair and gave it a gentle tug. “Time to go home.” 

“Want me to come over later?” you asked, hopefully. 

“I’ll be busy,” he nodded, biting his lip. “Don’t want to use up those hours I’m paying for on nothing, you know.” 

“What the hell, Sehun?” you whined. You stood as well, allowing for your annoyance to bubble to the surface. “You know, I never asked for this.” 

“Yeah,” he muttered, nodding his head. “Thanks for reminding me.” 

You flopped over on your couch for what had to have been the dozenth time in a short hour. Chewing furiously on your lip, you locked and unlocked your phone again, waiting for any text to appear on your screen. 

You would be lying if you said you weren’t most anticipating Sehun’s name to appear. 

For as much as you liked to pretend that he was an inconvenience, he had seriously become a necessary part of your everyday life. 

And as much as you didn’t want to admit it…you may have…possibly…maybe considered the fact…

that you were head over heels for the turd. 

You flopped over again and sighed, burying your face deep within the aged cushions. You were. You were completely smitten by the man you had never intended to have any feelings for. When you begun your side job of dating Sehun, you told  yourself you would treat it as that, simply a job. It would serve a purpose in your life that would not in anyway become romantic. After all, how could it? It was Oh Sehun. 

Oh Sehun, the man you had never had a single thing in common with. 

Oh Sehun, the man you had never gone a day without arguing with. 

Oh Sehun, the man who was literally paying you in order to win a bet.

Oh Sehun, who loved his members, his dog, and bubble tea so passionately, that you couldn’t go on without hoping that he loved you with that much passion as well. 

“And I’m going to do something about it,” you whispered to no one in particular. Pushing yourself up, you were quickly made aware of exactly how disheveled your wallowing on the couch had made you. You groaned as you attempted to shake the wrinkles from your clothes, but after a few moments decided to cut your losses and run to your closet to change. 

After talking yourself out of, and into, the trip over to the SM building several times, you had finally made a solid decision. You had to go, if only for your sanity. 

The SM building was a short walk from your own apartment, a facility in which most employees rented out of. The short walking commute was convenient when running late in the morning, or when attempting to meet your fake boyfriend in the evening to profess your very real feelings for him. 

You pushed open the doors leading to the entertainment company’s lobby and nodded briefly at the receptionist stationed at her normal post. She nodded to you as well, knowing you worked somewhere in the building, but not caring enough to know exactly where. You slid your key card against an electronic lock near one of the employee elevators and boarded with little issue. Stabbing at the buttons with anxious fingers, you hit several floors you had no business going to and sighed. You needed to calm down. 

But it wasn’t everyday you professed your affections to someone who probably had no idea you were even harboring them to begin with. 

He thought you were all about the monetary gain…which you were in the beginning. But with time and lowered inhibitions, you had become interested in so much more. 

You heaved a sigh as the elevator finally opened on the correct floor, leading to Kyungsoo’s most utilized studio space. You could already hear the light sound of piano keys being stroked as you continued down the hall. 

“You can do this,” you whispered. “You have to.” 

You couldn’t continue with Sehun’s subconsciously hurt feelings and pouty comments. You couldn’t wrap yourself in his arms without feeling anything anymore. Even seeing ViVi had become an emotional reminder that you had kissed a pair of lips that didn’t think there was a meaning behind their motions. 

You knocked lightly on the studio door as soon as you had found it. The music went silent with your ask for entrance, causing you to swipe your key card once again. You cracked the door open and stuck your head in, holding your breath as you surveyed the room. 

“Y/N!” Chanyeol called cheerfully. “I was expecting you! Whenever Sehun said he was coming by, you’re normally not too far behind.” 

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” you hummed, your face growing hot with the attention you were receiving. You stretched your body, attempting to get a full look into the room, but still didn’t see Sehun. 

“Hi, Y/N,” Kyungsoo sighed, resting his hands in his lap. “You’re interrupting, but it’s fine. Your presence is always appreciated.” 

“Yeah, it may get Sehun back on track!” Chanyeol grinned. “His mind has been everywhere since he got here.” 

“You didn’t have to come,” Sehun’s voice grumbled from behind the partially opened door. You heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing his voice, stepping into the small space to be able to see him properly. 

“I wanted to,” you smiled. “Plus, we need to talk.” 

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo exchanged wary glances as they both began to stand. Sehun rolled his eyes before waving them to sit down again. “Go ahead.” 

“Don’t you two want to have a lover’s quarrel in private?” Kyungsoo muttered, clicking absently at his computer screen. 

“You two are working and whatever needs to be said shouldn’t stop that,” Sehun muttered, cutting his eyes at you. “Now what’s so important that it couldn’t wait?” 

You took a deep breath before nodding and taking a short step toward Sehun. “I think it’s time…we clarified some things…about us.” 

“More terms and conditions?” he muttered, crossing his arms. It was apparent that he was still pouty from your exchange that afternoon. 

“Sehun, that’s exactly it,” you whispered. He furrowed his brows as he looked up at your face, shocked that you would want to discuss the intricacies of your agreement. “I don’t want any terms and conditions anymore.” 

“What do you mean?” he asked quietly. 

“I mean, I don’t want the money,” you nodded. “I just want you.” 

“Not to insert myself into your conversation,” Chanyeol said slowly. “But what do you mean by ‘I don’t want the money’? Is he like…helping you pay a traffic ticket or something?” 

“I’ve been paying her, Chanyeol,” Sehun groaned. “I’ve been paying her to date me.” 

“I KNEW IT!” Chanyeol gasped, jumping to his feet. “I knew she wasn’t going to date you voluntarily! I was buying you bubble tea for a month and-” 

“I want to date him though,” you interrupted. “That’s….that’s why I’m here. It’s not a job for me anymore…I…I ended up growing feelings along the way.” 

Chanyeol slowly eased back down into the chair he was sitting in, his mouth having fallen open. Sehun lifted his brows as he uncrossed his arms. “You…you did?” 

“I did,” you nodded. “And look…I understand if you don’t feel the same…and this whole thing was just orchestrated to prove Chanyeol wrong. And I understand if you want me to leave…but I had to tell you. I couldn’t keep going on wondering if you had felt the same.” 

“Well…this makes things complicated,” Chanyeol muttered to no one in particular. “Does this still count? I mean technically she wants to date him…but should that be a backfill for the bet? Should-”

Kyungsoo sent a silencing death glare toward Chanyeol who instantly closed his mouth, watching the scene before him with interest. 

“You actually…have feelings for me?” Sehun asked slowly. He pulled himself up from his chair and took a few hesitant steps toward you. 

“Shocker, I know,” you chuckled, taking a few steps forward as well. 

“And you’re willing to do this…without me having to pay you anything?” he asked. 

“Believe it or not, your companionship is enough,” you smiled. 

“Pfft,” Chanyeol snorted. “Can you pay me to hang out with you then?” 

