i love my fandom too much

thxgiving is evil so on my holy birthday i just want to say i’m so grateful for all of you i really really don’t know where i’d be without this awful shitty mess of a fandom. to my main boys - @lesbianlouis @kiwipose @harryisabean @silverfoxlouis - and the new friends i have made - @horsegirlharry @justlarried @cafelesbian @yoongislesbians @lsterhowell @tightropeofhope @five9 @hazlouquitefinished @rapunzelstyles @golddustdyke @jlf23tumble @samewhiteshirt @wildwomanofthewoods - and the ppl who have suffered w me for way too long - @bananastagram @birdalmighty @tmhboyfriends @gaysilk @jimmytfallon - and everyone else i follow, everyone who follows me and sends me msgs and just bothers to read my stupid posts, thank you so much, i am sending you a whole lot of warm lesbian love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Giving Thanks~

Good evening. It’s been a long day spent with relatives, most of whose company I enjoy. I’m now home with a glass of wine and my computer. But before I begin trying to catch up with everything I missed in Tumblrland today, I wish to send out a message. This is not just for those who celebrate Thanksgiving, but to all of you, because you’re all a part of it.

I’m thankful for you. Those who chat with me, I don’t take it for granted, even if I worry that I unload too much when you have your own lives to worry about. But I appreciate you lending an ear. Those who read my writing, I love you more than words can say. If you’ve ever sent me a message, ever reblogged something of mine, ever tagged me in a post, you are wonderful and special. I am grateful for my followers, even if we’ve never spoken. Being here and being part of this fandom is something that makes me happy, and I’m so glad you’ve chosen to include me in your blogging experience.

I hope the rest of this year brings you the kind of joy you deserve. But if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to, or just feel like fangirling, I’m always here to be your friend.

Thank you.


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The vibes I got from you were excited and happy and things like that! I recently followed you because of the vibes! You're great!

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hfdsghdifueahgius thanks man!!!! bnha is such a fun fandom to be in, I find it really easy to be positive and excited/scared for upcoming content (I keep remember what scenes are going to be in season three and don’t know whether to be excited for it or not aaaaaaaaaa) 

thanks so much for following <3

Happy Holidays From Rae-Mun!

//Hey ya’ll!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season which starts today. 

Since it’s Thanksgiving here in America, I wanted to give thanks to everyone in the Cuphead RP Community for being extremely kind, supportive and encouraging towards me when I was at my lowest yesterday, and welcomed both me and Jazza with open arms. I’m still kinda mentally messed up from what happened, and heartbroken, but it is what it is. I’m no longer in that certain toxic fandom I refuse to mention, and I’m never going back, gave me too bad a taste in my mouth.  I am extremely grateful and blessed to be part of The Cuphead RP Community, you guys are super awesome and great people!

I am also thankful towards my mutuals and followers for your support and for being such amazing and awesome people, I love you guys so much! ;w; I hope you guys have a great and safe holiday season. 2018 is almost here, hope it’s a better year! 

Lol I rhymed. 

Happy Holidays, guys! <3333

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Five mutuals. Five things you like about them. GO!

Oh dam n this question makes me nervous 

I don’t know which five mutuals to choose so I’m just going with the first five mutuals in my DMs (anon, if you’re one of the mutuals who sent this then pls forgive dfjds)

@trashysasuke (nice new username btw finally got rid of the “yas”): hilarious, too much sass for one person (in a good way tbh), probably the only mutual who i fully share my haikyuu love with, open-minded, looks v pretty, I aspire to reach her level of confidence lmaoo

@mycherryqueen: absolute sweetheart, I don’t deserve her friendship, AMAZING graphic maker even if she thinks she’s ‘just a beginner’, is really really really fun to talk to, too good for this fandom

@teenagetreepatrol: MY ANTI-ENDING RANT BUDDY, never holds back on Boruto-hate, is the only source of all the political stuff on my dash (which i love btw), can’t get enough of our chats, also i need to know more about you ajhadkdf

@fineillsignup: One of my Cool Mutuals, her rants are ON POINT, her meta is to live for, HELPS US EXPLORE THE VERY TALENTED CHINESE FANDOM, always has the good content and I feel blessed every time she like reblogs or comments on my posts haaaaaa

