i love my followers


2,500 Follower gift - Booties

I seriously cannot thank you all enough. You’re fantastic and I need your lovins.

  • Toddler female only. I’ll make some for the boys a little later.
  • 4 recolorable channels 
  • 4 overlay variations
  • I didnt know how to fix the shadow I’m sorry D:
  •  Mesh by Tantra at MTS. I just made a few fixes with the textures.
  • Please message me if you have any problems with them.

Please do not claim as your own or reupload!
Pretty please tag me if you use these so I can see!

To get that real bootie look I highly suggest you download these knitted patterns by Hellen. They’re amazing. Almost as amazing as my followers!

I love you guys! Enjoy! <3 


Good morning! <3

Please don’t forget:

  • you are allowed to be grumpy
  • you don’t need to know why
  • you can ask for a hug without explaining yourself
  • you are very important and your feelings are valid
  • I love you from your head to your toes
  • if you forgot how great and lovely you are, let me know, I will remind you
  • you are not alone
  • I think you are cute
  • be kind with yourself
  • oh did I mention that I love you? Because I do.