Sehun ignored his member as he lifted his hand, letting it linger awkwardly in the air for a moment, before placing his palm on your cheek. “You actually…want me…for me?” 

“You’re kind of a mess,” you whispered, nuzzling your face into his open hand. “But I’m into it.” 

“Apparently,” he smiled, leaning down to place a light kiss on your lips. You and Sehun had shared a few kisses before, but none quite like this. Previously, there was an unspoken barrier placed between your lips. There was an understanding of the picture you had to portray to those watching. You had a facade to uphold. This kiss, this moment, was inevitably different. There was nothing separating you from each other. There was nothing keeping you apart from how you were both feeling. This was something real. 

“Soooo,” Chanyeol hummed. “I’m guessing you like her too?” 

Everyone in the room turned toward the man, evident exasperation on their faces. 

“Well, he didn’t come out and say it!” Chanyeol gasped. “I’m following context clues here!” 

“Yes, Chanyeol,” Sehun sighed. “I like her too. And I think I’ll kiss her again just to make sure.” 

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2ps as things I’ve said

Allen / America: Bitch is a pussy. That makes this relationship gay as fuck.

Oliver / England: No no no! We don’t jump off rocks! We stay safe on ground like good kids!

Francois / France: Go away. I have depression to wallow in.

Zao / China: I swear to God, I’m not high this time!

Vlad / Russia: Why have friends when you can read?

Matthieu / Canada: My brother is a piece of shit, but mom says I have to love him regardless.

Luciano / Italy: Eat your spaghetti to forgetti your regretti.

Lutz / Germany: I’m just here to get everyone pregnant.

Kuro / Japan: Don’t judge me you sinning piece of crap.

Flavio / S. Italy: I may be trash, but at least i’m cute trash unlike you.

Gillen / Prussia: I welcome death with open arms.

Friends to Lovers with Winwin
  • nct’s china line is reciving so much love in this blog
  • i’m so happy
  • keep blessing me with your fluffy requests for this angels k?
  • anyways, let’s start rn!!
  • so, how you cuties met
  • yall started to get closer bc of baby yuta
  • once he was showing sicheng some photos that he had in his phone
  • and there was this pic that he secretly took of you 
  • and it really caugh sichengs attention
  • “ah, and this is y/n, she’s one of my best friends i took this picture of her because i really loved that outfit on her”
  • “woah,, she’s super super super pretty, and has cute nice”
  • “y/n? yeah and she’s also really friendly, you two would get along well”
  • sicheng spent the rest of the day asking yuta things about you
  • and spent the rest of the night thinking about you
  • and it was super weird because no one never caugh his attention so fast?? he was so confused
  • things keept being this way for weeks
  • but sicheng was too shy to ask yuta to introduce him to you
  • he would start smiling and feeling butterflies in his stomach just with remembering your face
  • if he saw you in real life he wouldn’t be able to work properly, he would pass away just there lol
  • but yuta he did it anyways lmao
  • i mean
  • sicheng would always ask yuta for his phone, and he would always go to his pictures just to see your pretty face again and again
  • and probably stalk you in social media everyay
  • and he would even read your convos w yuta
  • and when he readed those he discovered that you were really funny and sweet
  • he was having a crush on you eVEN BEFORE MEETING YOU
  • and of course yuta noticed this so he mUST INTRODUCE BOTH OF YOU
  • he really though that you and sicheng would be a really cute couple ok
  • he needed his ultimate ship to became an otp
  • so when sicheng went to the dorms after having a little date with kun
  • when he saw you he almost forgot how to breath i swear
  • he recognzed you instantly and omg you’re so perfect??
  • you were even more prettty in real life than in pictures and he was shooketh
  • how’s this possible¿¿? is she seriously real¿?
  • he forgot everything and couldn’t think of anything more than you
  • “oh, i didn’t know that you were going to comeback so early so i invited y/n, she’s my best friend”
  • “hey! it’s amazing that i finally can meet both of you!”
  • “yeah, she’s a fan of nct as well, i’m her favorite member”
  • you eye rolled at his comment and he felt those butterflies in his stomach again
  • he grabbed kun’s hand and went with him to his bedroom bECAUSE HE WAS DYING
  • long short story, as i predicted he couldn’t focuse in anything with you around lol
  • like he would mix chinese with korean, and just acting really distracted
  • yuta invited you more and more to the dorms but he realized that sicheng was starting to look like an idiot in your eyes because of how flustered you make him lol
  • this is getting too long i’m sorry
  • and he was tired of this, so he planned a little date without any of you knowing
  • like he invited both you to the same little park and cancelled to both of you at last minute
  • "oh, hey sicheng! what a coincidens that you’re here. yuta told me to came here but he had an schedule or something haha”
  • “a-ah hi y/n”
  • you would laugh at his cuteness and invite him to a cafe
  • he was so nervous the whole time but you were so easygoing and nice an tried your best to calm him by making him questions and talking about you
  • he walked you home that day and guess whatTTttTtTT
  • “i’m sorry if i was too silent today, or if i always act like this is just that.. you’re so pretty. what about doing something else tomorrow? i’ll be better”
  • our baby became a man that day
  • he looked so worried and sweet, hOW COULD YOU SAY NO
  • you had a lots of dates after that one and yes, feelings developed
  • yuta was also the reason why sicheng confesed
  • he literally obligated him to go to your house and confess
  • “ilikeyoualotpleasebemygirlfriendbutifyoudontwanttoisperfectlyfinedontworryok”
  • and you were like
  • “ilikeyoualottoosichengandyesidowanttobeyourgirlfriend”
  • and yuta was like lmao what
  • and honestly is the cutest relationship ever
  • he’s so caring and sweet with you and love you so much
  • and your first kiss was the fluffiest thing
  • he placed of his hands in your waist and witht he other one he cupped your face
  • and he just went for it
  • and it was magical, his lips were so soft oh my
  • after that he hugged you and told you that he loved you for the first time and it made everything even more special
  • he’s a gr8 boyfie and you’re so lucky to have him by your side because i swear he would do everything for you to always be happy and healthy
  • basically, you’re dating an angel omg
  • i’m soft af rn
  • bye, i’ll go to punch a wall to fell normal again
Bruce Wayne - Duality

Characters: Bruce Wayne x Reader
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Bruce’s girlfriend makes a confession that stops him in his tracks. Then she makes a discovery of her own.

Part 2 


Bruce walked in at 7am, as he was so inclined to do. The angry eyes of his partner scowled at the sight of him.

“Will there ever be a time when you actually spend a few hours with me?”

“Sugarcube, you know that I’m busy”

“Yeah, too busy for me it seems”

“I’m tired, I’ve had a long night, I want to go to bed”

“No Bruce, you can’t just worm your way out of this anymore. I’m tired of all your lies and evasion. I know you’re cheating on me”

“I would never do that to you. We’re still figuring out how to make this work sugar-cube, it’s going to be stressful and we might be tempted to cheat, but we won’t”

She looked him in the eye as a tear fell from her face.