@i-just-really-like-sakura: we connect on a spiritual level, text posts are hilarious, sends me messages containing posts they know I would love (friendship goals??), likes/reblogs/comments on all of my shitposts (thank u), is an amazing person overall i love u barbie

thank u for reading

and if any mutual feels left let out, send me a heart emoji or something and i’ll tell you five things i like about you heh

hey, hello, i forgot it was yesterday ldkgldgl :( anyway, my name’s jo (not actually thats my nickname but bleh), i’m 18 y/o from chile.

i haven’t been in the fandom too long, since like september? i think, i met them looking for some k-pop groups to listen to and here i am, i didn’t think i would love them so much tbh, that’s all, i think, so feel free to message me anytime 😊

Storm gathers

Let that hair fly freely in the wind while you have it, Thor. MEANWHILE I love seeing the weather change with his mood, it’s still good :’))
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general li mulan

okay so i LOVE mulan okay. as far as i’m concerned it’s a Perfect Movie and doesn’t need any fixing. but i was thinking today and -

- what if mulan didn’t go to war to save her father?

say her father is dead, okay, killed by the previous war. so she’s raised by her mother and grandmother, women who’s complacency and softness has been worn away by necessity. she needs to marry well, for her family’s sake, because her mother has refused the hand of every man who offered. but mulan is even more rough around the edges than before, is educated not only in books (her mother said men wouldn’t find smarts attractive and grandmother pointed out that men aren’t always around and off to school mulan went) but in the sword too, taught to her by her classmate, ping.

mulan is considered in the lower end of the upper class, coming from a family of military men and scholars and successful merchants. ping is near the top, the son or nephew of an advisor to the emperor. his family is very rich and very important, and the reason they become friends is because mulan manages to notice something about him that he’s been hiding from everyone else - he’s going blind.

not totally blind, enough to get around, but blind enough that reading is difficult and swordplay is even worse, although once he has it down he has it. ping is no fool, he’s not weak or bumbling. his eyes just don’t work. so mulan notices and confronts him about it. she promises to keep it a secret, and hey, she’ll even help him with his assignments by reading the books out loud and helping him study. but in return he must teach her the sword, must teach her about military and tactics. he agrees.

ping and mulan become very good friends and there’s some raised eyebrows about it but they are TOO far away in class for it to be inappropriate, so they make tutting sounds and disapproving faces and let it go.

then the draft happens. ping can’t go to war, he won’t survive it. not with his eyesight like it is. so mulan offers him a deal - she’ll go to war for him, in his place. in return, if she survives, he must marry her. if she dies he must take care of her family.

ping can’t make this kind of family decision on his own, so he goes to his mother and tells her everything, about the eyesight and how he’ll die if he goes and mulan’s offer. his mother says he must keep it a secret from his father, but agrees - if mulan fights in her son’s place and survives, a wedding will be arranged. either way, mulan’s family will be taken care of. ping will be sent to live with some cousins in the meanwhile.

“you’re not in love with me, are you?” ping asks, helping mulan saddle her horse in the middle of the night. she scoffs and rolls her eyes, “not even a little. but marrying you will make my family happy, and besides, you’re my best friend,” she says, smiling, “better you than some grabby old man.” he smiles and hugs her and says, “i’m not in love with you either. but don’t die out there. we have a wedding to plan.”

so mulan goes to the camp, pretending to be ping, and she’s a little bit less lost but things still go as they go. she’s educated and trained, so it’s not hard for her to pass as ping. shang is keeping a special eye on her, thinking that she’s the son of an advisor, one of his father’s friends. and he sees how easily she excels, how quick thinking and smart she is, and starts giving her more and more responsibilities. by the time they’re called out, shang considers ping ie mulan to be his right hand man, and possibly his best friend.

he’s also a little bit in love with ping, and he’s long known he’s attracted to both genders, so he watches ping laugh and smile and the crease between his eyes when he frowns and does his best to let his feelings chase away the best soldier he has. every time shang looks at ping his heart clenches and he things to himself: i wish i could have you, i wish this was a time and a place where one man could have another, i wish you were a girl, is wish i was a girl - i wish we could be together. he’s literally a step away from doodling ‘li ping’ with little hearts over his battle plans. 

so the battles happen. shang and ping lead their men together, respected and loved. they each get promoted, and promoted, and promoted. it’s been years, and it comes to a point where they’re both generals in their own right. they trust each other, care for each other. and are both secretly in love with the other.

