i love my fellow johnlock shippers

The Reactions to The Final Problem

I’m sad. I’m disappointed. Oh, no, not in the episode! I thought that The Final Problem was amazing. My heart was beating so fast all the way through the twists and turns!

I’m disappointed about how people are reacting to the episode. The fandom that I love is now up in arms because of a certain expectation of many people that wasn’t fulfilled tonight. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about how Johnlock did not become canon in TFP. This could be the last episode of Sherlock ever, y'all, EVER (the ending sure hinted at that, but I’m hoping that there will still be more to come). It could be the last episode, and the people in this fandom are fighting instead of discussing and loving what has been given to them through this show. I went on here to freak out with my fellow fans and just reflect on this great show, but I was instantly met with negativity and that immediately made my excitement and happiness dwindle. Instead of just talking about these last four series and seeing how it came to this point, people are unleashing negativity that is bringing so many people down.

Don’t get me wrong, Johnlock shippers. I know that a lot of you loved this episode and are excitedly talking about Sherlolly and even Adlock with other fans who are down for all the possibilities and routes this show could have gone. But there are some Johnlock shippers who are writing off this ENTIRE SERIES because of their ship not sailing. But that’s all it is. It’s a ship. Period. Dear Johnlock shippers who now hate the writers for not fulfilling your expectations: I know your pain. I won’t deny it. I’ve shipped characters before whose relationships never became canon. Yeah, it hurt like hell, but I accepted that that is how the writers wanted it to be. “It is what it is.” It’s simple. Some people saw queerbaiting, some people didn’t. Some people wanted John and Sherlock to be more than friends, some people saw them as nothing more than best friends. Do NOT bully people who do not share your views, especially NOT the content creators who GAVE YOU THIS DAMN SHOW AND THESE CHARACTERS THAT WE LOVE SO MUCH. Please. You can’t tell me that Johnlock was all you were waiting for. What about the interesting plot lines? What about the glimpses into Sherlock’s memory palace? What about the thrill of the chase and the game being on once more?

The game may never be afoot again. Please don’t spend this time being negative.


Disclaimer: I’m not here to pick on any ships or take any sides, I just wanted to share the hilarious narration provided by myself and my lovely Johnlock pal Moe with our fellow shippers! Play nice, guys! (And I’m talking to all of you, although I know every ship has its extremists! If Moe and I can have fun with this, so can you! :D )

EDIT: Text re-coloured by popular demand- hope it’s more readable this time! I was making this at 3 in the morning on limited energy so I didn’t give much thought to its legibility at the time! (Side note: I have no idea how you’re supposed to write John Cleese’s ludicrous French pronunciation of ‘knights’ so I did what I could xD )