“I already have”


Gotham criminals had been pretty rowdy lately, resulting in Bruce having a lot less time to spend at home. He wished he could spend more time at home with his sugar-cube, but it’s not like anybody else was around to help deal with the crime. And he couldn’t tell her, she’d insist on helping.

Bruce lost his train of thought as he saw a figure climb onto the roof. A female, she wore dark blue, he’d never seen her before. Her face was covered with a mask, he’d never seen her before. And new was dangerous. He leapt across to where she was, silently landing in front of her. If she was surprised by his movement she didn’t show it. There wasn’t a lot more he could tell about her from being up close, she had yellow contacts in, her mouth was covered by a cloth.

“Who are you?”




“What are you doing?”

“I’m hanging out on the roof, don’t worry I’m not here to cause trouble, just to get away from the hum drum of life”

Bruce scowled at her, that was unlikely. He would have to keep a close eye on her. An alarm bell began going off, the pair looked down on the street to see two men running out of a jewellery store.  

“Better go get ‘em big boy”

“Will you be here when I get back?”

“Big ‘ol Batman interested in me? If only it was because I was pretty and not because he thinks I’m dangerous”

Bruce’s eye flickered between the woman and the store, he had to go. He jumped off the roof to apprehend the burglars. He didn’t see her again that night. He radioed to Alfred the description of the woman and told him to keep an eye out. The night was slow after that.


“You what?”

She hesitated at the tone in his voice but thought about the nights she’d sat up crying in her bed or by the fireplace or sat by the window looking for him. Hoping that just once he would come home early.

“I cheated on you okay? I met another guy. I’m sick of being left alone all the time when you’re not around I’m lonely, but when you are around, you barely talk to me. If you’re here you’re working or sleeping, when you’re not here I have no idea where you are Bruce, how do I deal with that?”

“Not by cheating. By talking to me”

“I tried! Every time I asked you where you were or if you could stay you would brush me off. Because I’m a big girl and I can entertain myself and it’s a big mansion and I should know that you love me. And maybe I should but I don’t, you’ve been neglecting me”

“That wasn’t my intention, but it doesn’t justify what you did”

“I’m not trying to justify my actions I’m trying to communicate to you the reasons behind them. At first, I just wanted your affection but I got so lonely that it didn’t matter whose attention I was getting any more, I just needed it”

“I thought you were the one, my sugar-cube, my sweet girlfriend”

“You didn’t even notice when I started disappearing Bruce”


“You disappeared the other night”

“I have to keep your interest somehow”

“Why are you trying to keep my interest if you’re not a criminal”

“I’m lonely”

Bruce faltered at this information, he was used to hardened exteriors and fierce obsession. This woman clearly wasn’t a criminal. So he didn’t have time.

“I need you to stop hanging around like this, you’ll get in trouble”

“I won’t get into trouble. My names boredom”

“I guarantee your names not Boredom”

“Well what’s your name Batty”

“Not your concern”

The woman fell backwards, her shoulders hitting the floor with a thump.

“You sound like my boyfriend. He never shares anything with me either”

“I’m don’t do love advice, I capture criminals”

She smiles and gets up off the floor. Giggling softly to herself she walks towards him. Bruce prepares himself for an attack. But she just puts her arms around his neck and kisses him softly. He stares in confusion at her.

“We should be friends”


“Did you sleep with them?”

“No, I just kissed him”

“Why didn’t you”

“I don’t think he’s interested in me either”

Bruce watches her begin crying, she slowly lowers herself to the ground. And sitting against the china cupboard she sobs without break. Bruce watches anxiously, torn between his anger and his need to comfort the person he loves.


It was Friday night, he’d told his girlfriend that she had to eat alone again, she’d started crying and angrily stormed off but he couldn’t stay to resolve it, the guilt was eating away at him. Alfred had been nagging him about telling her, but it wasn’t the right time. He was waiting for a slow night to bring her out with him. She’d been increasingly upset about his disappearances and although he knew he should tell her, Gotham always came first, she would forgive him when she knew.

“Stupid girl, why do I let him do this to me?”

It’s Boredom. She’s sat feet dangling over the edge a building, hands furiously wiping away the tears running down her face.

“You really aren’t a troublemaker”

“Get lost, I don’t need you here right now”

“You need somebody”

“Yeah well, somebody left me already”

“I’m sorry”

“What would you know about relationships?”

“I’m in a relationship”

“So somebody out there knows who the Batman is”

“Somebody does but she doesn’t”

“So you just ditch your partner every night and they have no idea why?”

“She will understand one day”

“I can’t believe you just lie to your partner like that”

“And your partner knows you’re here?”

“I wouldn’t lie to him if he asked where I’d been”

“But he does not?”

“This is the longest conversation I’ve had with anybody for a week”

“It is your partner’s duty to protect you if he’s not around maybe it’s for a reason”

“Yeah, maybe he’s the Batman”

“Or a masked villain”

Boredom turns to him, leaning in for a kiss.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m a lonely, neglected woman it’s your responsibility as protector of Gotham. It’s not like your girlfriend will be mad”

Bruce disagrees, but only in his head. He kisses her while thinking of his sugar-cube sat at home, lonely and upset. But that makes him feel bad and this feels good. So he licks her bottom lip, biting it when she opens her mouth. She tastes similar to the women he has at home but as she slides her tongue in his mouth the thought barely registers.


“I can’t stay with you, we have to split up now”

“I know”

She’s hoarse from crying but Bruce strengthens his resolve and turns his back.

“You aren’t happy with me and I can’t trust you anymore”

She makes a noise of agreement and walks upstairs, presumably to gather her things. Neither of them knows where she can and will stay when she leaves. She may end up leaving Gotham, what else could be here for her? It takes her a while but when her things are all packed and a taxi has been called, she stands on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. The place they were going to be happy together.

“I’m sorry this didn’t work out Bruce. I really did love you”

I kissed somebody else too. The confession on the tip of his tongue, but if he said it now it would just start another argument, he couldn’t, not with it being close to wrapped up.

“Goodbye Sugarcube”

Bruce watches her taxi leave before going inside. Where he finds Alfred stood on the stairs.

“I presume you won’t be spending the night in then Master Bruce?”

“I don’t think so Alfred”

“Very good sir”


Boredom is hanging out on her roof as usual. Looking particularly withdrawn.

“He left me.”

“Does that make you sad?”

“Of course”

“But he made you feel lonely”

“I still loved him. It still hurts”

Bruce sighs, unsure of what to say to her. He turns and walks to the edge of the roof, surveying the ground below.

“Tell me about your girlfriend, perhaps that will cheer me up”

“We’re no longer together”

“When did she dump you”


“Well still tell me about her”

“She was soft and kind, always outspoken about her passions.”