mulan is so conflicted. because she wants this war to end and to go home and settle back into life and become ping’s wife, so she can have an easy life spent studying and learning with her family taken care of. that’s what she’d wanted. but now what she wants is shang, her best friend, her brother in arms, her fellow general. she wishes to be everything to him, aches to be the woman on his arm and in his bed, but knows it’s the one thing she can never be.

then that final battle happens. mulan’s quick thinking saves them all and ends the war - but she’s injured.

shang finds out the ping has been a girl all along. he demands explanations - so she tells him everything, that she traded places with ping to save him, to become his wife.

and the lies should sting the sharpest, but they don’t. she’s still the same person, after all. it’s that she’s promised to another man, for one second he’d thought he might have her, but no. so he agrees not to reveal her but he’s furious and furious at himself for being furious and they’re not the same now, broken and splintered and neither of them know what to do.

the war is over. they leave. mulan returns home, and thanks to her ping is now known as a respected general. she’s done her part and survived, and now she gets her reward - ping’s hand in marriage.

but she sees ping for the first time and flings herself into his arms and starts crying. she tells him everything, because he’s still her friend, her very best friend besides shang, the man whom she lied to and betrayed and loves. and ping listens and takes her by the shoulders and says - i’ll uphold our bargain, if that’s what you want. you can be my pampered wife, you’ve more than earned it. but if you want to go to shang, i won’t blame you. you deserve your happiness.

and mulan goes back and forth, but ultimately she decides she has to try. if shang rejects her she’ll return and marry ping and uphold her family honor. but if shang wants her - he’s not as high up as ping, but he’s high up enough to satisfy her family, and also she would love him and want him if he was no more than a farming peasant so it doesn’t matter much anyway.

she rides to the capitol. she finally meets ping’s father, running into him while looking for shang. “ah mulan,” says this man who was never supposed to know of her until she became his daughter-in-law, “i didn’t expect to see you here. how fortuitous. walk with me.” she does, wary, and that’s how she discovers - he and the emperor had discovered her deception a year in, but at that point she’d already proven herself too skilled and valuable to lose. he tells her that he will uphold his son and wife’s deal and gladly welcome her to his household - but that she’s earned her rank as general, and that he and the emperor have no problem with letting her keep it.

she says thank you, shocked and joyful, but that she has to talk to someone first. “ah, yes, young general li,” he says, eyes twinkling, “i do believe he’s around here somewhere.”

she has no idea how he seems to know everything, but she finally tracks down shang who’s ecstatic to see her and hates himself for it. she confesses - says she loves him, that she’s engaged to ping but willing and able to break this engagement for shang. who is dumbfounded and elated and says yes, of course, finally and forever.

and mulan accepts her rank and marries shang, and they become the literal power battle couple of the general li mulan and general li shang. ping becomes a scholar and marries a very nice young woman who loves reading and is happy to read aloud to her husband with his failing eyes.

and they all live happily ever after.


It’s been a year since Yuri on Ice aired and a couple days off from my very first drawing I ever did of Yuri, the boy who made me fall in love with this show from the first episode. And I’m still here, drawing and crying over him a year later.

I decided to redraw that year old drawing to see whats changed in a year. Namely, a LOT. My art, my life and me is different but what isn’t still, amazingly, is my love for this show and the fans I met. So thank you to each and every one of you, I hope we can keep growing as a fandom together for a long time to come <3

Happy one year everyone!

[shows up late to the garrison sheith manip party]

Since people are asking, here is the original version of that manip I made for the second gif in this set

This fandom makes so many awesome Sheith manips I thought I’d join in and I’m kind of proud that it came out not too bad for my first try but anyway this was a lot of fun to make and I love them so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure

How to Ship Soukoku 'Subtly' by Bones

Release Soukoku exclusive goods

Bring out the Family Pictures

Did you know…they may hate each other but they’re actually close

We mean, partners should get each other’s back

But we don’t think they’re close enough

“Wait, they can’t be together in every official art” so we’ll be sneaky like a fox

“We just want to see them smiling at each other but that may be out of character” so put them in separate CD covers

“Asagiri-sensei, we want to know more about their story” so put them in the movie’s first visual

Anyway, just… lay them on a bed of flowers

I’m sorry but we can’t get enough of flowers. Bonus: Camellias please because symbolism ;)

It’s just coincidence that we released this art the day after White Day

Disregard everything. You’re just reading way too much. We don’t ship them, okay?


