i love my dog more than anything ok

here are some types of moms that could be nice to see in the Dream Daddy sequel:

  • Occult Mom: possibly a witch, wears all black, 15 cats
  • Yoga Mom: herbal tea, lots of sundresses, probably named her kid “Chakra”
  • May-I-Speak-To-The-Manager Mom: duh, ew, owns several sparkly cardigans
  • Business Mom: pencil skirts, bluetooth headset, could kill me by stepping on me with her Louboutins and i’d be ok with it
  • PE Teacher Mom: “Me? A lesbian???”, coaches 12 sports, flannel
  • Cool Mom: has a prosthetic leg and makes up different backstories for the neighborhood kids, (the reality is that she was born without a leg but now everyone’s a little scared of her and she likes it that way), “if you’re gonna drink i’d rather you do it in the house”
  • Dog Mom: doesn’t actually have kids just 2 dogs that she loves more than anything, wine mom af, also it’s literally me she’s my self-insert

Guinevere appreciation post because she escaped today. Last night a tree fell on our fence (at the back of the property, so we didn’t notice) and she used the tree as a ramp to get out. Someone found her in the street and when they tried to catch her she ran home. 

The person who found her was really nice, and i’m so grateful Guin was alright. Everything turned out okay, but it was upsetting. Guinevere sits with me every morning,  sleeps on my rug in the afternoons, and eats june bugs outside at night (ok that part is less cute). I love her more than anything and losing her would be devastating so i’m really happy she is alright! 

i honestly don’t care if dan and phil are secretly in love or married or going to be either of those things if they’re happy im happy i just want them to be happy and for dan to get his dog and 2-3 kids and phil to get whatever the hell it is he wants like another hamster because god damn it they deserve it