“He was the opposite, always quietly determined. Fixing his issues with the world in utter silence whilst taking the blame for the problems. Always played up to a camera”

“She shied from them, she didn’t like any picture or video of her that she didn’t take”

Bruce felt his eyes well up as he thought of her, he wished he’d tried harder to understand. He stepped onto the edge of the building.

“Before you go, tell me one more thing about her”

“She’s lovely. Wouldn’t hurt anybody. I called her sugar-cube”

Behind Bruce, Boredom snapped her head around to look at him. With wide eyes, she thought about all the information he’d given her. The times they’d met and the times Bruce had come home during the week. She slowly and silently made her way over to him, surveying his body, he was about the right build and height. Could it be?


Every Tomorrow

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

 Baekhyun loves to watch and learns to love


      Dear Chanyeol,

To me you were an over sized hoodie, warm socks, lounging on the couch with the sun staining the carpet. Lemonade on a warm day. There were flecks of golden sunlight in your hair. Pink hair, black hair, red hair, back to black. Either way. It fell in your eyes and my soul felt right and ok in that place and in that time. And when your eyes met mine across the room-

No, scratch that.

Even when they didn’t meet mine, they had glinted and warmed me.  

The times you had caught my eye across the room though. Those were the worst. Because they were knowing glances. Knowing and secretive. Secretive and apologetic. Your large hand brushed my leg and a was apology muttered after. I wish you hadn’t apologized. But you always had. You knew. You knew deep down why my hands wandered and why my hugs lasted a second too long.


Minseok whispered somewhere outside of myself, calling me out on my staring.

But I didn’t care if anyone noticed me staring. I didn’t care that you noticed me staring.

I was pathetic in that way. Like a dog waiting for a treat, following on your heels. My breed displayed my loyalty to you and you only. I swear everyone in Seoul knew my love for you. I didn’t care. I didn’t care one bit that you didn’t return my sentiments. Being near you was enough for me.


Bowling was always a disaster because your friends teased me when my back was turned. They didn’t understand why I stared at you the way I did. They didn’t understand my mannerisms nor my higher voice. They whispered ‘fag’ but it only bothered me because you had to yell at them to stop before I returned to the group. And I didn’t want you to be mad at your friends for me. You were too nice for anger.

I had to use the stupid, neon pink, child’s bowling ball. Your friends only sneered more. But still -  seeing you clap and cheer when I knocked down a pin was so jovial. I blushed all the way to my skeleton and you clapped more. Smile splitting your face in two in large, jagged pieces.


“I’m sorry, Baekhyun - I. I- don’t -  I’m not. Fuck-.”

I didn’t wait for you to finish rejecting me. I walked away and as I walked away you followed me but my eyes were already as swimming as the great Han. So I didn’t turn when you called me back.

You were gentle the weeks following me coming out and confessing to you. You looked at me with a new particular clarity. I felt naked in front of you. My flesh a canvas for you to analyze, to pick apart. Pale and pink and raw. You weren’t harsh in your scrutiny though. You were soft. You brought me eggs and rice in bed when I wouldn’t get up. Begged me to stop sleeping and change my clothes, wash my hair. You pulled me up with an arm around my hips before plopping me on the floor. Then washed my sheets because they started browning and smelling of sweat and salt water and dirt. You brought me to practice each day. You took good care but you didn’t touch nor talk. I was really sad then, Chanyeol. I’m sorry for worrying everyone. But you don’t realize how empty I felt.


“You can’t keep doing this.” Junmyeon and Minseok had sat me down. The dorm was empty and it was nearly dark. I had expected this part, to be told off, to be found out. “We understand who you are, Baekhyun. We accept it, we do. But people are starting to pick up on things. Fans and management. There’s a lot of gossip that we don’t need”

“I’m sorry.” They groaned and rubbed their eyes. I had said that too much that month. I never meant for people to find out. It must have been really obvious. I’m sorry if I had embarrassed you. I never wanted to do you ill, Chanyeol.

“You don’t need to apologize, Baek. But you do need to take care of yourself! Get out, practice, work, eat, breathe, bathe! I’m worried about you, we all are. I know these past few weeks have been.” Junmyeon had stopped and chosen his next words with caution. “Difficult for you.” He had side eyed Minseok. “But you need to try or we need to find you someone to talk to. Someone to help you out with.” His hands were in the air and gesturing the length of my frame. “All of this.”  I nodded. I think I agreed but I don’t remember because I had been thinking of you.

“And reign your personality in a little bit, maybe? Just be aware there are always cameras on us. And they see everything. And you need to respect your members. I- I don’t know how to say this - you -.”

“You’re making some members uncomfortable, Baekhyun-ah.” Minseok butted in. His eyes had been sharp and understanding at the same time. Junmyeon felt bad. They both felt bad. But I felt worse. I was making you uncomfortable? Was it that repulsive? Was it that burdensome? That I wanted nothing but good for you?  

I know I had always touched you, but we all touched and joked. I know I followed you and had always supported and rooted you on. Was it really that way, Yeol? Had it been uncomfortable for you?


Chanyeol -  I saw you kiss her.

Did you enjoy it?

I saw you smile on her mouth. It must have been sweet and soft and completely girl.

Because you only love girls. You don’t love boys named Byun Baekhyun. You don’t love me. It hurt-

No, scratch that.

It burned. Like the fire that is you, it consumed and it battered. I cried and no matter how many times I wiped my eyes the tears kept coming. It felt like you had thrown me overboard and the inertia of hitting the waves had knocked the wind straight from my lungs.

I stayed and had watched. Watched you slide your hands down, down, down. I didn’t stay after that.

I slammed the door to my room. The members had chased me down the hall, they had called my name, they were perturbed. But I clicked the lock and sank to the ground.

I recall wrapping my arms around my ribs and shaking, screaming, crying, crying, crying. Nothing had ever aggrieved me like that. I begged and pleaded. My hands pulled through the bleached mess that was my hair, red claw marks marred down my arms. Teeth grit, forehead to the carpet. I wailed until I couldn’t breathe; until my mouth was a deep, swollen hole in which no sound emerged. And then I sobbed more so. Everything pulsed with mournfulness.


I persistently ignored your existence after that part. I no longer ate with you, nor did I stay in rooms you occupied. I cut off touching you and indulging in everything Chanyeol. I stopped trailing you after that. I woke early and showered, practiced, smiled and worked. I started eating breakfast alone and dating girls. I did so because my feelings were too genuine to make you suffer.

So I cut you off. Chanyeol.

I knew you didn’t understand and I know I never explained it. But it was better this way. Better for you. Better for me-

No scratch that last part.

It wasn’t  better for me, but it was necessary for me.

But I still watched the light reflecting in your eyes and your hair. And you were still very much beautiful.