Kanaineco: I lowkey ship them too

Rejoice! This fandom is blessed with many official arts courtesy of this ship’s captain, Bones.

((I mean, I know they’re for marketing, but they’re beautiful and I love them. Let shippers be happy ^^))

Please ignore this, it is a Random rant. When I last visited my best friend she asked me if I’ve heard of that Disney theory where Anna and Elsa’s parents are also Tarzan’s parents. She’s a huge fan of the Frozen film and I’m… well I hate it. She thought that this tidbit which was supposedly confirmed by the Frozen director would make me like it more. Which surprise: It did not. I mean, for one that interview where they said he said so, he stated: “So in my little head, Anna and Elsa’s brother is Tarzan – but on the other side of that island are surfing penguins, to tie in a non-Disney movie, ‘Surf’s Up.’ That’s my fun little world.”

So like… that’s not a confirmation tho. That’s a HEADCANON. And yes, even creators can have headcanons that don’t fit into canon heck I have them all the time just for flights of fancy on my own work. Least of all what annoyed me was that Tarzan’s parents and the Frozen parents don’t really look alike the more I scrutinize it. Not to mention they’re canon from England??? And the royal couple is not??? I can’t remember if they have British Accents in the movie but I’d dismiss that cuz everyone always defaults to British for rich people/royalty in English speaking media. Their hair colors are different? Sure you can argue that their faces sort of look alike but…. Disney generic faces??? So I’d dismiss that too.

Not to mention the timelines don’t hold up? Frozen takes place according to the artbook in the 1830s-40s and Tarzan takes place in the 1890s. That’s like a 50 year difference unless Tarzan aged extremely well that jungle sure must have some fountain of youth. But there are other indicators like… TECHNOLOGY! That is not yet available by the time Anna and Elsa are adults (or when Tangled takes place also cuz we know for sure Frozen and Tangled take place at the same time). Jane arrives on a fucking steamship that’s bigger than the royal ship for fuck’s sake. Another thing is that the King and Queen’s trip was only supposed to take 2 weeks. But Tarzan was born ON THE SHIP, so she’d have to be heavily pregnant when she boarded that ship which she clearly wasn’t and if she was I actually doubt they’d let her sail on it. Either that or their 2 week trip somehow turned into 9+ months. SO. MANY. HOLES. Like, it just annoys me to no end that this movie is trying to shove itself in every Disney place it can.

Like I know I know… Yume you’re taking this way too seriously. It’s all for fun. And sure if you like this theory than sure but like… the people who made this theory sure thought seriously about it. Why can’t I? 

In conclusion no, I do not like Frozen any better now, and fuck this theory.

P.S. Surf’s Up takes place in modern times with reality TV Mr. Director, please stahp. The only way I will accept Surf’s Up into cartoon canon is if Chicken Bob is a descendant of HeiHei.

“i don’t hate vivienne bc she’s black” begins user cullen-lingus69 “i just don’t like how she doesn’t kiss my ass all the time and is pro circle :/ anyways here’s my cullen romance that i did with my smol elf mage despite him having killed mages in the past :) also i love solas too despite him straight up planning genocide”

“i agree” danses-chest-hair chimes in “i hate preston for being bland even though i only travelled with him for a mimute, and he had weak writing so there’s not much for me to do there so i modded him out :/ anyways do you wanna read my danse fix it fic because he had weak writing in game and i didn’t like it so i wrote 3 different epics about him featuring my waify sole! there’s a maxson/f!sosu/danse love triangle too! :)”

Don’t do this to me 💔

I called him… It’s freakin’ worth it. (Even though I’m clearly broke)

P.S sorry for the weird sound I make in the end, I just cant help it. I’m dying.

Why is “mouse society of scavenged objects living alongside and occasionally mirroring human society” such a widespread genre but such a niche fandom?

I refuse to believe this highly specific mouse fandom is not out there. I mean it’s like… Most movies/stories featuring such a world are pretty much compatible with one another if you level out the anthropomorphism. Is there a password? Do I need a secret password to enter the Mouse Fandom? Or, like its source material, is it merely small, living in the scaffolding and on the discarded pieces of other, larger fandoms where none but the residents and children may see its’ inner workings?

I wish to partake but alas, I cannot locate said Mouse Fandom.