I heard you complaining to Jongdae about me. About how I treat you so indifferently, you were mad I didn’t tell you about Taeyeon. Enraged I hadn’t told you anything in the past weeks.You sounded distressed and asked for advice but everyone told you ‘He’s figuring things out, leave him be.’ You also treated Taeyeon differently after that. You didn’t bow to her or address her with honorifics. You evaded her the way I avoided you.

Don’t hate her. She doesn’t hate you. She just gets it.

She gets how it feels. She gets why we don’t speak. Why the other members treat me like china. She understood that when her hands gripped  my cock, I needed them to be rough like yours might have been. In the dead of the night in the heat of the black she touched and I touched.  And when I came in her, she understood why your name was just the smallest of whispers on my mouth.

And Chanyeol she never poked fun. She never called me gay or fag, like your friends. She understood that a body is a body, but I love a person for their soul. She felt the same and things might just be okay.


It has been some time. I no longer touch Taeyeon at night. And I no longer hurt with the strain of unrequited love. Make no mistake, I still am undoubtedly in love with you. But I know not to suffer from it anymore. I’m smarter and have learned to just enjoy the burning beauty that is you. And I have accepted our friendship. You, and the world as it seems, is just as happy with our reunion. You still feel like warm socks and over sized sweaters and lemonade on a summer day to me. And that is ok.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t-

No scratch that.

Won’t feel the same.

For I love you until tomorrow and every tomorrow after that.

         Love Always,


                   - By Tenny 

2p as The big bang theory quotes
  • 2p Italy: I'm very good at complaining.
  • 2p Germany: *with beer* I couldn't find you guys, so I bought 6 new friends.
  • 2p Japan: My new computer came with windows 7. Windows 7 is much more user-friendly than windows vista. I don't like that.
  • 2p Austria: You get your hopes up, I knock them down. That's called teamwork.
  • 2p America: Don't you think that if I were wrong I'd know it?
  • 2p England: Was that... sarcasm??
  • 2p France: People say you can't live without love. I think oxygen is more important.
  • 2p China: Don't talk. Just drink.
  • 2p Russia: I cry because others are stupid and this makes me sad.
  • 2p Canada: The only person that signed my yearbook was my mom. "Dear Matt, self-respect and virginity are far better than friends and fun. Love, mom."

anonymous asked:

How would the 2ps react to at their wedding when the priest says " speak now, or be quiet forever" (or something like that) the 2p's 1p stand up and declare that they are against them getting married, because the 1p is in love with the bride? Thank you if you answer this, love your blog ❤

Awwww thanks!

2p America: PORKCHOP? 

2p England: Ohhhhhh dear. Is that true Artie? Ohhh dear

2p France: Too bad. 

2p Russia: Sorry old friend, but they love me.

2p China: Hummmmmmmm, threesome?

2p Canada:……my maple friend….sh*t

2p Italy: Deal with it.

2p Germany: oh geeze, sorry Luddy.

2p Kuro: Threesome?

2p Romano: The one day I don’t want drama.

2p Prussia: super scared s/o will leave him cause in his mind Gilbert is the better version

2p Austria: SUCK IT LOSER! MWAHAHAHAHA! That made today even better!

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How has your summer been so far?

Hello! My summer has been fucking incredible. I’ll make a bullet list!

  • My internship is pretty much the best experience of my life. I love the company, I love what I’m doing, I love the corporate culture, I love the work and the people. 
    • Side note: I do not hate NYC as much as I thought I would. 
    • I got to listen in on my boss’ boss closing a business deal with a show which is incredibly cool? Like, wow?
    • My boss’ boss seems to really like me; he comes and chats with me all the time and we have a good banter so even though he’s scary it’s awesome
      • Also this man literally did all the legal work for the Lion King OB production and National Tour, like that’s a little legendary and I get to see him at work every day. 
  • I’ve gotten to spend time with so many people I love. 
    • My cousin, my best friend, is moving to China for a whole year next month… but I’m living in her house this summer and she comes home sometimes so I’ve gotten to see her more than I ever have before and I love her so much and always have.
    • I got to see my grandma at my cousin’s graduation *weeps* It’s been so long, I love my grandma so much, she’s amazing. She’s the funniest person I know. 
    • Also I’ve been getting to hang out with my other gram too and she’s also amazing. Adore that woman. She seems happy and she’s really proud of me which??? To me is insane? Like I’m so happy to make her proud of me? 
      • My other cousin on that side of the family is coincidentally living down here too (he has an internship with Pepsi or something, wtf) and so I’m really glad my gram has two grandkids to hang out with. I know sometimes she gets lonely even though she keeps busy. 
    • I get to see @roe-your-boat at work and have lunch with her all the time!!!
  • @youaretoosmart​ came to visit me!!! For ten days!!! It was epic!!! I love her so much *cries*
  • I finally found a foundation that is the best color match ever and stays on??? What?
  • I’m living in a place where there’s a CVS across the street. This has never happened to me before. Like, what do you mean I can walk across the street and go to Dunks? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T TAKE FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES TO GET EVERYWHERE?
  • MY AUNT’S DOG LIKES ME what a plot twist no dogs ever like me
  • Broadway shows I’ve seen so far this summer: 
    • Great Comet
    • Hello, Dolly
    • Waitress
    • Bandstand
    • Great Comet (again)
  • Broadway shows I have to see but don’t have enough money to: 
    • Anastasia
    • Indecent 
    • 1984
  • I’ve been listening to the History Chicks podcast a lot and it makes me really really happy for some reason? I just feel really inadequate in history and I want to learn more. 
    • I love Queen Victoria 
    • And Elizabeth I– I’m actually reading a biography of her rn, she’s badass.
  • My Aunt’s place has a pool, it’s rad. 
  • I haven’t had an anxiety attack since the end of June!!! If I make it through July, it’ll be the first time I’ve gone a whole month without throwing up since June of 2015, when my panic attacks started. 
  • I’ve gone home once a month since I came here so I still get to see @reyskywalkerrsolo​ sometimes, which is good because otherwise I’d be having withdrawal. 
  • ALSO I love only seeing my mom once a month, it makes me like her so much more. I miss my dad though :( 
    • Wait I’m gonna text my dad and tell him I love him brb
  • I get to meet @im2old4thisotp​ soon!
  • I feel so organized, like I literally have a day of the week to do laundry and stuff, I just feel like everything is manageable rn. 
  • But also I’m exhausted from commuting and working which is great because I feel so busy and like I’m working really really hard????
  • I love Stydia?
  • I’m taking two classes now which is hellish and stressful but also IT’S OKAY I can do this I can do this
  • I found one of my favorite Lydia dresses on poshmark for, like, $10??? In my size??? I bought it???
  • My nails look amazing, having acrylics has legitimately improved the quality of my life
  • I’m already organizing my Christmas presents for people so that I’m not buying crappy ones at the last minute. I have a whole list with prices so I can budget, and backups in case something happens. 
    • Everywhere I go I find something new to buy for @itsalwayslydia. Ridiculous. 
  • I’ve been able to leave the house without makeup a few times which to me feels like a personal victory 
    • If you don’t think this sounds like a victory, you underestimate how much I loathe myself. 
  • My favorite fanfic author of all time since middle school wrote me a Stydia fic that was a Newsroom AU… wtf?
  • I was able to marathon a few shows which is rad because I couldn’t watch anything new when I was depressed, for some reason it was too much for me
  • I GOT MY COUSIN INTO B99! And my two best friends, Ashley and Gwendolin. Next up, I’m taking my other best friend, Emily, down… I know she and her boyfriend would love it, I just have to strike at the right moment. 
  • I’m also feeling incredibly creatively inspired, and even though I don’t have a lot of time to write, it still feels super fulfilling :) 
  • Spiderman Homecoming was epic and I can’t wait to write Peter/MJ fic in a few years. 
  • I have a list of life goals (like 20 or so things I want to accomplish/be able to do/see/learn, etc) and I think I’m doing a pretty good job on them, which makes me happy. 

So that’s my summer. How’s yours going?

Update on the dad thing: 

An Explorer’s Playlist; 

Whether it’s at home reading about the ancient world or out there exploring cities that are centuries old, this instrumental playlist will do it for you.

I uploaded this a while back but since it recently hit gold, here is an updated tracklist:

 ± Terra Firma - Bazaar Brawl -  Azeem O Shah Shahenshah - Up is Down -    Tomb Raider Legend - Chinese Erhu Dreams - Dandini - African Drums -      Mission Impossible Mood India - Flight Over Venice - The Caravan -            Night at the Caravanserai - Coastal Thailand - the Prince of Persia - Autumn Night - Cradle of Life - Florence Tarantella - AC3 Naval - Fascination - Parkour Creed - Native American Flute - Persia Theme - Master and Mentor - Blue Little Flower - Beer and Friends - Sen Rei - Lakshmi - Mu Min Xe Ge - Fight Club - Abrege - Kopano Part 3 - Charu Keshu Rain - Beats Antique - Eternal Root - the English Renaissance - Dreamcatcher of Africa - Deos Erotas - Ibelin - A Historic Love - Cherry Blossoms in Winter - I Was Born For This - Trap Bhangra - Singapore - Cradle of Life - Arrival in China - Tortuga - Rameses II - Persian Game of Thrones Theme - The Mummy’s Caravan ±

Open playlist.  Listen here.

Thanks for getting me to gold! 

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You have led me to a caring love for 2P!Prussia and I love it~! He's cute the way you protray him. >///< Can I make a request for the 2P! reaction to meeting the reader's friends? Thank you~!

((omg, i swear 2p!prussia and 2p!china are the most popular 2p’s on the blog; they always get the most fan mail xD oh, and you’re welcome, dear!~))

you: *introduces a 2P to your friends*

2p!america: *has his arm around you the whole time* nice to meet ya.~ if you’re friends with my homegirl then you must be cool, am i right? *smirks*

2p!china: ni hao, i’m zao wang. and that *points to you* is mine, okay? *grins*

2p!england: good heavens, it is a pleasure to meet you all! i’ve heard such great things and i’m sure you are all lovely!~ *tries to hug every single friend*

2p!russia: hello, please treat me well.

2p!france: *nods at them* hey.

2p!italy: *peers at you* do you mind?~ *if you say no* then hello, beauties~ *smooches all of them on the cheek in greeting* i’m sure we can be friends *snickers*

2p!germany: *bro-hugs them all* ‘sup, we’re gonna have some fun together~

2p!japan: i was told to greet you informally. *shakes their hands instead of bowing*

2p!canada: *waves awkwardly* uh, yeah, hi

2p!romano: *blows them kisses* it is absolutely fabulous to meet you, darlings.

2p!austria: *laughs* greetings, my soon-to-be minions of darkness~

2p!prussia: *hides behind your back* um… h-hello… *blushes* p-please be kind to me…

another tag game whee

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by @fyorahime

A- Age: 20

B- Birthplace: China

C- Current time:  11:58 PM

D- Drink you last had: water

E- Easiest person to talk to: my brother

F- Favorite song: "hoshi wo otosu” by galileo galilei

G- Grossest memory: um….?? can’t think of any. I’ve probably suppressed them all lol

H- Horror yes or horror no: oh heck no my friends dragged me into a horror movie once and I literally had my eyes covered for half the film

I- In love: y-yeah….. (though low-key in love with like everyone tbh)

J- Jealous of people: *sighs* those people in my class that just seem to get it y’know like always doing well :/

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: not really a believer in true love at first sight but you can certainly feel strong interest or physical attraction

M- Middle name:

N- Number of siblings: dos

O- One wish: um….. to have a good future, financially stable with a job I like….. more concretely I guess I want to get into a good grad school too (and I recently decided I want to go for astronomy)

P- Person you called last: my brother

Q- Question you are always asked: “oh my god are you twins?”

R- Reason to smile: having fun with friends, eating good food, dogs, music, learning cool things

S- Song you last sang: humming along to studio ghibli movie soundtracks

T- Time you woke up: 8:00am

U- Umbrella color: I…. don’t think I have one omg

V- Vacation destination: VISIT MY ONLINE FRIENDS ACROSS THE COUNTRY…. and international friends too. so this means places in Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, California, the UK, Germany, and others…. also Japan cus of course

W- Worst habit: I pick at my nails a lot when I’m stressed, and unfortunately even when I’m not stressed sometimes one of my nails would start bothering me and I feel a weird urge to just keep picking at it ugh

X- X-rays: never had one unless you count dentist ones

Y- Your favorite food: ice cream, fruits, bread, candy….. I like a lot of foods

Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini!~

I’m gonna tag @casadea@rose-of-the-wind, @theaceofgays,  @theneonflower, @hatsune-miku-was-here, @commonwealth-compliments, @uravityochaco, @youchika, @megumi-sakura, only if y’all want to!! <3


America- Alfred walked into the home, hearing music being blasted through speackers, then came his wonderful S/o, “Hercules Mulligan! I need no introductions! When you knock me down I get fuck back up again!” Seeing them dancing around he immediately dropped everything and joined, willing performing the rest if the soundtrack. Alfred is Hamilton trash.

China- “I was younger than you are now. When I was given my first command. I lead my men straight into a massacre. I witnessed their deaths first hand,” Yoa heard singing coming from the kitchen, not only was it loud but it had been constant. All. Day. Getting a bit annoyed in all honesty he walked into the kitchen, seeing his S/o holding a mop and singing into the handle of a broom he shook his head. “I’m to old for this,” He says before turning around and walking away.

England- Arthur was sitting on the sofa in the living room, reading a book when he heard loud, not so good, singing from their bedroom. “You say our love is draining and you can’t go ooooooon. You’ll be the one complaining when I am gooooone!” Confused Arthur put down his book and walked up the stairs to their bedroom. Seeing his S/o dancing around he was confused but amused at the same time. Eventually after hearing the same song so many times he joined in, not because he wanted but because his S/o wanted him to. So he says….

France- “Everyone give it up for America’s favorite fighting frenchman! Laffayette!” S/o shouted turning to Francis, who was clearly ready for this, a hair brush in hand. “I’m taking this horse by the reins! Making red coats redder with blood stains!” This was a normal occurrence in the household of Francis and his S/o.

Russia- “I-if you see him walking alone. T-talking to himself,” Choked singing was heard from the room over. Ivan, confused and soon hearing sniffling as well he stood up and walked into the room, seeing his S/o crying. “Sunflower are you okay?” Ivan asked walking over to them. “Philip!” And then Ivan proceed to hug them, though confused.


Italy- Feliciano felt and arm wrap around his shoulder, “I look into your eyes and sky’s the limit, I’m helpless!” They sang. Felicano smiled and sang along, this was the only song he knew, and he only knew it through them, but he might as well sing along right? He liked to sing anyways.

Garmany- “Take a break!” Ludwig heard a voice, a familiar one at that singing, turning around in his spiny desk chair he watched as they continued to sing a song of some sorts. “Der Liebling, please get out I’m trying to work.”

Japan- Kiku had heard his S/o singing this song for quite a while, he didn’t as however, and just sat and listened as they sang. “In the eye of a hurricane there is quite. For just a moment.”


Prussia- “Excuse me miss I know it’s not funny but your your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. Why you slumming it in the city with your fancy heels? Are you searching for an urchin who can give you ideals?” Gilbert starred down at his S/o as they lent against them, raising their eyebrows. “Burr you disgust me.” His S/o had dragged him into Hamilton, and here he was now.

Canada- Matthew was sitting on the couch when his S/o came through the door way, raising their hands up and singing some song that he didn’t know. “I swear I’ll be around, I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll make a million mistakes,” Matthew sat quietly and watched.

Romano- Lovino unlocked the door and walked in, only to see his S/o standing on the coffee table rapping some song
that he didn’t know. “Madison, you’re mad as a hatter, son, take your medicine. Damn, you’re in worse shape than the national debt is in. Sittin’ there useless as two shits
Hey, turn around, bend over, I’ll show you
here my shoe fits.” Lovino put down the bag of groceries and walked over shaking his head, “Stupid ragazza get off the table!” This put an end to their days of wrapping Hamilton lyrics on the coffee table… as far as Lovi knew that is.


My friend @ariana4484thepotato helped me with chosing most of the songs so thank you! Also this ask was so much fun t do

the truth is, i do love you, more than i should. and with you, the lines between platonic and romantic are blurred and i’m sort of fucked up like that, i’m kind of a tangled mess of affection for you that can’t sort itself out. i don’t know platonic from romantic when i’m near you, and i do love you. i just don’t know how.” — the truth always hurts, but i never meant to tell you xx

i. what you need — the weeknd. ii. sober — childish gambino. iii. take care — drake ft. rihanna. iv. novacane — frank ocean. v. come get her — rae sremmurd. vi. often — the weeknd. vii. heartbeat — childish gambino. viii. love more — chris brown. ix. sweater weather — the neighbourhood. x. be my baby — ariana grande. xi. wonderwall — oasis. xii. cant feel my face — the weeknd. xiii. cant be friends — trey songz. xiv. right here — justin bieber ft. drake. xv. fine china — chris brown. xvi. ghost — halsey. xvii. let me love you — ne-yo. xviii. diet mountain dew — lana del rey. xix. fucked up — young rising sons. xx. sex — the 1975. xxi. anyone else but you — the moldy peaches. xxii. talk dirty — jason derulo. xxiii. happy little pill — troye sivan. xxiv. story of my life — one direction.

listen here xx

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May I get a matchup pls? 😆 I'm a Virgo and an INFP. I'm an idealistic optimist, positive, kind, soft-spoken but loud and devious once you get to know me, very determined, sassy, silly, low key perfectionist, cold, stubborn, jealous, and tend to be distant when hurt. My friends consider me a conservative-mom type of friend. I have long, wavy brown hair, brown eyes that are slightly downturned, glasses, pale skin, hour glass figure, C-cup and thick thighs. THANK YOU!!

I ship you with 1P CHINA! YAO WANG!

Ok, so he likes that you can be both soft-spoken, but isn’t afraid to be loud when needed! He needs someone sassy and silly to balance him out, but loves that you, like him, are a low-key perfectionist. You two can understand watch other and help one another. He’s the dad coughgranddadcough type so he matches your mother type!

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anonymous asked:

May I have a matchup with the 2ps please. I am 5'6 and mixed(black&white). I am a Leo with a ENFP. I am very outgoing or very akward when I first meet someone. I am weird, stubborn, pretty loud, and sweet. I can also be very calm at times. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and usually have not problem with calling someone out. But I get pushed around by my "closer friends" a lot. I am a social butterfly and I like talking to new people. I am very active as well. thanks a bunch.

;lp[=]I’m so happy someone was looking for 2ps! -Admin Jay

So based on what you told me, I’m putting you with 2p China/ Zhao Wang!

Zhao would love how outgoing you can be, but he wouldn’t let people push you around. He would love meeting new people with you and would take you to the greatest parties ever. Zhao, himself, is weird and loud, but he has his moments that he would love to chill with you and just watch movies on the couch. He may drag you into some weird situations, but don’t worry he usually has a plan to get out of them! 

(photo from the 2p wiki page)

I had a really great conversation with a friend from dog school last night. 

Bitsy and Pinkman went to Agility classes (Pinkman ran like a bull in a china shop, had a great time; Bitsy did the swinging bridge, chute, walked over poles, and ended on the mini-teeter, had no idea my deafblind baby was going to be an agility prodigy) and my friend watched us work. Afterwards we were talking about dogs and life and he said something I thought was really profound: 

“You love your dogs for who they are and not what you want them to be.”

I had been trying to articulate what frustrates me about some aspects of dog raising and training and it’s that, exactly. People get a dog and think “you are going to be a service/agility/conformation/ringsport/frisbee/WHATEVER dog and their dog for whatever reason isn’t or maybe just doesn’t have a natural predilection for that field, and then they resent the dog for who he isn’t as opposed to finding the unique things about him that make him shine. 

My dog Pinkman is an AMAZING tricks and agility dog, but she’s never going to be a calm, gentle house pet or a therapy dog in nursing homes or hospitals.

Gimli is the most loving, loyal, empathetic dog I’ve ever had, so in tune with people’s emotions and a terrific guardian and protector, but after years of training and counterconditioning he’s still reactive and it’s almost impossible to teach him commands.

Bitsy is calm and smart and fearless, but simply because of the nature of her disability there are many things she’ll never physically be able to do, like frisbee or agility or even competitive obedience.

For me, being their owner and trainer (and dad) means that I can’t waste time thinking about what I wish they could do, but I need to instead use that time to celebrate who they are and develop their natural talents, even if it wasn’t what I specifically had in mind. Maybe the woman frustrated with her dog in agility last night actually has a champion dock dog on her hands and doesn’t know it. Maybe the couple who can’t get their dog to sit still in obedience has a dog that will change children’s lives in a Reading to Rover program. It doesn’t mean their dogs can’t do agility or obedience; with consistent positive training they might even be great some day! But the foundation of all of these sports and tasks is the relationship between handler and animal, and if it’s founded on resentment the whole point is moot. 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


I have tweeted, I have instagramed, I have celebrated, I have screamed, I have shared with the world. But I think it’s time that I formally address this topic…

As you all may know, my only little sister, China, will be starring - alongside the amazing cast of Disney’s Descendants - in Descendants 2 as Ursula’s daughter, Uma…

As you may ALSO know, my only BIG sister, Sierra, has gone and amazed everyone with her amazing, beautiful, pure voice on the set of FOX’s Empire and will be joining them in their 3rd season this September…

I have grown up with the both of them and watched their hunger for greatness grow and their talents skyrocket to unbelievable heights. I am often amazed by their aptitude. The MINUTE I think my sisters cannot get any more talented than they already are, they prove me wrong. Every. Single. Time.

I have had the HONOR of being their sister and watching as their hopes and dreams turned into reality.

China - at only 17 years old - has already done WELL OVER 100 episodes of television and made history by playing the very first African-American Margaret in A Dennis the Menace Christmas almost 10 years ago. She is a self-motivated, determined, passionate young woman and I have learned SO much from her. She is confident and smart and so, so very special. Every single time I go to try something new, or learn something, or take something on that might be difficult for me? I always say to myself, “what would China do?” My fearless firecracker… China, if I even had HALF of the determination that you do, I would be set for life. You inspire me every day. WhatEVER you do, you do it 1000% and if you even think you can’t do it 1000%? You prepare. You practice. You rehearse. You PERFECT whatever it is you’re faced with. That is such an admirable trait and something you should be oh so proud of..

Sierra… She is only 22 years old and aside from the fact that she is about to change the entire world with her voice and lyrics that are so amazing, nobody would ever believe she wrote them? She has also managed to change MY life. I have never met someone that is so young yet has so much control over their life. I wake up every single day eager to learn something new from her and she never disappoints - even when we are thousands of miles apart… She is my only big sister/sibling and I am beyond blessed to have her in my life. Sierra, if anybody EVER needed a reason to believe in God, all they’d have to do is look at you. Look at your life, your routine, your heart. You are living proof that, even though we make mistakes and have regrets, God will ALWAYS bless consistency and faithfulness…


I’m not a very vulnerable person, guys. I used to be when I was younger but things that have happened in my life have changed that drastically. And because of those things, I don’t have that many heroes. I don’t idolize anyone, I don’t aspire to be like many people, I don’t open myself and my emotions and my heart up to many people.

But Sierra and China.. My sisters. You two are my heroes. My warriors. My champions. My protagonists in every way. I. Am. Honored. That I get to live this life with you two. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It brings me to tears to know that God loved me enough to put me in a family with you guys. You two are the reason that I dream. The reason that I hope. The reason that I know that - no matter what - everything is gonna be alright, especially when it’s proving to be the opposite.

And I won’t even start with Gabriel! My very best friend… He will definitely take up an entire letter!

Anyway, not to be long winded;) But I thank you two - Sierra and China - from the very, very, very bottom of my heart. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for putting up with me and my moodiness. And thank you for showing me that life is not all about the mistakes you make. It’s about how you come back from them. And you two are making one HELL of a comeback!!!

I love you Sierra. I love you China.

And Gabriel? I’m saving your 18 paragraphs for a special occasion;)

Sisters, I could not be prouder. You two are the most deserving people that I know - FLAWS AND ALL! Congratulations!


Your Sister/Tucket/LouLaBell…

P.S. Pls, excuse any typos if they exist! I am partially blind and I’ve lost my glasses.. Hehe;)<333

Hetalia Characters as Thing’s I’ve Said


Canada: Oh, I’ve suddenly realised why I’m squinting my eyes so much. I forgot to put my contact lenses in today, no wonder my eyes look so dead.

England: Idk man, I’ve been watching that trippy 1980s movie the last unicorn and I think I might be a unicorn too. Or I might be having a midlife crisis. That or an existential crisis. Which one I do not know.

France: Look, I am THEE prosecco princess. I need that apron.

China: Look at those trees far off in the distance, what do they want? What are they plotting? 

Russia: When I go out for dinner I never drink fizzy juice, if I’m driving its water, if not it’s always going to be some kind of alcohol. I’m gonna drink until I forget all my problems!

Germany: I went out on my new bike for a while today! (How was it?) My bum and thighs are freezing.

Japan: Fine, I’ll come to your place, but I’m only coming to pet your dog.

N. Italy: Wait, now you look me in the eye and you tell me we don’t need that giant bag of pasta.

S. Italy: I will literally drop kick you in the face.

Prussia: Yea, it’s a lovely day, but I can admire it quite well from my spot here on the couch thank you.

Spain: Woah, woah, woah. What is that cat doing walking on the outskirts of the woods at this time in the morning?! You should be in your kitty bed mr!

Denmark: Hell yea! I’m only running on 3 hours sleep, but yea! Let’s go climb a tree, let’s go take on the fucking world!

Norway: *Grandmother puts out of date leek into a plant pot to see if more will grow from it* Wow, the world suddenly makes sense.

Iceland: Ugh, my eyes are running, my nose is running and I am running… Away from my problems.

Finland: I love all this wedding stuff that’s out just now, but I’m not getting married anytime soon. Maybe I should buy a dog and marry it, like one of those stories you read in really bad magazines. (Friend: poor dog. Me: HEY!.)

Sweden: No, if I got locked in a place overnight I’d want it to be IKEA, you’ve got everything there. They’d just open the doors the next day and I’d have built a new civilianisation.

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Nicknames: Melody that’s what some of my friends call me.

Gender: the last time I checked mmmm… I believe I’m a female 100%

zodiac: horse

Height: 168cm

Sexuality: straight

Favorite animal: anything adorable and cute does Mark tuan count?

Average hours sleeping on my not busy days 7 hours work days 6 hours I’m an night owl and I’m not a morning person I’m a bit of both

Dream job: chef that used to be my job and I love cooking so the same I guess.

Dream vacation trip: China and Spain

When I made this account I didn’t know what I wanted to put I would put mangas like Cardcaptor Sakura was my favorite then dramatically everything changed to kpop about 2 years ago and a half I was never active the first year

Favorite color: black. gold. red. white. pink. blue. mint green.

Favorite genre: K-POP. hip hop. Punk rock. J Rock.

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